Wait Til You Get Home: 6 Things You Don’t Do in Front of White Folks

September 4, 2012  |  
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Remember in Save the Last Dance where Kerry Washington’s character, Chenille, told Julia Stiles (Sara) that black people and white people live in two different worlds? Julia Stiles quickly blurted, “There’s only one world, Chenille!” to which she responded, “That’s what they teach you. We know different.” Whew! Now, I can’t say I completely agree with Chenille, but I will say there are plenty elements about black culture and heritage that a lot of white people know very little to nothing about. And since we don’t have time to educate all of the world’s ignorant, there may be so behaviors we don’t exhibit in the presence of those who just might not understand. Click on to see what I mean.

Break out in song/dance

Music is a part of every culture; but for black people there’s an increased level of importance because music, at times, has been one of the few weapons we’ve used to fight against the oppression we’ve experienced. From the fields, to the marches and rallies and even gangsta rap all used music to serve as a way to express our current situation and our dreams and aspirations. Music is important. So, in the black community it’s not uncommon for one to break out in song or do a little two step in the middle of the work day. This is the way we live. But if you’ve ever sung a little tune or shuffled your feet in just the right combination in front of a white person, you may have found they looked at you in complete wonder and awe. For some reason this behavior is a bit novel for them and now you’ve become the star in a one woman musical. But you’re really not here to entertain anyone. So maybe the next time you hear the music, you restrain the urge to cut loose, just to be sure your little ditty or jig is not seen as some type of shuckin’ and jivin’ routine.

Source: essence.com

Talk about those ignorant shows you watch

When I first moved to New York, I was working at a large television company. Needless to say, it was a predominately white environment. There was one guy, a black guy, who’d I speak to every morning as I fixed my hot chocolate. One day we extended our conversation past the kitchen and we somehow landed on the topic of TV shows we liked, some of them guilty pleasures. I had just named a show and it was his turn to share. Before he opened his mouth, he looked around to see if anyone was paying attention, leaned in his eyes lighting up with excitement and mischief as he whispered, “I loved ‘Flavor of Love.'” His hands clapped together to emphasize his point,  “I loved that ignorant isht.” I bust out laughing. Not because he loved ‘Flavor of Love;’ (I know I certainly did too.), but because he went out of his way to hide this fact from our coworkers. The thing is, being a minority, you never know how much exposure the dominant culture has had or will have with black folk. There are truly some folk who think “New York” and Flavor Flav represent the totality of the black experience in America. Very scary and very true. No need to confirm those ideas by openly admitting that you like or even support those and other shows.

Source: smong.net

Talk about politics

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been surprised to learn that one of my white friends or associates was a Republican. Ugh. It’s a troubling realization. Not only because of the political ideologies; (I don’t understand why folk can’t see the Republicans are just about money.), but also because the Republican party has been known to associate and or attract the type of folk who cling to racist, sexist and classist thoughts and even behaviors. There’s the tea party folk, the Todd Akin type dudes and most recently people who can’t act like they have a modicum of sense or even humanity, at a convention where the party is supposed to be putting their best foot forward. Why didn’t they get the memo that it’s not ok to throw peanuts at a black woman?!

Source: thenutritionpost.com

Eat Chicken/Watermelon

I, for one, don’t have a problem eating chicken in front of anyone. I don’t subscribe to the belief that black people have an irrational affinity for chicken. I know people worldwide love the bird. The same goes for watermelon. Though I might pay more attention to how I eat it, if it’s sweet, nothing can stop me. But I know some people, black people, who refuse to indulge in these delicacies in the presence of white folks because they don’t want to further perpetuate a stereotype. Are you one of them?

Source: helpresentdayenglish.wikia.com

Use Ebonics

Hip Hop culture and vernacular, which relies heavily on Ebonics, is so prevalent now, that you’ll find that many Americans can understand the general message. But though they may understand it, I still find myself speaking my best version of the King’s English when I’m in the presence of white people and not just professional settings either. I speak one way around my family and close friends and entirely differently around white people, simply because I don’t want to give off the impression that I’m somehow uneducated and inept when it comes to what should be my “native tongue.”

Source: jkameroncarter.com

Talk about Race

I like to talk about race with non-ignorant people. If those people happen to be white, great. But more times than I’d like to remember, some white folks have been completely oblivious to what it means to be a minority in this country. How many times have you heard a white person ask, in all seriousness, “Where is White history month?” or state “I don’t see color.” or “Black people are always pulling the race card.” Statements like that will cause you to look at a person you once liked in a whole new, unfavorable light. To avoid the grave disappointment, you might be so inclined to keep race out of it.

What things do you avoid doing around white people?

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  • Tony T

    so…. just don’t have black friends if you’re white so you don’t have to be judged behind your back

  • soulwoman

    dee, there are entire cultures that eat with their hands. Not to worry.

  • soulwoman

    Black people do not support the entire watermellon or chicken industry.

  • Uhwha

    Is this not extremely racist?

  • Clicky Ta

    This list says a lot more about the attitudes of some black people towards white people, rather than the other way around.

    Yes, of course, there are legions of white racists. Got it. There’s not a whole lot you can do about that.

    Yet, here you are limiting and stereotyping black people. You’re limiting yourself, your black friends, family etc. Don’t say this or you’ll have awkward situations around white people. Maybe.

    If you only want to hang around with black people in your life and have only authentic relationships/friendships/partnerships with them, have at it.

    However, let’s face it, white people still make up the bulk of the population. No, you can’t lump “people of color” in because Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics don’t have the same cultures or experiences, for the most part as black people. This isn’t to say that white is right. I’m just saying if you want to expand your social network, you’ll have to be authentic around white people, everyone, in fact. You will get MORE respect, not less. . Besides, eventually it’s going to come out that you can break dance and stuff yourself with watermelon and fried chicken when you go to the office picnic (Just kidding, your stereotype, not mine. I know black people who can’t bust a move and hate chicken). When you act like a phony, you put distance between yourself and other people. You have to go through the awkward, not around it.

    Don’t put yourself in a box.

  • Clicky Ta

    WTF???. . . .white people eat oxtails. It’s a German delicacy . . .

  • Beanie Babie


  • white guy’s perspective

    A clarification- I am talking about the current mainstream of the Republican party as well as its radical fringe. A lot of its current baggage developed from an intensive process of demagoguery, group polarization, and the ensuing selection bias- essentially the moderates have been forced out or silenced.

  • white guy’s perspective

    It’s quite reductionistic to say that the Republicans are just about money. They’re also very much into social control, anti-intellectualism, and jingoism- and the idea that the earth is some endless renewable resource that was handed to us to lord over it.

    Seriously- let’s not pigeonhole them.

    (OTOH, I’ve met a few who were just misguided, but seemed to have their hearts in the right place!)

  • Alina

    Wow, I’ve never even heard of any of these issues in my life. Then again I live in Europe and this seems to be a mainly American site; things seem to be a lot different over there.

    • Harley Jensen

      You actually believe this garbage?

  • woody

    politics?? there is no issues with politics.. The black race has been enslaved by the Liberal Left..Free government giveaways is not freedom .. it is the process of the
    left to make voters of people simply by more giveaways..Not a trace of self reliance or accountability, just keep voting for the left. 95% of you do now, and yet the same issues persists and are getting worse..But dont tell the masses this. They love their government cheddar. . Liberalism has destroyed the American Black.

  • WheresMySorry

    I honestly never realised black people were so racist.

  • Russ_Y

    This idiot person wrote: “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been surprised to
    learn that one of my white friends or associates was a Republican. Ugh. It’s a
    troubling realization. Not only because of the political ideologies; (I don’t
    understand why folk can’t see the Republicans are just about money.), but also
    because the Republican party has been known to associate and or attract the
    type of folk who cling to racist, sexist and classist thoughts and even
    behaviors. There’s the tea party folk, the Todd Akin type dudes and most recently
    people who can’t act like they have a modicum of sense or even humanity, at a
    convention where the party is supposed to be putting their best foot forward.
    Why didn’t they get the memo that it’s not ok to throw peanuts at a black

    That is pure bullshit, and many black people are Republicans because they are smart
    enough to know the Democrat party has made slaves of them with government hand
    outs instead of allowing the private sector to make an economy that would
    actually give them a hand up threw opportunity.

  • chris

    i really do not like this article. just another black person being racist….

    dear author, did you ever think that trying to act different around other people based on their skin color is one of the reasons why racism still exists in the U.S. today? did you ever think that just acting like yourself at all times is an honest way to live your life? i hate this article. i dont agree with anything it says. and i really hate how the black culture is so quick to make everything about race…. “you know what is interesting today? some conflict involving race happened” you know what is funny, me and my friends never talk about peoples races. why would we. what does it matter what someone’s skin color is? haha, this country is moving backwards. unity is what we need. not division.

  • Lauren

    I am sure after I say this everyone will hate me. I am not trying to start an argument, but it is something to think about. If there was an article like this the other way around, what would your reaction be?

    I do see color, but the color I see is not the color of a person. I see a black man in the middle of the street at 12am in a suit and well kept, I see “safe” I see a white man in the middle of the street with thug gear, or ratty clothes I see danger. Yea that is profiling but so is assuming everyone in the republican party is this quote “Republican party has been known to associate and or attract the type of folk who cling to racist, sexist and classist thoughts and even behaviors” Thats like saying east town is known associate or attract the type of folks who steal, kill, hurt, and behaviors like that. For the record, im not republican.

    Also.. just throwing this out. There is every type of major history but white history. the fastest growing race is multirace. At this rate there will be no white, black, or hispanic in the far future, racism will not be about white or black, why not have some type of white history. And I am not talking about only the bad things. I mean inventors, and such. If we can include every race why do we have any race? Sometimes it sucks to be white because we have no history and the government pretty much says “roll over and die, you have already had your spot light years”

  • Bob

    Interesting and well written article. My only disagreement is with the stereotyping of political parties. Historically the Republican Party has been the party of social justice. Not just the Abolitionist Republicans of Lincoln’s Day, but the Civil Rights Movement of my time too. It was Democrats particularly from the Southern States that found again equal rights and supported Jim Crow Laws. It was Congressional Republicans pushing for change. There were also Democrats like Bobby Kennedy, but keep in mind that many Democrats, such as WV’s Senator Byrd and Al Gore’s father, Senator Gore were Klansmen. Not just members, but ranking officers. I know the media tries to label Tea Partiers as racist, but that is simply not factual.

    • Veronica Vautour

      If you really want to look at the history of the two parties honestly, you’ll find that there was a major shift in leanings from the 50s into the 60s. It’s as if

  • DCDancer

    Being a woman that is 1/2 black and 1/2 white (Italian/Irish specifically), I find this article to be very ignorant and insulting. It is articles like these that perpetuate ridiculous stereotypes and racism. There are shows that feature all types of people from different backgrounds in a negative, stereotypical manner – The Housewives of Atlanta and of New Jersey are insulting to both my African-American and Italian-American heritage! I won’t even get started on Flava of Love or Jersey Shore. And what about fictional shows perpetuating negative stereotypes of blacks and Italians such as HBO’s The Sopranos or The Wire? I personally loved both of those shows but trash TV exists in EVERY culture. Every black woman I know doesn’t watch trashy reality TV, just as every white woman I know doesn’t either.
    When it comes to race or politics, I wouldn’t discuss those subjects with anyone I didn’t know – whether they be black, white, Hispanic, Asian, etc. etc. Furthermore, MANY races and ethnic groups have dealt with oppression and racism. I don’t think any of them should “play the race card” or feel more entitled than the next. If we are truly all equal, why do articles like this even exist? I also wouldn’t judge someone based on their political views. My mother’s best friend is a black Republican and she is a very successful, intelligent, and kind woman. She has money, but she cares about other things, especially her family and God. So I should denounce her because she is a Republican? Please, give me a break. I’m sure she has her reasons. To make a statement that all Republicans care about is money, just shows how little the author knows about politics. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not a Republican, but I know many whom I can get along with…just because you can’t, don’t speak for all black people.
    And Ebonics (I hate that term)..at work? Not even in front of my Grandma would I use slang. I only speak that way in a heated conversation with close friends and family. You really are contributing further to racism with this article and insult the intelligence of many educated, upstanding members of the black (and white if they’re reading this) communities.

  • You can AFFORD to BUY OX-TAILS DEE???? They have become a DELICACY among WHITE FOLKS & COST a FORTUNE to BUY!!!!!!! Although they DON’T know nutt’n bout’ NECK BONES………..YET!!!!!…. : )

    • sabriana98

      I, for one, love neck bones! They make an excellent stew. 🙂

    • kwitcherbellyakin

      Racist? You insult your own… I see and feel (and hear) more racist attitudes FROM blacks, but for some reason they don’t consider their attitude, words, actions racist. What up with that?

  • dme

    The view that the Republican Party is racist is just plain lazy. Do your homework!
    The Republican Party has a rich history of supporting civil rights legislation.

  • Neko Panthera-Uncia

    I always thought the chicken bit was silly since so many varieties of people LOVE chicken!

  • Dave Herrington

    No idea of your true identity, but you are an amazingly articulate person and can make a point like no other I’ve head here, what an epic rant, kudos to you.

  • Bee

    This is the stupidest article I’ve ever read. I can’t even begin to list all the ways. This is ignorant bullshit and the writer should be ashamed to read it and broaden her horizons. If the people who agree with this actually had healthy friendships with a white friend or two, you would realize that they too use slang, watch stupid tv shows, and dance around too and not every one of them judge YOU for doing it. DUMB. Use your voice to write about something real.

  • wolfcastle

    Renay, Thank you. Thank you for having the guts to say what you really feel – so refreshing. Too bad whitie isn’t allowed to do that though huh. If whitie ever tried to publish anything like that there would be such an immediate backlash from black folk like you all up in the microphone with the feigned outrage, doing the Egyptian head thing and looking for your saviors Al Sharpton and J. Jackson to jump to your cause.

    Two thing whitie should never say to a black person. “You know, it’s the democrats that are really keeping you in bondage by ‘giving’ you stuff all the time. Republicans want you to be free and not feel indebted to anyone. Little secret – Lincoln was a repubican. Oh, and if it wasn’t for republicans, you woulldn’t be voting because Democrats didn’t want you to have the vote. But, hey, you should know this because you’re not ignorant like whitie…right?

    Thank you for showing us all that you’re more racist than whitie could probably ever be.

    you know, you could move back to Africa….but you won’t. cause they don’t have free cell phones, free car subsidies or welfare, huh? What you should be doing is getting on your fat knees and thanking God that you were born right here in America. But you won’t, because it’s too easy to just keep blaming whitie and gettting free stuff.

  • shan m

    This is not only dumb but also racist. What you are trying to say to everyone reading is you shouldn’t be yourself around white people? I don’t even have time to get into all of the reasons why I hated reading this, just know it was STUPID!

  • Phaser

    I agree this is ignorant racist crap. You need to get to know white people as people for starters.

  • Another commenter

    I can’t believe that “Talk About Race” was illustrated by a still from that awful racist movie. I can’t remember the name of it but I couldn’t stand that the white woman was supposed to be a big hero for writing about what everyone’s black maids went through when the maids’ lives were threatened. I don’t get why that was supposed to be such a breakthrough in understanding race in the south.

  • Chelly B

    I like to break out dancing from time to time and I’m a Caucasian/Native American Mutt. There is NOTHING wrong w/ breaking out in dance as far as I’m concerned.

    It almost sounds like there is way too much fear to be yourself. That is something I really can relate to.

    I’ve got my own issues that some ppl frown on because I’m a little different. I’ve struggled w/ health issues since I was 10yo so I have scars and other physically noticeable differences about me due to 30+ years of illness. It used to bother me but, as I grew up I started not to care so much.

    I don’t understand why ‘not seeing color’ would make one see someone in an unfavorable light. I mean it’s clear we all have different complexions and heritage however, in my heart I know I don’t dislike one group more than another or favor one over the other simply based on ethnicity or heredity *now republicans/Tea Party folks I have issues w/. I think it’s because I grew up in a very different way and was always treated differently *not in a nice way, as a child and teen while very ill in the 80’s.

    Stand up and don’t worry what others think. I know it’s easier said than done but all of us need to find a way to accept one another’s differences. I wish it were as simple as writing it down, I know it’s not. Old stereotypes just won’t die because racism won’t die. I wish it would. Be well all.

  • Anderson Williams

    Don’t allow your white acquaintances to make you the official spokesperson for the race. Too many people from Ph.D’s to blue collar workers seem to think there is a monolithic African American culture and that any African American can speak for the entire race about topics as diverse as style of dress and political candidates. I usually walk away when a white person begins a sentence with “what do black people think about…” or “why do black people…”

  • Regular Guy

    Six things black people do in front of white people: Steal, murder, attack, rape, intimidate and lie.

  • ProudVeteran

    I live in a small town in NY, where people just do not understand black people. All they ever see is what is projected on television. So if a black youth is walking in town the doors get locked and they become the talk of the town. Luckily some of us served in the military with fantastic people who were black, other wise there would be nobody there to correct them.
    It is just a innocent prejudice and fear which they educated themselves on from the Mass Media. To unlearn discrimination, there has to be interaction with the people that you discriminate against. A lesson wonderfully learned for many.

  • slinthsand .

    Wow- This article is extremely insulting. I don’t usually get offended by things, but this article flew all over me. Republican’s are not just all about money any more than Democrats are all about enslaving the poor through their subsidies. White peopel break out in dance too- at least where I live and we all what stupid shows that we don’t admit to our coworkers. I quit reading after the “republican’s throwing peanuts at black women comment.” This is one of THE most race baiting pieces I have read in a while and considering the current environment, I would say that is saying a lot.

  • Vivian

    What a pity. I’d love it if more people felt free to break into song and/or dance in public.

  • Auggie Doggie

    No you’re a jig that we disrespect.

  • Larry Oates

    I am a white male in my 50’s and a republican. Probably more moderate than some and more conservative than others. I encountered one of the issues you bring out many years ago while working at an amusement park on the east coast. One of my coworkers and I became good friends as we worked together and he had invited me back to his house on the way home from work one day for a beer and to hang out for a bit. While there he invited me to join him for dinner and when he opened his fridge he had a large watermelon in it. I asked him about it because he had said at a company picnic that he didn’t like it. His response was eye opening. He told me that he actually loved watermelon (as do I BTW) and then he asked me what I thought it would be like at work for him with some of our coworkers if he were to tell them he like it. He had me. Some of our coworkers, while the wouldn’t use the “N” word would have harassed him over the stereotype. They would have thought they were just giving a coworker the same razzing they would give another never realizing they were actually crossing a line into being racist. Before anyone raises the issue, yes, I am sure that a few would have been doing it for racial reasons, but not all. Why do I say some wouldn’t know they crossed the line, because they wouldn’t. There are many white people who don’t know they are crossing the line at times. We aren’t fully informed on black culture and in many cases are so insulated we don’t get it. This is where we white folk need the help of intelligent, understanding and hopefully patient black men and women. Educate your white friends. Ignorance and ignorant behavior are dispelled by education. I understand the whys of this article, but if someone doesn’t pull back the curtain as it were and let whites in the misunderstandings and misconceptions remain and that is a terrible thing for us all. Who know. We just might find out that deep down we are much more alike than any of us realize. We are all stronger together than apart. BTW I love to see someone break into song. I do it myself from time to time. I love to sing, but I can’t dance worth a flip. Never could and at my age probably never will. LOL


  • JDintheOC

    Oh c’mon…this article is offensively stupid! And I’m white and my best man was black!

  • SJAA

    As a white person NOT from America, and therefore seeing things from the outside, I just wana say that this post stinks of racism: the ‘They are different from us’ mentality. There is of course loads of inexcusable racism from white towards black in the US, but this kinda stuff is the mentality of those who have become just as bad as their oppressors, instead of rising above it. You can’t expect another race to accept you as the same when you push the message that y’all are different. It’s hypocritical.

