Move On, Nothing To See Here: 6 Celebrity Controversies and Conspiracies People Need To Get Over

September 20, 2012  |  
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They say the American public is quick to demonize and even quicker to forgive. I don’t know about all of that considering that with certain celebrity stories, we stay on critique mode, and never come around to forgiving and forgetting. Whether it be a certain singer’s supposed fake baby bump, or an old domestic abuse case that gets a new headline weekly, there are certain situations that we just need to get over, especially since we weren’t involved in any way. The expression of beating a dead horse cannot even be applied to these next examples, as I’m sure their corpses have already denigrated.

The Love Triangle That Was Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz And Mashonda

About three years ago, rumors started emerging that Alicia Keys had a new muse and lover in famed hip-hop producer, Swizz Beatz. That would have been all fine and dandy if Swizz had not been married to Mashonda and had a son with her, but reports claimed they were separated. A scathing letter and a new baby later, Alicia’s name has become synonymous with home wrecker for some folks. Many have called A. Keys a home wrecker so much that her face is bound to pop up on a Google search of the word.

Now that Alicia and Swizz appear to be reveling in their domesticity, and Mashonda has moved on, we just need to let this one go. It can be argued that the couple did not act with the most discretion or respect for Mashonda’s feelings during the start of their affair, but all of that is in the past. All the parties seem to have smoothed things over for the sake of the children, which is all that matters. So, let’s give Alicia back her name and start focus more on her music, and not on her relationships.

The Backlash Over Gabrielle Union And D. Wade’s Relationship

Number 2 in the mistress files is Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade. When these two chocolate beauties hooked up, tongues started wagging for all the wrong reasons. Just as in Swizzy’s case, Dwyane was said to still have been legally married to his longtime love, Siohvaughn Wade, when he started seeing Gabrielle. But unlike A. Keys and Swizz, Dwyane and Gabrielle’s issues with Siohvaughn did not end quickly. Lawsuits and custody cases were filed, and the drama concluded with Siohvaughn losing custody of her and Dwyane’s two sons, but she’s still talking

Within this case, it is understandable how it can be easy to still label Gabby as femme fatale and Dwyane as a trifling negro. Accusations were brought into a court of law and a woman lost her children. However, there really is nothing else that we can stretch out of this story. Whatever the verdict may be at the end of the day, we have to separate these stars’ personal lives from their professional ones and enjoy them for their work and talents. C’mon folks, you can’t keep calling Gabby a homewrecker forever.

The Bey Baby Conspiracy Theory

Oh Baby! If I had a penny for every single time someone referred to Blue Ivy as anyone but Beyonce’s baby, I’d have a house in the Hamptons by now. The story emerged from an interview Beyoncé had with an Australian TV show back in early October 2011. In the footage preceding the interview, the singer’s dress fabric (or stomach, considering your stance on the matter) is seen folding slightly in two as she sits down. Conspiracy theories ran rampant on the world wide web, accusing Beyoncé of faking her pregnancy.

I think by now we’ve all seen enough pictures of Blue Ivy to see and know that she is Bey and Jay’s biological child. You’d think with the post pregnancy-body pics and the child’s striking resemblance to her parents, the theories would die, but nope. I’ve come to the conclusion that given how polarizing the Carters are, the DNA god himself – Maury – could let us know that when it comes to the case of Blue Ivy Carter, they are the parents and some would still not believe it. Let it go already, that and the Illuminati rumors too.

The Rumor That Ne-Yo Isn’t Singing About Women

Where did the “Ne-Yo is gay” rumors come from and when will people abandon them like we did butterfly clips?? When rumors about a singer’s sexual orientation starts trumping the attention their music receives, we have a problem. Ne-Yo is one of the most talented singer/songwriters of our generation, and all some can focus on is whether he is batting for one team or another and uses your favorite brand of lip gloss.

Ne-Yo has denied these false ideas about him, and I feel that at this point we should just let this man be. If he says he is not gay, then he is not gay. And if he is, so what? What’s the big deal?? I mean, with all these suspect rappers running around, would a gay R&B male artist truly be the end of the world? Come on folks.

The Eddie Murphy And Johnny Gill Love Story

This is another rumor I would love an explanation on. Since I can remember, people have been linking Eddie Murphy and singer, Johnny Gill, as being much more than friends. If you listen to the rumors, they’ll have you believe that Johnny was the reason Eddie’s marriage to his first wife, Nicole, ended.

Listen, I wish some of you would place these storytelling talents to good use and write for soap operas or ‘hood books. This story is so outlandish that I cannot help but find it to be extremely comical. Eddie has been with a bevy of beauties since his divorce, including Tracey Edmonds, Mel B and BET’s Rocsi Diaz. I think the last person warming his bed at night and singing to him is Johnny.

