15 Jobs That Only Require an Associate’s Degree

September 17, 2012  |  

With the rising costs of going to college and the decline of “low-skill jobs,” it can be hard to find work as a college student. While no one can downplay the importance of getting a college degree and an advanced education, there are certain jobs in today’s world that don’t require a master’s or bachelor’s degree. Here are 15 jobs to consider if you have earned your associate’s degree and are looking for work to add some money to your bank account.


female insurance agent


Insurance Sales Agents

Who doesn’t need car or life insurance? You could become an insurance agent with just a high school diploma.

black female nurse with patient


Respiratory Therapists

Respiratory therapists make an average salary of about $55,250 a year.

black female dentist


Dental Hygienists

With just an associate’s degree, as a dental hygienist you could possibly make $69,000 a year.

black female physical therapist


Physical Therapist Assistants

With an associate’s degree, you can become a physical therapist assistant and make about $51,000 a year.

female x-ray technician


Radiology Technicians

Radiology is an interesting field and with just an associate’s degree, you could become a technician or technologist.

black female nurse with patient



To become a registered nurse, you only need an associate’s degree.

black female sales representative


Sales Representatives

Sales reps can easily bring in plenty of money with just an associate’s degree.

black female sonographer


Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Sonographers only need an associate’s degree to begin working.

female construction manager


Construction Managers

Construction managers can make a solid $84,000 a year with just an associate’s degree.

black female administrative assistant


Administrative Services Managers

Becoming an administrative service manager with an associate’s degree could land you a $79,540 salary.

female police officer


Police Officers & Detectives

To become a police officer or police detective, you only need a high school diploma.

black female fashion designer


Fashion Designer

A high school diploma can help you land the job as a fashion designer and on your way to earning plenty of money.

two nurses together


Practical & Vocational Nurses

Practical and vocational only require a post secondary non-degree award.

female air traffic controller


Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers can make a six-figure salary with just an associate’s degree.

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  • NWBill

    Colin Powell isn’t a Republican … at least, not in the strict sense of the term. He’s best referred to as a RINO – “Republican In Name Only.” His skill at deceiving others about his true beliefs and motivations is shown in the fact that he apparently fooled GWB into placing him in his administration. A decent soldier, and, on the whole, probably a decent man – but someone who hasn’t left the liberal plantation enough to be considered a real, committed, serious conservative.

  • Wayne Harropson

    you forgot Martin Luther King….helloo.

  • Hail Ants

    All these jobs require you touch a bunch of strangers. Eeeeek!

  • Jimwilson81

    Being a LPN, with a B.A in another subject, I find it interesting that is considered a post secondary non-degree award. Then why are we licensed and can be sued? Most RN’s started out as LPNs. Education is wonderful, but experience is better.

  • Ann

    Uh a lot of states are pushing nurses to get four year college degrees. Also a nurse with a college degree makes more than a nurse with an associate degree. So if someone was considering becoming a nurse I would them to go to college or start out at a community college and then transfer to an university.

    • jessjd

      an associates degree is a college degree and you do have to go to college for an associates

  • Afroveda

    why can’t this article be on one page?

  • Kayo Halana Malie

    There is a catch to a job that may only require an Associates Degree, and that is employers wanting a minimum of 3 – 5 years experience in the position or one similar.