15 Celebs Who Are Not Aging Very Nicely

September 4, 2012  |  
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We know celebrities put a lot into their looks, and many of them seem to have successfully stopped the hands of time when it comes to aging.  Others…hmm…not so much.  Some celebs have gone past looking a little more mature than their age to looking down right old.  The following eight celebrities seem to have contracted a serious case of Benjamin Button—in reverse.



1. Lindsay Lohan

Excessive partying and drug abuse have taken a toll on the 25-year-old Lindsay, who looks like she’s pushing 40.  And even that might be a bit generous considering the paparazzi once mistook her for a 60-year-old star.

2. Michelle Williams

Poor Michelle. The 31-year-old’s angular face, strong features, and style of dress make her pass for being middle-age.

3. Kendall Jenner

The 16 year-old half-sib to Kim Kardashian and Co. could totally pass for 20-something.

4. Kylie Jenner

The other half-sib to Kim K, 14 year-old Kylie Jenner, looks mature well beyond her age, and could easily also pass for a twenty-something.

5. Heidi Montag


We remember Heidi when she was a sweet naive Colorado girl. We’re not sure who this knifed up bimbo is…

6. Rachel Zoe

Good thing the 40-year-old has a great sense of style because about the face she can totally pass for 50+.

7. Miley Cyrus

At 19 Miley looks about 29.  She better keep using sunscreen because at this rate she’ll look like she’s pushing 40 soon.

8. Adele

The 24-year-old can sing her heart out, but the bouffant hairstyles make her look at least fifteen years older.

9. Dakota Fanning

18-year-old Dakota has marveled us with her wise beyond her years acting since forever so naturally she looks about 25 to us.

10. Bruce Jenner


This once handsome Olympic athlete toyed with mother nature and ended up looking like this…

11. Kate Moss

 Stay out of the night clubs Kate. Please. We’re begging you.

12. Latoya Jackson

Believe it or not, at one point in time Latoya Jackson was drop-dead gorgeous.

13. Joan Van Ark

WTF happened to the blue-eyed ‘Knots Landing’ star?

14. Lil’ Kim

There’s no turning back from this tragic makeover Lil’ Kim has resorted to. What a monstrosity.

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  • MD

    What a disgustingly vapid online rag. I got dumber simply by seeing a few of the snarky, totally disrespectful posts.

  • OnlineRefugee

    While Joan Van Ark looks horrible, got to give her credit. She is 70 in that pic. I have not seen any 70 year old woman look like that. And compared to some others in your selections, she outshines them, and they are 20 to 25.

  • Guest

    ummm you’ve posted that kendal jenner chick twice… and you said she was 16, then 14….. journalism mother fucker, can you even spell it?

  • mik

    this website is sooooo bad. stop gossiping and talking badly about successful people, get off your computer and get a real job. I’m guessing something like a toilet cleaner will fit for you

  • Memy SelfAndi

    The Jenner girls may as with many girls look older then their age when they are dressed up, it is when you talk to them that their age shows, thats just what make up & nice outfits does for juvi girls…….

  • Eva Duclos

    Im going to go out on a limb and make a judgement here. This is a very judgemental forum. If you keep looking at all this and making judgements then that is what your going to do when you looking in the mirror and brushing your teeth before bed.

  • Real talk

    brynne edelsten

  • Gigi Marie

    I have to say that I think only 8 of the 15 are not aging well! Heidi would be better if she lost her, what I affectionately call “Circus Tits”! Then add a bit of an eyebrow with a pencil and lowlight her hair! Much better. I am a Colorado girl born & raised, but not naïve! I have live in Scottsdale, AZ and been surrounded by plastic people or dancers who have amazing bodies (the pretty dancers! like Ballerinas). I did take care of my fair share of friends with rhinoplasty and I will never tell who and never judge either!
    Kendall and Kylie Jenner look GREAT! if YOU are implying that they look older than their age I get that, but just because they look older now doesn’t mean they will continue to develop and age at this same rate for the rest of their lives. I too at 16 passed for 23& 24 and now get asked when I am gong to graduate High School or what year I am in college. Well, sad to say I graduated in 12/1999(semester early) and graduated college in 04 as well as began & have 1/2 of my mba done by 2005!
    To put them in the realm of not aging well, when they are beautiful and growing up is a bit much in my mind.
    Happy Thursday to you ALL
    Gigi Marie

  • Jaytee2

    I noticed that 3/4 of the people on this list are very skinny. Perhaps if they had an additional layer of fat on their bodies, their skin wouldn’t stick so tightly to their facial bone structure.

  • Computer_Expert

    Joan Van Ark is 70 years old!

  • fedup

    Only sick curiosity could lead me to a stupid pile of pop culture rubbish like this. Who writes this crap, anyway? We’ve got to grow up and stop picking apart the way women look, whether they are 14 or 62, celebrity or not.

  • PomDeTerre

    actually thought the first photo was of Sharon Stone who looks GREAT for her age….53? 54? Then I fid out it’s Lindsay Lohan…. ewwww…too many drugs will getcha every time girl

  • Marcus Antonym

    Post a picture of yourselves. I’d like to do my own “review”.

  • Mirae

    Sorry, but WHO is Michelle Williams? Forget her age…looks like she is either being strangled or otherwise punished by her own dress. U-G-L-Y! Fire your stylist, girlfriend.

  • philrobertson

    Yeah all of the adds everywhere made the whole page a nightmare to read. Just really laggy and distracting. Stopped after a couple.

  • Bee

    I’d rather have natural wrinkles that the fake and wicked ugly botox look! Everyone looks the sam in Hollywood freaking ugly and fake!

  • Donald Graham

    Kate Moss and Linsdey Lohan would be perfect for the next anti-drug campaign

  • Johnny SmokeGood

    Ummmmmm how can u say sumone looks good for they age if they have plastic surgery …that defeats the purpose

  • M

    Not worth the wait and everyone looks their age. SCAM!!!!!

  • heezy

    Kendall & Miley look great, Adele and Dakota look ok.

  • Anais la Paz

    These comments are mean. I mean can all of you say you look better than the people in these photos all of the time??

  • Jackie Janes Loveless

    some of these celebrities have hardly had time to age at all…. I would suggest that you let people reach an age of at least 35 before you begin critiquing their aging. You don’t know, some people look old early, and reach a certain age and for years they seem to quit aging, and then it appears that time has been kind to them..
    I do agree that a few of them look awful, and they are the ones that go under the knife to try to hang onto their youth, and end up looking like a caricature of themselves.

  • ladyanwyn

    Okay. I have read a couple of these photo comments and am already seeing how this works. I might not like some of these people, and I might like some of them. However, I neither condone nor participate in purposefully and intentionally denigrating them

    If I continue to see this sort of behaviour here, I shall withdraw my brand-new account. This sort of advertisement does not sell with me. From what I can see, I am not the only person who doesn’t like it either. You might not miss me, but eventually the numbers might go down enough that your tactics might end up needing enough change. Be wiser, Dears, and kinder.

  • Michael Jones

    She is a very beautiful young lady.

  • Michael Jones

    I want some of that big woman now!

  • Michael Jones

    The Jenner sisters are beautiful.

  • Richard

    Miley already looks jaded and worn. I cant even imagine what she will look like in another ten years. If she even lives that long.

    • Jackie Janes Loveless

      she is disgusting. I don’t know what has gone on in her life that has her so screwed up. I think Billy Ray loses sleep over her choices.

  • Melissa

    Kendall’s actually 18. Kylie is the one that is 16 and they both look their ages even if they don’t dress it.

  • anonomyssy

    what is wrong with the authors of this crap? Is everyone supposed to look like a 15 year old Brittney Spears, AFTER hours of makeup and hairstyling? Quit shaming human beings for looking like human beings…BTW, what do YOU look like?

  • TA69

    The worst actor and oldest looking man compared to how he use to look is Patrick Muldoon. What happened to him? Too much partying is what I suspect. But he’s not even a celebrity really since he was fired from his last attempt to resurrect his career. We all age it’s part of life.

