Remember When We Used To Like Tyrese?

September 17, 2012  |  

What the hell happened to Tyrese Gibson?

It seems like the former R&B crooner, who used to woo us with tracks like “Sweet Lady” has seemed to have crashed and burned. For whatever reason, controversy, trouble and the most obvious question:  What the heck are you thinking?! just seem to follow Gibson. The latest being a series of ill-conceived thoughts, courtesy of Urban Daily, who has compiled a list of the Transformer’s star dumbest tweets, which includes this gem:

Making Love and images of your kids start popping up in your mind cause you love being in there so much….

I don’t know about the rest of you but thinking about small children while having sexual intercourse sounds like the stuff that got Jerry Sandusky in trouble.

Seriously, whatever happened to the gorgeous bald headed young man, sitting on the back of the bus, drinking soda and singing “Always Coca-Cola” to a Nia Long look-alike? Now he is like Eddie Kane from The Five Heartbeats after he tried to come back to the group. Remember that part in the film when Eddie wobbled up to his former band members out in the parking lot, wearing the sparkling silver vest, and sky blue blouse, singing in a crackhead voice, Night’s Like This I Wish That Raindrops Would Fall?   Well yeah, that’s Tyrese.

I’m not saying that he is a crackhead. What I am saying is that somewhere along his career, he has lost that finesse that made us become fans in the first place. It’s not like the 34 year old South Central native doesn’t have everything going for him: endorsement deals, modeling contracts, movies, a couple of Grammys and a best-selling book. With that kind of resume, he should be at the top of the multi-hyphenates in entertainment.   However, even with the roles in both the Fast and Furious and Transformer franchises, he is, at best, a D-list celebrity, known more for his inflammatory tweets than his actual catalog of work.  I guess this is what happens when you fire your management team and decide to be your own PR person.

Or maybe it because he is political?

Last year, Gibson was kicked off and out of a Delaware radio station for what he said, via twitter of course, was his on-air stance against liquor stores being located near schools. However the station manager said that Tyrese’s condescending language, including calling the call-in listeners “homies,” was the reason why he was asked to leave the building and his songs banned from that station’s airwaves.

To be fair to Gibson, calling listeners “homies,” which is usually thought of as a term of endearment, doesn’t seem like a barrable offense so there might be a kernel of truth to the whole liquor store stance story?  However when you consider Gibson’s other very public faux paus, you can also see where along the lines the station manager might have felt that Tyrese was acting like a Divo.

First there is the 2009 accusation of domestic violence, where it was alleged that Gibson attacked his three month pregnant live in girlfriend after a verbal dispute.  Gibson has always maintained that it was a misunderstanding, and the unidentified pregnant girlfriend later retracted the allegations, however the situation was serious enough for the police to investigate.

And then there is his visit last year to Howard University, where he caused a minor uproar over suggestions that all men cheat and that women need to get over it.  If his foot wasn’t far enough in his mouth, Gibson later decided to celebrate Black History Month with a bit of advice to the sisters in the form of a “women be all stuck up and Shyte” video rant.

The highlight includes:

“I want to say to all the women out there, especially black women in particular, y’all are on this independent kick. “I don’t need no man, I’m independent.” I want y’all to know the difference. There is a very big difference. Independence in the eyes of a man is when we say we want an independent woman; we don’t want a woman that’s [depending on] her sexi and nice body to help her get through life.

You don’t wanna work, you don’t want to go to college or school, you’re not inspired to do anything on any level to try and help further yourself on any level. You just want to be sexi and free-load… nobody wants that, as a man.”

It certainly sounds like someone is confusing independence, the act of self-sufficiency, with dependency, which is the act of reliance on others for survival. And maybe that speaks more to his problem than the women he dates. Anyway, alienating his black female audience doesn’t seem like a sound business decision – unless he is going for the “Jody” in Baby Boy route. For some reason, many black women love that character. But for me, when he decided to stop being the musical version of the romantic guy that would send flowers just because, or lay a jacket over a puddle and became the angry dude, who gets crazy with you because you don’t give him your phone number, I stopped being entertained. And no long-rumored super group with fellow R&B performers Tank and Ginuwine and concert tour called “Women Only,” will change that.

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  • Terry St. John

    This guys is a complete idiot ghetto moron. He came in to buy a bed and was totally cheap. He came in making tons of noise with his thug posse and was rude and loud and totally unclassy. Ran me around like a chicken, then cancelled the order. He is cheap and low class. Not at all the image he tries to put out there for himself. He’s pretty ugly in person too.

  • He’s an example of: When keeping it real goes wrong. Nothing wrong with his opinions however dumb they are, you just have to remember as a celeb you are selling not only your talent but your charisma, your likability, you’re a politician for all intents and purposes you don’t get to make disparaging remarks about a good chunk of your fan base without taking a hit to the pocketbook. There are always people younger, hotter, and more talented waiting in the wings who will play the role. No one is too big to fall off.

  • Fashionista

    I un- followed him on Twitter because of some non sense he tweeted. Some people take social media way too seriously, some times you need to have your own life, your own voice and FB & Twitter should not be the portal of communication, subliminal messages or ranting….

    • Cargo_lady

      Some take it waaay to serious and post their business & get mad if you ask, well duh we know when people are mad, break up, divorce, get fired, they go to Social Media to air out the laundry. That does nothing but complete damage. Its adds fuel to the fire and makes the person posting look really stupid. Tyrese would put his business on Twitter, I would entertain myself just from reading to see what he was tweeting about and it was some straight up b*******. He also tweeted something about dark skinned sistas & twitter went in on him but he does seem very arrogant. He’s going to need to get some consulting and start cleaning up his image or his career is over.

