When Are You Going To Lose That Baby Weight? & Other Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Mommy Friends

September 12, 2012 ‐ By Kendra Koger

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Children, aren’t they awesome?  You see them playing and running around, all carefree, and occasionally you’ll see a stressed out parent running behind them trying to keep that child in line.  You might forget about that parent once they leave your sight, but when you have friends that have children it’s a little harder to forget.

Though you love your friend and her child you might get a little annoyed by her interrupting your vent session while she starts gushing about how cute her child is while he/she eats.  Or you might not understand why she’s so stressed out about the type of diapers she buys.  Now, for the sake or arguing, let’s say that said mother is an attentive, but not obsessive, caring and loyal mother.  Not the ones where you second guess about calling DCFS on her.  The woman is trying her best.

For these women, no matter how close you are to a person and how you two like to keep it real with each other, saying these things could bring you into a real life “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong” fiasco:


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  • achanel17

    another thing.. i’m so tired of black and hispanic mothers bragging to everybody about how light their baby is or how “good” the baby’s hair is and how they want to keep it that way.

  • Brycecakesmom

    Any friends who would say any of these things to a new mother are a-holes! Especially, telling someone their baby is ugly!!! My opinion, if you don’t like or understand that my becoming a mother, takes precedence over everything, then kick rocks!

  • Summerbaby

    It seems like nowadays, everyone in the circle gets pregnant around the same time. I don’t know if it’s in the water or what! It happened with me and my friends, it happened with girls I went to school with who still were the best of friends, it seems to happen a lot. Play dates, and taking turns babysitting, and if you’re all married or in committed relationships, letting the men stay home while you have a ladies’ night every now and then are very good things. Plus, my single friends were always welcome to come to my house on the weekends after the kids were in the bed (around 9, which was perfect), for some wine and girl talk. It’s not as bad as it seems when you have a good support system ALL around. And get rid of the dramatic “it’s all about me” type of friends…or at least try to see less of them because they will surely be jealous that your attention is now on your baby and not their latest relationship drama and no one needs that negative energy around.

  • 1st Lady

    My best friend had a baby a year ago and boy have things changed. When I ask her if she wants to do something, she always pulls the well I can’t because I have a daughter now. So I no longer ask her to do things. Most of my friends have children and honestly, I’m super tired of hearing only about the kids, don’t get me wrong, I love them and a couple are my God Children that I would do anything for. But I miss girl time and girl time only.

    • chanela17

      this is how this girl i know is,except she doesn’t even has kids shes just married. so i don’t ask her to go out.. yet when i write on facebook that i did something then she gets mad and accuses me of not being a real friend.

  • Hello_Kitty81

    When I gave birth to my daughter 5 years ago, I was back to my original weight until I got a depo birth control shot (my mistake) on my 6th week visit and then that mofo made me gain weight and I ate less and took stroller walks in the park, I gained 50 pounds on that stuff in a year and I finally got off the depo and lost 70 pounds so far. My then husband and family thought I was overeating and I weren’t and I was hurt by that.

    • Summerbaby

      I got the shot after my first son was about 3 months, and I had already lost all of my baby weight. For the next six months, I got asked over and over again if I’m pregnant because I just looked like I was barely showing, and my arms and legs were thicker. I stayed on that shot for six months and the pounds rolled off as soon as I stopped. But I HATED telling folks, “no, it’s my birth control”, because it wasn’t any of their business as to why I gained weight in the first place. Nosy people, I swear.

  • Laila

    Running on fumes is right sometimes…especially a singleparent, working and attending school full time! My son is my priority so his needs come before my “me time”. My friends understand, which is why they are my friends!

  • Pivyque

    That is true. Once my best friend had a kid, we had much less contact. We still hang out occasionally, but I hate it when people go on and on about their kids. I’d much rather talk about something else. When I had my kid, my circle didn’t change. I only talked about my kid when asked. Other than that, we would talk about other things. I can talk about my kid with my husband lol He was just as interested as I was so that was fine.

    • chanela17

      OH MY GOSH! really tho!! i had a favorite youtuber who talked about pretty much all things at first. she but once she had her second child, damn near every video is her bragging about her child and how hes a genius and how hes better than everybody else’s child. i might sound like a jerk but it’s annoying. i don’t even watch her anymore. it’s always either videos about her child being so amazing because of XYZ or recaps of basketball wives,real housewives of atlanta,and love and hip hop atlanta. i don’t watch those ratchetass shows so i’m DONE.

  • redfingerpaint

    Your circle of friends usually changes when you have a baby.