  • Phyllis Anne

    Adele looks nice. This is $hit! Yes, she does have a lot of hair, and she can be proud of it. It does NOT make her look aged! People who think so are sick. Most of these pics are just stupid comments. Kim K’s sister’s do not look old! Maybe the dress they are wearing we’d expect on an older person. The dress doesn’t make the face look old.

  • Frances

    Joan Van Ark and Latoya look really bad……. ! Miley looks like she is 35, and in her common sense and brain she is still 10, so she has some real serious issues !!

  • happygirl

    Really, Joan van ark, WTF, really, I can’t stop looking its like a train wreck

    • Jackie Janes Loveless

      it appears that she uses the same plastic surgeon as Michal Jackson did.

  • John Wesner

    It’s obvious that the writer of this article is jealous.

  • coo

    Who wrote this? A 12 year old?

  • beebee

    Lindsay does look older however hasn’t she had fills done? She looks better w/o it. I have a complex because I looked young till I had 5 surgeries in 2012. I wonder if I should get plastic surgery to feel better.

  • kitty

    Bonus with looking older when you are younger? You usually look younger when you are older :/

  • Laurie Wiegler

    Kendall is GORGEOUS and by the way, just turned 18. Unbelievable. Get your facts straight.

    • Kara

      Read the date – the list was compiled over a year ago.

      • Laurie Wiegler

        Ah, thanks for the elucidation Kara. Missed that. Still, the point is I am still not the type to slam others for their looks, especially someone as stunning as Kendall Jenner. The girl is one of the great beauties of the age…watch.

  • Moira

    This is ridiculous. Most of the people mentioned are beautiful! Saying Kendall Jenner is aging badly is laughable, honestly.

  • Growupfolks

    Without doubt, the worst one of these is Joan Van Ark! OMG, the woman is scary !!!! And the poor thing doesn’t realize that just a little coral lipstick would improve her looks immediately. Pale lips don’t work after you pass your early 20’s, Joan. Face it, woman – you’re getting older – you can’t turn back time! How pathetic.

  • ??/?????

    And Kylie is not 14 now, she’s 16.

  • ??/?????

    Your wrong Kendall is not 16, I googled my research and it said Kendall Jenner is 17-18, not 16.

  • shiggy

    i would smash all the women and make single moms out of them in 30 seconds

  • whyowhy

    this site has so many popups and ad’s it’s hard to even look at all the pictures. i rather read a magazine.

  • Dencal26

    How dumb to include the Jenner girls. They look older because of dress and makeup. Not aging

  • Tammy Lee Pipes

    looks like that one lady from Knots Landing is huffing paint or something… Why would someone let her go to that event knowing she looks as if she is huffing on a bag full of paint fumes!! That world is full of make up artist and I just don’t get how someone either made her up to look like that or they let her go looking like that around the mouth area. Either way something is not right in the MIX~

  • Sasa

    Give me a break…what teenager does WANT to look older? That doesn’t an they are aging badly, they are just growing up. And for God sake Latoya Jackson is 66 and Joan Van Ark is 70! I hope I look that good at 70!

  • Rhongee

    Gain some weight Michelle and quit trying to live up to other people’s standard of what you should look like because truly you look like you are one more step to death….

  • Riberto Jackson

    Click on the the “MN Editor” on the masthead and the link goes to the actual writers name, Rahwa Asmerom. Hey Rahwa, notice you don’t have the guts to put YOUR picture up or your age so the rest of us can comment on how you’re probably ugly and looking decades older than your age. Alway easy to act smug and perfect when you think your being anonymous. Go get a real job and stop trying to be something you’re not… a real journalist. Leave that to the professionals you loser.

  • Noelle Heinle

    Who ever came up with this is seriously retarded..none of these are correct what so ever..

  • Proud_to_be_American

    Adele bouffant WTF? talk about ignorant “journalists”!!!

  • somewhereinus

    Unfair reporting on Joan Van Ark… come on guys, she is after all a lot older. Are we really expecting celebrities to never age? She is a beautiful woman and I can only hope to have those eyes when I get her age!

    • Growupfolks

      Joan has NEVER been a beautiful woman !! She’s just a pile of bones with blond hair.

  • somewhereinus

    Kate Moss poor skin resembles a junkie’s complexion. I don’t think it is the clubs, but her possible addictions?

  • gbj11

    Stupid article, hate slideshows, just post the whole damn thing and let us decide if it’s worth perusing. Lindsay Lohan as #1… should be a big tip off right there. Why don’t you just beat this topic to death.

  • mls

    Guess what? I am almost 77 years and doctors can’t believe my age. One lady asked me when I would be 65. I do not wear make up (except lipstick). I am not meaning to pat myself on the back. The point is I look better than most of these stars. Thank heavens.

  • Zoe

    Since when is it okay to critique the aging? First of all, this list is stupid because most 18 year olds would love to look 20-something. Second, some people age “badly”. Of course some of these stars listed are heavy into plastic surgery and that ages them more than it doesn’t, but WHO CARES? Honestly, it’s sad to see critiques of these people. They are humans too. And under a lot of pressure to stay young looking – THEIR JOB REQUIRES IT. Shame on you for criticizing them. You are only adding to the issues that propel them to get surgery or feel bad about what they actually are.

  • guest

    You missed the Queen of Not Aging Nicely…..Joan Rivers.

  • john

    Michael Jackson didn’t really die, he just changed his name to LaToya.

  • Greg Heilers

    Fully half of those people, I have never heard of – so they are not really “celebrities.” Ms. Van Ark? Geez…she *is* basically a senior citizen now. What do you expect?

  • Bruce Jenner

    Is Bruce Jenner a Celeb?

  • Trimano76

    Kathleen Turner was left off the list….

  • Caroline

    Seriously, how did all these people end up on the same list? This is crazy. Putting the younger celebs who look more mature than they are, with the ones who’ve had their bodies and faces knifed and intentionally changed their skin color one way or another, should not have happened. I actually think that this article has the potential to send the message to younger girls that aging naturally is in the same category as getting breast implants and face-lifts and tanning, all of which can result in some very severe health problems. Normally people are concerned about the glorification of the things I just mentioned, but I think we also need to be concerned about the detrimental effects of publicly shaming girls whose bodies are developing naturally. I’m appalled by the writer’s decision on who made it onto this list, and by this site for allowing this to happen. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I hope that in the future you can bring yourselves to think about the potential damaging effects of what you write and publish – not just to those individuals you’re putting down, but also to those reading – BEFORE you put it out there for the world to see. Just think about what you’re doing.

  • sara

    i don’t get how the Jenners, teenagers, looking mature and early twenties is “not aging nicely”

  • Frank Rustyak

    You have to be kidding me on some of these. The Jenner girls looking five to seven years older than they are qualifies as ‘not aging nicely’? Really???

  • Jesme Kickin

    Another carved up face

  • Jesme Kickin

    In Heidi’s case, does plastic age?

  • kt

    Also – is it that horrible to look OLD/OLDER/TOO OLD FOR your age. Why are you we obsessed with youthful beauty? I just don’t get it.

  • feliz

    this is a horrible article – reinforces the fear that MANY women have of aging. no you are going to make teenagers afraid of aging & force them to use anti aging creams & botox at a very young age. what a disgraceful article. At 27, I’m already anxious about aging, you’re just perpetuating this fear & making more women agearexic. horrible !

  • taylorunswift

    This is so needlessly mean. I don’t understand who takes pleasure in demeaning and criticizing people’s appearances. Madame Noire should be embarrassed to pull this kind of crpa for views.

  • GeorgeVreelandHill2

    Lindsay looks awful.

    She looks old, but won’t make it to old age.

    George Vreeland Hill

  • Woah!

    Mr. Jenner is 63 years old, give him a break… He does not belong in this group.

  • pick-a-dillo

    What are the Jenners doing here? I thought this was supposed to be celebrities.

  • sick-of-this-shit

    Wow. This entire thing is so disrespectful. “knifed up bimbo”? Really? That’s good. Keep reaffirming my complete lack of faith in humanity. ugh

  • Michelle

    This article is disgusting.

