Ridiculous: Why Does The Desire For A “Barack And Michelle Relationship” Result In A Black Twitter Gender War?

September 6, 2012  |  

Tonight, Obama will take the stage at the Democratic National Convention to deliver his primetime speech. While some will be talking about his policies and others will be comparing his speech to Romney’s, Black Twitter will undoubtedly be erupting with the predictable “I want a Barack!” and “I want a Michelle!” tweets.

Back when the President was a relatively unknown Senator running for the highest office, he and Michelle’s loving and respectful relationship made headlines. Soon, the couple became the prototype for Black Love. Now, they are continually praised as an example of true love in a country where positive Black marriages are not displayed often enough. Because they’re the First Family, there’s no hiding their relationship and, because they’re obviously really into each other, there’s no hiding their love.

While most choose to simply admire the First Couple’s relationship, others choose to hijack it and use it as a weapon against members of the opposite sex. Before Mrs. Obama finished her speech on Tuesday night, positivity was all but completely drowned out by the Battle of the Sexes that raged via Twitter. Social media pundits reported that mentions of the first lady peaked at 28,003 tweets per minute. At least half of those tweets probably had nothing to do with her speech at all but was Black Twitter going back and forth about wanting a “Michelle and Barack relationship”.

It starts off innocent enough:

Then someone takes it there:

With that, all Twhell (Twitter Hell) breaks loose and here are just a few of the gems:

Source: Twitter.com

While some of these tweets are pure comedy, it kind of makes me sad the way we take a positive situation and use it to negatively attack each other. Michelle Obama didn’t speak Tuesday for men to hate every women they know personally.  The example President Obama is setting should inspire not cause every woman to tear down the men she knows who she doesn’t believe are on his level. Taking to Twitter to disrespect other people is a pretty ironic way to exemplify one’s desire to have a respectful relationship.

Besides, is there really anyone who inherently doesn’t “deserve” a good relationship? Are there people who aren’t good enough to want a good marriage? Even a past philanderer like former President Bill Clinton (with an admirable wife of his own) admired President Obama’s wife. So, why can’t we just be glad that the young Black community still recognizes true love without having to point out reasons why some are hypocritical for desiring it?

Honestly, I don’t think people want that relationship in particular anyway. That First Lady life is tougher than Michelle Obama makes it look with all the hate (and even death threats!) thrown in their direction. That couple has been through a lot over the years, probably more than they’d wish on their worst enemy.

I’m sure that when most people say they want a “Michelle” or a “Barack” they’re just expressing interest in having someone who they can love, respect and support who also loves, respects and supports them — and looks great doing it — no matter what careers or dreams they’re pursuing. What’s wrong with that? It’s important to have positive relationships to look up to and aspire toward in a world of 41-day marriages and “is you gon’ marry a n*gga” marriage proposals. The Obamas certainly don’t have the successful relationship thing on lock, but theirs is one of the most visible marriages in the country and I think it’s pretty cool that so many say they want to have a relationship like that.

Though the Battle of the Sexes is certain to rage on tonight during President Obama’s speech punctuated with hilarity and biting sarcasm, I hope that in real life people aren’t discouraged from their desire for true love and that they’ll continue to hope the best for themselves and for others.

What do you think? Did you notice all the “Barack/Michelle” relationship tweets?

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