  • lena

    i never understood why in the US people claim, only black people like chicken and watermelon… i’m as white as you can get, without doctors declaring you dead, and if i could, it’s all i would ever eat.

  • Random White Guy

    I find it amazing that some people take so much time to post comments. It says more about what they think of themselves and more about how their mind works than anything else. None of it is from the other person’s perspective, white or black, rich or poor, violent or nonviolent. So who cares? Nothing said here will change anything. Go out and do something instead of writing 5000 word theses on things that only show the world how YOUR mental construct works. Cuz that’s all it is. The wisest men and women on here are the ones that say nothing at all. Everything else, including this little rant, is bullshit.

  • Diemem

    Disappointed…this article in particular perpetuates racism. Seems like the author has some racial issues that they need to get over!

  • Patrick

    This might be the most ignorant article I’ve ever read. It almost seems it is actually written by a white supremacist to make black people (or at least the writer) look horribly uninformed. This article is so far from reality. 1) Blacks can only be Democrats? White republicans are racist, wha?- do you know the history of the Democratic party?????? 2) Blacks can’t eat watermelon and chicken in public – do you think white people are actually paying attention or even care? 3) Music and dance is MORE IMPORTANT/PREVALENT in black culture? Really – have you even ever been to an Irish, Colombian, Chinese, Indian, Jewish household? – I’m guessing no… What a small and pathetic uncultured world you live in…. I really hope you did not get paid for this nonsense.

    • Adriannan Nonyo

      thats what I thought, this article was actually written by a white racist.

  • Deborah Lotus

    Very patronizing towards white people, don’t you think? give us a little credit! for interest and curiousity and not being idiotic snobs…please give us the benefit of the doubt, this won’t get any of us anywhere in terms of us all getting along…personally I admire and seek to emulate what is my understanding of black culture, wish I could dance better! Went to Senegal to learn better dancing, mixed results, haha, but no Africans laughed or disapproved of me for putting in best efforts…and I certainly would not look down my nose at eating fried chicken!

  • Sonnyboy

    The answer to this question is very telling as to who are the racists. How many white people rioted, looted and burned their town down when O.J. Simpson was aquited?

  • dan luttrell

    What the heck. You lost me on the politics part. I guess the author bought the lie from the welfare masters that want to enslave all black people. The article should have been 6 things that liberal blacks don’t do in front of white judgemental people.

  • C R S

    OMG what racist garbage!
    White people are ignorant? Never do a little two step?

    But you can actually write “who’d I speak to”?

    Clearly you, and your editor, are the ignorant party here.
    And this is just the sort of crap that keeps you apart

    Ya know, your ancestors went through a lot to leave you living in the best place on Earth. And about 600,000 white people died to free you.
    Just think about how disappointed they all would be to see you throwing it away, wasting the opportunity by pedaling racist divisive crap like this. Pathetic!

  • baldridge999

    Asia for the Asians. Africa for the Africans. White countries for EVERYBODY!

    Liberals and respectable conservatives say there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are more crowded than Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and “assimilating” with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate”; that is inter-marry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I am not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a nazi-who-wants-to-kill-six-million-jews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white. What anti-whites are calling for is the genocide of white people. “Diversity” is just a code word for white genocide.

  • b

    “Ebonics” is a black persons “native tongue” the same way hillbilly white trash is a white persons “native tongue”. Ignorant and uneducated is ignorant and uneducated, regardless of skin colour, and never something to be proud of, but rather something to outgrow (if one is capable).

  • sickandtiredinNE

    Wow…I read this article, then read the comments posted…and I sadly realize….there is NO hope for ever bridging the racial divide between blacks and whites in the U.S. Racial tensions are worse than ever, and, it seems, that nobody is really trying to improve them. Without leaders like Dr. King, we’re not going to make it….and I don’t see any Dr. King’s in our future. “Leaders” (I put that phrase in italics because I use the term loosely for the people listed) like BHO, Holder, Sharpton, Jessie Jackson….they’re just making it worse…not better. Look up the definition of the word “leader”…THEY ARE NOT IT. They couldn’t bring a group of nuns together to pray the rosary. The media (like the fool who wrote this article) only make it worse. In the article, she attacks Republicans…but, I’ll say this about conservatives…then I’m done commenting….most true conservatives are about the power of the individual….we really don’t care about the color of a person’s skin. If someone is a good person, of good character, with a good work ethic, and they’re working hard to be the best person they can be….we could care less where you’re from, what color your skin is, what your religion is….whatever. One of my good friends is from Iran, he’s not a devout Muslim, but, we talk about everything from religion, to politics, to women, to work…and we don’t agree all the time, but, we agree on one concept…we both want to work hard to succeed in life, as a person, husband, father…and THAT is what makes us the same…HUMAN.

  • kendra

    Things I don’t do in front of white people? The same things I don’t do in front of blacks or other races of people, such as pick my nose or teeth, pull out wedgies, pass gas, pull down my drawers and urinate or defecate.

  • Patrick Hutchins

    This is stupid, I love for any of my friends to sing or dance or shout or laugh, – because they are my friends and seeing them relaxed, happy and goofy makes me happy and goofy, too. Screw the color thing. If you focus on color, you’ll see color. If you focus on friendship, you’ll see progress.

  • justme

    I can see where this author is coming from. I think it depends on what type of Caucasians, Asians etc. you are around. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with race but more of a particular society.
    I’m white, but I live in Canada and around where i’m from we tend to be more open minded of other cultures. There’s even a restaurant that has a chicken and waffle sandwich I wouldn’t mind trying which is a sit in not a fast food restaurant.
    I’m just aware of the stereotypes because of the American television I’ve watched. Reading this article I can picture this author talking about middle to upper class white republican Americans. That’s just me guessing, because except for white and middle class I don’t understand.

  • Betania Gudiño

    Hello, I’m a Latin girl who doesn’t live in the U.S. and I have a question, do you dislike the term “black”? I have been told never to use that word in the States to talk about a person. Do you prefer the term “Afro-American”? I think “Afro” is more general and not exactly meaning “black”, for example, I’m also Afro-descendant due to one of my grandmothers, but I have fair-skin. Btw, I’m just curious about this because I don’t want to sound disrespectful.

  • Jen

    Unfortunate that we can’t relax around people of other races. The idea that my friends of other races behave differently when they’re not around me suggests that I don’t really know them. Do they think they don’t know me either, and that I act differently? No wonder race relations are still so difficult. The only thing I do very differently than you is my hair. Can we lose the paranoia now?

  • turkey giblets and gravy


  • Guest

    You just did the very best to feed the stereotype thinking! Was this list actually presented to an editor in chief? Who the heck allowed you to write that stuff down? It’s not only inaccurate it screams ignorance!

  • noneofyourbusiness

    I hope this isn’t being serious, because if it is, it’s honestly the stupidest article I’ve ever seen. People should be able to do whatever they want (as long as it’s not harming anyone or themselves) whenever they want. You say you don’t have time to teach the ignorant of “your ways”, yet you bust out this bullshit of an article.

  • cbk

    I closed this topic on the 2nd. I have no problem with differing political opinions, but when a person (the author of this topic) exhibits such complete, uninformed, ignorance, that means anything else they have to say is going to be dubious too; and who has time to waste with such people?

  • TheExecutiveProducer

    What is the original source of the photo they used for this article. I keep seeing it pop up in Madame Noire articles. And I gotta say… I’m intrigued.

  • Alice Ramirez

    I was shocked by the chicken and watermelon thing. Almost everybody loves watermelon….black….white asian…. I’m white and if I see ANYONE eating watermelon, I just thing ‘someone over there is eating some watermelon. I wish I had some right now.” As for chicken, well, only vegans and heart patients don’t eat fried chicken and they’e weird.

  • CarrieJo

    Oh and breaking out in song or dance: I am just as likely to do that.

  • CarrieJo

    I am white and fried chicken and watermelon are pretty much required at summer parties in my family.

  • Marty McFly

    This has to be THE most ignorant “article” I’ve every read. You’re the one obsessed with stereotypes, stop underestimating Caucasians and they will pay you the same courtesy.

  • rachel (yes I am Black)

    This article is atrocious and feeds into racial stereoptyping.

  • Reneé T. Armstead

    I think this is ridiculous. I don’t care what whites or what anyone thinks of me for that matter. When I read this, I’m like, “OK, and what bills will they be paying for me this month?”

  • Brian

    As I “white folk” I could care less about any of these things, this is a stupid list. Just imagine the uproar if you changed the word white to black.

  • KM Love

    I absolutely love this article. As a 30 year old black professional it is unfortunate, but you may be wise to stick with these 6 tips in the professional world. There are still a lot of Americans who know very little about people outside of their race. Since the media shapes many of these thoughts, concepts or opinions, I am sure to give them nothing negative to add. Responding over 2 years later because I love this article and I’m glad someone else understands! 🙂

  • cheapnis

    Come to London, England, Madame Noire. Many of us have friends, partners, relations, from many different heritages, and it’s just normal and no-one remarks upon it. Although we have rural areas in England that are mostly White, in cities your neighbours will be from many different cultures, and your friends too. There are still many city boroughs that are mostly White, and some that have a high proportion of Black people – but that is because of the big split between rich and poor in England. Not because of ethnic splits. London has a big and growing Mixed young population reflecting the huge ethnic mixing in relationships. My friends are Black, White, Asian and Chinese and that’s not unusual in London. Most of the ‘don’t do this in front of a White person’ things would be irrelevant here. I hope!

  • Jeffrey Coley

    The fried chicken/watermelon advice is hilarious. True story: I worked at a quick lube place where most of the employees were black. One day the boss bought lunch for the crew – fried chicken. One young black kid had never tasted fried chicken in his life because his parents were so opposed to the stereotype. He hesitated before trying it, but encouraged by his co-workers he gave in. It was like magic: His eyes lit up, and he proclaimed it was the most delicious chicken he’d ever eaten in his life. Very funny.

  • Phil

    so basically each of your things not to do around white people exposes your presumptuous, judgmental, and dare I say disdainful attitude toward white people. And the best things is that you don’t even see it … you can’t even understand it … because you’ve been blinded by what you have learned from those that have scared you in this area. So sad.

  • mb

    You do know there are black republicans, right? My friend always gets offended that people assume hes a democrat. He and his entire family have always been republicans. People are always talking about not stereotyping. Saying all blacks & jews are dems is another incorrect stereotype.

  • mb

    Maybe he hid watching flavor of love because its tasteless it may actually make your iq lose a few points, not because its “black.” Just like white people that aren,t raging white trash don’t admit to watching honey boo boo openly at work. Shows like that can make a person look less intelligent, professional, polished, & classy. Needless to say we all secretly watch a few of them religiously! I have to say I was a little upset about how flav was treated by nielsen, but I would never talk about it at work!

  • Kiesha Pinky Makins

    well okk then…..

  • Bahamas242

    This list alone is messed up. So basically your telling black be to just sit quite around white people and not be your self. In this is a real list I rather not have white friends because I cant be myself and I dont need them as friends that bad if this is the case….

  • Ashley

    I think it’s disgusting…how dare you create a list that is completely biased! You say how appalled you are when you find out your friends are Republican; I’m appalled by you because last time I checked, a political ideology does not adhere to a single race. Additionally, if we want to end racism, we need to stop setting ourselves apart & celebrate our differences while appreciating that we are all human.

  • Pat

    Republicans may have their issues. But blacks voting Democrat 95% of the time is indicative of a plantation mentality. Don’t dare have an open mind for what’s in YOUR & your family’s best interest, or else you’re a selfish, race-traiting Uncle Tom or Aunt Jemima. Democrats Inc. has no desire to lift blacks up, but to keep them poor, dependent on government & voting Democrat (the party of big gov’t). Look around and see how that has turned out.

  • Junie

    I don’t understand….
    white people eat fried chicken and watermelon too; especially country.

    • cambeul41

      I am a white male. (Yes, I read Madamenoire on a not infrequent basis.) I teach adults in Detroit. I used to be bewildered by Black Detroiters who constantly talked about how much they liked fried chicken and occasionally watermelon. Then it occurred to me that they were teasingly trying to get me to say something to indicate that I bought into the stereotypes when in fact I still have only heard the chicken thing from Blacks, never from whites. Come to think about it, I don’t recall ever hearing mention of the watermelon thing from a white although I have seen pretty objectionable cartoons.

      I must be hanging out with the wrong people. I need to catch up on my stereotypes.

      • Jacqueline

        You’re in the north. I was raised in NC and it’s more prevalent (still) here, and I shudder to think how it is further south.

        • cambeul41

          I moved here from Chapel Hill, my siblings were raised in Asheville, and my one surviving sister lives in Georgia. She says she sees more prejudice in the North. I can’t speak to that because either something about me suppresses racist talk, or the people I associate with are not part of the problem. 🙂

          • aw5721

            Can we really be sure, do you really know whats in your friends heart and mind.

            • cambeul41

              Uh, I thought I already said that possibly, “something about me suppresses racist talk . . . . “

        • slinthsand .

          I live in Alabama and don’t hear any of this. You are contributing to the problem be projecting racism on the south. I see much more racism in PA and MD when I visit my family up there.

          • fhsmct

            As a born and raised southern who has lived around the country, I have more respect for a southern Redneck than a northern one.
            The southern one will be totally up front and honest about how he feels about and views you and I can respect that.
            The northern one is the one who will be all buddy buddy with you all day long, attack you and yours after the sun goes down, then be acting all innocent the next day.

          • aw5721

            Sorry , I seen more racism in the south. When I was sixteen I experience my first in South Carolina. But racism is every where some people know how to do it in a away that you may not notice.

    • bobby

      they just like to complain about something. all their problems are all based on what happened to their relatives 200 years ago. and I would never throw peanuts at a black woman. I use bananas

    • Passingthrough

      I’m a white Londoner and I eat both – especially watermelon. I also sing spontaneously at times, but that seems to embarrass some black friends so I rarely do it in mixed company unless they insist.

    • aw5721

      During and after slavery, Blacks was made fun of for eating fried chicken and watermeleon.. I went to school with a girl that would never eat fried chicken for lunch because she assume that the white kids would make fun of her.

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  • maineelectricalsalesdude

    So the problem here is letting white people accept you for who you are? Why?? Are we that ignorant of your ethnicity and cultural norms that you have to post an article explaining what NOT to do in front of us?? This is so wrong on so many levels.. Here we are, in 2013, and an article is written to purposefully tell blacks people what creeps out whites.. That is as racist as telling white people to not like rap music, or talk about history in front of the British because they’re still fuming almost 300 years later..

    I live in a white state, in the whitest area of the USA.. And I find this article disgusting, not because I’m a racist or that I’m offended by your obvious ignorance of “white” culture, but how you expect this to be the rule and not the exception..!!

    This author maybe should have some level-headed and educated people (black, white, Hispanic, Asian.., whatever color..) take a look at what is being written.. Regardless of the magazine title or usual topic..

    Disappointed more than anything.. This is what we teach our youth now???

  • bigdawg1

    Well, I’m a white, middle-aged, middle class, very liberal man who loves fried chicken, watermelon and women of all colors!

  • ytd

    God this list was just stupid! Who came up with this?? “Shuckin’ and jivin’ routine”???

  • Why would you say that a white person is disrespectful when they say they don’t see color? I’m just curious. I am Jewish (a minority where I live), and I have friends. I don’t choose them for race, color, sexuality, gender, age, religion. I choose based on brains, personality, and common interests. I’ve never said that I don’t see color, because to be honest, I don’t like to be in a neighborhood that has predominant anything or send my kids to a school that has a predominant anything — older, younger, gay, straight, black, white, Latino, Asian, Jewish, Catholic,pagan, atheist et. al. I like to be where people mix without thinking about it. I want to understand why it’s offensive. I’ve heard it said before and never thought twice. Please explain.

    Oh, and my family/friends and I break out into song and dance all the time. Only freakishly boring people (sheep) don’t get it. They can’t even think for themselves, so who cares if they get it or not!

  • Constance

    Why?! Black people are victims…..of articles like this! Please Ms. Author, don’t act as if you have the right to speak for every person of color. I don’t understand why we keep segregating ourselves and all the while attacking each other. We AMERICANS are not all that different from one another, I mean who doesn’t like chicken and watermelon! lol Please get over your own insecurities and stop spreading them to other people of color. Unlike me, some poor soul will fall for your nonsense and continue the cycle of self oppression. WHO CARES! Do you as long as it isn’t destructive!

  • Let me see if I understand the contents of the article…don’t talk about anything of relevance to your life or to the lives of the whites around you. AND don’t express yourself meaningfully with the white folk. Ok. Wow!

    #6 kills me, because how the hell do you talk about ‘your experience’ if you can’t talk about it? Do you care about my experience? Or are all whites just the same, with the same racist reactions to everything?

  • Ddelina

    When I came America I noticed this type of thing. I’m african, and I do get the dynamic but for me i just see it as just cultures not clashing not color.

  • Richard

    I happen to be both white (not an actual ethnicity, but I digress) and republican(ish). I find this list both humorous and somewhat sad, since it appears to negatively stereotype both whites and blacks. If you’re at all interested in making further progress in bringing us all together, might I suggest the following: Be yourself, and don’t hide. Like what you like, do what you do, and dance to the rhythm that moves you. If those around you choose to remain ignorant, that’s too bad. Personally, I have good friends from around the globe, and we have fun learning about life in our respective home towns, and how our experiences differ, and yet parallel. We’re all human, and the decent among us will take the time to listen, learn, empathize, grow, and enjoy life’s journey with the friends God brings to our lives. All the best, Richard.

  • educated

    That was the most ignorant racist piece I have ever read. Its people like you who are keeping segregation and racism alive. Shame on you preaching against it when you are just feeding the fire.

  • KC

    Thanks for stereotyping me as unable to accept other people/cultures/enjoyments etc simply because of my skin color. Perhaps the problem is that rather than giving people a chance and accepting or discarding them on their individual actions and reactions, you simply discard us as “white.” You wouldn’t want me to do that to you, would you?

  • Frekki

    I am ending this thread. I will not look further. I am a republican. A Lincoln republican. I grew up with black folks as my models, and my mentors. You are racist in your hatred of republicans. The democrats want to keep you down, the republicans want to lift you up. You either see it or you don’t.

  • Jacob

    Wow. Thank you for dropping this wealth or knowledge on this ignorant white person. Way to fuel racial stereotypes that everyone is working to overcome. This obsession with race is becoming a tired topic, and frankly this article seems as racist as anything you will see on mainstream media. Her insecurities sure show in her writing.

  • docwhocuts

    indoctrinated hate.

  • Common_Sense96

    Very sad and divisive – I am sad for the author because it sounds like she and others that hold these same opinions have stereotypes about THEMSELVES. It will probably still be the same five hundred years from now. I so wish all the people that focus so much energy on this – the Al Sharptons, the liberals (who by the way – only care about the money they can take from other people!), the feminists – – would use all their anger, energy, protests, blogs, etc…. to be angry about the people in this world today that REALLY ARE SLAVES RIGHT NOW…..and being abused and tortured – men, women, and children – of many different races and colors. They are not just having their feelings hurt by what someone else might think or say……those people truly in need will probably forever go without help…..because someone living here who is worried about eating chicken in front of other people – thinks that is a bigger problem. Did the author ever try to think from the other person’s perspective?…..that maybe some people, upon meeting a black person – might be defensive only because they assume (correctly or incorrectly) – at first meeting that that person does automatically and secretly (or not-so-secretly) hate them because of THEIR race/ethinic background?

  • Most ignorant thing I have ever read.