  • Steve Raineault

    This is one of the stupidest articles I’ve ever seen.

  • hahahhahaha

    wow these are a joke and scream of jealousy… what girl under 20 doesn’t try to look older to get into bars so they can get some ?

    one thing that is old and not looking so young or working well is this web site – quit hating on people and go make a living on your own not riding the coattails of others

  • Andy Sheepleton

    Ryan O’Neal

  • sup

    jeez, this was definitily written by some insecure hater. i don’t think any of them look old.

  • ChazSD

    This is a garbage article, one of the top reasons our citizens are disrespected globally. Articles like this cause terrorist attacks.

    • William James Lloyd-Roberts

      Exactly how do articles like this cause terrorist attacks?

  • cranesrus

    Heidi Montag? Are you serious? Oh, I get it – you are the people who tried to tell us Huma Abedin is the most beautiful woman in the world.

  • bowhuntersxsix

    I think Heidi was trying to look like one of the CSI Miami ladies. CSI lady is beautiful!! Heidi looks like plastic! Ewww…..

  • Dresden Lemanski

    Why are you putting 14 and 16 year olds on this list?!? Of course they are going to look like 20 somethings in makeup and heels. They are not even grown women and you are already giving them a bad body image.

    • Jeremy Armour

      I completely agree!!! No one knows how they will age, and they’re way too young to be targeted on a list like this!

  • TheDOTKU

    Joan Van Ark… stop taking colloidal silver… 😉

  • Staircase

    What is wrong with Kendall?She is gorgeous beyond believe. Wow. Are people really this judgemental? God, I could stare at her all day.

  • Sherry Perkins

    why the dissin on the Jenner girls? oh, yeah, they’re not kartrashians!

  • PlanetOrphan

    So this is why every celebrity is phtoshoped,
    Trying to sell the latest “Instant Photoshop” camera by any chance ?
    Shares in Adobe maybe ?

  • John H. Holliday

    And that picture of Lohan was with makeup on!!!

    Let her be a lesson to anyone who feels they want to try drugs.

  • Carl Alley

    only about half of this list deserves to be on it……..and why didn’t you include a photo of yourself…..oh,of course,you look maahvalus don’t ya…..yeah right

  • Lori Morefield

    You showed a couple of cute teenage girls that looked a bit older, and left out Madonna.

  • Pamela Chavez

    Joan Van Ark! Wow! Just Wow! WTH is fitting

    • John H. Holliday

      She used to be pretty…. She looks like she’s been in a coffin for a few years…. YEEEK

  • Pamela Chavez

    Take LaToya’s age into consideration and she’s still the most beautiful woman! Bruce Jenner is still the most handsome ~guapo!

    • John H. Holliday

      Jenner looks like Michael Jackson, except alive.

  • Wastin R TIme

    Mean-spirited, juvenile garbage in this article. Teens not aging well – are you kidding?

  • bobcollum

    This makes me not want to live on this planet anymore. It’s sad that someone actually got paid to do this.

  • Little Bright Feather

    Most of the “celebs” they show on the not aging well, I’ve never heard of.

  • Ani Benelli

    adele looks her age, sure the hair looks a bit victorian but she looks beautiful, i mean, she’s younger than miley…..

  • teriquajones

    Shut- up about Lil’ Kim and Miley Cyrus! You just found pictures of them in ugly clothes.

  • teriquajones

    Shut- up about Lil’ Kim and Miley Cyrus! You just found pictures of them in ugly clothes.

  • getoffmybeach

    what a mean spirited article

  • getoffmybeach

    what a mean spirited article

  • Brett Greshko

    Did this article really say “Benjamin Button in reverse”?? You mean (gasp) normal aging like a human?

  • This artickle is truly embarrassing… for the WRITER! No wonder I’ve never heard of madamenoire.

  • David Rios

    You people are sick. Articles like this is the reason pretty girls undergo the knife in chasing youth. You are sick people.

  • Krusty

    What a load of crap..doesn’t society have enough pressure without this…

  • kelly

    wow amazing out of all of these there are only 2 men? Sexist bullshit is what this is. Moreover some of these girls still look eons younger than a number of popular male celebrities.

    • John H. Holliday

      Ah,,,, the old quota system is required by the liberals again….

      The only think sexist here is you.

  • NeverOpinionated

    I’ve never left a comment on an article I’ve read in my life but this was the worst piece of garbage I’ve ever read. A 16 and a 14 year old on list of people ‘aging badly’? This is what happens when your site is desperate for content.

  • jimmy

    joan van ark damn girl

  • jimmy

    kate moss-OMG-WTF-SMH

  • jimmy

    no miley looks great

  • sammy face looks wierd

  • kim looks like a street walker

  • joan didnt age will at all

  • the whole jackson family needs to be fixed so there no maoire children no mored molester brought into this world

  • what up with bruce hair? his wife is worse looking especially with thos mick jager lips

  • agree the hairsyle on Adele is good over does the make up a tad

  • miley looks a street walker on crack

  • MN sounds a wee bit bitter or jealous

  • ow knifed up bimbo thats harsh true but harsh

  • again kylie looks ok to me i dont know why there saying there didnt age well really nothing wrong with the way either llooks

  • dont see what wrong with kendal

  • michelle hair needs worked on she problibly look better if she did something with the hair

  • drugs will do that to you make you look older than you are

  • Terryy

    OMG Joan Van Ark has got to be the begining of the Zombie Apocalypse……

    • John H. Holliday

      Thank you… I was trying to figure out what she looked like… you pegged it correctly .. a zombie.

  • Anonymous

    This article is stupid and pointless. All it is going to do is hurt the feelings of the celebrities mentioned. For heavens sake, give them a break!

  • Wombat32

    I throw the BS flag on this one. No Carey Elwes? Guy has turned into a troll.

  • Jack Dolph

    This seems like it was written by a jealous, ugly person.

    P.S. A majority of these people didn’t age naturally, but made terrible plastic surgery choices,

  • Jeremy Hughes

    Author’s name is Rahwa Asmerom

    (she’s not attractive at all btw) Oh the irony!

  • If you take the Kardashian clan off of this list, you’re down to under ten “celebs”.
    I would very much like to see a positive-vibed article, such as “Ten Celebs that look great for their age”

  • NAH

    Because Kendall Jenner must really hate her life because she is a 16yr old girl living the dream of every girl: Fame, money, nice cars, parties and looks mature.

    • John H. Holliday

      Jail bait

  • NAH

    Because every 16 year old would dread to look 20 years old and be able to get into a bar and also be on covers of magazines because she looks much more mature for her age.

  • Anita

    Why isn’t Amanda Bynes on this list??

  • Anita

    Why isn’t Amanda Bynes on this list??

  • That MK ultra must make you age faster

  • lplzydeco

    I’m no beauty, but Joan Van Ark looks like she’s trying out for a part on The Walking Dead…. ouch

    • Really, really bad make-up. Her foundation doesn’t match, her eyebrows are tragic and she shouldn’t wear so much eyeshadow and mascara. She’d probably look pretty good otherwise.

  • Joan Van Ark is 69…cut her some slack, damn

  • sir

    i think theyre both pretty

  • dyde young

    Sammy Sosa was a growth hormone freak, it disposes of your body once you quit using it like a time compressor agent

  • I would love to see the mutants that made up this list. The back room at MN probably resembles the bar scene from Star Wars!

  • this is a terrible website, seriously saying a 14 year old is not aging well? and OMG this lady is 40 and looks like a non supermodel at 40 wow, utter garbage.

  • Todd Forbes

    WTF Joan Van Ark is DISGUSTING looking WOW

  • Todd Forbes

    This is the dumbest article i have ever seen

  • 15 celebs. 2 men. Yep. Just about what I’ve come to expect from the media.

  • Mena Louise

    I’m starting to wonder what the “MN-Editor” that put this list together looks like. It seems to me that most times when people make lists like this to put others looks down it’s because they feel a bit ashamed of their own. I think these people still look beautiful and I agree with the user below who stating it’s really ugly that you used a 14 and 16 year old in this list. Not impressed.

