A Baller With A Heart: Derrick Rose Breaks Down Over Gang Violence In Chicago

September 17, 2012  |  

Source: YouTube

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that gang violence in Chicago is completely off the charts right now. Crime has always been an issue in the large metropolitan area but with the rise of gangbanging teen rappers like 17-year-old Chief Keef and Lil Mouse, who is only 13 years old, the city has seen stats as high as 38 shootings and 3 homicides in one weekend.

Though NBA player Derrick Rose may have escaped the downtrodden streets of the Chi to earn a place on the Chicago Bulls squad, the Englewood native is not immune to the effects the environment has had on him and is still having on teens in the city. The 23-year-old was a part of a press conference for the launch of his new “D rose 3” sneaker with Adidas on Friday, but the reality of how far he’s come in spite of the death of violence surround him was overwhelming for the baller who broke down during questioning saying:

“It’s truly a blessing, man. With all of this stuff that’s going on in this city, a kid from Englewood got something positive going on. That makes me feel so good, man. This shoe is great, all this is great. But this, I can’t explain this…I can’t.  I went through so much. To have like true fans, that means a lot to me. And I know it means a lot to my family, because we ain’t supposed to be here …at all. But God made a way. This is truly unreal.”

Derrick Rose already garners much respect from his fans and other athletes for his humility and his skills on the court, but this just raises the bar of admiration to a whole new level. Shout out to him for being an amazing role model and inspiration.

Check out the video clip below. What do you think?

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  • Kisses

    I sure would marry that man if I could! Fine, talented, and genuinely humble…I need to take notes from whoever snagged him!

  • Common Cent$

    I’m glad we all need to shed a tear for our youth it’s scary to see how some have no value for human life so I applaud him for not being afraid to show his emotions especially as a man.

  • I feel for him & Lupe, and I pray for the city of Chicago!! Black folks, get out of that Willie Lynch mindset!!

  • MzPW

    What a humbling, pure display of thankfulness…..It’s amazing that D Rose has been able to stay so level-headed and understanding. I bet he does realize that some of the violence that occurs in his community may be because kids are trying to get hold of the very shoes he has…..but maybe it’s because those kids are reaching deeper for the lifestyle he has now, and they see themselves within him. I bet that has to be such a humbling experience….to be able to understand the frustration, pain, and anger of a people, yet to be given incredible blessings in spite of “things that were supposed to happen”. He gets props from me, that’s for sure.

  • Ms_Mara

    I hope he keeps that compassion and humility. And I hope he puts his name to a cause to try to help (although I honestly don’t know what can help). But maybe these young people will listen to someone young like them.

  • tee

    oh well, let em die. black men are dead souls anyway. just walking zombies.

    • Ms_Mara

      God doesn’t like ugly!

  • Kaostheori

    But is anyone gonna mention the fact that sometimes that violence is a result of the attempt to gain the very shoes he puts his name on.

    • Ms_Mara

      I doubt it. His sneakers cost about HALF of what most of Michael Jordan’s sneakers cost. And even if they are stealing and killing for those shoes, would it be his fault? Or would it be the fault of the person committing the crime?

      • Kaostheori

        And im not blaming him, I am sayin instead of just putting on a show for the cameras, use your position in sociaty to make a difference. But thats if you really give a crap and arent just making yourself look good. You dont have to like my opinion, but that dosent make it any less true.

    • Chicago Girl

      I’m from Chicago. Trust that isn’t what the vast majority of the violence is over. It’s about poverty, gangs, less options & poor education & a lack of fathers in communities. We have a mayor & police chief who are desperately out of touch so they can’t come up with solutions. People don’t get shot over shoes anymore. That was like 20 years ago.

      • Kaostheori

        Are you serious? Dude just got robbed for $125 pair of shoes last week. No where near the $300 price tag. Just his shoes! Still had his cell phone on him. People rob and kill for anything, anywhere, anytime. Chicago isnt the only place violence happens. My point is instead just sobbing about it in front of the cameras, make some real difference. If money changes people, use yours to change others. If you really care that is. If not the its a mute point and just bask in your publicity.

        • Get Real

          Says the people that don’t do anything in their community…[here comes the lies of how they do so much]

  • Kells

    Derrick is beyond humble… I adore his chinky eyed self

  • Rashida

    Omg, I saw another video of Chicago native Lupe Fiasco breaking down and crying about violence in his neighborhood too.