  • my definition of racism is when someone “makes everything about race”.

    sure there are some white guys who make racist remarks and of course they’re wrong, but racism is also black people making stupid claims, such as “Republican party has been known to associate and or attract the type of folk who cling to racist, sexist and classist thoughts.”

    so Raney, if you’re looking for a racist, you found two…me (because i’m republican), and you (because you managed to write off an entire political party as being full of racists).

  • “Why didn’t they get the memo that it’s not ok to throw peanuts at a black woman?

    If she looks like an elephant, it’s okay.

  • hammondhank

    Dr. King said that he looked forward to a day when people would judge (assess) each other based on the content of their character, and not on the color of their skin. Amen, Dr. King. That implies that one cannot hide the flaws in their character behind the color of their skin. ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God. -Rom. 3:23. ALL means ALL. God is not ‘PC’, He is God. Now, we all have our cultural and ethnic differences andtraditions, and we ALL need to work to understand others in that regard. At the same time, we need to be frank and honest with each other. If I see a yuong Black man at the mall with half his butt crack visible and ask him to pull his pants up, it’s got nothing to do with his colr, it has everything to do with his indecent attire, and I rightfully angry and offended when anyone ignorant;ly suggests my comments re somehow ‘racist’. White kids dress the same way, and I say the same thing to them. Does that make me ‘racist’?! Some would say that I have no business telling a ‘Black’ kid anything, because I’m ‘White’. That makes YOU racist. Grow up, put on your big boy pants, build a bridge, and get over it. Right is right and wrong is wrong, no matter what color God made you. Let’s talk plain, man.

  • hammondhank

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Most of the things on your list wouldn’t offend me in the least, nor should you have to worry about them. Tghis is America, after all. Having said that, Black folk DO assume that when White folk criticize Obama or the Democrats. is vecuase we’re somehow ‘racist’ or doing so for ‘racial’ motives. Give it a dmaned rest, and try to see it from a diofferent perspective for once, okay?! I never voted for a guy becuase of his/her skin volr, i vote based on my Biblical, Constitutional, and economic principles. Now, the ebonics thing is a hit/miss kind of thing, same with rednecks. There’s a difference between being colloquial and genuinely tacky, tasteless, ignorant, and offensive. White people do it all the time, Black folks need to take a look in the mirror and get real as well. Then there is dress. When I see a bunch of kids dressing like skinheads, Goths, White trash, etc., I don;t have a have high opinion of them. Same goes for Balck foplks who dress like gangstas, or anyone, Balck, White, or anywhere in bwetween, who walks around with their drawers drooping and their pants halfway down their butt. THAT is one that SHOULD be on this list. Heck, eat what you want, in front of whomever, but for crying out loud, pull your freaking pants up! If yuo want respect and credibility, stop acting the fool and do like the Staples Singers suggested and ‘Respect Yourself’. And stop thinking everything is somehow racially motivated. Don’t stop or avoid talking about these topics, but try to do so rationally and not ermotionally. I know there ARE problems with White racism, in this country. But there’s Black racism, too. Let’s all do right by each other and talk plain, but in love, for a change. And one more thing: Why would you think it’s somehow wrong to bust out dancing and singing?! I mean, i’m as White and conservaitcve as the day is long, and I do, sometimes. I think the author is just WAY too self-conscious/racially sensitive on some things. Whiter folks gave largely gotten over their racial superioroity nonsense, and Black folks need to realize everything is not about ‘race’, ESPECIALLY when it comes to politics. I’m a die-hard Christian Constitutionalist conservative/libertarian. I’ve voted for Reagan, Alan Keyes, and Ron Paul for President. Not ONCE have I given a rip about the color of whom I was voting for. I care about their moral values, their political ideology, their economic principles. Frankly, in my experience, Blacks are FAR more ‘racist’, or at least racially motivated, when it comes to politics. I say, let’s talk MORE politics, not less. Don’t think White people aren’t reluctant to engage Black folks, either. Most of us are, becuase we’re intimidated and afraid of having ‘the race card’ thrown constastly in our faces. Not me, I’m going to be honest and tell it like it is, and let the chips fall where they may. Anything less would be racist on my part, and my Bible says God created ALL nations out of one blood, and you can’t be racist and Godly at the same time, no matter what color you are, and God is no respecter of persons. ALL have sinned and need Him, no exceptions, and all have to come to Him in the same way. God bless.

  • DrBobNM

    Ms. Alize: The only thing this article accomplished is to show your racist beliefs and stereotypes directed against white people and republicans. Do you think there might have been a reason why you liked the person BEFORE you found out that they were republican? Good job in revealing yourself.

  • annoyed

    You said so yourself – you’re SURPRISED when your FRIENDS (implies a relationship where you at least have some knowledge of the person) is a republican. Does being a republican suddenly make your former friend a racist, money grubbing, ignorant person? Sounds to me like you’re the one being judgmental.
    How can you justify keeping television shows you admit are accurate in the closet? Is it because you don’t want to confirm they are accurate because some of the messages are not favorable? Television is satirical. It’s all ridiculousness with a kernel of truth, that’s what makes them funny. Shows featuring other races feature equal silliness based on all sorts of things, including race.
    If you can’t talk about race in front of white folks, what makes you think they’ll want to talk about it front of you if you’re going to find ways to be offended? Black folks don’t hold the monopoly on suffering and oppression, but it seems like the entitlement generation’s colors (not just the black color here) are shining through.
    As for ebonics. You said yourself you don’t want to come accross as ignorant or uneducated so you hide the slang with which you speak. You do this not because it is a white imposition but because ebonics is part accent, part vernacular, and – the part you yourself admit – part incorrect english. Does that not concede that you agree yourself that ebonics sounds less educated? If you can turn it on and off at will, does that not mean it’s a choice to speak it? If it’s a choice, it’s a self imposition to speak it only around black people but not white.
    By the way, white people sing and dance in front of others just as often as black folks. Music is just as important to them as it is to every other race on the planet. Maybe they look at you wierd when you break out in song and dance, not because the action is not understood, but your timing is inappropriate, or maybe the volume with which you do it.

  • Elf

    Wow. Wear that on your sleeve a bit much do you? Are you also tempted to scream “check your privilege” everytime you get upset at people? You are perpetuating a stereotype. This article managed to be offensive to both sides. I’m very glad my friends act like normal people, as in themselves. This sounds more like a list of how not to act around well to do, OLD white people.

  • markg42

    This is one of the most difficult articles to navigate I have encountered yet. The ad to content ratio must be astronomical, and it seems my screen will never stop bouncing around as additional ads slither into. Ugh. I give up.

  • guntotinsquaw

    Miss Renay, you lost me at politics. When you write an article about stereotypes, rule of thumb, don’t fall victim to stereotypes. No I’m not a repub or a dem, sometimes I am shocked at how little people of any color now about the political party with which they affiliate. I am born and raised in the south, not one time has any song every played that talks about ‘grandfather being a “good southern Republican”. I am a TEA member, so for your comment on TEA, I’ll come straight and say it. You’re either a liar or stupid.

  • Steven

    Agreed, this list is ignorant. This has nothing to do with color and more to do with what you do in certain settings. I break out in dance in song, but at home. I talk about politics, but mostly at home. In a work setting I have sat with “black folk” and had chicken. No one of any color that I know talks about race. Start looking past color and we will all be better for it.

  • dabuff

    Last time I checked there was only one race on planet Earth, human. Get over your self-loathing or whatever is causing this obsession and start doing something constructive with the gifts God has given you.

  • Voice of reason

    If a white man wrote a column called “6 Things you don’t do in front of black people” he’d lose his job and would be labeled a racist. It’s not funny just because you’re black. You made yourself look retarded.

    • In various websites that I read, I see “a White man” saying all kinds of things about Black people, including our president, using terms such as monkey, the N-word, et cetera, et cetera. But to my knowledge none of them have actually lost their jobs. It’s online and anonymous, and therefore nobody really does anything about it. So I see your unsubstantiated faux racial equivalency, and I raise you one documentable reality.

  • Fladabosco

    Would it be wrong for me, an average white guy, to eat crackers in front of you?

  • Fladabosco

    As an average white guy I hereby give you permission to dance and/or sing in front of me, even with me (don’t expect much), talk politics, history, religion, sex, drugs, Liberace or whatever you want. I won’t disrespect you if we disagree and I’ll ask you to do the same.

  • luke

    Nicely anti white. Becauae all white people are absolutely inclined to judge you for behavior that could be linked to race. But lets keep race out of it. White isnt a race. It must be a condition.

    You guys are fuckin stupid.

  • disqus_8tmMXmccaM

    Don’t take yourselves so seriously. Be able to laugh at yourself. You know how many white people talk different when they speak to black people. They start dropping words like bro, being down with that,or anything else they think black people say.

  • Josh

    According to the author, white people are incapable of understanding that there are different cultures in the world, and that anything different from “white culture” is weird or ignorant. Sounds like a stereotype to me. This entire article (about how not to appear to be a black stereotype) is a stereotype of white people.
    The ignorance was especially prevalent in the politics section: “I don’t understand why folks can’t see that Republicans are just about money” and associating the Tea Party with racism. BTW, this is the EXACT stereotype that white people believe about blacks’ political beliefs: all black people vote democrat because they are convinced that all republicans are greedy, white, racists. Well guess what, you just perpetuated that. To actually be “troubled” to find out that you have a republican friend is incredibly ignorant. If they treated you well enough to become friends in the first place, doesn’t it confirm that not all republicans are racists?

  • Erika

    Dude….I’m about as white as you get. I walk to the beat of my music. Will constantly bust out in song and dance..and even make up my own tunes. The hell. I don’t care who watches. Maybe that’s the difference? Accept yourself first and dont be ashamed…and no one can get to you.

  • LSS

    Talk about behavior in restaurants – my husband has been in the restaurant business for years and it’s always the blacks who throw a loud hissy fit that the food was unacceptable for some made up reason and they want their meal for free. (after consuming almost the entire meal first). (Funny all other customers seem to be enjoying their meals just fine.) And, it is widely known in the restaurant bus that blacks do Not tip.

  • Kathy

    I say we all get together–eat chicken and watermelon, dance our azzes off and talk about politics using a viarity of english dialects including ebonics and redneck! Fo’ shizzle, yall! This article is stupid. Ain’t we got more important things to worry about? During this time–our second Great Depression–things like putting dinner on the table for our families is all that matters. …and before you go and wonder if I am black or white…I will tell you- I AM AN AMERICAN. May each of you find peace and plenty of fried chicken! <3

  • d

    This article is very racist towards white people. Yes I used the word racist because this article implies all white people think the same. Which is stereotyping which is wrong! If you check the census of the nations population you will see that the “white folks” are becoming the minority. Our country is a melting pot and all races are mixed. Do a genealogical search and most will see there background and blood is of many races. Put the race card away because” white folks” are afraid to say things in front of other races also and are judged more harshly and always called racist. It goes both ways look at both sides and have some statistics and data to back up your statements.

  • Chet

    This is the most racist list ive ever seen, when are we going to get past this BS ?

  • scarlett805

    Lamest article in recent centuries.

  • old duffo

    I do have one thing that bothers me about the brothers and sisters, however: Why is it some folks can’t say two words without one of them being “Mother f…er”?

  • old duffo

    Hey……I LOVE chicken and watermelon…….and ribs. My skin happens to be white, but no matter because we are all ONE race………the HUMAN race. God chose what color to make our skin!!!!!

  • Do they think the majority of white people really, seriously care? Honestly, here are the “6 Things You SHOULD Do in Front of White Folks”
    1. Pull your pants up
    2. Stop denigrating women
    3. Be responsible fathers
    4. Stop perpetrating crimes
    5. Realize that big a$$es are only attractive to black men
    6. Encourage your children’s education. Show up at their schools, show up when they do their homework. DEMAND excellence from them.

    Evolve black culture to become something to aspire to, not something to be embarrassed and ashamed of.

  • Mark

    Your perspective is disturbing and sad. No one I know (and yes I am a middle aged white male) has felt the way you do about race for decades now. It’s 2012 and although there are a few extreme examples on both sides the VAST MAJORITY of people I know view people in terms of good or bad, not black or white. Wake up and join the HUMAN RACE!

  • Rsmary

    Dear Madame Noire. Perhaps you should step out of your comfort zone.
    You have basically said — in oh too many words – that you have such a heavy cross to bear.

    No one cares what you do or what color you are unless they are democrats and want your grievance vote.

    Get out and get happy. I dance all the time, in public, at the grocery store. I am “white” or maybe I am a “dutch-american” see how dumb that sounds.

    Do not allow anyone to label you, stay away from Hollywood and the current agenda filled crap tv shows

  • Paolo

    Hmmm… Not sure what to make of this. White people face similar issues. As a Polish person, I am aware of the stereotypes, but rather tha let them define or limit me, I ignore them. If someone calls me a dumb polack, they are the idiot, not me. I love certain dumbass white TV shows(The Love Boat) so what… Watermelon? chix? So what. If some rube points and make a snarky comment, they are the idiot. Embrace the sterotypes and in so doing diffuse them. There are a lot of idiot white people, just as there are idiot black people, hispanics,and on and on. People will be more ready to embrace and accept another’s cultural differences, if we can get past to”we/them” and just be comfortable and confident and accepting…even of the idiots amongst the many groups. Not that we accept their criticisms, but that we don’t toss aside the rest of their culture, simply because a portion of them happen to live up to the negative stereotypes.. Basically, we all need to learn to live with each other’s differences and concentrate on what makes us similar.

  • Dominique

    So you cant act like yourself around white people? People (no matter what “race” you are) tend to like people when they act genuine. Just be yourself and if people dont like you, thats too bad for them. Dont fake your way thru life because of your skin color.

  • The Truth Bearer

    As a white person who lives in a southern community that is 49% white and 49% Afro-American and 2% Hispanic. I do not understand why you are surprised that whites are for the GOP. In the town where. IN this town in South Carolina voting is normally split right down racial lines. The whites vote the GOP and the Afro-Americans vote for the democrats. I do not know why other whites vote. I am not a southerner by birth. I am from Michigan. I am a life long republican. But it has nothing to do with racial issues. It has to do with Biblical issues and morality. It is the GOP that supports the Biblical issues. The Bible is against prejudice, abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, homosexuality, premarital sex, out of wedlock births. The Democratic party supports most of those issues and is against any kind of morality. In fact the Bible supports an anti- moral, anti-Biblical sentiment. As a true Christian and a follower of Jesus Christ I would hope that those who are true believers in Jesus Christ regardless of race would support the Biblical morality issues and stand with God and his Holy Word rather than the moral turpitude and moral demise of this country that the Democratic party stands for and supports. Once the moral issues of the Bible are supported by the people of this nation then God will again bring this nation back to the world prominence it once enjoyed. God allowed Mr. Obama to be elected because of our moral turpitude. The Bible says that evil begets evil. Our nation is evil. We will keep having a democratic president in this nation as long as this nation supports immoral evil causes. Right now the GOP is on the side of Biblical morality. Only God knows the future. I can only hope and pray that we will cease our anti-moral demise and once again be the great nation for God our forefathers designed for us to be.

    • “It would disturb me to if there was a wedding between the religious fundamentalists and the political right. The hard right has no interest in religion except to manipulate it.”
      — Billy Graham, 1981

      How do you square Christian teachings against greed and in favor helping the poor and down-trodden, with the Ayn Rand form of conservatism that dominates the GOP today?

      The dirty secret is that they don’t care about abortion except as a way to get people like you to vote for their candidates. If they did actually care about abortion, they would promote policies that reduce unwanted pregnancy, which in turn leads to many abortions.

      I’m a Christian, and I see that the GOP is full of Pharisees.

      • Rsmary

        you are completely wrong — suffering from brainwashing? get help soon

        • You get zero points for any actual evidence refuting what I’m saying, and you get -10 for resorting to insults to make your point. Fail.

          How about you tell me in what way I’m completely wrong about anything I wrote.

      • How do YOU square the fact that the very wealthy Mitt Romney gave more to charity than the twice as wealthy democrat Stephen King? That Ryan gives more than Biden? Those that don’t give are greedy — but it’s not the republicans, kushibo.

  • Steve

    You guys are doing a great disservice to the black community, as a white male. I liked Flavor of love. I like singing and shufflin my feet randomly. This article is just ignorant, and I’m sorry I clicked a link on another site that brought me here.

  • Xmas

    By saying republicans are just about money, you are exposing YOUR ignorance. People should WORK for their money, not wait for government handouts. Obama has made blacks WORSE off, not better. Look at the numbers, you idiot.

  • bobby1122

    What is The DLC ( Down Low Club)? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Send them Packing

    I wish all the blacks would leave our country and go back to theirs and ruin it. They are destroying America. Thank god for aids, sickle cell, crack and guns. Keep killing yourselves, you evil black beasts!!

    • Karma is coming for you, White America who talks about Blacks like this, in the form of a meth addict.

  • Blacks are Worthless

    I am thankful for 4 things: Sickle Cell, Aids, Crack and Guns. How else can you keep the evil beast population down? The ignorant blacks cant control themselves. They breed at the drop of a dime and will kill each other for no good reason. Do you blacks really need to wonder why whites dont have respect for you?!

  • Blacks are a cancer

    Whoever the idiot is who wrote this article should be fired. She is a racist bigot who is making it very hard for me to like blacks. I have tried for years to get along with them things but I am tired of being their victim. Way to go for making another white person hate the blacks even more!

  • c

    Good one!

  • Tinderbox

    Notice that Renay Alize isn’t refuting any of these stereotypes, she’s just confirming that the most “articulate” and well-adjusted blacks engage in the same ignorant, obnoxious, racist behavior as lower class blacks, she just hides it better. Thanks, Renay, for confirming all the stereotypes that whites already had about you and black folks in general.

  • Vorenious

    Whomever wrote the article is just trying to divide the races through these age old stereo typical attitudes. I love fried chicken as a white male. My wife enjoys water melon constantly. As for music, we love the sound of music, both country and western(LOL). Also, what is wrong to break out into a dance when you are feeling happy, the vast majority of my white friends do this all the time, and if you go to any pro-football game, it is not uncommon to break out into a dance of sorts when your team scores. It is a shame that this magazine is trying to divide the nations by wrongfully subscribing to “old wives’ tales” regarding races. It is obvious, they must still be Martha Stewart wannabees and living in the 40’s or 50’s if not earlier. Pass the chicken and mac and cheese plus greens. Love them.

  • pugwis

    An interesting article. I don’t get the chicken/melon thing or the TV thing. As for ebonics, that is the language of losers, but that’s OK. Educated people who use ebonics are just acting condescending to their “gangsta” brethren. Talking politics? We don’t do that in our family. Republicans are only about money? What does the writer think her paycheck is? Or what pays for Obamaphones? Or what that EBT card is? What magic tranforms the EBT card into food, beer, cigarettets, meth? How does she buy her clothes? Talk about race with a black? They are the ultimate victims. You don’t hear the whining from Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Filipinos, or any other minority group. You didn’t hear it from the Irish, Jews, Italians, or the other oppressed groups over the years. Blacks have made a culture of victimhood. They will need the help of whites for their existence until they take responsibility for their individual welfare. They can whine, cry, and write ridiculous articles like this, but until they see themselves as equal to other humans, they’re screwed.

  • just-a-girl

    I guess I’ll be one of the first white people to say I see race. How can u not? Lol we’re talking about different colors. I personally don’t see anything wrong with seeing skin color. I don’t want to live in a world where everyone is the same. I want see and learn more about all kinds of cultures different from mine. Seeing someone’s race doesn’t mean your racist, the same way someone seeing me as a female doesn’t make them sexist. Like many others I found this article to be a disappointment. I thought it was going to funny, once I realized it wasn’t, I thought it might be insightful… It wasn’t. Oh well

  • I can’t imagine my friends or family of any race, not being just who they are. Its what I love about them. It saddens me that this list would assume that I would judge them for it. We may not be the same, we may have different cultures, but having them, their identities, and everything they bring to the table in my life makes me a better person than I ever could have accomplished alone. I wish fewer people in this country were such isolationists.