  • Denise Dspain

    I think this is why people bully!!! Do you not see how even young children see how you post all over the internet how you hate so and so clothes, make up, big butts, old, fat! We need to stop reading this crap or it will continue!!! journalists need to do REAL work on REAL stories and not talk trash about people just to get attention!

  • seems like whoever wrote this garbage was a little jealous

  • NotaFan

    I love how in your list of 15 celebs you’ve included a grand total of 2 guys. Double standards much?

    • John H. Holliday

      No, a recognition of fact.

  • JTFloore

    the concept of this feature is totally ludicrous. it is an embarrassment to the web site and whomever thought it up.

  • Joanna

    I loath the K-trash’s but this young girl is so pretty. And I was a freshman in HS and people thought I was a senior or even in my 20s. it’s the makeup because I’m in my late 20s now and people still think I look like I’m in my early 20s.

  • nobody’s fool

    Adele is beautiful inside an out! Don’t know what you are judging beauty on, but not everyone is or wants to be a cookie cutter model look alike!

  • jen

    i think the jenner girls look beautiful. their wearing make-up which sometimes can make you look older but there is nothing wrong with that. hedi montag should of never had all that surgery. she looked far better before it.

  • on a normal basis…Black don’t crack baby so just allow me to straighten you out on the behalf of my fellow African Americans where Michele W. is concern you’re mixing being unattractive w/ageing badly. and you’re probably comparing her with Beyoncé and Kelly’s good looks that’s not fair …Latoya and Lil Kim have situation of too many badly done plastic surgery jobs …now to defend the little white girls like. the Jenner girls and Dakota F. you’re mixing up looking older then they are (maturity) .with ageing badly come now any one over 40 today knows that mother nature can be cruel but in these girl cases she not yet that mean..now some of the others you’ve hit right on the (wrinkly) NOSE …

  • Lulu012

    “Poor Michelle. The 31-year-old’s angular face, strong features…”
    Seriously? What a mean, petty article.

  • Sure Lindsey and a couple others look bad, but that’s it. And even in
    the case of the ones who look older (the Jenners), that doesn’t mean
    they’re aging badly. They look great, just more “mature” than you would
    assume. This is stupid.Black women looking for white men??? black
    women loving white men???_______blackwhiteplanet.c0m_______ is the #1 black
    women white men dating site. No one night stand. serious relationship

  • hrmph

    This is a f’d up article, especially picking on a gorgeous 16 yr old for aging… and why am I not surprised this retarded article focuses on females?

  • yousuckballz

    In regards to the Kardashian girls, that shizz is just wrong. Articles like this will beat those girls down now, and then when they are 20 beat them down again because they feel the need for plastic surgury. Case in point—–Lindsay Lohan, DUH!!! Disgusting sell out of a journalist!!

  • 13lackRose

    So you picked the worst pictures of each celeb you could find just to have a platform to bash them on huh? Half of these pictures are of kids in makeup trying to look older than they are, some are just there to bash on people for having plastic surgery, and there are maybe two accurate ones.

  • OMG, that Kate Moss looks like she’s on Meth. Somebody please do an intervention on this poor woman NOW!!

  • I know that it is cliche, but I would like to see the people who wrote this article! I think that Michelle Williams is beautiful, although Kendall Jenner looks like Angie Harmon :/

  • Abbie

    A king’s ransom to the person who digs up some unflattering pictures of the person who posted this.

  • TLS

    Michelle Williams at 31 is “passing for middle age?” 30-60 IS middle age (assume a 90 year life span).

  • Grace

    Whomever writes these slideshows: Check if it’s you or the rather large green monster you tote around that’s speaking. Some of these people are role models (perhaps not Lindsay Lohan) and god forbid if anyone judges you based on your looks alone compared to age. I might be an up-to-no-good teenager but even i realize how ridiculous this is!

  • star@yahoo.com

    these poeple are really really really really not aging very well

  • ab

    This article is absolutely ridiculous and so mean.

  • MediaLiesandGossip

    These are a joke, most of them they are saying they look old because of their hair, clothes or makeup… that has nothing to do with aging… BOOO Try again… Dressing Old and bouffant hair styles has nothing to do with aging… I only spotted a few who look like they arent aging well

  • jlg

    This is stupid. You call the article “celebs who are not aging gracefully”. The problem with most of them is how they have dressed and/or styled their hair/makeup. That has nothing to do with aging. It’s wrong fashion choices. Rename your article. Only thing I’ve read from this page and won’t read anymore because it wasn’t what it said.

  • n tx

    nonsense when i was i was 13 they said i looked 18.but now im 49 and this is a current picture of me,they need to stop the young girls look great to me whos knows what they will look like when older

  • who the hell are making the judgements all these people dont really look bad at all!!! sheesh who ever is playing the guessing game needs to stop they are just bad….

  • LMRuiz

    Cameron Diaz

  • DD

    Madame Noir? Roflmao, more like, lets treat people like crap to make a living. May as well cll herself The bush cheney administration. A worthless lot for sure. enough to boycott this lame site. Spam when it replys.

  • no

    too desperate for page views

  • I know… let’s do one of those slideshow thingys — you know, something like “15 celebs who look like wombats. None of them may look like wombats, but people will click through the thingy anyway, th en wonder why they bothered. Doesn’t matter. Advertisers will be satisfied.

  • Nolan

    If you were 16 wouldn’t it be good to look like you are 20 or 21???? But being 25 and you look 35 to 40 then you have a problem. Look at Kate Upton, she has looked like she is 21 to 23 for the last 3yrs and she isn’t even legal to drink yet.

  • Sarge V

    Shut this site down unless you are going to print relevant,truthful, accurate, and non-malicious information. The aging story is just outright pathetic. It is better to not write than to write trash.


  • Oh my god … she looks like a man in drag !!!!

  • YUCK AGAIN …..

  • Some pics I’ve SEEN HIS FACE WAS STRETECHED MORE THAN joan rivers …. he looks like a freak in them ….

  • YUCK …..

  • HAH ….. she can age in my bed anytime ….

  • BULL … Lindsay is still a DOLL BABY …. !!!!

  • Joan V.A…forget about the blue eyes, what’s with the blue tinge around her mouth?? I’m going to assume that the dear thing just has lunch and wiped off her foundation with the napkin. I think that’s what makes this pic so odd looking, not that she’s older, because she IS older. She just looks a little rough, but not horrid.

  • kel

    Kendall and Kylie are aging badly because they look like they are 20? what the hell…. they are beautiful and I wish I looked like that when I was 16

  • ashley

    this is the laziest article i’ve ever half read.

  • the young jenner girl looks a sweet sixteen. and bruce jenner looks great to me. your website sucks, it loads tooooooo slow :/

  • kriistyleigh

    Am I the only one mad that Miley Cirus is on this list? She’s beautiful, and she certainly doesn’t look 29.

  • Brian

    What in the holy hell is that pic that is standing in for Joan Van Ark?

  • dontdigit

    Shallow, superficial and trashy article.

  • Sherry

    I have to agree with almost everyone else commenting on this article. A lot of people on this list are downright ridiculous, and the article isn’t fair to many of them, especially those under the age of 18. Regardless of how old they look, they are downright beautiful, and it’s more than likely the writer of the article is just jealous. I saw one or two on this list who was called a “Bimbo” and it has nothing to do with their age, but their surgeries. Seriously, let people do what the heck they want with their own bodies.

    Stop being so judgmental and write some articles that are actually fair, accurate, and helpful to others. This type of nonsense hurts self esteem.

  • Katie

    the pic of Joan Van Ark looks terrible, but when you realize she is 69 or 70 and a bad photo, it’s not that bad………

  • Katie

    What it comes down to is the photo……some make you look younger, your age or just plain awful………….i’d like to know what the ones judging the photo’s look like………let us be the judge

  • Michelle Williams looks like a man. Sorry.

  • emily

    I can’t believe they called Heidi Montag a “knifed up bimbo” I mean come on… we all know Heidi had those surgeries because of her many insecurities which probably stemmed from reading articles like these. What she does to her body is her choice and it hardly makes her a bimbo. Assholes.

