No Hard Feelings: Jen Says She Was Distraught Over Evelyn’s Attack

September 6, 2012  |  

Source: Blog.VH1

When people heard about what went down between Chad and Evelyn, everyone assumed that Jen was pointing and laughing from the outside thinking, “I told you so,” considering that Ev’s relationship with Chad was the basic reason the friends fell out. But in an interview with Hip Hollywood, Jen said she had quite the opposite reaction and even reached out to Evelyn after she heard the news.

“I did reach out to her just because when things like that happen, you just put all the other BS to the side. I wouldn’t want to see my worst enemy go through that,” she said.

“I was very distraught to hear that. I think everyone knows I was a big advocate against violence, regardless of whether it was domestic violence or whether it was women fighting.

“I don’t agree with violence. That isn’t how I was raised. I don’t think it’s right whether it’s on a TV show, or whether it’s in Starbucks or whether it’s in your home.”

Talk about being the bigger person. Evelyn did nothing but bash Jen the entire last season of “Basketball Wives” — and literally tried to bash her face in a couple of times. Though the two semi-reconciled on the reunion, it’s been clear things still aren’t quite back to normal. Now, Evelyn’s whole sense of normal has been turned upside down, but according to Jen:

“She’s trying to bounce back.”

Check out her full interview below. What do you think about what she said?


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  • disqus_WfmNqv9gsC

    Finally, some class.

  • gracie

    Awwwww Jen, am so proud of you. Clearly you are not a hood chick!

  • Ann

    I don’t believe any one should be a victim of domestic violence. I still don’t feel sorry for Evelyn. I still think she jumped on Chad and attacked him. She provoked him.

  • sassybuttclassy

    I love the fact Jen was able to be a lady about this and still reach out to Ev. But I think she’ll get backlash from Ev (once the fall out again) for talking to the press about how she reached out to her and what not. Sidenote: I believe Ev will be back with Chad once they feel this all blows over. They probably thought this would help keep their little show on the air because people would want to see the events that led up to them breaking up. Just like everyone tuned in to the Kim K and Chris H disaster. They obviously failed that mission miserably though

  • Yokessm

    I think she is clearly a woman of class.

  • toasty

    I really like Jen

  • Precious1

    Sometimes you reap exactly what you sow! Evelyn is reaping like a mutha! Kudos to Jen!

  • Yay!

    Classy comment from Jen. She stood in her convictions and came out on top. Who knew..

  • MLS2698

    It’s hard being friends with a chick like Ev…….I can’t

  • Kelly

    Evelyn has had enough press. As for Jen 2 words – Class Act!

  • Fallette

    Jen sure does have a big heart.

  • baddvixentype

    let that bish wallow. Karmas a hoe nd she will fu<k you!

  • Yvette

    After all of the threats and taughting that Evelyn did to Jennifer throughout last season of BBW, Jennifer is a class act for reaching out to Evelyn.