  • Evo

    Only a cowardly racist could have written this load of B.S.!!! Well, That’s the narrow minded Liberl mentality in action! I guess the cool part is this loon found some way t get a paycheck instead of holding his hand out!

  • Godzilla1960

    Um, Renay, 1972 is calling and they want their old stereotypes back.

  • Truthteller

    This has to be the most racist article I’ve ever read! You are completely ignorant!!!

  • tecamu

    Number 7: Don’t write stupid articles just to justify your job.

  • me

    Dumbest list i’ve ever read. Thanks for nothing, you stereotypical black person.

  • CsfhVwrbi

    Wow, how ignorant can you be? You obviously know nothing about anyone but blacks. News Flash! We are all alike just not so stupid.

  • I thought this article would be informative, but it wasn’t.

  • Smith

    Absurd article. The author attempts to attack those who generalize by generalizing nearly everyone (i.e., white people, Republicans, food, blacks). Classic leftist irrationality. I feel dumber for having wasted 3 minutes reading this vomit-on-paper.

  • I’m tiered of being insulted. I’m terribly sorry for the wrong that was done, but what did I do? Besides, everybody lives in their own world or culture. When they get together, it’s just a bunch of people.

  • WOW! Is this list seriously telling the black community to act as white as they can when other non-blacks are around! This is absurd! The author should be embarrased to be black, no one should put a front in the presense of anyone, be yourself! So much for not being IG-NANT!

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  • sheila

    Just wow ! LOL. Even you admitted that ebonics is uneducated and inept. You might want to pass your copy past a second source before you humiliate yourself again.

  • Eve

    Why not just be yourself? If people don’t like it, too bad. People know when you are being fake. I am Jewish and I am not saying that we face the same amount of racism, but it is there. At first, people just think that you are another average white person, but when they find out you are Jewish, some people, not most, act stupid. They either ask ignorant questions or start praising Jewish people, which is even more annoying. I used to worry that what I did our said would reinforce their prejudice, but I don’t care anymore. I am who I am, take it or leave it. I will say that when I am around only Jews, we may throw around Jewish jokes and jokeingly accuse each other of stereotypes, but we would never do this in front of non-Jews because we would worry that they would take it seriously.

  • flywhiteguy

    I have lived in the Mississippi Delta for most of my 51 years. This is the birth place of racism. But because we tried first we have come the farthest away from those feelings in my opinion. You, ma’am, are the most racist person I have ever encountered, black, white or brown. That whole speck and log thing should be ringing a bell about now.
    I see a still from the “The Help” in the article. It was filmed here in my home town. I met all the actors including Miss Davis and Miss Stone and found them to be genuine and most personable.
    Please refrain from perpetuating your form of racism.

  • sinnocent

    wow, just wow. At first I thought this was supposed to be some sort of joke and come to find I was sadly mistaken. I’m probably one of the whitest white girls around. I randomly break out in to cheesy dance moves, andburst out a verse or two of some song stuck in my head. I think everyone has two ‘languages’ they speak. One around professionals, and one with friends where the aunts fly and double negative abound. I tear into friend chicken, and spit watermelon seeds. I watched Lava of Love and I love NewYork. White people have their dirty tv indulgences… ever hear of Honey Boo Boo? This list is just ridiculous. Race doesn’t have anything to do with any of this. We need to stop defining ourselves by color and status and just live our lives as humans, doing what makes us happiest

  • Mongrel(not black or white)

    You poor ignorant person. Do you really think we care about all this meaningless crap? You need to associate with a higher class of people (regardless of color)!

  • BB

    Are you out of your mind? Jim Crow is dead. You should be ashamed to print such bs. Caucasian people do not run this world. Read history. It was melanated people that civilized the Caucasians if you want to get technical. Perhaps your article should be the other way around. Besides, how dare you print such bs with the way caucasians treat melanated people. Do you call this barbaric behavior civilized? Racism is truly ignorant, immature, stupid and belligerent behavior. It stems from jealousy. If this is a magazine owned by melanated people, you need to learn honor and self-respect. To all the melanated people, do not take this disrespect. If you are not respected, do not support the establishment. Plain and simple. By the way, articles that contain derogatory language against a nation of people should not be printed. Follow your own advice.

  • 7. Don’t step on my property, knock on my front door, and “axe” me for a donation or to buy a suh-skrishun to any magazine for your skoo’ or chuh-tch. I know it’s a scam, sine you lot can’t be educated and most certainly don’t have souls. I also know that you’re trying to case my home. For that matter, stay out of my general neighborhood. I know for a fact I can speak for my entire street when I say that, too.
    8. If you know you’re in a human or mostly-human area, stay out of the bars. We don’t want you there, either, no matter how much the sad, misguided, disgusting humans that call themselves your “friends” urge you to do so. We hate them as much as we hate you, for pretty much the same reasons.

  • We are called Caucasian American!! I know all I need to know about blacks,they are killers they rape and rob.

  • I dont care what people think, most of the time they don’t

  • You should do a better job of hiding your racism and hatred, can’t you control it?

  • blueskies

    Here’s an article idea for you: “Things Madame Noire Shouldn’t Do Around Anybody.” The first and ONLY thing on the list: stop writing stupid, stereotyping, bigoted articles!



  • Are there any black people out there smart enough to see just how statements like this are doing harm to your own race….anybody….Buehler, Buehler?

  • Arcady

    All sorts of white folks in this list complaining about. And the parents of mixed children. Or at least, the white parent. I’m Asian/Native with some White family… This list isn’t my list, but I’ve sure got one of my own. And to the white parents of a mixed kid: yeah… we learn to keep that list around you too Mom or Dad… You may be all ‘hippie enlightened and beyond racism’ – but the moment we hit age 5 and go to school, we learn we’re still “colored” in this country… and by the time we’re teens, that’s got us thinking a bit differently from you.

  • J A SASSY aka salon22w

    This is stupid racist post.. white people eat chicken and watermelon and i dont put on airs for anybody..especially white people because they do some real ignorant crap themselves, and that ebonics is some crap.. of course you speak correct words in a proffesional setting but i hear white boys and girls especially the young ones trying to talk what they call blk ebonics all the time.. stop the copying especially when you tyalk about blk people who use slang.. you whites do too.. thats why i say this post id=s some bullcrap..

  • Great piece! For White folks. I’m _assuming_ that most adult “persons of color” have long since learned these rules for getting by. Now, would you do a similar one with a focus on how company executives (mostly the 1%) expect you to behave, when they let someone of the 99% (and esp. the bottom 75% income-wise) into their hallowed space? I never learned it, and I’m sure they expect something different than I gave them.

  • Paul

    Renay AlizeHow stupid are you?

  • a human being

    This is the most racist and stereotypical article I have seen in some time. It’s not worth the time lost to read it.

  • What a crock!

  • Alphabet_Soup

    Some serious racism on display here – by the author.

  • seriously though

    Racism is on all sides in one way or another. The most important thing is to be yourself and do what you feel is morally right. I’m white…so what? We are all slaves to this government, central banks and political duopoly. I lived in Pensacola for 10 years and 90% of my friends were black or asian and I enjoyed and appreciated the differences in all of our cultures.

  • I was with you until #4, then you just confirmed your media fed ignorance about conservatives. Sorry, I can’t see why blacks are voting themselves back into slavery, but what do I know? I just read history.

  • John Young

    You lost me at politics.

  • It is amazing that the author can cherry pick a few instances, real or imagined, to condemn the entire republican party. If I were to do the same with Democrats, I could condemn the entire democrat party, or black race for that matter, for blindly re-electing multiple convicted felons or people obviously unstable/guilty of felonious acts. This last election is the most recent example, but we could go back for years.

    And I can go back for years finding examples of GOP members convicted / obviously guilty of crimes. However, we tend to throw them out instead of re-electing them.

    As far as racism goes, there is enough of that to go around too. If I voted AGAINST someone based on race, I would be guilty of racism. Why is someone NOT racist if the voted FOR someone based on race?

    I love how the author is willing to discuss race, but only with folks who agree with her. Real productive conversation that must be.

  • This is an outrageougsly rude and ignorant article. …and the whole “ebonics” being “native tongue” is ludicrouse! The author clearly needs to be better educated….and practice something other than racism.

  • Jolly Green Giant

    This is a joke…..right?

  • Darling

    Years ago, in college, members of our Black Student Union were set against us ordering chicken for a function. They said the Whites would have something to say, so we didn’t. I disagreed. However, 2 weeks ago I ordered wings to go and I wasn’t sure if it was the right sauce. The white woman on my left (a pro Obama liberal) said, “Just taste it before you go, honey, so you won’t have to come back.” So, I took out 1 wing and took a small bite. The white man ( who I didn’t know) on my right was watching and immediately said, ” Yeah they’re like potato chips. I know you can’t eat just one!” Moral: White people are obsessed with us and always watching.

  • roboslob

    Ignorant and stupid list, on several levels. Reacting in fear of another’s assumed response will keep you, ignorant and stupid.

  • Vanightengale

    What a racist pig you are.

  • Smart

    This is the most ignorant article I have ever read by someone claiming ignorance of others. You imagine racism in your own thoughts an project it on to society. Wow so much for equality and all the progress African Americans have made.

  • cheesecakes

    coming from a white person, this is mindblowingly bigoted. WE FOUGHT A WAR so we could get over bullshit like this.

  • Akademic

    If this writer’s mind is so closed as to write the following; “(I don’t understand why folk can’t see the Republicans are just about money.)” Then there is no room for discussion. . .

  • Ivblue362

    I work in an executive office and am the only minority. Also my children are in the small minoity class of thier private school. I do everyone of these topics and never stray from being myself and I’ve never been treated or looked at differently. I would never want someone to befriend me for who I pretend to be vs who I am.

  • jollymon21

    I apologize in advance if this offends… I have dated black women, a Japanese girl, several Italians (was stationed in Italy) and a bunch of white girls… I happen to be white. Its frustrating that we (white people) feel like we have to ‘prove’ our lack of racist tendencies, before we feel comfortable speaking about race. I grew up in ghe south, and though I knew racist people, none of my family, nor anyone in my peer group was racist.

    I can’t imagine what it would be like to grow up with parents and grandparents who were black, and experienced the civil rights era. Truly, having those stories as a part of your family history must shape your world view. That said, at 40 years old, I, nor no one I now know, view blacks any differently than whites. I am tired of hearing about Republicans and racism. We are the party of Lincoln and the party that passed civil rights legislation (in spite of southern democratic resistance. We had the most blacks in cabinet level positions, nominated the first two black Secretaries of State, fielded a black candidate for president (whom democrats viciously attacked.) I am tired of democrats labeling Republicans as racist. There are more racist blue collar, union workers than there are in the whole of Republican party.

    YES, Republicans prefer to make and KEEP their money… and its true, there are backwards neanderthals in the Republican party, just as in the Democratic party. However, not a single wealthy Republican I know, is racist. There are plenty of poor, white trash, red necks who are racist… but by in large, not wealthy folks. I see far more blacks who are racist now, than whites. Blacks are in every position of power in the world, the US Senate, Congress, CEOs, Cabinet positions, the head of the UN, and now RE-ELECTED the president of the U.S.

    Its time to set the black only magazines, channels, pageants, clubs, caucuses, aside. It insults your character and makes you appear as if you’re struggling to prove yourself. Black History Month is important. We should keep it to remind us all of our dreadful past, but its time for blacks to wake up and realize you ARE equal. Its not so easy being white either… we’re all in this together. Every race, sex, and political party has ignorant morons, but we shouldn’t label everyone by the color of their banner…

    • good post jolly

    • Tired of Race Baiters

      Outstanding post. Too bad the ‘race industry’ will never let the entirety of MLK’s vision happen. Content of character–NOT color of skin. Even if it’s white.

    • Cookie_Monster

      You Republicans *were* the Party of Lincoln. You haven’t been for a long time. Your party sold its soul to be the Party of Nixon – a party that’s banked heavily on the “Southern Strategy” of courting white racists. Obviously there are some non-racist Republicans. But they can’t win elections without racist whites voting for them and they know that. And they don’t have a problem with that. So there’s a limit to how not-racist you can be as long as you’re a member of that party.

    • Dr. King said “we might have come here in different ships, but we’re all in the same boat now”.

  • Laverna

    Sorry, one more comment. I lament the 5 minutes of my life I wasted reading this garbage. Your comments demean everyone. Try something productive. Ask yourself this. At what point will Americans be Americans? Do we really need to cast aspersions about people because of their color or beliefs?

  • Laverna

    You are an idiot.

  • thetruth

    “There is no room for two distinct races of White men in America, much less for two distinct races of Black and White. I can conceive of no greater calamity than the assimilation of the Negro into our social and political life as our equal…. Within twenty years we can peacefully colonize the Negro [to Africa] and give him our language, literature, religion, and system of government under conditions in which he can rise to the full measure of manhood. This he can never do here. We can never attain the ideal union our fathers dreamed, with millions of an alien, inferior race among us, whose assimilation is neither possible nor desirable.”

    – Abraham Lincoln

  • ME

    I could care less what white folk think.

  • blutopluto

    Want someting to not do in front of Whites? Don’t eat in restauants and not tip. Try tipping cab drivers too.

  • Nevermind it was a Republican that went to war to set Black Americans free from Bondage(Lincoln). It was Republicans standing up for their fellow citizens who happen to be black during the civil rights movement inthe 60’s; not convienent that it was the democrats blocking equality for black Americans in today’s revisionist history. The way that assertion was written is that all black Americans are assumed to be Liberals and Democrats. Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Mia Love, Condoleeza Rice, Clarence Thoms are certainly not Liberal! As for eating chicken and watermelon…why fear that? Why cater to such a fear? Why give such a concern power by hiding it? I say if it’s in front of you and you are hungry, eat it so it doesn’t go to waste. Believe it or not, white people are not naturally racist and many like chicken and watermelon too. You see how this can bring us together? Why turn it into a wedge because one defined group’s ancestors screwed another defined group’s ancestors? Do what pleases you so long as it harms no other. Beyond that, I will call out anyone of ANY race being racist, especially if they invoke chicken and watermelon BS.

  • disqus_qQLhst7cBF

    Wow how racist can you get other then using the n word

  • billrowland

    The democrats are the ones who pushed Jim Crow laws, opposed civil rights and put blacks into welfare slavery. Republicans want everyone to work, achieve and have the same opprotunities.,

    Lyndon Johnson once said, If we give the “n****rs free money for doing nothing they will always vote democrat.

    Looks like you’ve been lied to about the tea party as well. All they want is the government not to spend more than it takes in.

    Look at the true racists and you will see a D next to their name. They talk a good game but judge their actions and the consequences of what they do.

  • Nate Higgers

    To be fair, black people, do whatever you want in front of us. We already don’t like you, we already know you are disgusting animals, and we already don’t want to be around you at all (the smell is downright offensive and atrocious).
    Acting a certain way around us will not fool us into falsely believing you are human beings; we already know better.

    If you do some really outrageous stuff around us, by the way, it gives us even more of a legal reason to shoot you worthless chimps dead, so be my guest.

  • Nate Higgers

    Notice how far more beautiful and human looking the white woman is than the n1gger, even with the white woman’s hair missing….also notice the look of pure envy and hatred on the n1gger female’s face….says a lot about the difference is species between human beings and n1ggers.
    They can’t stand our beauty, our humanity…..

  • lonesomeblue109

    Are you surprised that whites hate, or are totally disgusted by, black violent crime, gang activity, drug addiction, drug dealing, long-term welfare dependency, and the high illegimate birthrate? Scarely does a day go by that I don’t find myself saying,”What a dumbass n_____ that is!” I don’t think it’s evil for a white to be racially conscious.

  • Steve

    How about getting rid of the intrusive media and popups? This white boy is gone after trying to get to page 2.

  • jeandeux

    here’s the deal, you blak folks stop beating/raping/robbing/murdering us white folks, and stop sucking the tax dollars out of our pockets, you blak folks can do anything you want in front of us white folks, because we really don’t care about you blak folks.

  • Trisha Hood

    The author seems stuck on stereotypes rather then facts.
    The most obvious was not understanding republicans. The republican party isn’t as much about money as it is about responsibility… not only to yourself but to others. The demands this places on the individual are huge and doesn’t allow the kind of investment in entitlement that the inner city culture is currently demanding.
    If anything.. the republican credo could be said to be.. do for yourself, do for others, expect the same. It’s not based on how much others can give you that you did not earn and should not expect.

  • James K

    What an incredibly racist article. Everything this article stated was so blindingly misguided and ignorant. The author seems to paint every white person as coming from the same mold and as holding onto some imaginary belief system. And at the same time paints black people in this same light. If this article is somehow inductive of the author’s belief system regarding real human beings and not stereotypes of them I feel very very sorry her.

  • purpix1

    Was this meant to be Funny or sarcastic? If not, then it is most definitely racist. And by the way MS. Alize, you know nothing about the Republican party or the Tea Party. Do some research and educate yourself before making asinine comments.

  • Mullet Man

    I didn’t even make it through the entire list because I quickly realized it was a complete joke. It is lists like this that keep racism alive and kicking. It perpetuates stereotypes and even galvanizes them to a degree. Let’s call it like it is, stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason, but there is no need to sensationalize them like the writer did here. Every race has their quirks, but not everyone of a particular race is the same. What if they were, though? So what? We are who we are. I am a white man who lives waaaay out in the country and I am raising three future taxpayers. I work hard, play harder, vote, am proud to say I am an American and a veteran. I love God, practice MMA when I can, miss my mullet dearly, love my fu manchu {although my wife doesn’t 🙂 }, drive the backroads with my windows down and music up and do no apologize for any of it. The beautiful thing about America is freedom. We are free to do what we want. Just be aware that some things can be bad for you like eating 15 Big Macs for lunch everyday. But, if that is what you want to do then do it. If you want to be gay then be gay. If you don’t want to act like your family or friends think you should then don’t. If you want to get an education, set goals for yourself and do everyting you can possibly do to make them come true then do it. It’s a free country. Be yourself and don’t let people like this writer try to influence who you are or how you should be.

  • Mimi

    You know 2 be fair, i thought the article was some what spot on..it’s funny cause a couple of days ago i was playing my ps3 online (CALL OF DUTY), a couple of white guys got mad that they were losing, and called us all types of big lipped, chicken/watermelon eating niggaz. I mean please use common sense. These things would not be an issue if whites did not start these stereotypes after all. A lot of what the writer said is true..we black people get together and talk slang/ebonics all day..but as soon as we get on the plantation (JOB…LOL) we act very edumacated. So yes, these stereotypes still exist.

  • Guest

    “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been surprised to learn that one of
    my white friends or associates was a Republican. Ugh. It’s a troubling
    realization. Not only because of the political ideologies; (I don’t
    understand why folk can’t see the Republicans are just about money.),
    but also because the Republican party has been known to associate and or
    attract the type of folk who cling to racist, sexist and classist thoughts and even behaviors.”

    Oh, brother. Thanks for the seventh-grade political insights.

  • Old white woman

    Let me tell you honey, – we white old people are now a minority. We’ve tried really hard not to be offended by people like you. I don’t judge by one’s skin color, but I do judge by what’s in a person’s heart. I would dislike you if you were blonde and blue eyed. You won’t get anywhere with this outlook on humanity. Too bad you have been so poorly educated.

