Nicki Minaj Is About To Get It Crackin’ Like a Bad Back As The New Judge On American Idol

September 17, 2012  |  

Source: Ryan Seacrest Instagram

I would just like to go on record as saying this is the weirdest “American Idol” lineup ever in life.

Over the weekend, news broke that Black Barbz herself is officially a new judge on “American Idol,” joining Mariah Carey as the second female on the panel and, oddly, country music star Keith Urban.

We knew Nicki Minaj was in talks to join the Fox reality singing competition but there were a few chinks in the chain along the way that were slowing things down, like Mariah Carey’s obvious disapproval of the choice and questions over how Nicki’s endorsement deal with Pepsi would affect this contract. The final answer seems to be not at all, as Business Week reports Nicki is getting $12 million for a one-year deal to judge other people’s talent. No, that’s not a joke.

At Jazz at Lincoln Center where “Idol” auditions were taking place yesterday, Mariah Carey was asked whether she was anxious about who would be joining her on the judging panel. She semi-joked with the crowd saying no, “because all I really care about is me,” then quickly added, “Only kidding.” As far as what type of judge she’ll be, she hasn’t decided yet, saying:

“Am I the mean one? Am I the nice one? … It’s not about me, me, me, it’s about them (the contestants) and what I can bring to them to help guide them in the right direction.”

Being the Mimi stan that I am, I’m going to go out not so far on a limb and say she’ll be the real one (i.e. mean), Nicki will be the odd one, and Keith will be the nice one. Randy Jackson seems to be pumped about Nicki Minaj coming to the show, saying she “brings a whole other cool vibe we’ve never had on the show.” I’m just curious which of her many personalities will actually be on the set on any given day. Stay tuned if you dare.

Does Nicki Minaj have you sold on the next season of “American Idol” or turned off?

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  • GetItTogether

    Nicki minaj has no real music history or talent AT ALL, the show just needs popularity which is why shes there

  • Cat88L3

    I was excited about Mariah joining, but now…I’m sad that Mariah is on this ridiculous show and I’m sure she feels bamboozled. Adding Minaj as a judge is a huge loss of credibility on Idol’s part. I hope Mariah finds another job, but Idol needs to end. Quick!!!

  • libby

    You have got to be kidding! Just when I thought this show
    might be worth watching with Mariah Carrey, they go and add the talentless
    Nicki Minaj. Unfortunately, I am the only one of my roommates that isn’t
    totally obsessed with Nicki, so I already know they won’t miss an episode of
    this new season. At least we upgraded our DVR to the Hopper, which has three
    independent tuners, so they can watch whatever they want and leave me to watch
    my shows. Otherwise, I would’ve been forced to hide out in my office at Dish
    every time it aired. When will the American Idol craze just die?

  • baddvixentype

    adding Nicki shows they are desperate for rating and will take anyone. vocally, shes not there. certainlly not on mariahs level.

    • disqus_WfmNqv9gsC

      lets be very clear, she aint even on William Hung’s level

  • Na Na

    I think nicki Minaj just put the nail in the coffin that is American Idol. All the last few die hard Idol fans that were hanging on are going to be through after this season, thanks for joining the rest of us in being over Idol.

  • Thatsmystory

    Now we can go on record knowing this will be the last season of this rachet show. Every year gets worse and worse!!

  • realadulttalk

    Thank you! Now this show can end!!!

  • Kayo

    Nicki Minaj has no place judging vocal talent.

  • bebe

    “I would just like to go on record as saying this is the weirdest “American Idol” lineup ever in life.”

    Nuff said.

  • Tishy

    Apparently Nicki is classically trained. She attended LaGuardia High School,

    • He’s the one for me

      she went to LaGuardia for acting…she tried out for singing and was rejected, hence why she shoud NOT be judging a singing competition

      • Tishy

        Just repeating something i saw on twitter hence the use of the word apparently

        • He’s the one for me

          just clarifying that she did not go there for singing, hence the need for my comment

  • DoinMe

    A.I. is not about talent, it’s about popularity which is why I stopped watching a long time ago. When the talentless JLo was on there, I couldn’t help but to LOL and SMH. Same thing with Nicki.

  • Kisses

    A small part of me wants to give her a chance. But then the larger, smarter part remembers the foolishness she supports and her lyrics that suggest I’m inferior to her if I don’t fit her standard of beauty….such a shame, as I was so excited to see Mariah, but I’m just so over Nicki that I’d rather pass on this season.

  • bluekissess

    What are her qualifications to even be considered a judge? I don’t watch American Idol so whatever…

  • Hello_Kitty81

    Good, another reason not to watch this dumb show!

  • Not Janet Jackson. Not Vanessa Williams. Not a person with tangible, legitimate music history or knowledge. This b***h?. Wow