  • emily

    The jenner girls look their age. I’m sixteen and there are plenty of girls I know that look way older than they do. Miley Cyrus actually wants to appear older, she is struggling to get people to see she feels mature for her age. Dakota actually looks younger. This article is so shallow and ridiculous. I can’t believe they included sixteen year olds in this.

  • andy

    bruce jenner is the creepiest person I have ever seen. If I were he, I’d go back to the plastic surgeon who gave him this look and deball him.

    • John H. Holliday

      Agreed.. he’s ruined.

  • wicked

    Where’s Jaka Pinkett Smith’s face?

  • I have thought the same thing about Rachel Zoe. I feel bad for her and wonder is she has some sort of eating disorder that is contributing to this “mature” look.

  • only 31?…she looks like she 60…

  • her boobs are way to fake!

  • Wow, Joan Van Ark looks like she just came off a Living Dead episode.

  • Katy

    yeah- this review sucks. These ladies aren’t even old.

  • Sara

    Are you kidding about Rachel Zoe? She looks GREAT for 40– if that’s what 50 year old’s look like in your world, then DAYUM.

  • VGAce

    Whoever wrote this article really needs to reevaluate their definition of “not aging nicely,” and nice job hiding behind anonymity, “MN Editor.” Teenagers that could pass for 20-something is not abnormal, and I love the arbitrary ages thrown out there for what a person “could” pass as (as if 29 has such an unmistakable look). Having mature features does not mean a person looks old or is aging poorly, and some of these choices are just bonkers. Give me a break. I’m not even sure why I stopped to read this garbage.

  • Bill Netter

    Joan Van Ark could be cast for a lead role in, “The Walking Dead”, as the head zombie! (grin)

  • ms_cook

    This was a strange ‘article’ – started out talking about age, and ended up with plastic surgery gone wrong. ADHD much?

  • Pshhhhhh

    This list makes no damn sense. Half of it are just nip/tucks gone wrong. The only one I agree with is Lil Kim.

  • wwfpro1

    AHHHHH Joan Van Ark Is a Zombie!!!!! Shoot her in the head!

  • Robert

    This is just mean. This woman should be banned from journalism. There is no redeeming value to this article.

  • Mare

    worst list ever!

  • Bill Burditzman

    Using the term “celebrity” rather loosely, eh?

  • This is a joke most of these people look fine, I only agreed with a couple of them.

  • redcordelia

    In fairness, Latoya Jackson is genuinely aging. I think she looks great for the age she is. She’s like Elizabeth Taylor, growing older but still beautiful.

  • unpd

    Everyone keeps complaining about this, making it seem as if this article’s comments are the reason why people feel the need to get plastic surgery. Hello?

    These people allow perfect versions of themselves to be pictured for money. Then when they receive backlash for not consistently looking as they’re paid to look, it’s a problem? It’s not like they don’t happily accept their paychecks. And it’s your money they’re getting rich off of. Instead of coddling them, you should made them actually work for it for once.

  • Tom

    You’re talking about how 14 year olds are looking old for their age? You’re a sick, disturbed animal. I will never read this horrible website again. You should be placed in jail.

    • unpd

      Perhaps the point is that they should actually look their age and is a commentary on how celebrities growing up too fast, making themselves up to look older than they are and helping to create the disturbed, poisonous mentality that our poor children are growing up with nowadays.

  • Roxie

    And we wonder why so many feel the need to get plastic surgery, it’s articles like this that make people feel like they have to go under the knife. Way to go Madamenoire.

  • disqus_Qdjsf24lbU

    Oh My God!! Why some of these people didn’t take a look at the mirror before headed out?

  • Wow. This is by far the meanest and must unjustified article of this sort I have read. I can see in the future I’ll by pass Madame Noire artlcles,

  • How do you not include Lisa Rinna she horrid looking!

  • Disgusted

    This site is an embarrassment to anything with a heart and soul. I can’t believe they take the time to slam 14 yr. olds on their looks, are you kidding me?!! I would love for them to put up
    pictures of themselves and then let us comment on how they are “aging”. Sick human beings. I feel bad for celebrities; America puts them in a cage so we can all point, talk, and laugh right in front of them. A law should be made to protect people, not just celebrities, from overzealous photographers and columnists.

  • *wrote I meant

  • Sammy Sosa didn’t bleach his face, good grief. He just isn’t out in the sun all day, every day any more. What idiot work these captions?

  • Joan Van Ark

    I don’t get it.Some of these people are in their 50″s or 60″s.How can they compare to a 22 year old.Give me a break.

  • Colbi

    This article is completely tacky and a poor excuse for journalism. I feel embarrassed for even clicking on the link that took me here. Endorsing the criticism of young girls who haven’t even hit 20 yet is just perpetuating society’s body-hating trap. The majority of the individuals on your list were women and all of them under 50. How dare you spread this kind of demeaning toxicity??

  • julie

    just because Kendall, Kylie and Dakota look older than their age doesn’t mean they will age badly. Once they age into their current look, they’ll probably age at the same rate as everyone else.

  • chrispea

    Jennifer Aniston will be on this list next year.

  • KP

    I don’t think this article takes in to account that the industry that they are in, WANT someone in their teens to look older, there is a broader market and age group and keeps them from being “typecasted” in to the 18-24 age group. When a person gets into their mid-twenties, they don’t want to play an 18 year old forever. Some are just bad shots of a person as well.

  • Dencal26

    Ok I stopped at the Jenner girls. How silly to include them in this list.

  • Paul B.

    This is pure trash. Kendall Jenner is simply stunning and Kylie Jenner is absolutely beautiful. Who ever wrote this shouldn’t quit their day job. I’m sure Cindy Crawford looked more mature when she was 16 too, and she still looks incredible!

  • Michelle

    Only 2 men…really? Yes you missed some people.

    • John H. Holliday

      No, Michelle, what you see is a difference in aging between males and females… Too much makeup all the time on someone’s face takes away whatever natural beauty they have….

  • sum

    sorry, but Kendall Jenner does not need to be anywhere near this list. Yes, with a bit of make-up and 5 inch heels, she does look a little older then her 17 years, but that child is aging beautifully and has a very promising future ahead of her.

  • Pamela

    Shallow and unimportant

  • I happened upon this page accidentally but took a look anyway. Whoever wrote this piece is petty. These celebs look great.

  • I happened upon this page accidentally but took a look anyway. Whoever wrote this piece is petty. These celebs look great.

  • latrunzo

    As a rule teenagers who look old for their age tend to age well, but to bring up how well or badly a teenager is aging is just plain sad.

  • Amy B.

    Most of these could be solved by dressing their ages, rather than older or frumpier. The Jenner girls would look like High School girls if they wore age-appropriate clothing rather than like 22 year-olds going out clubbing. The older ones have clearly spent too much time out in the sun, at their plastic surgeon’s, or smoking- or all three. There is not much to be done after that.

  • cat

    This is such a ridiculous article.

  • HammerDoc

    With the advancement of Anti Aging Medicine in this country, there is no excuse for this!

  • Heidi Montag definitely made poor choices concerning her body. I don’t see how that has anything to do with how she’s aged though…

  • Julian

    Nick Cannon.

  • Mutt

    I don’t care how some fool thinks Heidi Montag is aging. That woman is incredible.

  • Michael Dzikowski

    The fact that Latoya Jackson is on the list discredits it in its entire. Could you have chosen lower hanging fruit? Was Tiny Tim or the Elephant man too topical for you? Please engage this shallow topic with an attempt at depth.

  • I’ve only gotten as far as the 2 Jenner girls. My gosh – are you serious? The majority of teenage girls these days look 20+ anyway. I’m sorry – you’re really reaching!

  • dannyjude63

    This article, and choice of terms (“WTF”), are disgraceful. The writers of this article should be laid out for ridicule more than any of the celebrities they’re skewering.