    Not much can be done about it now. You will destroy yourselves with these beliefs. Just keep on keeping on…..

  • We don’t refer to ourselves as white folks anymore. The correct term to use is European American.

  • Totally ignorant. I believe that there is only 1 race, the human race, and GOD gave every person their personality and qualities. If we would treat each other as a person instead of someone of another race the nation as a whole, and each of us personally would be better off. I value my friends of color and think the differences in culture add to the spice of life.

  • smash44

    Shuckin’ n Jivin’, watching TV, singin’ n dancin’, eatin’ watta-melon, hatin’ Republicans. Try getting a job you worthless pathetic negroes.

  • This must be one of those liberal attempts to “Unite” the country.

  • Nessa

    Key word in your statement: OLD. I pity you. Really. Most people have moved forward. Care to join us?

  • American

    One of the most racist and obviously written by a liberal, piles of crap I’ve ever seen in print. But it seems it is anything goes as long as a bruther sez it.

  • I believe that if we all learn to just accept every individual as being an individual, not judge them or try to change them. But accept them. . . We could have peace on differences. Oh and mind your own business helps too. . If someone feels the music they hear, and feel like dancing go on with it. . You’re not hurting anyone. . . Too much nit picking on the HAPPY. . .

  • mourningMitt

    If I ( a “stroong, whiiite woman”) were to write a (stupid) article like this, but flipped, I’d be straight up labeled a racist, period. It’s what’s truly wrong with our deteriorating society. It’ll never change as long as there are “continued displays of ridiculousness” like this article, and the “victim” that wrote it. Grow up, deal with the fact that you are black (as there’s nothing wrong with it!!), go on with life, and be happy & proud of it. Continuing to play victim will only further pidgeon-hole the black race, where the rest of society is concerned. If “equality” is so important to your race, then please, I beg you, and the likes of you….STOP PLAYING VICTIM AND START PLAYING THE REAL GAME OF LIFE…..I can assure you as the sky is blue, you won’t hear a cross, racist, bigoted, ignorant word from anyone…..I challenge you to try it

  • Chris

    WOW. This is the most racist thing I have seen in awhile. Imagine if there was a “things not to do in front of black people” list geared toward white people. They would be condemned as nazi’s. Imagine if there were websites only for white people or WET, white entertainment television. Anything that identifies people by race is racist. This type of separate thinking is the reason racism exists. And it isn’t being propagated by white people anymore.


    Here’s another thing blacks never do in front of white people: WORK. (Of course they don’t do that in front of other blacks, Hispanics, or Asians either)

  • offended by black racism

    wow, so its ok for minorities to be openly racist but if a white person as anything that can be slightly constituted as derogetory then call out the HR team and lawyers. I hate ignorant people.

  • bcspace

    What a ridiculous article (third item, politics). The Republican party is THE party of civil rights. Before LBJ, there was the Republican civil rights bill in the Eisenhower administration, opposed by Democrats. After that, the Dem Administrations couldn’t pass anything like that without Republican help. Blacks are merely the bought pawns of Democrat promises and then enslaved by them into economic poverty. Racism still exists largely because of the Democratic party. Regarding the Tea Party, there has never been a liberal to accurately describe what it stands for which happens to be what most Americans stand for, less government intrusion and a balanced budget. Socially, blacks have been Christian conservative but the white liberals they hang with have taught and encouraged the religion of moral bankruptcy, entitlement, and destruction. Blacks are always going to be better off with Republicans and Conservatives but it’s obviously going to take a while longer before the Democrat chains come off. Most of you will always be doomed to the plantation (ghetto) life until you open your eyes and stop listening to them/

  • I’m a white guy, and if you want to eat chicken and watermelon in front of me PLEASE!! Save me a piece! No need to walk around on egg shells with me. We all bleed the same color folks. I love each and every man, woman, and child, no matter color or creed. I am a member of the human race. Are you?

  • Mike

    I slogged through this banal, worthless article, and I thought I had wasted a minute of my life. Then I scrolled down to the comments and saw that everyone thought it was stupid, too- I felt much better. When your readers make better points than you do, maybe you should stop writing for a living.

  • Stupid out of date bigoted writing by an obviously paranoid miscreant.

  • Whocaresanymore

    Amazing… three post have all been kept from posting because they didn’t agree with the writer of the bs listed. People are people and as soon as everyone gets that and stops trying to make excusses for others ways of thinking we will never get past racism. Who cares what some dumbass redneck says and who cares what some gangsta-rap n-gga thinks in their song. If everyone would get a clue and just ignore what wasn’t directed at them personally the sooner people would just stop worry about what anyone said.. Racism wouldn’t have a meaning any longer. But when all races keep worry about it it will never go away!

  • Martin King

    This was written by a remarkably ignorant African.

  • Why not just say, act civilized. Be polite and treat others the way you would like to be treated. Or, as the Boy Scouts say, be honest, courteous, kind, clean, cheerful, brave, thrifty and reverent. That would go a lot further in improving this country, IMHO, if EVERYONE behaved like that. Those are the standards I work to inculcate in my children, together with never quit, and they are very successful so far.

  • You’reKiddingRight?

    Sooooo, speaking about race and eating chicken is a “Black” thing? In 2012 I find it absolutely ridiculous that some people still have rules on how to act aroun White people. There’s a different between socially aware and just plain pathetic. I refuse to censor what I eat and say for fear of losing the false respect of a group of people that don’t care for my well being either.

  • What drivel. You speak the “King’s English”? First of all there is no such thing. England has Queen. You meant Standard English anyway, which you can’t even write much less speak. i.e.: “I “bust” out laughing” So did I. Thank God you are ridiculous as well as narrow-minded, ethnocentric, ignorant, uninformed, self-centered, undereducated, egotistical, arrogant and paranoid. If you didn’t make me laugh, you would make me sick.

  • this is a ridiculous article. be proud of who you are. simple.

  • bob

    I had no idea watermelon was a black thing until Obama took office and that controversial political cartoon came out. I just cannot remember very many black people eating watermelon. Maybe I should eat with more black people, but they might get mad at me because I WILL eat the whole thing.

  • bob

    I am white, I live in a pretty mixed city. I disagree with everything in the list except for ebonics. Yes, please do not speak ebonics around us, and we will try not to speak hillbilly-ignorant-white-trash around you. The funny thing is they sound pretty much the same, and not only are they are not professional whatsoever, they are not even socially okay. Once an opportunity for employment comes up in your circle of white friends trust me, they will not be thinking of you.

    • PleaseFixThis

      People talk the language they heard as kids. If Ebonics is all a kid hears, and he gets ragged on for “acting white” if he tries to speak any other way, guess what? 20 years later he’s shut out of the good jobs because Ebonics is the only language he can speak.

      The whole self-conscious “authentic” thing gotta go. We need to lose our hyphens and all get on the same page of American Culture.

      • Is Ebonics for black folks the same as Esperanto for white folks or just a dialect? I speak Esperanto like a native … seems I should know that?

  • Pri

    I can understand a lot of this except the “talk about race” page. All of the things that it says that white people say, they do say, and for good reason. Most people that I know don’t see race, and they shouldn’t. An advanced society made up of reasonable, educated people isn’t about race. Dragging everything down to race level is what’s keeping humans from advancing any further.

  • More racist intimidation attempts. Life is too good for us to even be fazed.

  • “(I don’t understand why folk can’t see the Republicans are just about money.), but also because the Republican party has been known to associate and or attract the type of folk who cling to racist, sexist and classist thoughts and even behaviors)” I don’t understand why Black poeople can’t see that the Democrat uses them. It’s the Democrat’s that keep people in the 1960’s. The Democrats relay on people suffering and telling them how bad they have it. Rather than fix it.

  • republican

    you do know that the democrats were the ones who enslaved blacks in the south right? how do people always seem to forget that

  • A White Woman

    Hey, Sassy, I am white and believe you me- I feel like puking when I see some redneck blowing his nose in a restaurant. In that we are exactly the same!

    • J A SASSY aka salon22w

      a white woman.. trust me i eat out a lot and i have never seen a blk person blow thier nose in a restaurant.. but if i had a dollar for all the white ones i see doing it i may be half way rich!

      • c

        If you had a dollar for every white person you see doing that you should spend it on a tip! Since we are talking about how people act in restaurants let’s generalize about blacks too who we all know don’t tip for sh*t!

        • Junie

          In all the years I’ve dinned Out among black people I’ve never seen any leave without placing a Tip on the table. Everyone does not tip but my experience is different.

          Fighting back with a stereotypical comment was not a wise choice.

          • A white Fickling from the UK

            Carry a pocket hanky or 3, people dont want to step in it same as spitting!!

      • Notafan

        If only we could take the white nose-blowers and the black every-other-word-spoken-is-mf’ers and put them all on a plane to Mars, the rest of us with our Sterling manners could live in peace.

  • I’m a white guy and I too enjoyed “Flavor of Love”…however, I certainly wouldn’t advertise that in the workplace. Mainly because much like this list, it’s some ignorant uh….stuff.

    I’m glad to see that regardless of race/color most of the people posting here all know stupid when they see it.

    Way to go on perpetuating all those pesky stereotypes that seem to keep people at odds…

  • comment#1

    is there a list of things for white people not to do in front of black people?

  • Justin

    Yeah I gotta say, as a white person living in 2012, with a black president just elected for a second term, the idea of ANYONE having to ‘wait till they get home’ to express themselves is downright oppressive, and possibly even dangerous. Do not like this article or what it implies about blacks AND whites …

  • ilovemeanigga

    black people need to chill. White people have things we don’t do in front of you also. Like show how much money is in our wallet or wear fancy jewelry.

  • Republicans are just about money? Whatr an asinine, ignorant, racist statement. Conservatives/republicans give about 8 times more to charities than do Democrats/liberals.
    On top of that, blacks and other races focus on race much more than white conservatives do. Look at the results of the last election for a good example. Obama has been a TERRIBLE president, but well over 95% of blacks who voted for him didn’t seem to care about what of who was better for the country, but only the fact that he is black. Look at the damage he has done. Black America, are you really better off with this fool in the White House?

  • Sarah

    This is one of the most offensive, small minded, and racist articles I’ve ever read!!! I thought it was a joke so I clicked on it but unfortunately I believe this person actually believes this bologna. THE WRITER OF THIS ARTICLE IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHATS WRONG WITH OUR SOCIETY. (A SMALL MINDED MENTAL MESS!)

  • PleaseFixThis

    As long as black people and white people insist that there be “Black Culture” and “White Culture” we won’t EVER “just get along.” Racism is ugly. Segregation is ugly. Racialized quotas are ugly. The Whip is ugly no matter who’s holding it. We have to lose the hyphen and all be Americans. If we don’t, the same Upperclass/Underclass shoe will just go back and forth from one foot to the other.

  • Secundus555

    I guess white folks don’t have a corner on prejudice and steriotyping, hmm? We may have different life experiences, but at the core, we are all PEOPLE. I think someone once said something about treating others the way YOU want to be treated. Yeah…I think I read that somewhere…

  • Stevo

    So i’m a white guy in philly (large black population), and I agree with what most of the author writes… It’s not about impressing us honkies, its about not lowering our already tenuous opinion of your race. Living in philly, I’ve went to school, worked, played, neighbored, and fought with blacks, and people of just about every race, and i’ve seen many sides of all those peoples. BUT when you do these things the author writes about, it really does make me dislike your race more and more, because these things aren’t isolated incidents….when You are walking down the street eating a bucket of chicken… When you think its a great idea to make everyone on the bus listen to music playing from your phone… When you talk like you were never taught how to speak.. Yeh I think less of you. And for the commenters that thing our opinion is meaningless… It maybe… But white people are still a heavy population of decision makers (not saying that’s fair or proper), but we are employers, we are loan approvers, we are law enforcement – why would you want to act in a way that would jepordize your opportunities in any of those encounters? To summarize what I think the author is getting at – just have some situational awareness, you don’t have to be ALL niggish or All “proper” ALL the time.

  • Foody

    I brought home a couple buckets of fried chicken, some grape soda (mixed with other flavors) a watermelon, proceeded to have a BBQ.. my friends daughter’s black boyfriend came over, saw the spread and exclaimed.. it’s a Black Man’s Christmas!.. we had a great time and great food.. white and Black together

  • I hear you on talking politics. I’m a white guy continuously surprised with how many of my compassionate, funny, intelligent friends turn out to be Republicans. Some of the more close-minded friends, yeah, it’s a given, but a lot of them seem like they would know better than to side with the money-grubbing, no-mercy lot. The teller is how vehemently they oppose things like food stamps or unemployment or disability–few believe me when I say most folks on these programs are white, and they’re a couple of paychecks away from utilizing those programs themselves–to me, Social Security / Disability is insurance that we all pay, and we get a damn good deal. Same goes for unemployment. Food Stamps, I’ve been fortunate enough not to need them, but if I were to fall on hard times, I’d be thankful. You can only get a little under $4K in Florida, for a family of 4.
    Another conservative tell, they’re in favor of drug testing welfare recipients..I’m not for micromanaging a pain-in-the-ass pittance to folks in need.
    Let’s look at the “Entitlements” that go directly to profitable sectors of the economy–maybe subsidies for oil or natural gas have served their purpose. If Conoco-Phillips is making buku profits, is it time to say “You’re welcome. We’re happy you’re doing well, now about the breaks we gave you and the decades of publicly-funded research in making this business obscenely profitable–kindly pay it back now, to cover costs of pollution, transportation taxes, green energy research, community displacement or health care costs attributed to your business.

    P.S. I love grape soda.

  • Jocko

    Whoa. Who can possibly believe this stuff? This is incredibly damaging to any young Black person who may now think he/she has to exhibit these kinds of behaviours to be authentic. How hateful and sad this poor person who wrote this must be.

  • So it is white if you speak with proper grammer and vocabulary, and black if you speak in uneducated trash? So if a white person talks like they never graduated from the 6th grade, what does that make them?

  • Wow, so you completely ignore all the white people who fought for equal rights, and lump us all with ignorant fools who are looking for something to blame for their own failures. Wasn’t it black women making a huge fuss over a certain teenage girls hair while the white folk were celebrating her skill and artistry? and you call us rascist?

  • Educated WHITE woman

    what a racist article. I suppose if a “white folk” wrote an article about what not to do in front of black people, Al Sharpton would be all over it. Black people are the reason racism still exists. We all can see what color you are, just like we can see your gender. You dont need to point it out. By pointing it out YOU are making your race an issue. NOT US “WHITE FOLK.” If being white and speaking PROPER english is considered a sign of intelligence, then why would you want to speak any other way? This is THE worst article I have ever seen.

  • Shuckin and jivin? Really? and you talk about stereo types? As a white woman, when I see a black person do a little dance, while I find it amusing, shucking and jivin doesn’t even enter my mind.

  • Frippletwit

    You are an idiot

  • whiteboyLol

    this is stupid dont let some one else influnss what you do

  • Wasted bandwidth, I hope she didn’t get paid for this divisive piece of work.

  • Pete

    There are google ads on this site. Didn’t know that google permitted ads on hate sites.

  • bigdaddy

    I had to laugh out loud. The Repubicians are all about money? Ha! It is the Democrats that are all about the money. Taking other people’s money.

  • What an ignorant, racist, and inaccurate piece. I hope you get disowned by your own race. Unreal.

  • AJ389

    I have a problem w/ this list. Besides being a waste of time and foolishly outdated, I have to ask, what makes race a factor in what to do or not do in front of another race? No race is superior though some are still trained to believe otherwise. That’s their problem, not someone’s race. Those ppl don’t deserve the time of day and that’s not due to race, but due to ignorance. As far as the chicken & watermelon comment, I’m sure one race eats just as much as the next. I can think of a million things worse, that people of any race shouldn’t do. If I’m hungry and those items are on the menu, then that’s what I’ll get if I want it and surely they will do the same, no matter what race is around. Think of how far we can move ahead in life if progress wasn’t always getting snagged on silliness such as this. That’s true for ALL races, not just one.

  • daveh

    prejudice is alive and well I see.

  • Hate lazy asses

    It’s hard to believe you even took the time to write such a stupid and useless story. No kne understands why the country is the way it is, it’s becuase of people like you. Go to work

  • Wally

    Oh yeah, and the black ppl I see on the street blowin their noses with their fingers???? You know, lock one nostril down and let-er-rip with the other nostril, straight to the ground. Makes me want to vomit!

    • J A SASSY aka salon22w

      Wally.. you got some nerve.. i see white men and blk men blowing their nose on the sidewalk.. but dumb A , im talking about in a rerstaurant around food and where im eating idiot.. plus the dumb idiot who does it still has the germs on his hand not mine idiot!

      • Blacks are retards

        I hate blacks. They only voted for Obama bc he is black. Idiots.

        • @BAR

          And most white folks only voted for that out-of-date-needs-to-f***ing retire-past-his-sell-by-date John McCain BECAUSE they didn’t want to see a black man in the White House. BTW, you stupid racist idiot, white people have been voting for WHITE presidents since this country began, and black people even voted some of them in (when we finally got the right to vote,that is) so shut your ignorant racist troll a** the f*** up.

        • saboo

          How can you hate blacks because they vote for Obama, you vote for bush who crash america and like to go and capture other people country , any way white people don’t behave like human so there will always be a problem.

      • Zombie

        this isnt just a white thing.. every race has that person that has no shame in public.

      • Martin Green

        I know this thread is very old, but I just can’t let your stupid phobia slide. As a lifelong allergy sufferer I have to blow my nose every few minutes pretty much all year long. Going to the restroom each time is simply ludicrous. I suppose you think I shouldn’t be allowed in restaurants at all. It’s not like I’m sneezing all over your table. Get over yourself.

        • ananda

          I have a disorder that whenever I eat my nose runs…gustatory rhinorrhea. I try to be respectful and not blow in anyone’s direction but If I had to get up and blow my nose every time I take a bite and go to the bathroom I’d never get to eat… I carry disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer with me always though… I’m just educating here, not making excuses for rude behavior.

  • traumatic

    I’m so white I don’t even have a tan and, on top of that, I’m a Republican. Speaking as such I gotta say I don’t understand this at all. I’m the one that usually busts out a dance.
    Long story short, the ignorance of this is fuxking amazing.

  • Sue4LSU

    I don’t know where to even begin. What more can you do to stereotype and encourage racism?? I live now and grew up in the deep South, and trust me, this is the worst racist propaganda I’ve ever heard of! No one believes this s*%^ anymore, no one who you would care about what they think, anyway.

  • ascpgh

    You get to write an article about all these little ways that you differentiate yourself from “white folks” and talk all kinds of repression from letting yourself express yourself fully under that oppression of being a minority yet if any single person ever were to assert one of those facets that you delineate and describe with pride here you’re going to run to HR yelling “discrimination” and “racism.” You connect this to the color of your skin which is anthropological as opposed to cultural, and makes it easy for others to point out what you are saying here.

    Sounds like a celebration of victimhood because your heritage victimhoood (as opposed to the anthropological background you assert) has been very, very good to you and confers powers of the race card and other pandering mechanisms to draw attention and celebrate the conflict rather than propel society forward from these conflicts, no matter how trivial.

    Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about things, simple minds talk about people.

  • mlk

    Korny korny korny.. Can i ghve my 5min of life back that i wasted while reading this .. at first it sounded intreasting but u miss the mark .. Keep practing ur craft kid cuz this siht was wack!

  • Lisa

    Pretty racist and ignorant list. Another thing to not do in front of white people

  • This article is ridiculous. Everyone of every culture speaks differently around close friends and family than they do out in public. I am a white woman from South Georgia. Do you really think that I speak the same way at work as I do when I’m back home in Georgia with my family and friends?

  • Lars

    Articles like this make me feel better about not hiring black people….

