Been Sleeping With My Co-Worker And I’m Feeling Him, But Is He Playing Me?

September 13, 2012  |  


From HelloBeautiful

Dear Gay Best Friend,

Ok, so, I’m talking to a guy, “Syd,” who I knew for about two years at work. We have always been attracted to each other physically. For some reason nothing ever developed because we were dating other people.

So, now we’ve been “talking” for about two months, and of course we’re having sex. We work in different departments but during the night shift Syd’s department always comes to our floor. I am very close to his co-workers, they constantly brag about how they “cuff girls” and how many girls they had. I never hear Syd talk that way even before we started talking. His co-workers say Syd has “Swag” and, yes, he does have a swag. A couple of people have told me that “Swag” is a smooth player.

I’m so falling for Syd because we get along so great. My friends tell me not to catch feelings for him because I might get my feelings hurt. I know this, but for some reason I am willing to take that risk. Even when I go out with other guys, it’s not the same. All I do is think about Syd. The only thing is we have this tradition where we only see each other either Monday’s or Tuesday’s. I don’t know if I should ask him where this is going because I don’t want to hear an answer that’s not acceptable. I don’t want to lose the friend relationship as well. I don’t know if Syd’s playing games with my heart. I know he has feelings for me, but not as strong as mines. HELP ME!!!. Will it last? Am I wasting my time? Should I bring up the conversation?

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  • sammi_lu

    Your co-worker not playing playing yourself!

  • mdoubs

    Is she asking the answer…?

  • MLS2698

    Don’t put your meat where you make your bread!

  • FromUR2UB

    Not a good career move. But, it doesn’t sound like her mind is on her money, anyway.

  • L-Boogie

    Never do that. That ish is as no-no.

  • OSHH

    My advice to this green brawd is to stop sleeping with men period, til you get your self esteem up and get some standards, or else you gone get played again and again until you wise up.
    My first thought was this brawd cannot be this stupid but then I figured she has to be on the real young side when most of us are really stupid/naive

  • Pivyque

    This whole fear of rejection thing is ridiculous. What does she mean “an answer that’s not acceptable”?? Lol That sounds crazy! Why waste time falling for someone and then getting all butt hurt if they don’t want what you want when you can ASK in the beginning and possibly get an honest answer that will let you know not to waste your time. It amazes me how many people there are that would rather not say anything for fear of hearing something they don’t want to hear, rather than asking now and hearing what may be “an answer that’s not acceptable” and moving on..

  • Men show and profess if they are feeling a woman. Anything less and you are something to do while he dates women he actually respects.