  • well Latoya still looks good..I think she and I look the same age and I am 50 also. But many of theses entertainers look like their life style, nothing unusual here to me…. there are things people can do to slow the aging process I have products that I have developed after much research so I know I look younger than I did ten years ago, it is just information that you know….my photo was taken less than a year ago

  • Why Did I read this

    When I read the captions for this stupid article… In my head, I hear an immature teenage girl’s voice

  • Dana

    This is the worst so-called journalism I have ever had the misfortune to read. Very hateful. As if the world needs more of that. Shame on you.

  • Pedro

    Who in the hell did this article?!! Yes, I will give you Lindsay, she does look older, but you are on crack if you think the other ones look way older than what they are…here is an idea, post pics of your ugly mugs so we can all judge you, but make sure that you post the ones that you do not realize someone else took! You are idiots!

  • japleseed

    These pics and story was bad, it looks as if you did some photoshop, and you mostly chose people way to young who go out of there way to look older, 14 yr and 16 yr old, or a 70 yr old

  • Concerned

    You are completely “in the wrong” for including minors. This whole thing is trash. Review your ethics.

  • Jax

    absurd. I can’t believe I clicked on this trash. I am ashamed of myself. Whoever wrote this, go get a life, please.

  • Francine

    Some of them were true but some were not even bad! All of them description were also very harsh. This is ignorant..

  • Jerseysmelltours

    We really don’t have much say in how well we age(is there really a good way too age?) a nimble mind, good diverse and caring friends, maybe some fine sexual relations would help us as me age. Seeing Ms Jenner and her attempted measures at looking “Good” prove to me how really false this whole celebrity worship trend has gone. We see some longtime actors who go to all measures to look “young” and than you see such youthful fine -looking actors like Keira Knightly and I realize you can’t get youthful again …The egos and empty lives when all that matters to these vain over-operated on plastic surgery experiments attempting to fool one’s self. You don’t look youthful you look desperate…get a full- frontal lobotomy it ‘s more effective.

  • Jerseysmelltours

    We really don’t have much say in how well we age(is there really a good way too age?) a nimble mind, good diverse and caring friends, maybe some fine sexual relations would help us as me age. Seeing Ms Jenner and her attempted measures at looking “Good” prove to me how really false this whole celebrity worship trend has gone. We see some longtime actors who go to all measures to look “young” and than you see such youthful fine -looking actors like Keira Knightly and I realize you can’t get youthful again …The egos and empty lives when all that matters to these vain over-operated on plastic surgery experiments attempting to fool one’s self. You don’t look youthful you look desperate…get a full- frontal lobotomy it ‘s more effective.

  • Jerseysmelltours

    We really don’t have much say in how well we age(is there really a good way too age?) a nimble mind, good diverse and caring friends, maybe some fine sexual relations would help us as me age. Seeing Ms Jenner and her attempted measures at looking “Good” prove to me how really false this whole celebrity worship trend has gone. We see some longtime actors who go to all measures to look “young” and than you see such youthful fine -looking actors like Keira Knightly and I realize you can’t get youthful again …The egos and empty lives when all that matters to these vain over-operated on plastic surgery experiments attempting to fool one’s self. You don’t look youthful you look desperate…get a full- frontal lobotomy it ‘s more effective.

  • Jerseysmelltours

    This is not the kind of focus I expected from such a fluffy post but I like that the “writer’s ” are at least trying, if not succeeding. What’s her name from “MeanGirls” was such a FOX and too see her rapid aging is worth a chat. Most of the reat of these women/girls I have no idea who or what they are….Except Ms Montague who will be someone too watch over the next years so fixated on the slightest blemish …I don’t see it ending well or her concern attractively…Happy Holidays!

  • RKM1954

    First time I have ever been to this site….and it will be the last. I would love to see pics of the “editors” that selected this list. Probably a group of old hags and a fat guy.

  • Truth

    You just said a 16 year old is not aging nicely… This website is a piece of crap.

  • Courtney

    Knifed up bimbo? Wow. This is a ridiculous compilation of beautiful women being needlessly ripped apart. It’s disgusting.

  • It’s no secret that white people age quickly and bad, all of the make up and sun screen. Now La Toya and Sammy had surgery messing them selves up.

  • Bruce Jenner is near 65 and he still has all his hair and natural teeth…he can pass for 55. Fail on Bruce.

  • Literate Insomniac

    Putting a bunch of teenagers on this list isnt fair…especially a 16yo and a 14yo…Shoulda shortened the list and focused more on wtf Sammy Sosa did to his face

  • Joost

    I’m not sure what the author of this article is talking about. Looking like a 20-something adult at 18 or 19 isn’t aging poorly. An unfortunately candid photo isn’t aging poorly (surprise surprise, celebrities without stylists and make-up look like the rest of us).

    Only a couple of photos really match the title and even then it’s less to do with aging and more to screwing their faces up with plastic surgery.

  • I think putting the Jenner girls in there is preposterous! I dont know what planet you reside but on earth those girls are beautiful and getting more so daily! I cant help but feel you are envious and rightly so, they have the world by the tail, while you pick on little girls behind curtains.

  • rational reader

    I take great offense at putting the talented lovely Dakota Fanning in this list! Dakota is aging just as she should. maybe your sensibilities are a bit skewed and now you can’t see things rationally but to infer that miss Fanning is aging badly is an abomination of misinformation. this is the last time I will ever waste time reading another article from this heinous site. you wish you had even a speck of the grace and poise she is growing with in her high pressure scrutinized world. maybe go outside and meet normal people onse in a while to unskew your perspective…

  • PitsMcgoo

    Show them without makeup

    • John H. Holliday

      AMEN…. show a great many “stars” without makeup and we’d vomit.

  • Hempy

    Young girls14 to 18 years old aging poorly? Get some class! I wonder how they felt after they realized that there photo was posted on the internet with that headline? Hmmmmm? This site is crap.

    I wonder what would happen if you switched the word black with white and white with black throughout this site? Somebody would be screaming about hate and racial stereotyping. This site is racist and full of antagonizing stereotypes. We get what we give.

  • Johnny

    She would have been the perfect Lisa Simpson.

  • Kate miller

    Lame, lame and more lame. Some are beautiful, some had bad days, and the others will still look better than you.

    • Kate miller

      cept that one of lil kim…sorry girl, they got your rolls and all in that shot

  • Is that Joan van Ark or Michael Jackson?

  • Katie Writes

    I don’t usually comment, but this site is terible. I am extremely irritated that I was assaulted by ad audio the whole time-I had to mute each commercial. And as for the article..for God’s sake, people AGE. It’s NATURAL. Life ain’t TV. I’d rather see a TV or movie star who is healthy, but accepts that age and gravity are real than a movie star with so much plastic surgery they look caught in a wind tunnel. We all AGE, get over it and stop picking on people who are as human as the rest of us. This is a horrible site. I will never return.

    • Jane Baker

      Ad blockers are pretty easy to install.

  • Catherine Wylie

    Thanks for adding to all the tacky shallowness in this world. How can you sleep at night passing this sort of junk and oppressiveness of women off in the world? Shame on you people. Cheap shots at 14 and 16 year olds? Thanks for only adding to the evils of culture that women should be at fault for aging, let alone aging badly. Think of all the unhappiness you spread around when women could be doing wonderful things in the world and not all hung up and ruining their lives and their self-esteem because of how they are “aging.” Go get a real job that does some good.

  • Jack

    I can’t believe I wasted my time looking at this retarded article. If your going to write up articles like this, at least make sure they are statistically correct and not strictly your own opinion. You can tell every picture used to make someone look bad was one of there worst pictures. And the 14 and 16 year old girls, aren’t aging wrong. Its make up and cloths that make them look older. Not to forget to mention, they look very pretty.

  • Megan

    Celebrities are people too. They’re not immune to aging. Society needs to stop being so afraid of aging. It literally happens to everyone lucky enough to live that long. So basically I’m saying, why should we care?

  • Don’t show any before and now pictures or anything to support your points.

  • mykal

    This was so stupid. The Jenner girls? Really? Dakota? Miley? Who ever put this together needs to be demoted. . .

  • Eduardo Sanchez

    I would love to see pictures of the idiots that write these articles! Some of the people I agree aren’t looking good;however, some people don’t photograph well. One thing for sure, these people are just blind and dumb if they don’t think that the Jenner girls look amazing, especially the model one. She could be a top model anywhere in my opinion..These people need to get a life and stop obsessing over others.

