Terrence Howard Is About To Be a Granddaddy!

September 5, 2012  |  

I imagine Terrence Howard is experiencing some sort of separation anxiety right now when it comes to his daughter, Aubry. On July 21, his 18-year-old mini-me jumped the broom and married Billy Gayle, but that’s not it. Aubry is also pregnant and expecting her first child.
The Howard University student who is taking time off from school to have her baby is reportedly in her final trimester, meaning 43-year-old papa Terrence is own his way to being Granpapy Terrence. Aubry’s time off could be a little more permanent too as she recently tweeted her preference for being a stay-at-home mother.
“I can’t stand when people tell me or my husband I should be working. If we decide that I’m going to stay home and raise our children then that shouldn’t be up for discussion.  I grew up with my mom in the house always there for us and I wouldn’t have it any other way for my children.”
Aubry is still very young and likely has no clue what she’s getting into as she embarks on motherhood but hopefully she and her husband Billy will be able to provide the best possible home for their kids. Check out a couple pics from her wedding day below.
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  • I,m glad they chose to bring their child into a family-that is mom and dad married and committed!! Raising children is difficult for two people; unspeakable challenge for one. When two people work together putting their child first, they can achieve any goal. Still a lot for people so young. I wish them the best.

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  • My husband and I got married in 2009 we were 20, we are still advancing together through life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. (^_^) so I don’t believe they are to young. As for staying home, I’m a teacher, so my schedule allows me to be home for the most part. If I decide I want more time at home I know that I can always just teach a subject or be an adjunct professor in the future to make sure that I get the best of both worlds and IT’S WHAT’S BEST FOR OUR FAMILY. Luckily, we don’t have children so we don’t have to worry about it. I’m in no rush to either. Check us when we’re 26-30. (^_^)

  • Realist

    She got pregnant due to her being irresponsible while in college. Now to pass it off like her pregnancy was planned they got married…God bless them both!!!

  • curlyk

    Tiffany Evans and her new family are another young couple I’ll be keeping an eye on. I hope they make it too.
    ps. By “his parents” in my last comment, i was referring to my ex boyfriends parents.

  • curlyk

    I wish them the absolute best. Im only 21 and while I have been in love and we seriously contemplated marriage after college graduation, im glad that im single again. You just never know at so young of an age. Now his parents have made it work for the last 21 years so perhaps this young couple will be okay. Why not marry who you love even as s teenager? But when we get into a family soon after or before. Things can definitely get tricky. But I hope they stay happen and make it work

  • Elle

    Babies are a blessing, but to get married so young, and become a mother so soon after…that is less than ideal. I would much rather get a chance to be a newlywed sans children for a while. That’s a lot of stress for a teenager.

  • Yay!

    Call me vain, but if my child (future) told me I was going to be a g’ma at 43, I would throw a crying-fit, 3-year old floor roll and all. As a 40-year-old grandparent, you will more likely be parenting than grand-parenting…smh… Just no.

  • baddvixentype

    she’s not even older enough to drink liquor at her own reception (legally) yet.

  • Tesa

    She is she and her life is her life. Her decisions shouldn’t be based on what happened to Jane when she married at 18. No need to compare to other people experiences. If we do that with everything in life we would never accomplish anything. Another persons failure doesn’t equal same results in her life. People are different

    • Mytisque

      You never know, they could be together forever.

      • Tia

        Why is everyone hating and criticizer her at least she’s an adult and she got married she may have conceived it wrong but teens make mistakes and they learn just be happy for her she does look beautiful

  • Bubbles

    I understand where she is coming from but, to get married so young is risky. To rely on someone to take care of you and your child is not a good move. I have seen women do that and many men have walked out of their lives…. as a result the women had to step up and do double the parenting and work as a result. She is bright young woman, I hope that she continues to further educate herself. In the end the priority is to make sure that both parents are educated and employed to have better opportunities for the child.

    • realadulttalk

      I agree. It’s one thing to be a stay-at-home after having had a career of some sort. But to never have had that and be so green in life is a little scary to me. I’d be encouraging her to finish school and make something for herself. Reality is that people who get married at 18 don’t generally stay married.

  • Hello_Kitty81

    I remember at 18 in 2000, I graduated high school, went to Chicago State University to be a nurse and didn’t want a boyfriend or have any children, I got married at 23 and had my daughter at 26. Glad she got married before the baby was born.

    • Mytisque

      Baby was still gotten out of wedlock though.

  • diggy.p

    So young to be married and expecting a child. She hasn’t even really lived life and isn’t even of legal age to drink. I hope it works out and either party doesn’t experience any type of regret.

    • Elle

      Yeah I wonder what they are toasting with in those champagne glasses. lol

  • At least she’s not Bristol Palin. I hope she finishes school, though.