Remember Her? ANTM Contestant Comes Clean About 6-Year Meth Addiction

September 12, 2012  |  


Consider this your “Don’t do drugs” PSA for the day.

A former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant who we haven’t seen in a long time is headed back to our television sets, but this time the reason is not so pleasant. Jael Strauss, who participated in the 8th cycle of Tyra Banks’ model competition, is set to appear on an intervention-style episode of “Dr. Phil” tomorrow when her family confronts her about her addiction to methamphetamine

The biracial tough-girl from Detroit has been addicted to meth for six years, which means she was doing drugs while she was apart of the ANTM cast in 2007. The 28-year-old was even informed that one of her friends had died of a drug overdose while taping the show, but the sad news wasn’t enough to curb her own addiction as viewers will learn when they watch her on the “Dr. Phil” show tomorrow.

From the clip, it appears Jael still may not be ready to face her demons as she hesitates, and possibly even refuses, to come on the stage and discuss her issues with her family and Dr. Phil in front of the audience. Let’s hope a detox clinic and a drug-free lifestyle is in her future as Jael realizes not only how drugs have affected her physically, as we all can tell, but also mentally and emotionally.

Do you remember Jael from ANTM?

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  • MimiB

    Very sad…. But a good PSA for staying drug free

  • Omg! Jael! Why? Lord have mercy… i covered my mouth in horror when i watched that clip…

  • kierah

    That poor beautiful girl. I’m sure Tyra and Co. knew this girl was on drugs. It was pretty obvious. Jael seemed troubled. For her sake, I hope she accepts what ever help is offered. She’s already lost her beauty, her peace of mind, and her family’s trust. Hopefully she will keep her life.

  • Common, who didn’t know she was on drugs even on ANTM. Show was always wired. Even the episide wher “50” pushed her in the pool for being so obnoxious.
    On the real, she has really spiraled off the map. She looks horrible, I seriously feel for her and her family. Meth is almost impossible to kick. U r spiritually entangled to the 10th degree. SO SAD!!!!

  • Empress

    That’s Jael in both pictures. I remember this cycle and I looked it up. It’s her when she was clean. Wow this drug is destroying not only the people on it but their families also. It is also destroying this generation. This is so sad.

  • I thought she acted a little off. That would definitely explain it.

  • mari

    That is so sad. It hurt to see, because I was really rooting for her on ANTM. 🙁 Wow, Jael .. I hope she pulls through.

  • mari

    That is so sad. It hurt to see, because I was really rooting for her on ANTM. 🙁 Wow, Jael .. I hope she pulls through.

  • Dina

    That is sad as hell :S

  • Candacey Doris

    Well damn! That picture should be shown to all teenage girls as a warning.

  • 🙁 When I saw her face, I shed a tear. It’s truly heartbreaking!

  • bri

    It looks like two different people


    DAMN that’s sad!

  • Ms_Mara

    That is tragic! I remember her. I can’t sop looking at her picture. Unbelievable what that drug can do.

  • StuckInDaMatrix

    WOW she looks sooooo different from her ANTM days! Where is Tyra?

  • GalaxyEmpress

    I refuse to believe that is the same person….

  • quest


  • gracie

    I got chills when I saw the pictures:-(

  • lover

    That can not be the same person

  • guest

    OH WEEEE! That devil is busy.

  • daniminaj

    Oh snap it is jael in the pro choice anti abortion shot she saved herself from elimination in..m My bad. Accept my apologies im stressed! Typo still a valid point though sorry!!

  • Shirl

    Dr. Phil exploits people that are in pain and I refuse to watch his show…Anywho my prayers go out to this young lady and her family. The hardest thing in the world has got to be watching someone you love slowly kill themselves. Addiction is a very selfish disease.

    • realadulttalk

      Is he even a Dr?? I can’t stand him–always knows everything. If you haven’t lived it you don’t know it…only another addict could understand what she’s going thru.

      • Candacey Doris

        As i recall, he is no longer licensed. And the APA refuses to comment on his show.

