Don’t Worry, Your Man Loves You: 9 Ways He Shows His Love Without Saying It

September 27, 2012  |  
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Some men don’t know how to say it, and some men have never said it to a woman who wasn’t blood related, but that doesn’t mean that a man doesn’t love you or isn’t passionately in love with you. Society conditions men to behave a certain way, that way being to withhold love while simultaneously demanding it. Because of this, some men aren’t always able to verbally express how they feel about you, but many show it in a number of other ways:

The Kisses

Be it the soft forehead peck or the passionate knee-knocking lip-lock, the way a man kisses you tells you a great deal about him and how he feels about you. You can be sure of his love by the way he embraces you each time he kisses you, and if he seems to anticipate each kiss that you two share.

He Misses You

No matter if it’s a few weeks apart or a few moments, he makes the effort to express to you that he misses you or that he needs you, through phone calls, messages, letters, status updates, tweets or by whatever means–that’s a proclamation of genuine affection.

He Tries To Change For You

Men, by far, are not perfect creatures, but when they are trying to improve in order to become better boyfriends, lovers or counterparts, then it’s usually love that drives those intentions. Examples of this is when he’ll agree to go dancing or do other new things that he’s never been open to trying before. Or better yet, trying to be more open to try things he doesn’t like to make you happy. Compromise is a beautiful and loving thing.

The Departures Are Something Out Of A Movie

Parting is always the hardest for lovers, but in that moment, a small gesture of love takes place as one of you walks away: if he glances back toward you as he walks away, or if he stands, gazing at you as you depart, then that is an indicator that he misses you already. That one extra glance or extra look should reassure you that he thinks that you’re special. The same can be said if he lingers, hesitant to leave.

He Gets Creative For You

Times are hard, so a creative hand is usually a ‘go-to’ for a man who isn’t vocal with his love (and isn’t balling money-wise). Poems, paintings, songs, sonnets, notes, letters, crafts, ceramics, posters, collages, skits or stories are only some of the possible things that your man may have created for you to show his interest in you is still impeccably strong. Creating projects takes time, energy and patience…just like relationships, so creativity is a strong sign of his love.

The Hugs Are Deep

When a man draws you in completely, chest-to-chest or head-to-chest, with his arms folded around you, cradling you like you’re something precious, you can feel that affection. It’s within reason to assume that he truly adores you; because men usually reserve that level of intimacy for women who they care deeply about.

Everyone Know Your Name

You two are hanging out together, watching movies…or doing whatever, and his phone rings. No matter who’s on the other end of the line, he announces to the person that’s he’s hanging out with you, stating your name and making it known that you’re an important part of his life. If everyone in his social circle, as well as his family, knows who you are or at least knows about you, then there’s no doubt that he talks about you quite a bit.

He’s A Good Sport, Even After Meeting Crazy Friends And Family

Meeting the friends and family of your significant other is always difficult, especially when you’re not sure how concrete your relationship is. But, if he’s willing to meet with your family and friends, and undergo being grilled and scrutinized by everyone who’s close to you, then you should realize that he wouldn’t do that for just anyone. Your man most likely loves you.

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  • Just Me!

    LMAO at your last example.

  • Anonymous

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  • gloria.e

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  • bigdawgman

    How about he doesn’t cheat or flirt recklessly?

  • NVAdamzz

    Number 5 is my favorite. I love when someone uses their talent to make me gifts. It makes me feel like I inspire them and I realize being creative takes a lot of effort. My mom went to Mazatlan and painted a sugar skull for me and I was beside myself. I love it!

  • Just saying!!

    Whoops…maybe I shouldn’t have broken up with him! 🙁

  • Just saying!!

    Whoops…maybe I shouldn’t have broken up with him! 🙁

    • bigdawgman


  • Ashley

    Awwl my hubby loves me! He does all of these 🙂

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  • u-know-it

    HA!!! My man loves me!!!

  • PosterGirl

    I’ve been fortunate. My husband does all of these things, or at least tries to. For those of you that are worried about the actors, studies show that good relationships have a 5:1 ratio of positive to negative interactions. You’ll definitely want to keep that in mind and pay attention to *everything* he does with you, not just the good stuff. Keep your heart out of it till the very end–when you plan on sharing your life with someone, you have to be as practical as possible.

  • misslawyerladii

    This article made me smile during every click of the page. Everything they said sounds like my man

  • MsRedBone

    Besides the crazy parts of the comments already made I agree this was a good article. Its sad some women are so bitter they can’t consider the fact that maybe a man IS capable of being genuine. Yea, men play games…but so do women. This article wasn’t abou playing games it was about you spending real time with someone and being able to tell he has love for you even if he doesn’t express it all the time..Sheesh…Deppression hurts…Cymbalta helps! Some of ya’ll need a prescription!

    • sailau

      Yeah, my man treats me very well, boo boo…lol

  • DeeDee

    Please this list can also be executed by good actors which most serial daters are.

    • bigdawgman

      Yeah, but they can’t keep it up for long. Give him more than a month, and he’ll show you his true colors. Hence, the 90 day rule.


    ….but what if he’s a good actor :-/

    • bigdawgman

      Eh, they can only act so long. That’s why you don’t rush in, give him time to show his true self.

  • Reese

    Awww, this article warmed my cold, little, black, and cynical heart. I have a little hope, I’ll meet a guy that will do all of the above listed things.

    • RJA

      This comment made me LOL! Thanks 🙂

    • Miss K

      Me too LOL – and that last picture is so beautiful.

      • auntjdfejmh

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  • Yokessm

    Everyone deserves to feel like this( well minus the obvious suspects, murderers and such)

  • L-Boogie

    Again, stay single. The things men do to women when they are in “love” is so ridiculsouly stupid.

    • Yokessm


      • L-Boogie


        • Yokessm

          Lol you’re cute.

          • JaneDoe

            LMAO, you guys.. L is entitled.

    • Jennifer

      Why all the hate? Do you lack a partner that expresses these feelings to/for you?

      • L-Boogie

        No hate. Dealing with facts. Plus, I am not interested in men or women. Just achieving.

        • Coco Black

          I like your comments…they give me a giggle!!
          Plus I have yet to meet a brother who has done allllll of the above. Suppose I will …. some day!

          • Former Nice Guy

            Oh I’m sure you have… and you most likely told him “lets just be friends” or accused him of stalking or being creepy. Why do many men act the way we do? Because we (some of us) have learned the simple fact that


            Those who haven’t will continue to suffer and be rejected.

            A lot of those things on the list are typical nice guy behaviors, and I’m sure many of the guys who do ALL or even half of those things are involuntarily single.

        • Raygirl

          Oh…not I know why you are single…You don’t quite have the personality to be kind to another human being. People more concerned with achieving are self-centered.

          • sailau


  • L-Boogie

    Stay single.

    • Jennifer

      Bitter much?

      • L-Boogie

        Yes, because you do not have to date a man to be mentally and financially screwed over by one.

        • L-Boogie

          Sorry, my comments are not showing up.

      • L-Boogie

        Again, yes. I am just tired of men treating women like they are so stupid.

        • bigdawgman

          Don’t worry, we eventually grow up. Some just take looooonger than others.

        • Ryan Donaldaon

          Ain’t that the true

  • Na Na


    • sailau