  • Would a black republican who sings and eats chicken with his white wife cause you to have a seizure? Lol

  • What a trite load of garbage! Don’t sing or dance around us because we don’t understand it? Don’t eat chicken around us? Don’t talk politics or race around us because we won’t get it? What a sad world you’ve constructed in your mind, where you are scared to be yourself around people with certain melanin counts.

  • VHF

    wow this is extremely racist to white people

  • sbr

    Wow. Now I didn’t read all of the comments and I feel the need to admit to the fact that I’m white and therefore completly oblivious at times. As a child I attended a mostly white school. I didn’t have very many black friends until college where I’d say my eyes were opened. … But I remember feeling somehow inept and out of place and at a loss when surrounded by a black group of friends and their own distinct culture. I felt like the dumb one for not knowing how to act. I know now, just be yourself! Always just be yourself no matter who you are. Be respectful and mindful of your surroundings but never change your behavior to present the appearence of being something that you are not.

    However, I do not think that this was the message the above article was trying to project. I think what she meant to. Say was if you want to stop being judged based on steriotypes, then stop purpetuating them.

    For example, if we white people want black people to stop thinking white people are a bunch of clueless jerks, then we have to stop acting liking clueless jerks.

    Yes. Racism exists. But it doesn’t exist in my heart.

  • Eileen

    What a racist rant against Americans with white skin about Americans with black skin. Who made you the expert? We are Americans no matter the ancestry ….AMERICANS!! Not white Americans, not black Americans, not Asian Americans, not Italion, Irish, Jewish, etc. We are AMERICANS!!!

  • White Devil

    Your article is weakkkkkk.

  • Jose

    After reading most of the comments I no longer wonder there has be articles like this, you people really need more of these writing maybe one day. You’ll get it.

  • StillDreamingADream

    The simple use of the term “white folks” says everything about the authors mindset.
    Clearly you are well educated, smart and interesting ,but an Editor was sorely needed.
    Free your mind Madame , and the rest will follow.

  • Gandalf

    The reason white people have trouble with race isn’t because they don’t understand what it means to be a minority. It’s because they don’t understand what it means to be white.

    • PleaseFixThis

      WTH does that even mean? PLEASE tell me it doesn’t mean “White people don’t know how racist and oppressive they are!” or “White people don’t know how good they got it!” But I have a hunch that’s exactly what you mean. SMH

  • mary

    I was a little saddened by this. As a “white” person (i hate that by the way) i want everyone to be comfortable doing whatever they would like around me. I know i can never truly understand a minorities point of view but all things listed here except the ebonics r things i myself do. No matter what anyone says i was raised in a household that didnt distinquish people on anything other than their behaviors. So i say be yrself and those that dont like or understand be gone. More acceptance is what is needed not more ways to widen the divide.

  • johanna england

    This list is way more about stereotypes of white people than anything else. It sounds like it was written by a super insecure person who has either been around a lot of backwoods hillbillies or doesn’t actually know any white people personally.

  • Ole Massah cotton farm owner.

    quite possibly the most nonsensical racist bullshit I ever read. what was the point of this article? to make blacks feel superior as they have issues that can only be discussed around other tribe members? white people are so neurotic that you cant eat chicken or watermelon around them? what a crock of bullshit. I’ve never met a black person that would do that. I am white, and the majority of my friends are black. no I don’t live in the hood, it just turned out that way. this article doesn’t apply to one person I know. what a waste of time.

  • BGG

    It’s a shame that we reduce ourselves to the lowest common denominator. If we were told that there is other intelligent life in the universe, then the next lowest denominator would simply shift to human vs non-human race comparison, bias and bigotry, regardless of how similar we are and how closely our core values and goals actually are. While it may truly be nothing more than human nature at work, it’s still disappointing that all this evolution has done so little to expand human intellect. We are all in this together. Accept, embrace and only then can you move forward.

  • DJs

    I can’t even finish this! I’m white and you are ignorant!

  • yteety

    Speaking African American Vernacular English just makes you seem uneducated. Just like talking country or anything else. The division isn’t about race anymore. It’s all about social classes. If you come across as an educated, functional and refined member of soociety, people recognize it and reat you accordingly regardless of the color of your skin.

    • PleaseFixThis

      Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you!

  • vern

    Stupid points with a lot of spelling errors…

  • uncle tom

    Most racist thing i have ever read. It must be some Republican propoganda for the up coming election.

  • Big E

    You really believe that Republicans are all about money? I can’t believe you would say such an ignorant thing. You must live in a liberal bubble. Get out some.

  • J

    This is appalling. I am a Caucasian teacher in a predominantly African American all female high school in the inner city of St. Louis. I encourage pride in culture and pride in oneself.
    This list was brought to my attention by a student. She was disturbed over what is being suggested here. This list is promoting silence. My students struggle enough in this world, they should not be advised to hide their beliefs, interests, or opinions. Instead, they should be empowered to stand tall and be proud of who they are.

  • Throdriguez

    You are doing nothing more than perpetuating stereotypes

  • Throdriguez

    You re doing nothing more than perpetuating stereotypes

  • plh

    Ignorant and reverse racism…and you wonder why there is a race issue!

    • PleaseFixThis

      There’s no such thing as “reverse racism.” Racism is racism no matter who’s doing it. It’s ugly and it’s gotta stop.

  • DCC

    It are views like this that perpetuate racism. black, white, it doesn’t matter. when you segregate yourself from other groups like this it only creates more ignorance and intolerance.

  • shawn

    Lies, just yesterday our students put on a parade with their costumes and Thriller was playing my white colleges were dancing like no other, this statement IS so not true!

  • cebelle10

    P. S. I’m gonna eat whatever makes me happy & I strongly recommend everyone do the same, because l don’t know too many ppl who hate watermelon, let alone chxn. My grandmother sat in front, despite being told to watch the movie in the back of the auditorium. She didn’t care about the consequences, she was lucky the authorities didn’t punish her. I say walk w/ur head high & don’t give a thought as to what ppl think. Live ur life & be proud! Btw, thanks to bk ppl, for inventing fried chxn. This food was vital to their journey to freedom…. As such, should b proud to take credit for a genius idea…. Cuz Lord knows, this Latina luvs chxn, as does all other cultures. 😉

  • alythina

    This list is dumb! I think the person who wrote this crap should’ve left it back in the 50’s. I think if you enjoy singing and dancing, eating your favorite foods,speaking your mind an embracing your culture who cares what others think life is to short

  • Scott l

    This is a truly pathetic article which does such a disservice to all race relations with blacks. Do you really think that not being yourself around other races is progressive when you’re trying or should be trying to forge relationships steeped in true diversity!?! Take pride in who you are and don’t hide that aspect! Your article is another subtle way of maintaining a racial divide since it seems you can’t act yourself around “ignorant” people who you seem took be alluding to are whites you work with?! My family is Irish and they aren’t afraid to dance around people. What kind of responsibility do you ha e as an ignorant writer to your audience?!? Obviously, you have very little.

  • Jon

    The irony in this post is amazing. I am not a republican, but you just used the same generalization of white republicans that is used to justify racism. Not all white republicans are racist. Perhaps many, but not all. Your white friends are not automatically racist for being republican.

  • Crackerass

    F black people. I got bills to pay, my own crap to deal with. I could careless what you eat, watch or say. If she feels the need to censor herself that is her problem. Hate to break it to you, white people speak different around different groups of people, watch trashy TV and have ignorant white folks show up on Jerry Springer and at family reunions that make us want to peel our face off. If you want to let someone’s race bother you or assume that they will judge you, that is you.

  • whitesugar

    So, should there be a “Things You Shouldn’t Do in Front of a Black Person” list? Attitudes like this are what divide us as humans. Every race/ culture has their quirks and stereotypes, but what good is it going to do when we all have to edit ourselves in fear of looking like a fool in front of someone just because of skin color? Do a random little jig or eat some watermelon…I don’t care!

  • just_another_human_being

    Wow, so this is what black folk’s do in their spare time. It’s not funny and this smells like sarcastic racism but from the other side of the fence. Glad I am moving out of this neighborhood.

  • Phoenix

    I believe there should be not just black history month, but Hispanic, Asian, Indian and White history months also. Give everyone a chance to express their heritage and learn about others.

  • knock it off

    I worked in a Walmart in the South side of Chicago. I was the only white boy on payroll. Hell, prolly the only white kid for two or three square miles. And I was hated for it. My friends at the store, the ones that sang and danced and just went on with their lives because doing anything else is torturing yourself, were some of my best friends on this planet. There were customers that laughed, told me I was crazy in perfectly understandable English, gave me knucks, and were just PEOPLE. And there were people that literally stared at me with an open mouth because I wasn’t the same as them. I wasn’t dancing. I wasn’t singing. Just because I understand any way you wanna talk to me doesn’t mean i’m street or proper and trying to piss you off. It means I took the time to listen to you and understand what you were akskin me. I got so much isht for trying to not care. Only people that brought up the fact I was white, were black people. When the lost tourists came into town and hit a familiar store, they came to my line. Why did I get blamed for that? Like we met up in a white neighborhood to plot their picnic trip the day before??? Hey Bradley, I saw your family in here earlier. Oh, so all white people are related now? Naw. Cause the people in my store were hateful. For no good reason. Not every day can be a bad day. Stop blaming me and people that don’t care for the people that do. I’m here to tell you, we get it, too. Sixty year old lady running around the store, whispering in the break room I pull the race card. By whispering about the white boy when he isn’t around?? Ok. Right. So much is wrong with this. With you for even writing it. I understand why you feel that way, if not how you feel, so get over the fact the only reason I can’t know how is cause you can’t wrap your head around it. And you wanna say I can’t figure it out. You’re perpetuating the tension right here. I fcking loved Flava Flav.

  • Ann2323

    1. Not all white people are republicans and not all black people are democrats, stupid assumptions and stereotyping. And 2. I’m white and Native American so what were you saying about ignorance regarding minorities? Where’s Asian American month or Native American month? Right…get over yourself.

    • Ann2323

      Oh and I was the minority within my college friends and I didn’t feel awkward around them- its about knowing who you are and being secure in yourself regardless of your environment, period.

  • slrigs

    Someone in the comments asked why White People were on here? Well, on my tablet’s news feed, this was one of the listed stories. Didn’t know this was a Race Centric site. What a load of twaddle this columnist is writing about! HOW OLD IS SHE…EIGHTY??? I’m in my Master’s program at U.of C./Chicago and I’ve had ever colour, age, sex of roommate possible. We ALL ate chicken, watermelon, danced to tunes, speak in crazy tongues (LOLCat anyone?) and generally don’t sweat this sh!t. Thank God for modern times; this writer is paranoid to the max.

  • Manda

    I am white and I don’t care who eats watermelon in front of me as long as they share with me. I love it.

  • Mom

    Wow. I just lost 2 minutes of my life by reading this and I can never get them back. what a waste of time.

  • Brian

    Keep on hating the white man when we cant even keep our children from idolizing thugs. Get over it the white people aren’t to be used as crutch. Also native tongue ebonics? Really? Native tongue would be one od the tribal languages from Africa not a butchered language to sound different.

  • Some guy

    Wow, just be yourself. You are not fooling anyone lady. Does this mean all black people think jersey shore is an accurate representation of whites? C’mon

  • American

    That’s the biggest bs I’ve heard ever! You just played the race card! People of all color are people! And black people have the same rights as any other color. Get off the black card and be human

  • Stupid1983

    Chicken and watermelon! Lol! I always joke around with my friend Adrian about that! We were heading to a bar and I pulled over at the fruit stand that said fresh watermelon! Lol! This article is stupid. Stereotypes are stupid. Sometimes you just gotta laugh at things. Get over it!

  • nottheracist

    Keep preaching diviciveness and republican racism… your ignorance is astounding. Talk different around whites?? Don’t discuss politics?? Are you f*****g kidding me? Grow up! You sound like the racist…

  • Irishserra

    Wow. This “writer” sounds insecure and bitter. I am white and found the list ridiculous and offensive to everyone involved. I could go through each and every point, but let’s not waste time. Look, if you don’t associate white people with that “honey boo boo” trainwreck or whatever the hell her name is, then we won’t associate that Flavo Flav crap with you. Bottom line, everyone is ignorant about something, none of us fully understands the other until we’ve been in the other’s shoes and no race or culture can be defined by the actions of a few. Some of us just don’t dwell on color and wouldn’t give it a second thought until brought up by someone else. Oh, and P.S., Please, please break out in song and dance during the monotonous workday because this silly white girl is tired of doing it alone.

  • BLAQBias

    This is so stupid. The politics thing.. really? And now I’m supposed to watch what I eat around white people?? This list is so ignorant.

  • Mary in California

    I’m white. This article would have made me feel pretty uncomfortable several years ago. Except, due to an unexpected event, my life crossed right into many of the questions and situations when I first met my friend, Pat. My twins babies were born extremely premature, and had so many life or death experiences their first months of life, and now had medical disabilities, that I had a complete breakdown and needed services for respite from an agency. They sent me 3 people to meet. One, an older white lady who said she really didn’t like babies. Thanks! A younger girl in college, who wasn’t sure she could travel to my town, and Pat, who was so excited to be around babies, and two babies being even better! We all fell in love with her right away. She is still in our life today, but we no longer qualified for services after 5 years. By then we were part of each other’s entire families! Skipping to what we learned with Pat. First, not everyone, who is black, is as sensitive ad this author. Luckily for me, Pat and I had loads of fun educating EACH OTHER, and could laugh about it in the process. Like, when I quietly was wondering why my babies would always come out of the shower with oily hair? I was dumbfounded to realize that black people purposely put oil to help hair grow, while white people are washing the hair to get the oily look out! We joked about foods we would eat, distinct, from our cultural backgrounds, (yes, white people have foods too), I learned hers and she just as soon skip mine! Like, miracle whip/banana sandwiches. lol My Dad was from the South, so many foods overlapped. Truth be told, I didn’t know all the stereotypes. She taught me about red sodas. She’d make me laugh so hard. My jaw hit the floor when she ordered a strawberry soda, at a drive through, when it wasn’t posted, and they had it! She said, all places in the ghetto serve red soda. We were on an medical appt out of town for the babies. She likes to keep my kids educated about black people and have respect for everyone. We had to keep a medical calendar, and she took down my little one, and put up one for Black History Month. Every month, she would teach, my now toddlers, about the famous black man or woman featured that month. She was proud of her influences on them and so was I. One thing that sometimes made me uncomfortable, was when she would obviously be caring for my kids in public, didn’t want any old white, prejudice, people thinking of her like my kid’s “mammie” or something. She meant so much to us, and as much as she could give a damn, I somehow felt protective of her. She was used to this kind of crap. How sad. I’d always thought that blacks got an equal shot at everything now, and she opened my eyes. She also gave me the gift of letting me learn without being offended at my ignorances. But if anyone is going to try to tell me some of those things about watermelon and chicken aren’t true, I’d say, why not embrace differences. Truth is, we all like fried chicken and watermelon, just some more than others. So lighten up! You maybe, could learn from my Patricia Jean yourselves! Viva la difference!!!

  • Bad News

    Hated the whole article. Promotes racism. If you don’t get that, it’s because it’s a white thing and you wouldn’t understand.

  • Joe e

    Wow lady, it looks like either you are the rascist or you are ashamed of your culture… My “black friends ” as you would categorize them I guess( since you call us white people), aren’t ashamed to change their persona and PEOPLE like them for who they are, not what they are… This person that wrote this should be fire for ignorance…

  • ninety9perscent

    If people could just call eachother out without getting bent out of shape we could all get along

  • WhoMe

    Funny or not this is a very ignorant article and sounds like the author has some self hatred.

  • realadulttalk

    I don’t think a lot of people “got” this article. It’s not only our race that is conscious…but you are on a site that is primarily for black people (not really sure why anyone thought this should be directed at other races). Reality is–you are judged by your white counterparts. You don’t have to like it…b/c it will exist without your approval.

  • catarina

    In all seriousness where is white history month? Really? They have the entirety of the history books used in most schools. They don’t see race? Oh really. I wonder if the ones who do this often make such a statement to white people as well? Why make it at all if my race is a non issue?

  • DJJazzyjeff1962

    First off, I’m white. I need to scream from the rooftops to black people to please stop separating yourself from whites. Please stop thinking you’re different. Stop distinguishing between white people and black people. Stop thinking that white people in general don’t love and adore you. It’s over for most of us. We want to be one. We want to date each other, marry each other, play together, laugh together, cry together. We love your dark skin, we see your incredible beauty inside and out, we love your natural hair. If you are a decent, honest, courteous person, that’s all that matters. We aren’t “white people”. We’re people. We’re your brothers, sisters, friends, family and loved ones. Please stop this “we/they” crap. Let’s just love one another.

    • PleaseFixThis

      Yes! Yes! Yes!

    • If only they would…if only

  • Z

    Wow, this article is just ignorant. There are ignorant people in every ethnic group. Why would you judge others when you don’t want to be judged?

  • Z

    This is a completely ignorant article. I gave it a chance, but it’s just a stupid waste of time.

    There are just as many ignorant blacks as there are whites and every other ethnic group. There’s ignorance all throughout this article. I mean, how obtuse can an author get? By the way, Renay, if you don’t want to be judged, then quit judging others yourself.

  • Chicky_PhD

    I agree. I really believe the majority of people commenting on this article have not been in school or work situations where they are one of the only black people. It is a completely different experience than being around predominately black or racially diverse environments. Many people saying what they “would” and “would not” do have probably not been in predominately white school or work environments.

    • PleaseFixThis

      Did you WRITE it? It was a stupid, worthless, divisive article with NOTHING to recommend it. You want to pretend it has some deep significance that only somebody who cherishes her racial grievances can truly appreciate? Go for it. But you are among the very few who sees it that way. Maybe you’re right, and everybody else is wrong. But that isn’t the smart money bet.

  • High LOVE

    Unless u r the minority working around a bunch of white’s u will never understand. I have been in the corporate world for 12 years and I know what she is talkin about.

  • ms.Sarcasm

    Who writes this Sugar Honey Iced Tea…pure ridiculousness!!!!!!!!!! …and a waste of space!

  • bigdawgman

    A lot of you guys must work in predominantly black offices. In most of the country, yt people are watching and taking note. Black people are rare in certain office jobs. I’ve yet to work in an office with another black person in 20+ years (dang, where y’all at? lol). Everything I do is a little extra scrutinized, and I know I have to work harder to get the same recognition, but that’s how I was raised. I wouldn’t dance in front of anybody (who dances in the office anyway?), and living in the south, the watermelon, chicken, and ebonics (you ever hear a southerner talk?) are no big deal. Funny thing is, yt people probably feel the same pressure not to say certain things in front of me. I don’t know how many times yt people have stumbled over whether to say black or AA or whatever.

    • Chicky_PhD

      Thank you! I can tell by the comments that several people have not been in predominately white environments and/or work in predominately black environments; therefore, they cannot relate to this article. Instead of stating this, many choose to, instead, criticize the article and insult the author due to their inability to relate. SMH.

      • PleaseFixThis

        You want to see this article as having more quality than it does. It wasn’t informative, it wasn’t funny, it didn’t close any cultural gaps. If it was supposed to be just a whine-fest about how careful you have to be around white people, who needs THAT? White people don’t care if anybody eats fried fricken chicken! White people care about half-a-dozen black “youths” coming down the sidewalk toward them. THAT’S the kind of stereotype that keeps things uncomfortable, and it isn’t anything that white people can do anything about. You want a list of things not to do in front of white folks? Start it with “Don’t beat them down and steal their stuff.”