      • ms lady

        Dr. Phil usually brings a former addict that he sent to recover to talk with them and brings licensed doctors to actual treat them. All he does is bring the issue to the surface.

    • ohschnapjenni

      Well he did manage to get her help and she accepted. She even asked why he would even help her and I think he’s gonna get her the help she actually needs.

  • Dom

    So she wasn’t strange, she was high. This is really sad. Meth is one hulluva drug!

  • tunechi

    That’s not her

  • realadulttalk

    While the pic on the right is very scary–it is not a picture of the person on the left. One has blue eyes…the other brown.

    • sindee21

      I think you’re right. That’s another ANTM contestant. MadameNoire needs to put Jael’s picture up.

    • NOT the same woman-you are correct-those pictures are of 2 different women

    • KJ23

      I thought so too, but once you look at the video it showed that it was her. She could be wearing blue eye contacts.

      • realadulttalk

        Yeah–I went searched her on fb and you are correct. But I wonder if this pic is retouched b/c she looks really rough on a lot of her fb pics. You can already see the beginning of pock marks.

    • Mari

      Definitely the same woman – especially if you were a viewer of the show. That’s def Jael.

  • Mztisa


  • shoeluvah


    • Drew Smith


  • tasha

    Ugh thats sad…i remember her too. damn thats a hell of a drug

  • daniminaj

    The picture on the left is not jael! She had a nose piercing, shorter punky hair and a wider jaw with a slimmer nose! Sort it out and it’s a part not apart….wrong context for the spelling you used…

    • NotANicePersonAtAll

      Didn’t you look at the video, that is Jael, stupid?! Meth messed that face up, sh*t changes in 5 years! This coming from a person who works at a drug rehab facility.

    • Liah

      That’s Jael after her makeover.

    • cocuh5

      It’s her, Meth f up peoples look bad, i saw photos called ‘Faces of Meth’ and you will be blown away of how Meth and jack your whole appearence up in just 3 months

      • realadulttalk

        No it’s not…google her name. The eye color is a dead giveaway though. And when you google it–you will get the meth pic, and the real Jael..who looks nada like that women on the left.

    • quest

      They photoshop models pictures and put contacts and everything on them. They can make a picture not even look like you.

    • quest

      They photoshop models pictures and put contacts and everything on them. They can make a picture not even look like you.

    • It is her, she naturally has blue eyes. The photo on the left she was wearing brown contacts for a photo shoot in ANTM. You are clearly not a fan of the show, so please sit down with that. It is her, watch that particular episode of ANTM and you will see for yourself

  • Hello_Kitty81

    I liked Jael and she was one of my fave contestants on ANTM, so sad she f*cked up her looks up with that ish! I hope she gets well.

  • Miss Anonymous

    OMG I remember her and was looking for recent pics of her. That pic never came up. I loved her on antm and liked her weirdness cause it made me feel that my weirdness wasnt all that bad. I hope she gets the help she needs.

  • Shebe

    I REMEMBER HER!!!!!!! Truth be told she did act a little strange on the show. Sometimes her words would be a little slurred or she seemed to not be able to get her thoughts right. She just seemed off. She seemed like she was so much fun though.

    • Ne Ne aka iB@S

      i said the same thing…it was like her brain was fried and her speech was slurred. isnt she the one who 50 cent pushed in the pool

      • donna

        no that was Lisa the alcoholic i think

        • ohschnapjenni

          I googled it, it was Jael who he threw in to the pool

    • She did act a little jitterish when she did her one on one interviews. She’s totally ruined her self. Poor thing. Hope she gets help.

    • MLS2698

      Seriously, not joking, she looks like she has been sticking the meth needles in her face. Sad

  • Jan


  • Jolene

    Sad she was once beautiful. Hope she gets well.

  • KamJos

    Meth is one scary drug.

  • This is really sad.

  • Reese

    If this isn’t proof positive that drugs are bad for you, I don’t know what is. Wow!