Can Your Relationship Use a Break?

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There are times when friction between two spouses or an unmarried couple can be so intense that the only wise, mature choice is a separation. When two people truly want to work out their differences but can’t, my clients and I call this type of separation an intermission.

Sometimes a couple can return for act two, but there are other times when returning only results in continued rage. Here are the types of relationships where an intermission will notwork, at least without a great deal of work and a strong desire to salvage the relationship:

  1. One partner is not ready for a commitment and longs for time to experience other relationships.
  2. One partner is so tied to a parent(s) that a partner or potential partner’s desires cannot be shown respect, and a mature discussion is unable to occur.
  3. In second marriages, children from a first marraige or relationship are allowed to disrespect one’s present partner.
  4. Addictions of various sorts rule a partner’s life.
  5. A partner still has a serious longing for a former partner.
  6. A partner has enormous rage toward parents or a previous partner.

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  • jackieOsassin

    pauses are for noobs. veterans play through the hard times.


    I dont do “breaks” I do break ups. If he comes back, so be it but I will not wait around for dudes to get their act together and not getting to know others. Men can barely keep it in their pants in a relationship much less a break….strupes

  • Miss Anonymous

    Nope, when a man says I want a break from the relationship it normally reads as “I want to go and have sex with someone else without it being called cheating”. I had that to happen with two of my friends with one guy. He told girl A he wanted a break. So the whole three days they were on break, he had sex with my other friend, girl B. On tuesday he got back with girl A. smh

    The above issues should have been talked about and dealt with each other or a marriage/relationship counselour before they were married. Women dont get passes on dealing with a “seperated” but married man.