  • Incognegro12-─╤╦︻⁹ ✈▉▉


  • noyfb6

    So basically this article is saying I can’t be me. Screw that hell I got white co workers that LOVES fried chicken and watermelon. I’m not about to change the way I am @ work bc of what someone else who prolly doesn’t like me from the get go thinks. Last time I check, I get my job done, I don’t keep up with my fellow co workers business, I don’t talk about people @ my job and I’m always on time. That should be good enough

  • CriticXtreme

    Here’s one more thing – if there are 2 or more black folks in the office, do not connect as a group. White-t will think you’re uniting to take over. There is no fairness for black folks. Everything named here causes added stress that shortens black lives because you’re already in Super Ni^^ger mode just to make a buck.

    • Darkfather504

      Super Ni^^ger mode just to make a buck. Tru –

  • jrzsfnst609

    I definetly dont eat watermelon around W.P, if I do eat chicken I use a fork, and dont eat it down to the bone.

    • that’s called being courteous and using proper etiquette…thank you for doing so.

  • These is really sad!!! So, we have to continuously hide our black culture because it makes US feel uncomfortable??? I am PROUD to be black. AFter thanksgiving, I bring my collards and yams and turkey left overs for lunch!!! I don’t bring fried chicken because I HATE fried chicken in the microwave. We need to look at ourselves and be proud of who we are. Jews aren’t afraid to bring matza soup, hispanics with habichuelas con arroz- why are we afraid to show our culture. Those that are afraid should be ashamed of themselves!

    • PleaseFixThis

      The article focused on stupid superficial meaningless things like eating watermelon. There’s more to a culture than the food. A culture that rejects education because it’s “acting white” is making its own problems, and diet isn’t even on the radar there.

  • Team Nymphis

    You think yt chicks are embarrassed to walk into ihop and have people accidentally pour syrup on the back of their pants?

  • Team Nymphis

    You think yt guys are embarrassed to go bald at 17?

  • Team Nymphis

    You think yt people care if their pasty skin causes us to throw up a little?

  • Team Nymphis

    You think yt people are embarrassed to eat cinnamon cups in front of blacks?

  • J A SASSY aka salon2w

    I say F white people…they copy to the hilts from what blk people do..so again F them!

  • tg

    for the record – I didn’t bother to read the article. Some shyt is not even worth knowing because Like I said – NO ONE is dictating my LIFE, but GOD and me.

  • tg

    WTF is wrong with eating Fried Chicken. This country (well a lot), but the mostly the media is STUPID. People believe everything the media reports – even if it is contrary to their own eyes. SADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I eat and do what ever my heart desires in front of who ever is around. If I’m not proud of my actions – I don’t do it – period.

    • J A SASSY aka salon22w

      i agree, what is wrong with chicken..white people eat the H out of it..and blk people always like chicken wings,,now i see white people trying to be eating and serving wings in those damn bar and grill restaurants they have.. one time i went to popeyes and was almost late for work because i was in line behind white folks..dont you think they dont have kfc’s in their white neighborhoods..huh!! one thing i notice that idont like about whites , they talk about what blks do and they turn around and do the same thing..or they copy off of blacks…but i guess when you are flavorless .you grab on to others culture!

  • ILLY

    I don’t care what white people think…and neither should you…remember ladies and gents this is actually white propaganda dressed up as it’s a Black publication…At Bossip Madenoir etc. The white editor gives them the subject matter to write on and if they want to keep their job then they do the damned thang…REMEMBER MADAM NOIR IS A WHITE PUBLICATIONS..SO IF YOU TWEET OUT STORIES from HERE OR THE ROOT ETC YOU”RE FALLING RIGHT INTO THE TRAP

    • PleaseFixThis

      I don’t know if it’s a white publication or not, but I think you’re on to something. I think the most self-destructive parts of “black” culture gets spread by TV and Radio, and there aren’t a lot of black people in the penthouse offices there. Is “black culture” a white racist invention to keep black people from getting good educations and good jobs? I wish I could say for sure “No.” I wonder who first thought of that “don’t act white” thing that black kids use to put down other black kids who get good grades in school? It sure wasn’t those kids’ moms.

  • honeydarling

    The person who wrote this is easily 35-40 years old. I’m 23 and black and none of this applies to me. It’s a different world nowadays and getting mired in race propaganda doesn’t help the cause. Maybe this kind of thinking was all the rage in ’92, but it no longer applies. Seriously “ebonics”? Anyone who even uses that term is out of touch.

  • I would rather not discuss religion or politics with ANYONE unless I know have the same views! Those are both never-ending arguments that I would … that’s just me tho!

  • air warrior

    F,ck what white folk’s think.I see more of them at KFC than black’s depending on location.They pick boogers right in front of you,or while drivn.And will get right in the Grocery store or elevator and Fart like nothing happen.Oh and eat more watermelons too.So go ahead blk folks relax…lol

  • sweetbrown

    If i can help it, i generally don’t eat watermelon or fried chicken in front of white folks as a conscious effort to not further any negative stereotypes. I thought it was just me…lol

  • Stop it…Eat what you want, I love watermelon, ice cold and good, I will not alter my personal habits for White Folks…The other day, my latina co-worker bought in some “greens” that a friend made for her, she offer, I took…don’t post nonsense like this again, not funny..

  • I personally experienced all these moments going to a college that was on made up of 4% minorities. It’s not that u have to stop doing these things around white people; it’s the fact that when u do do these things the atmosphere of the room changes. It goes from normal to OMG black really do stuff like Tue ones on tv. All races experience this even white people. Have u ever notice that their speak changes when they talk to black people? It’s to be funny or racist, it cause they don’t wanna be that nerdy white person from the tv show. I don’t like the attention that comes with dances or talking about race with some white people. No ones to confirm a stereotype I’m just saying

    • I embrace nerdy…..beats that thug culture that kids try to mimmick

  • kierah

    For example, I don’t call my baby a little “monkey” and he doesn’t wear anything that has a hint of monkey on it. I don’t care how cute it is. I’m not giving anyone the satisfaction of confirming a stereotype.

    • High LOVE

      Wow….yes, no monkey prints. I could picture it, not good!

  • lisa

    This article is tasteless.

  • guest

    you say ‘ignorant’ people yet this is the most ingnorant article i have ever read. These type of stereo types are what keeps racism alive as I am white and pretty much do all the things you say only ‘black’ peolple do and shouldn’t do in front of whites?!?!?! wow.

    • PleaseFixThis

      Nobody cares if you eat watermelon or what TV you watch. The stereotypes that gotta go are the beatdowns and mobbing and robbing and dropping out of school and having your first out-of-wedlock baby at 14. THAT’S the kind of isht that keeps racism alive. THAT’s the kind of isht you shouldn’t be doing in front of white folks, or anybody else. It was an ignorant article for a LOT of reasons. Making it be about dancing and eating fried chicked wasn’t a patch on its total stupidity.

  • Maybe the point the author is trying to make is to carry yourself around everyone as if you were representing blacks as a whole. My grandmother used to say “stop showing your teeth”. Basically it means dont be an embarrassment to yourself or your people. I dont see whats so hard to understand. JUST STOP SHUCKIN AND JIVIN!!!

    • observant1

      White people don’t GAF. There are a lot of black people in this world, I can not and will not attempt to represent me. My actions are a reflection of me only. You ARE an embarrassment to your people for thinking that way.

      • Thank You!!

        Exactly! Hell no i refuse to represent a group of people or anyone but myself!

        • J A SASSY aka salon22w

          i stand alone..f white people and i rep no blk person but my damn self!

          • PleaseFixIt

            In your mind, yes. In a perfect world, yes. In the REAL world, every time white people see a headline about “youths” beating up somebody in broad daylight, they play “guess the race”. And every time they guess right (cuz they guess the same thing every time) there’s another bunch of n*g*as who — in the REAL world, not the “perfect” world — have “represented” EVERY black person. You want that isht to stop? Me too. Whites won’t stop thinking that way until n*g*as stop acting that way.

            • Ccwells

              Not true- in reality most white people do not see color at all – if u wanna believe that or not fine stereotyping is and will always be for the uneducated whatever race they be

              • blutopluto

                Whites sure do see color. More every day. Black youth are running wild. Whites know they are targets.

                • Ccwells

                  Don’t know what you mean by that, black youth are not “running wild” they are not animals in need of cages. I happen to be white, and yes while I do see in colors, I don’t see more colors than anyone else. the real truth is that most whites do not care about race. I have met a few that do, and they have been dirt poor, backwards and unintelligent, they didn’t have jobs, so they blamed “them blacks” instead of themselves (that’s what all racist do) They are the exception, racism is dying, not increasing- and using racism as an excuse doesn’t generally work- now we could work on why “black” population areas don’t seem to get the improvements they need even after promise after promise from the liars in the gov. You should be looking at the people we vote for and ask, why does my sons school have no computer lab?? Why do you pay our teachers so little, why do you want more money from anyone, when u waste what u have. We should blame every democrat and republican that stuffs money into the pockets of their friends while our children attend schools built in the 1950’s. – sorry for the rant-

                • Sasha Styles

                  I know white folk and black folk, only been jumped y the white folk. There are ignorant folk all across the spectrum, yes some white people are dumb enough to think one headline about blacks jumping whites means that all black folk are out to get them, just like some black folk see news articles about racial profilling and assume all white folk are out to get them.

            • J A SASSY aka salon22w

              I dont have to fix any damn thing.. i dont care about how and when whites will stop thier bias thinking..

            • Thank you for telling the truth and for not bowing down to political correctness concerning the black crime plague.

          • Nessa

            Good job. Keep perpetuating the hate…

          • you sound like a black racist…tone down your anger you animal. you are just reinforcing the negative stereotypes about blacks that other groups see in you.

    • sexcgenius

      I can see how my behavior is a direct reflection of myself, my parents, and my upbringing. I refuse to draw a parallel between other misbehaving black folks and myself. All Jewish people don’t feel shame or guilt because of Bernie Madoff. If Jay Z, Kanye, and Lil Wayne are willing to make fools of themselves, I say do you. I don’t even listen to their music so it is no reflection of me, my heritage, or traditions.

      • PleaseFixIt

        YOU drawing parallels isn’t the problem.

  • Have_SeveralSeats

    This is the dumbest list I’ve ever seen. It’s ridiculous and seriously incorrect. Those are the things YOU don’t do/say around white people. I do/say what I want regardless of who is around. I cannot even believe someone thought this was okay to write and PUBLISH…especially a black person. Come one…this is ignorant and you should know better. Smdh

  • Jolene

    Let’s see you write an article about 6 things White people don’t do in front of Black folks. This article implies that the author is close-minded.

    • Tammi

      They can start by not picking ther nose! Ugh!

      • J A SASSY aka salon22w

        right, not picking their nose and looking at the booger or eating it, and not bloiwing their nose in a restaurant..and not letting those smelly stale bologna smelling f a r t s in public and going on like they did nothing!

  • jcextra


    • dee

      lmaoooooooooo best comment on here

  • Bella

    I genuinely think this was a tongue-in-cheek article with somewhat serious undertones, used to maybe comment on how socially acceptable black people should be around white people to not give them a reason to think the stereotypes we are stuck with are true.

  • Chanda

    Well damn, what am I a robot? What happens when you’re dating or marrying a white person, I guess you turn into a statue. Many of the things mentioned I don’t do anyway but a lot of this is common sense and good judgement.

  • This about an ignorant article one can write. Who is catering to white people? And when you feel like dancing when music comes on…do you…dance. Wow… the author needs to be tared and feathered. And O’ this is America…free speech. so if one wants to talk about politics …talk. See the problem here is you can’t break racial barriers not communicating… that includes non-verbal communication. O’God why am I trying to convince an idiot. lol

  • thatonegirl

    Why can’t we just be ourselves? This makes it seem like we are we trying to seek white peoples approval. Just do you if they want to judge let them.

    • Chicky_PhD

      Ideally, we should all “be ourselves” and receive the same or “equal” treatment. However, we do not live in a perfect society. We live in a society where racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, etc. exists; therefore, it will impact how we think, feel, and behave. I do not believe this article is instructing readers to “seek white peoples’ approval”.This article just illustrates some of the silly ways that we, as black people, behave due to racial discomfort, double standards, inequality, etc.

  • Well.. I’m sorry that YOU (writer) feel like you have to change because you don’t feel adequate around people of a different race.Instead of making such a terrible list, you can work on your social skills.

  • mochaaa

    not here to impress white people..sorry

    • J A SASSY aka salon22w

      me either,, i impress the man above ,,not no damn white people.

      • ugottabekiddingme

        I’m sure with that comment he is impressed.

      • more anger from sassy….you have quite the racial hatred issue there lady.

  • Briii

    This bish is BEYOND basic smh…That is all..

  • I don’t think this list is ignorant at all. I think the writer is trying to remind us that racial misunderstandings and stereotypes still exist. The point is that while we are still to be ourselves, sometimes we find those awkward moments where we wonder if the White person we’re communicating with understands our nuances as Black people and can differentiate that from ignorant stereotypes.

    I enjoy chicken and watermelon on a hot summer day – but I love sushi. I would hate for a naive/ignorant person to think as a Black person that the combination is a tradition of some sort.

    • guest

      I feel these stereotypes are still ‘existing’ because isht like this is being published. Everyone needs to just be them self and not see it as a colour thing.Dancing, eating chicken, etc is not a BLACK thing. sheesh.

      • Chicky_PhD

        Stereotypes exist due to the racist system in which we all live….not because of articles “like these”. In the Ideal world, we could all “be ourselves” and receive the same or “equal” treatment. However, we do not live in a perfect society. We live in a society where racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, etc. exists; therefore, it will impact how we think, feel, and behave. This article just illustrates some of the silly ways that we, as black people, behave due to racial discomfort, double standards, inequality, etc. If you do not like this article, you are entitled to that opinion. However, do not act as if racism, stereotypes, double standards, etc. does not exist. It was here before this article and will be here after this article.

  • Wow this article is ridiculous. We shouldn’t have to change our culture to make anyone else happy. The only time I change the way I speak is when I’m working. Its not my problem if they don’t understand the way I speak or dance or sing or eat. Too many white people try to act black so I’m not hearing this BS.

    • What is “acting black”.? Smh.. A way that you act doesn’t have anything to do with the color of your skin or your heritage.

      • J A SASSY aka salon22w

        tell that to those damn white folks!

        • That’s their problem though. People say I “act white” when I use proper grammar and when I put my education to use. There’s a lot of white people that don’t speak correctly and also act out. It doesn’t have anything to do with skin color, but it has a lot to do with how you were raised and if you retained any information in school.

          • defessus

            well said. coming from a white guy, who lives and works amongst poor and uneducated wow people, i can totally vouch for your comment. this article racist, and ignorant.

        • Wow…it’s angry sassy again….you won’t live long harboring all that anger.

    • what is acting black?

      • J A SASSY aka salon22w

        ask a white person!!

        • You know when black folks say “acting black” they are basically putting down their own people? When someone says “acting black” its never anything positive. But when someone says to us you “act” white its pretty much things that arent exactly negative. I get told by folks i “talk white”. If speaking proper english and using correct diction is a white thing then i guess im guilty.

          • Irishserra

            Well I’m white and there are plenty of white folks out there who don’t speak properly and who act like ignorant asses, so I don’t think “acting white” holds any more validity than “acting black.” It sounds to me like the writer of this article is harboring some deep resentments. It’s just sad that in venting them she’s offending intelligent minds from both races. Interesting how in her suggestion that she and other black individuals are imprisoned in this mindset that they need to “tow the line” around whites, she’s actually perpetuating the problem thereby creating her own prison. There are a lot of disturbing comments on this thread made against white people. It’s apparent these individuals are confined in the same mindset as Ms. Alize but the irony is that these attitudes are no different than those of the pompous ignoramuses who happen to be white and are so discontent in their own lives that they dwell on the differences of others to make themselves feel better, mired in their own bigoted filth. How much you have in common! We all make our own life experiences. Nobody can hold you back but yourself.

          • PleaseFixThis

            Is it white people telling you you “talk white” as a compliment? Or is it black people using it as a put-down? I think a lot (not ALL) of today’s “racism” is more a culture thing. If we’d all get together and agree about a good set of cultural values most of the tension would go away.

    • Hillary2016

      China Eyes, I’m sure that being offensive to Chinese people is just a part of black culture, so in an effort not to offend you I won’t bring it up.

  • Jaytee

    Whoever wrote this article has to be one of the most ignant (yes I used Ebonics), self-depraving, insecure people in the world. Please choose another career because writing is not your forte.

    • slrigs

      Thank you, Jaytee! I so agree with you! I’m mixed race and also have two languages: the one I talk with to professors and elders and the one I use to chat it up with friends, which is a bit more salty and flava. EVERY generation did the same thing as far as I can remember from books and movies. Daddy-O Writer, you gotta git wid the program and jest chill!

      • blutopluto

        Every generation of Negroes. Among white groups, the first generation born here speaks perfect English. Blacks cling to ways that allow for criminal behavior (street names etc.) and to stuff going back to slavery.

  • cynthia

    Its call being cultured people! Being able to adapt anywhere!

    • observant1

      No its called self hate. Black people in America are American just like white people. They don’t try to impress us, unless they MGK types and that’s insulting.

  • Chicky_PhD

    *sigh* Wow. I’m surprised by some of these comments. I think a lot of people misunderstood the point of this article. If people are acting as if they never felt any racial discomfort and/or racial tension while in the presence of white people, then I believe many people are in denial about the reality of this world and racial relations in this society. Believe it or not, racial discomfort can sometimes influence our behaviors, as this article illustrates. I DO NOT believe the author is suggesting that we “alter” our behaviors for white people. I interpreted the article as an illustration of some of the silly ways we, as black people, may behave due to our racial discomfort when around white people, many who may or may not be used to being around black people.

    • observant1

      That’s in your little cabin Uncle Tom.

      • doesn’t matter

        Isn’t it ironic that we are having this conversation and yet you want to act like a n*g*a. Why must you belittle his/her opinion by name calling…..You really should pay attention to this article, because if I had to guess you are the main one probably showing your butt in front of people.

        • jack_sprat2

          Ooh, that! What Rodney King did that REALLY set off them cops, dropped trou and shook that booty for four minutes, he did, before they’d had enough. Yeah, no way were the networks going to show that part. It’s one thing to inflame a race riot, but quite another to give people good cause to laugh and point fingers.

      • jack_sprat2

        There they are, your grasping claws, doing your level best to drag that the other fellow back down into the salad bowl where, in your sad mind, he and y’all really belong. SMH at self-fulfilling prophecies and the bitter green color of envy.

    • doesn’t matter

      I agree. I think many are getting defensive without truly understanding the point of the article…But hey we are all entitled to our own opinions.

      • PleaseFixThis

        If an article is so badly written that the readers don’t understand its point, it shouldn’t have been printed. I thought it was a stupid perpetuation of divisive stereotypes.

        Remember that there are people getting rich off the tension between blacks and whites. The last thing they want is for that tension ever to ease. There’s an extra-hot spot in hell for those people.

        • Ccwells

          Just reading these posts and gotta say- u are right on- u rock.

        • Mostly politicians and so-called “preachers.”

  • Me

    So… If i get this correctly, whites are superior to us and we should to walk, talk, act in a way not to disturb their existance?! Should we sit at the back of the bus as well? Or go to different schools? Should we refer to them as master?! Not look at them in eyes and only speak when spoken to?! Even a white person would find this t o t a l cr****p. arent we all human?! Arent we allowed to speak to them as well? Woooowwwww

    • High LOVE

      Unless u have been through this, u won’t understand. I know exactly what she is talking about and can relate on all levels. No we are not in physical slavery, but we are still in mental slavery. In most offices I’ve worked in it will be 200 whites n 3 blacks, so yes we are outnumbered and don’t display certain behaviors in front of whitey’s.

