And You Thought Your Ex Was Crazy: Woman Finds Ex Boyfriend Living in Her Attic

September 14, 2012  |  

When you hear those bumps and thumps in the night, your mind races to all kinds of far fetched ideas. Maybe it’s a robber, an animal sniffing around for some food, or even a wandering spirit. But most of us would never imagine that those mysterious noises were coming from an ex boyfriend, especially an ex from over a decade ago. It sounds like something out of thriller, murder mystery type flick.

But you know what they say, sometimes real life is stranger than fiction. Unfortunately, this tale of the lurking ex boyfriend is all too real for Rock Hill, South Carolina resident, Tracy. Tracy, who is the single mother of five children, had been hearing all kind of strange noises coming from her attic and noticed that nails were starting to pop out of the ceiling in her bedroom. This past Saturday, at 2:30 in the morning, she thought “something ain’t right” and decided to send her adult sons and nephew into the attic to find out what was going on. Needless, to say nothing could have prepared them for what they were about to discover.

In the attic, they found Tracy’s ex boyfriend, from twelve years ago, sleeping on old coats and jackets in her heating unit. Before the police could come and arrest him, the man made his way downstairs and out of the house.

When police searched the attic they found plastic cups filled with urine and feces and noticed that the man had tampered with one of the vents so he could look down on Tracy in her bedroom.


Though Tracy and her ex had broken up twelve years ago, she had him do some repair work on her house about a year ago. But that’s not even the half. Earlier this year, dude was arrested for stealing Tracy’s car and was just released two weeks ago. Though he wrote Tracy letters during his incarceration, she ignored them. Apparently, he was going to keep tabs on her one way or another.

What makes the story even worse is that the man escaped and is still on the loose somewhere, which is why Tracy refused to release her last name. Though, I don’t know what good that would really do since homeboy already knows where you live and how to get in and out of your house, undetected. It’s all way too much. If there were ever an argument as to why you shouldn’t let your exes back into your life and your home, this pretty much sums it up.

Listen to how Tracy is dealing with all of this in the video below:

Have you ever had a crazy, stalker ex?


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  • Me

    She must have that gud.

  • Ms_Mara

    Thank God he’s just a crazy creep and not a murdering creep! He had lots of chances to harm her and her family. The craziness going on these days. smh

  • That is creepy as he!!. I would have to move no way would I or could I stay there any longer. He sounds unstable and their is no telling what he might do to her or her family.

  • Sha Sha

    If that had been my ADULT sons, paramedics would have needed to be called! Sometimes crazy need to be shown crazy!!!

    • NSimonefan

      That’s what I was wondering. How old were her sons and nephew that they allowed this jerk to walk out of the house with a smile?

  • ..I only hope they catch the creep…and sister girl needs a alarm
    system,restraining order and some hot iron that’s full of lead…I am beautiful woman and I love good
    man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so I joined —blackwhitеPlanet.С0M—–it’s where to- connect with beautiful and excellent
    people! Imagine the sound of a coyote in labor. Imagine the rage of a
    lion—that when I attemped legal advocacy (911); they failed to assist.

  • BeenMyPleasureTellinItLikeItIs

    Can’t help but wonder if the article would be compiled differently than “Tanya has since seen this individual NEAR HER HOUSE [!!!] since he was found in her home, but no arrests have been made”……..if “Tanya” was a white woman, and her ex-boyfriend was a black man. JS.

    • Ki

      Does every post have to be about race ?! Damn. I’ve seen plenty of cases where insert other ethnicity ______ woman had acid thrown on them, killed, or some other sick act happen after the police were notified. Shut up.

      • Kay


      • Really

        Does every other person of color have to be about ignorance?! Damn. I’ve seen plenty of cases where (insert yours & friends/relatives’ names) are helpless against their inherent tendencies to be “All Up In The Kool Aid”. You’ve obviously never been stalked. I have. I’m black. The white police officers at the precinct all but laughed at me. I have no prior criminal record of my own. I was in my 3-piece business suit at the time. Am more articulate than their hick @–es. Maybe you ARE a stalker; and know betta than me that PSYCHOSIS doesn’t discriminate based on Ethnicity. This System does. Sit down.

  • bossipreader

    this couldn’t go on in Texas. concealed weapon laws, and other various gun laws in favor of homeowners would have earned this man a solid oak coat tailor made to fit.

  • BeenMyPleasureTellinItLikeItIs

    How about ex that pops up at your kids’ summer camp front lobby; sweating, panting, and demanding that I be contacted on the telephone immediately (!!!!) since “I wasn’t returning his calls and [he] needed to talk to me”!?!? Upon learning of the recording studio location I work on my music in; he crashes a session, gets on an instrumental track, and sings “why don’t you love me?” prior to bursting into tears. Imagine the sound of a coyote in labor. Imagine the rage of a lion—that when I attemped legal advocacy (911); they failed to assist.

    “Like” if you think I’d be within my rights to BE ‘the Sheriff’ if he doesn’t back the #^(# up outta my life!

    I have seen far too many instances where official Law Enforcement doesn’t take the beseeching of a hapless female seriously until it’s TOO LATE. I ain’t goin out like that. Stories like this only FUEL my Inner Vigilante!!!!

    • DMisses

      You are so right, me and my ex got into fights all the time and because his name was on the lease they wouldn’t do anything! He even took off with my purse and they said it was considered “community property”, so they couldn’t make him give it back. Just recently, the Dallas police dept failed a young woman who was being murdered by her estranged ex husband and they didn’t follow up on the 911 call, her family found her dead in the bathtub 2 days later. I guess we women should start taking matters into our own hands and protecting ourselves!

      • Enough like the JLo Movie!

        The only call I’d be makin is to whoever I’d need to clean up the blood spilled from HIS body!

  • This is some creepy ish!

  • Kelz

    That is beyond creepy.. Oh my

  • MLS2698

    They would only need a cup to pick up the pieces that were left of him after I finished.

  • ms Latrice

    This dude needs a hole in his ass….I only hope they catch the creep…and sister girl needs a alarm system,restraining order and some hot iron that’s full of lead

  • How lucky is he that she wasn’t armed