The Chris Brown And Rihanna Fight, And The Continued Backlash Towards Chris

I don’t think anyone would deny that the events of the pre-Grammy night in February 2009 changed the course of Rihanna and Chris Brown’s careers forever. A domestic abuse case that sent shockwaves across the world has become the go-to example of violence in young relationships. Because of the seriousness of dating violence, I will not call for people to “forget” this happened. However, people need to ease up on Chris. Once someone’s apologized, and the victim has forgiven them and moved on, how can strangers hold a grudge? On top of that, the Chris-and-Rihanna-relationship-revival speculations need to simmer down too. Whatever they choose to do is their business, no need to flip out about a rekindled romance every week when it hasn’t happened.


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  • heyheynow

    come on bruh we not getting over a domestic violence dispute so you’re saying we should ignore the chris brown rihanna dispute and do what buy his albums? heck noooo

  • MImi

    To tell you the truth I don’t sit here thinking about these people and their sorted past, but when you put up articles like this of course people will read it . So stop bringing attention to it and I think people will stop thinking about it. There were some things in this article that I didn’t even know about such as the Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill fiasco so now you just gave me something to talk about…..LOL….I’m just kidding. But if articles are not being published eventually people will forget about things or not even learn of them in the first place. However there are some things that I do disagree with in this article such as the Alicia Keys and Gabrielle Union controversies…. I didn’t know about Gabrielle Union but I did hear about Alicia Keys. As a woman I lost respect for Alicia when I found out she was messing around with a married man. Especially because of her song “A Woman’s Worth” she sings about a man knowing a woman’s worth and putting a woman first but yet she took part of a man not putting his wife first and not knowing her worth. If their marriage was already on the rocks then she should of waited until their relationship was done with and then start dating him. You don’t date a married man Period. I still think she is a great artist but as a for her character it is questionable. So many people give celebrities a past because they are celebrities but in the real world any woman who knows another woman that broke up a marriage they would hold onto their man tight and keep an eye out on the home wrecker. I see it no different in this case.

  • Guest

    What God has bought together, let no man put asunder. Let’s see if God will just get over Alicia and Gabrielle on judgment day!!!

  • Guest

    lol about Chris Brown. Unfortunately, there was a photo of the damage and that photo is seared in my mind and other peoples minds for a very long time. Every time Chris Browns name pops up, so does that damn photo and it pisses me off all over again and I am not the only one. After he apololied, he continued to pull idiotic stunts and that does not help at all. He will always be known as a women beater to most. Sorry. I have lost all respect for that man. I dont care how much talent he has. There is nothing for the public to “forgive” him for because he did nothing to us. But rest assured, the public will never forget, especially because there is damning proof.

  • Backers

    If you want us to forget about it stop making article about It

    • psylocke_2001

      EXACTLY! The only reason the pot keeps bubbling is because the media keeps stirring it! Stop shoving this crap down our throats and we will stop talking about it. It’s a vicious cycle!

  • Tishy

    MN didnt y’all do this list a while back? I have a strange feeling of deja vu with this.

  • Na Na

    Sorry Val, I have to disagree on the BLue Ivy thing. I dont think people believe that the child is biologically someone else, I think many people believe that she used a surrogate to carry and give birth to the child that is biologically hers and her husbands.

    and when it comes to the Illuminati, if its said that your mind is being controlled and blah blah blah through the music we listen to and the images we see….that is not something to “let go” or to be lighlty swept under the rug.

    • lennyz boo

      I always wonder wad i the only person who saw those pics of bey in bolomo with a house cover up? Bcs she sure was carrying a big bump under a see through cover up from which you could see her belly. I wish people would just find those pics and be done with the stupid conspiracies . And keep it moving already. Random: i had a dream bith bey and rih were pregnant i know crashing mad wen why?

      • lennyz boo

        Typos ***bikini with blue cover up … Touch screen is theworse

  • Hello_Kitty81

    Who cares? I’m more worry about my life than I worry about any celebs lives. What’s done is done, let’s move on to better things.

  • Fancy

    OK if Alicia Keys is on here then Fantasia needs to be on here. Everybody wanna throw Fantasia under the bus and forgive Alicia. Alicia is more of a homewrecker than Fantasia.

    • baddvixentype

      how can u say one is more then the next? both situations were wrong but they are human. i still love fannie and alicia but who cares who they with.

      • Fancy

        I’m just saying in the media everyone goes in on Fantasia, I really don’t see too many talking about Alicia like they do her, for example, why is she not on this list? Yes they were both wrong but at least ‘they’ say that Fannies dude was ‘supposedly seperated’ .

  • Keity

    I say this all the time. People are human, and will and do make mistakes. There are regular people that do far worse than any of these celebrities on here, but you don’t hear it because their not in the public eye. It’s time for people to find their own business to mind and live their own life and not try to live through these celebrities, or want these celebritie to raise their kids. If we can do that, we can get somewhere!

  • lalatarea

    I had serious doubts on which direction you wud take this article but I’m glad to see I was wrong lol. very interesting and I’d never heard of the eddie murphy/johnny gill love story lol keep em coming lots of bs needs to be put to rest!