    • PleaseFixThis

      Yeah, you SHOULD act in ways that don’t disturb REASONABLE people. White people don’t sit at the back of the bus, they don’t drop their eyes, they don’t call anybody “Master.” You shouldn’t do that either. You also shouldn’t be mobbing and robbing or making excuses for those who do. If you’re reasonable you don’t reject white people’s values at the same time you demand them to accept yours.

  • FromUR2UB

    Ugh!! I don‘t “avoid“ doing anything in front of white people. Anything I would avoid doing or saying in front of someone, would apply to anyone outside of my family. I like chicken. I like watermelon. I intend to continue eating both. I‘ve taken each in my lunch and have sat at my desk at work, eating them. I‘m not plucking chicken bones stripped of their flesh from my mouth, and I‘m not raking my mouth over the rinds from one end to the other. Neither are stinky foods. So, what are we supposed to feel ashamed about? Again, ugh!! Why are there no up and down arrows for the articles.

  • disqus_WfmNqv9gsC

    Do not pat that weave!

  • guest510

    This has to be one of the worst list I’ve ever seen! I expected this to be funny but it definitely wasn’t. Not only am I disappointed with the lack of humor, I’m a bit offended that this list basically told me to change who I am in front yt people. I’ll eat watermelon or chicken in front of who ever I d a m n well please and I wish somebody WOULD say something.

    • bootlips McGeee

      hey, don’t eat that chicken and watermelon in front of me, didnt you know you’re not supposed to do that in front of white people? lol what am I supposed to do when I have my black friends over for a cookout, tell them they can only have the hot dogs and cantelope?
      how did this get published?

      • hot dogs and cantelope hahahahahaha !!!!!

        • jack_sprat2

          Hey, this white boy also serves all four, plus burgers, corn, and beans. (I’ll let someone else bring the potato salad, if they must.) Now, I could manage without the hot dogs, but white kids LOVE hot dogs; I know that I did. No way I’d go without canteloupe, though, because it’s the perfect counterpoint to watermelon. Even better if you salt the watermelon and fill the canteloupe halves with blueberries.

      • As a white southerner, I’d rather have the chicken and watermelon LOL

    • johanna england

      I’m white. My guess is that no one says anything when you eat chicken because no one cares. White people love chicken and watermelon, too. The end.

    • guest513

      Im not black, but i love chicken and watermelon! Right on guest510!! Im mexican, sterotype me all you want ill eat tacos and tamales in front of anyone who accepts me, as i accept myself.

      • DF

        I agree. This article was VERY racist. She also assumes to know how white people think. Really ignorant.

        • Some do not know what the word racist or racism mean anymore because it’s used so often to silence others. Racism is where someone GENERALIZES an entire race, as the author of the article did. Disagreeing with someone who has a different skin tone or ideology does not make one racist. This article should have been trashed instead of published.

  • Miss D

    What a crass name and article. I really think MN posts some of these articles just to rile people up and get page clicks.

  • redfingerpaint

    I act like myself. I don’t eat fried chicken/watermelon, talk about politics, or anything else except for talk about race. By doing that I’ve opened the eyes of some of my white friends, and now they are aware that there is such thing as white privilege and not every one is as nice as they are.

  • JustSaying

    Stopped after the first page. So I can’t dance around white people now? I guess this goes for everywhere, even parties and get-togethers. White people dance around me. Petty.

  • Native_Noir

    Huh????????????? *sigh* I just can’t.

  • Wow

    Was this intended to be sarcasm? If not this is sad that some of us are still walking around with that “don’t let massa catch you doin dat” mentality. Gaaaah!!!

    • Chanda

      i know right. it’s like “don’t let massa ketch you readin’!” smmfh..

  • Nisa

    REALLY?!!!! So now you need to update your statement below to indicate MN is also teaching us how to act in front of white people. I am appalled at this article. HOW DARE YOU? I would like this author to express why this artilce was necessary on this site.I could see if these were fashion tips, but this article is telling us what we should say, how we should act and what we should eat in front of white people?!! Just so that a white person will “see us in a better light than the others”.
    WHOA – was this realy written by a strong proud African American woman in 2012 or have yall been hacked?
    @Yvette…, bet you dont like who stares back at you in the mirror just because – sad !!

  • Vic

    How about just not being around them in general ? ( besides for professional purposes )

  • A black woman

    Nothing i act human.
    My goodness most ignorant list ever. Not only did you generalize black ppl with stereotypes but you generalized whites as well. Smh

    • right ! i will say that stereotypes are some what true (you dont want to be seen as a thug then dont act like one !) but i think the human race is a little more evolved. even nice dressed, polite people can give off a funky vibe. go with your instincts !

    • Amen. My kids are mixed race, as are my sister’s. Guess what? They’ve abandoned that race based mentality and judge people on the content of their character. Sound familiar, Madame Noire?

      • thats too bad you have 2 non white kids. Is there a father in the house?Are you a big fat white woman? what public aid are you on? any bets?

        • GetaGrip

          Iam You and ignorant people like you are the reason that a woman would feel like she would have to write an article like this. It is too bad that the writer does not realize that it is a very small minority of people that think like you. Then she would not have to basically stereotype white and black people alike in her article. I am all for free speech so I won’t bash you for saying what you did, but perhaps in the future you may consider having a valid, relevant, non hateful thought before you verbalize it.

          • He may be racist but this article was written by an ignorant person before he came along.
            1) There are my types of people in the world, every now and then some of them break out in dance/song. It has nothing to do with skin color, and anyone can look at you like you’re crazy after you’ve started singing/dancing in the middle of a public/work place for no apparent reason.
            2) Watching Flavor of Love or The Kardashians is nothing to be proud of, regardless of race. There is not one single thing in this world any more that is “whites only” or “blacks only” and niche tv shows are not the exception. People like what they like and ignorant shows can be funny. You can like something and be embarrassed for liking it. It doesn’t matter what you look like.
            3) Voting for someone because of their race, affiliating yourself with a political party because of race, these are racist things. Republicans are for stealing from people via business, Democrats are for stealing from people via government. Neither has done this country any good, partially because of the whole “every person is unique” situation. No one can be divided evenly down the lines and when you vote for someone because you think they will do all the right things based on one or two issues they speak about, they often don’t. I say we get rid of both parties and make it “who gets the most votes is president, second most is vice president, and there is no electoral college”
            4)Stereotypes exist because people ascribe something to a type of person and though it has a grain of truth it is often not the rule. People vary too much for any stereotype to cover a majority. Feel free to indulge and if someone cannot separate life from the stereotype, that’s when you realize their racism, or in fact yours if you are the one that cannot let go.
            5)Speaking or writing incorrectly should not be acceptable anywhere except in art. If you accept one type of art into your lifestyle, accept when others sitting next to you burst out in the vagina monologues or speak Shakespearean olde english.
            6)Speaking about anything while holding a grudge about it or telling someone you feel you’re being slighted by “them” or “their people” will never lead to harmonious relationships. Feel free to feel slighted by what they say because in truth, when you celebrate the opposite or feel others cannot speak there mind where you can, you’re the one being hateful. Many people “don’t know what it means to be a minority” because they’ve never felt a part of anything larger than themselves or immediate family and therefore have never known what is like to not be a minority. When everyone is allowed and encouraged to celebrate what they are for one reason or another and you’re the only one not allowed, isn’t that hurtful?

            • Shakespeare is Middle English.

            • white girl

              what a well written and valid response to the article. I really appreciate you addressing these points!

        • palidin911

          The answers to your query are no, yes, and whatever Obama gives me from food stamps to cell phones.

        • jack_sprat2

          Any bets, you ask? Just the one: I’ll lay odds that you can’t get it up in the presence of a woman, unless you’re torturing or degrading her.

        • kenny white

          Appears you’re just trolling. But just in case you’re not. Why does the iPhone map app keep sending people to your house? Is it because the app thinks all those wrinkles on your mothers face is a google map?

  • X’s Dad

    Wow, so black folks gotta walk on eggshells aournd out counterparts?? Whatever. There is a difference between black folk way and n*gga way. This list sounds crazy!!

    • chaka1

      Agreed. I think this was a failed attempt at comedy or sarcasm.

    • sexcgenius

      Right, no other race is walking around saying, “I wonder what black folks will think if I…..”. We have to stop caring so much about what other people think of us instead of what we think of ourselves.

      • Tracey

        I am one of whitest people you have ever met, and I agree with sexcgenius completely. OTOH, the eubonics thing…I understand its a comfort, as well as an inclusion thing, and culture, and history; but let me ask you this: I’m from FL. If I were to approach you in a neutral way talking like the down-homiest cracker girls you’ve ever met, what assumptions would you make about me, about my education level, about my intelligence? I’m not saying it’s OK to judge people on these things; I’m saying we all do it whether we act on those assumptions or not, even if we strive mightily to repress the judgments. So, bust a move with confidence, discuss the crappy tv you watch (you think whites didn’t watch flava of love?), or whatever. And maybe discuss race and politics — not every Republican is only about white power, or money; and many whites are aware we’re generally clueless about the minorities we live with and want to know more…even if we express it badly.

      • MAN WITH A lucid DREAM

        Oh please. Political correctness was INVENTED to tell white people “ok, you guys, gotta try harder to be nicer to others, ok?” How many times do you hear white people say n**g*r, c00n or something like that these days (besides internet forums). How many times do you hear them tell racist jokes? You don’t? Well, I got news for you: They still do it. Just, like with her and her coworker talking about Flavor of Love, they wait and make sure the coast is clear. If white people seem rehabilitated from all of the racist cruelty they’ve done generation after generation over the centuries it is just because they’ve gotten a little better at HIDING it in the name of trying to be tolerant, but no poker face is exactly perfect and many are just plain phony. Then you hear some white person talking ebonics or the occasional Michael Richards gets out and suddenly you know, that’s what they think and expect of blacks, or less. That’s how we’re seen by such people, that’s all they think we are good for, nothing more. Just loud, brainless crooks, druggies, rapists and thieves and, of course, it lights up their subconscious desire to feel superior – essentially to those people we’re clowns for their amusement and though I am talking individuals not saying ALL white people are like this, those individuals are numerous and common. I guess you must’ve struck a nerve, Renay, don’t listen to these fools. You’re just saying conduct yourself and represent your people positively especially while in public (something the self-hating black folk here in the Midwest know nothing about), which I think that was a point decades ago during the black empowerment movement. I disagree with how empty headed and debased so many black people choose to live their lives, but still I respect their right to choose how they’re going to spend it, even if that’s 50 to life in a state penitentiary with HIV… It DOES matter how they see us, because number one how they see us is how we probably see OURSELVES, and isn’t that why we act like that? To fit in with each other? So act like a dummy and guess what? People think you’re a dummy. It affects our standing in what is for now THEIR society and it affects even how law enforcement treats us, like we all know it seems it happens too commonly that police kill black men. Haven’t white people worked hard to have a good image for themselves? I hope any innocent people will excuse the harshness of the preceding comment but I’M JUST SAYIN don’t shoot the messenger; you know there’s good reason why Renay or someone else would post a decorum (does that sound like a “white person word”? see the problem in that?) list list this. Do what you want to do, just know the consequences of your actions could ripple beyond just you and your own personal reputation.

      • John Marte

        If we treat each other with respect & respect each others property this discussion is not needed. U may not like me but thats ok just leave me alone & we will both be happy.

    • Soul Touch

      Won’t even waste my time reading this bullshit.

    • DidSheReallyGoThere

      Say there, Daddy-O: whatever might one expect from an Impromptu Journalist who coined her pen-name in honor of a bottle of liquor? (Alizay….misspelled variation of Alize’). I lost any hope in inspiration from this article when she made her ‘ebonics’ comments. MY challenge with ‘black’ people is regularly being accused of ‘trying to be white’….neverminding my locs, African-named children, and their academia being provided by a Carribean college professor executing scholastic guidance from the coffers of her home. “Why you be tryna talk like dem then?” SMH. In the words of a character from Color Purple: “don’t you pay dat no neva-mind”!

    • realadulttalk

      Perhaps another black person understands that…other races do not understand the difference. And when they see the ignorance from one…they begin to expect it from others.

  • Who came up with this list???? Just ignorant.

    • Yvette

      As ignorant as you think the list is…I find it to be true.

      • observant1

        Look Mammy, slavery is gone with the wind. but I guess your head is so far up yt people azz you didn’t notice.

      • Sad plantation mindset. This is nonsense and was a waste of time to even write. What white people think does not define me. And I do not represent the entire black race. Those stupid, ratchet reality shows are more of a disgrace to black people than what I may have for lunch at work. I mean really? Foolishness.

        • realadulttalk

          It may not define you…it does however affect you. And while you may not desire to represent our entire race (I sure don’t) if you are all they see…then unfortunately you just got that job. You may consider it a plantation mindset…but the reason many of us don’t get ahead is b/c we don’t understand that playing their game is a definitive part of that.

          • PleaseFixThis

            Wow. I wish this post were current. I’d like to have this conversation. If we think of it as “playing ‘THEIR’ game” the xenophobia and hatred will continue forever. The only fix is to lose the hyphen, lose the segregation, lose the “Black Culture/White Culture” thing and ALL get on the same cultural page. Anybody who thinks in terms of “acting white” or “playing THEIR game” will always be part of the problem. You’ll never be accepted by people you refuse to accept.

            • Ccwells

              Wow ! well said.

            • blutopluto

              We will NEVER be in the same culture. Look at any country in the world where Blacks have come into a White enviornment. They are criminal, make no attempt to meld into the culture.

              • J A SASSY aka salon22w

                I say stay with your own.. we come from 2 different cultures and all that crap interacial dating and biracial babies by w women going after blk men especially after they said long ago that blk men were trying to rape them is some BULL.. where was your A__ at when that basketball player was shooting hoops in the hood.. your white A__ was no where around.. but now he got money ..here come the w women.. BULLCRAP>

                • blutopluto

                  I have no interest in being with blacks. I would love all blacks to go the the motherland AFRICA that they talk about. The statistics about rape: Tens of thousands of blacks raping whites. About 40 whites raping blacks each year. Black men DO rape white women in huge numbers. Not my opinion, the official statistics. When “He got money” HE does not want a black woman. Why is that????

                  • baldridge999

                    He’s right. Black men rape 200-300 white women everyday. OTOH, the FBI says the number of black women raped by white men is so low that the number is statistically insignificant.

                    • b

                      Rape is rape, the skin colour of the victim, or rapist, is irrelevant. The fact is plenty of white people are scum, plenty of black people are scum, plenty of white people are decent, plenty of black people are decent, skin colour never has, and never will, define the quality of an individual.

                    • baldridge999

                      Name one black city or country that you want to move to. And then tell me how race doesn’t matter when it comes to crime.

                      Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-white.

                    • JT

                      Generally speaking a rapist sticks to his or her own race. Don’t know why. Also statistics only account for reported rape. Culture, power (both economic and social) and shame play a huge part in whether a crime reaches this stage. I’m sure some sociologist is bound to have studied this.

                  • Knowthyself73

                    And a disproportionate number of serial killers are white men. Now that we’ve gotten all of the unrelated, irrelevant racial statistics out of the way can we please stick to the topic of the article?

                    • baldridge999

                      That’s another anti-white myth. The truth is there are proportionally more black serial killers than white serial killers. Read the book “Rise of the Black Serial Killers”.

                    • Knowthyself73

                      The rise in the numbers of black serial killers is a fairly recent phenomenon (Thus the reason the book is called “RISE” of the black serial killers). From the 1900’s up until the 1980’s the vast majority of serial killers were still white.

                    • baldridge999

                      I have the book. Black serial killers have always been disproportionate going back many decades.

                • ytd

                  Sounds like someone’s got some issues.

                  • baldridge999

                    Sounds like someone is an anti-white.

                • ericaohnine

                  Wow someone is a little salty. I bet you’re also the same one saying that all us white women are taking the black men. You sound very ignorant. What does some white women in the past saying a black man has raped them have to do with the “point” you’re trying to make? Obviously a white woman choosing to date a black man is not saying she was raped by him…her boyfriend?

                • RW108

                  Sounds like someone is letting their hurt feelings get in the way of their brain. Based on your ridiculously racist comment, I have to assume that what you’re talking about must have happened to you. All people of all colors and both genders are capable of stealing another’s mate. It’s always disgusting and you always feel bad for the one left behind, but you’ve let your experience completely cloud your view of others. You may need some therapy. You’ve created this white female amalgam and it’s turned you into a really ignorant and hateful racist.

                  I am not saying the situation you presented never happens, but I am saying to assume it’s the norm is simply incorrect.

                  Unless, of course, none of that ever happened to you, in which case I have to wonder if it’s lack of education, bad parenting, or just low intellect that would make you post that nonsense. Or, maybe, for lack of a better word, you could just be a b*tch.

              • @blutopluto:disqus

                Black people MADE this country and white people have ripped off our culture and damn near everybody else’s, you racist stupid troll. Go crawl back into you cave and screw yourself. I guess the white criminals blend into your world just fine since they’re so f**king precious lily-white,huh?

                • bigdawg1

                  As a practicing Caucasian, please don’t judge all of us by blutopluto and the other mouth-breathers on this thread! I’m with Jerry McGuire – “I LOVE black people!”

                  • Julia

                    “As a practicing Caucasian, please don’t judge all of us by blutopluto”‘

                    I’d like to second that, please. Those statistics sound like something from American Renaissance or the likes. anyone who believes that in a nation the size of the US hate crimes (sexualized or not) are limited to something around 40 cases? Sir, your neocortex is wasted on you.

                  • David James Sheets

                    I love some people, hate none, and dislike many, of all colors. After all, everyone is pink on the inside 🙂

                  • baldridge999

                    You’re just an anti-white.

                • baldridge999

                  Its hilarious that you put out a stupid message via technology created by white people saying that white people created nothing.

                  Black people made Africa what it is. Please move there.

                • baldridge999

                  Another delusional anti-white raises his ugly head.

              • Alessa

                Wow. You are one sad, narrow-minded creature. YOU are the problem here- getting on a message forum for a magazine about BLACK culture and making stupid, racist comments about BLACK people? It’s obvious you just wanted to start a fight. Dude. People like you make me sick. I’m a white woman and have (thankfully, rarely) been assumed to be racist because of the color of my skin. I’ve had random strangers spout their racist bull, including the n word, in my presence; and they were completely comfortable because I’m white. You know why? Because of people like you. You perpetuate the attitude that if it’s white, it’s racist. You are also attacking amazing people with a variety of rich cultures based solely on appearance. Are your eyes blue? Now I hate you. Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? That’s just what racism sounds like.

                Skin is skin. We all bleed red, dude. Grow up and leave the sixties behind.

                Sorry, ladies and gents. End rant now.

                • baldridge999

                  Ok, you’re white. We get that already. So what? You sound like the typical self-hating white baby boomer.

                  BTW, most anti-whites are white.

                  • Frf Rere

                    Most people that claim to be pro-white are anti-white.

                    • baldridge999

                      I know what an anti-white is. Basically that’s anyone who supports anything that leads to white countries becoming majority non-white. I’ve never heard of any pro-white person supporting that.

            • Excellent observation!!

      • jack_sprat2

        Sure, sometimes, but only the politics thing is likely to create a scene. I mean, my G_d, the horror! that some white person might see you without your weave. (I had to change that from “with your hair down.” LOL Okay, maybe we aren’t all exactly alike.) Now, as for the Ebonics thing, well, just don’t otherwise behave as if you’re auditioning for the “Jerry Springer” show (or do it at a business luncheon) and you should be all right with anybody whose opinion’s worth considering. (C’mon, if one of us acted like we were auditioning for “Jersey Shore”, you’d be entitled to draw a few unflattering inferences from that fact.)