Job Burnout? 7 Signs and 7 Fixes

September 20, 2012  |  


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Work is a part of life that all of us have to deal with, no matter how rich or poor you are. However, at some point in time, you may experience job burnout which happens when you’re over-stressed and overworked. Here are 7 signs and 7 ways to fix job burnout.

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Decreased productivity.

If you’ve noticed you’re slacking off at work and not working to your highest potential like you used to, you could be suffering from job burnout.

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Lack of energy.

Getting out of bed is hard sometimes, but if you find that coercing yourself to wake up and get to work is troubleshome and a chore, there may be a problem.

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A short temper.

Job burnout can cause you to become short-tempered, irritable, and unhappy with your coworkers and clients.

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If you’re a usually happen person that has become sad and depressed, work may be to blame.

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Loss of interest.

Losing interest in your job can definitely signal that you’re spending too much time and over-stressing at work.

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Unsatisfied at work.

Have you found that you’re unsatisfied with your work? Are you overly critical? You may be experiencing job burnout.

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Headaches and other physical pain.

Stress can cause headaches and other physical ailments and if these problems have come on after long stressful days at work, your job may be to blame.

Know your stress levels.

One of the easiest ways to avoid job burnout is to know when you’re becoming overly stressed. If you sense too much stress coming on, learn the proper ways to handle it.

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Take some time off.

If you have some vacation time or leave to burn, take some time off work to spend some time outside of the office.

Make time for yourself each day.

When at work or at home, always make time for yourself. Take 15-20 minutes during work hours to focus on you. Read a book, go for a short walk, and find ways to relax.

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Socialize often.

Socializing with friends and family is the best way to separate work from your normal life. Go out for coffee, host a dinner, or go out for a few drinks with friends.

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Learn and practice daily relaxation.

Stress at work can be avoided by relaxing. Relaxation techniques such as slow breathing, yoga, and meditation can be extremely helpful.

Live healthily.

A healthy diet and regular exercise can definitely reduce the amount of stress and tension you experience on a daily basis.

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