  • Sherrie

    No wonder so many women (and a growing number of men) have body image issues. Articles like this are socially toxic and the author should be absolutely ashamed of herself.

    • Chase

      Yes, articles like this are as socially toxic as the articles that present these same celebrities (who, of course, are celebrities because they sell themselves to the public for money or are born into money and do very little to benefit society with what they inherited) as flawless beauties. I think those authors, as well as the celebrities alike, should also be ashamed of themselves. You’re right. No wonder so many people have body image issues.

  • Aquia

    I suppose I’m a little late, but I can;t help but wish I hadn’t seen this at all. What is your definition of “not aging very nicely?” Because few of the individuals you listed fit in that category. Look older for their age? Perhaps. But not aging well and looking a bit older and/or more mature for that matter are not in the same boat. Kendall Jenner? Seriously? She is a stallion. You all have lost your minds. Shame on you.

  • This magazine is a damn shame to society. The people who write these articles should do us all a favor and commit suicide.

  • emailme

    whatdoyoumean? this is the most human Latoyas ever looked…

  • hibbidy

    the scabs on kate moss face make her look like a dope fiend. oh yeah, she is a top fiend, my bad. no prob because airbrush can take all the bad out!

  • abilify

    all bruce jenner needs is a decent haircut…

  • postalnut

    I think Adele looks fabulous. The author here just wants her to rock something modern and tacky instead of retro and timeless; Go Adele!

  • hyper1

    that’s BillyRay in drag, you idiots!

  • hagadb

    there’s something wrong with her navel. its like half inny and half outy and gross!

  • ThatGuy

    You people should feel ashamed of yourselves for making these ridiculous comments. These people have to live under the public eye constantly. If you want to make comments about how these actors look, how about you post a picture of yourself and let us make comments about how old you look.

  • douchery

    Here, here, Madame Noir! These “celebrities” (don’t eve know half of them) have real audacity showing any signs of maturity in their physical appearances.

  • Ranting

    This article is a SLAP in the face to every woman reading it. SHAME ON MADAME NOIRE FOR PRINTING THIS! You guys can write this article but I guess everyone on your staff is too incompetent to read and answer a simple e-mail. If the site won’t consider taking this article down, they could at least respond and tell me they recieved my e-mail. This is totally unprofessional and this website is a joke. If they don’t have the staff to maintain it, maybe they should shut the whole thing down. There is very little on here that is useful and redeeming. It looks like just another gossip and junk site run by idiots.

  • Ranting

    I have sent SEVERAL e-mails to this website. I tried calling them, they pretended to know NOTHING about this website and it’s contents. Then they TOOK the phone numbers down a week later. I have been trying to contact them for over 2 months regarding this article. I would NEVER buy anything from this horrid website. Honestly they seem shady and they don’t seem to care about the well being of women or teens. So if ANYONE there has the guts to reply to my e-mail, I would like to hear what you have to say about your sad, pathetic and poorly run excuse of a site. DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM HERE AND DON’T CLICK ON THE ADS UNTIL THEY TAKE THIS ARTICLE DOWN!!!!

  • Smoke

    Sammy Sosa has a disease you retards.

  • Some need more sleep, some less plastic surgery, less Twinkies, the Jenner girls- better role models….It just demonstrates, to me anyway, that celebrities are human and have bad days, like everyone else…unfortunately for them some jerk paparazzi is there to exploit that fact!! Give them a break already..no one looked like a hideous monster!!

  • Madame Noire SHUT THE HELL UP!

  • M

    Whoever wrote this article is a jackass… Just saying.


    Take this website down. That was terrible, your one ugly person who ever wrote this you are not aging nicely.

  • juah johnson

    ok joan van ark never looked good when i watch her on knots landing and i was a kids and thought she was old so her making this list didnt move me she look worst now did jasmine guy make this list she another that looked old to me when she was on different world

  • She still looks cute, despite the triple pack abs.

  • Five o’clock shadows. Did these come with the face lift?

  • Poor LaToya — too much plastic surgery just like her brother. Not the way to perfection.

  • Looks like a lizard!

  • S.Carras

    No way is #2 that black chick Michelle Williams—you mean the actress—she’s a blonde white chick!

  • Alan

    Cruel & unnecessary, sorry I stumbled on this site.

  • I’m pretty sure that pic of Joan Van Ark is actually Jon Hamm in drag.

  • Tina

    First of all 25 is NOT old and I don’t think she looks older then 20…..

  • Tina Occh

    Adele looks great, all she has to do is shed about 25 to 30 lbs…. Thas all!!!!

  • Mr. Rawr Jr.

    I wonder who writes this stuff. Sounds like whoever wrote it was either jealous or bitter towards those individuals.


    to have to click 15 freaking pages is a JOKE.. GET A REAL JOB

  • Diana

    Just what do people expect of a Jackson, particularly Latoya? Can’t let Michael & HIS overdone plastic surgery rule-she looks like she’s trying intentionally to look worse than he did!

  • Erica

    Adele isn’t a skinny mini girl like Miley Cyrus or Kylie/Kendall Jenner, so when you’re bigger, you need bigger hair. It’s not that bad, my gosh.

  • Billy Stark

    As an older movie buff, I don’t even know who half of these people are, but considering that we all are aging, I don’t think anyone looks that bad. I am familiar with Bruce Jenner and Joan Van Ark. Sure they look older but, considering their ages, I think they look fine. I thought you were going to show people like Sally Struthers, who has let herself go. Tom Hanks, Mel gibson, while they appear to be in decent shape, they appear to have aged more. The people you have shown typically are somewhat physically fit. I thought maybe you would show some older athletes, many of whom seem to go downhill quickly when they quit playing.
    Also, I should mention (this is free for now) that as a graduate in Physical Education, I am currently compiling data for a book, concerning, what I believe to be, revolutionary alternatives to plastic surgery (also free for now). I am trying this stuff on myself and I am amazed at how well its working. I am 62 and my friends from high school at our 40th class reunion said that I had not changed, although I am not in total agreement with that. I do agree that my, free, safe techniques are working very well. When the book comes out, you would, of course, need to buy the book.
    Please e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns.

  • JessicaK

    oh yeahhhhh, I’d totally just DIE to look like her, hah gimme the home town buffet – I’m fine looking like a human and not an alien from the movie b/c my skin is sagging off my bones…..disgusting slore!

  • im not sure who the writer is but they need to be fired..terrible article most of the girls are cute for there age..but than you degrade a lot of them..why don’t you post your pic on here so we can comment on you

  • kate

    Yeah I don’t agree with some of those.

  • wow this list is really screwed up the older people on here have had more surgeries than they will admit to and do look monstrous and the young ones u picked r teenagers with lots of makeup and want to look older u really need to pick better wow kendle, kylie, miley, and dakota r 14,16,18. and 19 want to look 20 something

  • LPD

    Poor Joan Van Ark doesn’t look well. She actually looks like she’s on a cardiac med that causes what we call “smurf syndrome”, because it causes the skin to take on a bluish tinge. MadameNoire really should be careful about who they criticize, because some things aren’t self-inflicted by too much plastic surgery or too much partying. Case in point: Toni Braxton is getting the “moon face” that every person gets when they are on steroids (prednisone, not the ones some athletes & bodybuilders use) long term. She has to take it because of her lupus. As a general rule, doctors try very hard to use that drug only short-term, but for some illnesses, like auto-immune disorders such as lupus, there is nothing else to manage symptoms. But, I’d bet my house the tabloids will soon be publishing stuff saying that she’s fat, etc.

  • how the hell can u say kendel jenner isn’t aging nicely she id freaking beautiful so sje don’t look 12 but she don’t look 40 or 50 either hell most girls who r 16 want to look 20

  • Zoe

    This article epitomizes everything that is wrong with today’s society. How about we censor ARTICLES that contain profane and/or derogatory language in addition to the comments?