  • Resheart

    I stopped being a fan of his when he went on this late nigth show with steve harvey & was asked how he felt about people felt him trying to be “holier than though’ ( ugh i hate that phrase) while his twitercon was a moving pic of his a sex scence from one of his videos. His response? ” if i can bring them to God with my sex appeal so be it ( or something like that). After that i just couldn’t take him seriously anymore ( & yes the crowd applauded this mess) . We are all sinners i know, but his arrogance about his ignorance just completely turned me off.

  • Candacey Doris

    He’s never been my favorite singer. I’d enjoy his voice, some of the lyrics in his songs always set off red flags. And that was when i was in jhs.

  • I am GLAD that his true colors are now showing. They always say that someone who represents himself in court has a fool for a lawyer and that is pretty much the gist of what he has done. He should have left it to the pros. I love it!

    • Black women, don’t adjust your attitudes to suit fools like that unless that is what you want to attract.

  • When three Black “males” participate in a tour called “The Shirts Off Tour” that should tell you a heck of a lot about them. You can read into it as far as you want to, among other things, I think that they are all a bunch of Bamas. I’m from D.C. so ask someone from here what that means. Tyrese is a Fool. He needs to develop a personality because, how things are looking right now, he is going to have to salvage something. Thank God that he dates women of other races instead of black women with his narcissistic behind and his self-entitlement riddled attitude. My father is an a-hole like that and so is my step-father, they repel people that really know them and the one’s that don’t, find out and get ghost. Get out your checkbook Tyrese because that is the ONLY reason that anyone will stick around, don’t let it run out.

  • Dom

    He lost me when he tweeted about putting dark skinned women in his video. Like, really, Ty, we gotta go down that road? I used to LOVE him. Had a giant wall-sized poster by my bed of him in hs. He was real cute until he opened his mouth.

  • Mia

    Tyrese been irritating the hell out of black women since the day he sat next to one on the bus and started singing about that damn coca- cola! Get it tah-getha Ty!



  • Thatsmystory

    Nothing about this man ever impressed me. I remember hearing him discuss his book on the radio. It was easy to conclude his book had zero substance, and was a repeat collaboration of things he had heard other people say. (He has never had an independent thought) His interview dropped names. He talked about getting insight from Will Smith. I’m just wondering WHEN he will take a page out of Will Smith’s book and shut the heck up!!

  • realadulttalk

    Anyone who has ever met Tyrese would not walk away a fan. His personality is what happened.

  • Kayo

    I never liked Tyrese.

  • OlayinkaFab

    Met Tyrese working backstage at the BET Awards one year, Grade A jerk. His attitude makes you steer clear. The energy he gave people who weren’t famous was as wack as his last couple of albums.

    However, there are some lazy females out here who watch too much reality TV and think that designer bags, nice cars, and being a baller’s baby mama is the thing to do. I’m sorry but it is not. Have some ambition and goals in life. A sorry woman is a waste of skin.

    • Kayo

      Not all females are girls or women. The word female encompasses, plants, animals, and women.

      • OlayinkaFab

        Your point being?

        • Kayo

          “However, there are some lazy females out here…”

          • OlayinkaFab

            So you’re trying to be tehnical. . But again what’s you’re point? You just wanna correct somebody? Cute.Thanks mom.

            • Kayo

              No, not trying to be technical. Just wondering if you were talking about animals or humans.

              • Na Na

                You’re an idiot who gets a kick out of talking about women and a woman’s site and watching them get mad. I

                • Kayo


            • @OlayinkoFab: Kayo sounds like,”Blah, Blah,Blah!” Non-Muthafreaking Factor! Next! LOL!

      • gracie

        You know what she meant by “female”

        • Kayo

          Did I?

      • Mia

        What about the term “petty B i t c h?” I think that fits you to a t! Grow up you anally retarded shmuck!

        • Guest

          You are telling me to grow up, but yet you have the nerve to call me a ‘petty b*tch’ and an ‘anally retarded shmuck’. You may want to take your own advice.

    • realadulttalk

      I met him before too…he was treating his gf like gutter trash–he seemed to think his bad attitude and demeanor were in some way cute. I felt sorry for the gf.

      • OlayinkaFab

        Oh yeah he’s a piece of work. When he was asked to do press, he looked through anyone who was talking to him. The interns were like, WTH. He thought he was way more important thatn he really was.

    • Karen

      I was with you til your last sentence…your rant went on to long, no when to drop the Mic!

    • One of the popular, well-respected female DJ’s on a popular Philly radio station said the SAME thing: that Tyrese has a horrible attitude and is a jerk. I’ve heard him make a few statements that I take issue with too. But I do like his recent song ‘Stay’: and I haven’t liked anything he’s done in recent years. I’m not cosigning on this TGT nonsense with him, Ginuine & Tank either.

  • JaneDoe

    Yes!! He lost me with his holier than thou attitude. Especially when he wasn’t living the life he preached about.. I don’t even like his music at this point lol…

    • lol

      I guess the truth hurts because Tyrese lost black female fans when he demanded black women adjust their attitudes.

  • Hello_Kitty81

    Tyrese was great back when there was no Twitter or Instagram!

  • Reese

    Tyrese needs to revamp his image. I know he doesn’t realize it, though. Twitter has really taken the mask off of a lot of celebrities.

    • Kayo

      It has definitely. It becomes quite obvious which celebrities are vapid and don’t have a formal education.

      • Cat88L3

        please add a lack of common sense to that list, Kayo