  • who ever this writer was that made this bull story line shouldnt have teir head look at. And who ever let him put this out should be ashame of them self for many reason……………………… Also Sammy Sosa didnt bleach his skin ever thought he has the same trouble like MJ did. Bleach wow how much more stupid can MN has to be.

  • Kyle and Kendall? Whoever wrote this must be an insecure loser!

  • LOL Miley Cyrus looks like Sarah Palin or something

  • tumbleweed20

    This article is really mean and catty. its a real turnoff

  • It’s not the drinking that ages you quickly, it’s the smoking.

  • Boy, you are a mean hearted you know what…

  • kitty

    I can understand Kate Moss, Heidi Montag & a few others that were posted in here but the little girls? come on now, were you people that desperate for material? Everyone is so quick to jump if a girl that age dresses like a skank… and now you are going to jump at them when they are dressed conservative? this is why many areas of the media are out of control, please find a job that you are good at.

  • Wow this article could actually be in the Hall of Fame of Haters. And you wonder why people in the spotlight have plastic surgery? Unfortunately it’s their misguided efforts to appease people like you. How do you sleep at night? Really Joan Van Ark? She’s almost 70! Yeah she looks horrible, are you kidding? And those Kardashian kids, maybe they should never leave the house again. If I remember correctly it’s almost manditory as a teenager to look older, that’s the whole point – you spend half your life trying to look older and than the other half trying to look younger. This endless obsession the press has of picking people apart is destructive. How about focusing on the positive things people do? Criticizing a poor style choice is one thing, but really the face they are born with? It must be nice to be flawless, and that crap about ‘making all that money they make gives us the right to tear them down’ is a thinly veiled excuse to prolong your school days as the mean girl. Write about something that helps build up someone not tear them down. No wonder Lindsay is having problems. Please stop!

  • I saw the title and had to check it out. The writer must be one of those mean little socialite girls that hates everyone and everything. If you want to see something ugly just look at your cold, black, heart.

  • Angry


  • Angry

    I have called and e-mailed this website SEVERAL times regarding this offensive article. They won’t return my calls and e-mails and it has been over a month. I encourage ALL women reading this article to call and e-mail them until they take this down. It is SHAMEFUL and insulting to women of all ages!!!

  • Nuh Uh

    Kendall looks twenty something because she IS twenty something. That ain’t no sixteen year old girl.

  • John Dillinger

    Pretty sad you used little teenage girls in this, you could give them a complex

  • lolno

    Whoever wrote this doesn’t seem to know what the definition of ‘not ageing gracefully’ means. The majority of this list doesn’t make sense.

  • tamyrauh

    There are a lot of things I want to say about this article. All I will say is that……Sammy Sosa’s hair looks like jello 0>0

  • michelle

    this article is mean-spirited, and not even true. Just…shut up. Please.

  • DanUser

    One of the emptiest articles ever published. Sad and mean-spirited. Not fun or funny. Just…don’t

  • Rich McKee

    Couldn’t disagree more about Adele. Just because she has big hair she isn’t aging well? STFU

  • rolanda

    I don’t think they look bad for their age. They just look their age, like other human beings loool bw, partying, smoking, drinking, tanning in excess is bad for your health guys

  • Lia

    I was expecting to see celebrities who physically looked older than their actual age. Most of those featured here only seem to look older because of their dress style.

  • amerikanka

    Adele is gorgeous and has fantastic skin. Best of all, she’s happy with herself, which will serve her well in this celebrity-obsessed world. I guess when this was originally posted it was before she gave birth. Is motherhood part of not aging well?

  • Madma Noire SUX!

    With fing idiotic yahoo stories like this more young girls or woman will stat to get more plastic surgery to look younger and will regret it like Heidi Montag ….. Last week there was a stories on how Goldie Hawn can look so young for her age .. PLASTIC SURGERY! This story is total useless crap!

  • How much does Miley Cyrus charge an hour?

  • I don’t see how they are aging at all. They don’t have the stresses of everyday life like we have.

  • ozkarzeron

    Who ever route this article is getting paid way to much

  • ozkarzeron

    Who ever route this article is getting paid way to much

  • Ben

    Terrible article. Kicking myself for getting to the end. Get a proper job.

  • James

    I think most of these people look fine for their age, and there was no need to put a 14 or 16 year old on this list. Gotta agree though that Latoya Jackson looks scary!

  • The older people show what plastic surgery does to you… I have read that once you go under the knife and have the $. Plastic surgery is addictive and that is not a good addction.

  • Joe M

    You forgot Tori Amos she looks wretched!

  • For the sake of womankind; I hope this article was written by a cold-heart, bitter old man with no moral compass and resentment towards women…

  • Chelsea

    This is horrible. There was probably only two people in this list that didnt look so glamorous, mostly because they had surgeries that didnt turn out so well. Who are you to say they are aging badly? How rude.

  • Lois

    *scratches head* why are knifed up, bleached people on this list?

  • Shai

    what does kim’s looks have to do with ‘aging’? she now looks like a lil Asian woman…that has nothing to do with mother nature.

  • Jo Waring

    why do you feel it necessary to write vindictive, horrible articles about people? We all get older and die (or just die). It seems sick to write these kind of pieces – you are very sad.

  • billbob

    your site creator needs to be changed tryingto gothrough the pictures and loading the whole page to do so is stupid!!! cant injoy

  • Barb

    These are just children in makeup because they want to look sophisticated. I think the author needs to look up the meaning of the word “aging”.

  • Please remove Miley Cyrus from this list :/

  • ToughTalkingTony

    So its either Drugs or Dodgy Plastic Surgery then?

  • venvariants

    So you diss Bruce Jenner for defying Mother Nature, but diss 18 year olds who look 25, and haven’t done any plastic surgery? Things like this pressure young people to get facelifts, and then when they look like a monster, you say “Oh, they should have grown old gracefully.” And here I am looking at this shallow tripe…

  • srobins6

    Kill it with fire

  • katie

    What a horribly catty, shallow, waste of space this article was. Shame on you. We’re trying to teach our children not to be mean and young women to accept themselves and you’re posting negative comments towards a fourteen year old girl. Ever think articles and attitudes like this contribute to women such as Heidi Montag trying to obtain perfection? Disgusting.

  • Lianne

    Hey let’s criticize people for everything. If you try to look younger with plastic surgery you’re fake. If you look don’t like like the typical hollywood starlet then you’re not aging gracefully. For heavens sake I hope the people who write this stuff is perfect because you are far too critical of others…

  • madslsr

    What an awful article!! Writer should be fired!!!

  • Leilani

    The only reason why Kylie and Kendall could pass for older because of the outfits they wear and how they have their hair done up. If you see them casual they still look like young girls. I still they they’re pretty either way.

  • Looks nice

  • WTF Happened to Sammy Sosa!?! He looks like someone drained all the blood(and color) from him and turned him into a vampire!

  • Yea Latoya was drop-dead gorgeous back then. Now she looks like she just dropped dead and was reborn as a zombie!

  • The author of this really is an idiot. Come on now, the jenner girls? A couple of them could be on this list, but get real.

  • Meg McAllister

    Congratulations on producing some of the most mean-spirited and pointless content I’ve ever seen! Perhaps you’d care to put up pictures of all your editors/contributors and let us decide how good or bad they look?

  • Curious

    What’s all that gunk in Sammy Sosa’s hair?

  • Brad

    Since when have teenage girls NOT wanted to look they were in the 20’s?

  • kjatexas

    Kendall, Jenner, you’re kidding me right? She’s is gorgeous.

  • Nana

    Total nonsense. And btw, JOAN VAN ARK is 69. That is 55 years older than one of the other people (a child) that you included. What is the purpose of this article?

  • News Flash….The Jenner sisters & Heidi Mondag are NOT celebs.

  • what kind of crap is this the only one that looks remotely bad is lindsay lohan and thats because shes done some stupid things and made stupid mistakes and its cost her. what a joke and the nerve of putting adele on here. theres something seriously wrong in this world if your hairstyle is a part of aging badly

  • Lynn Howard

    whoever writes this stuff is seriously stuffed in the brain. give us all a break. life could be so much more joyful for all of us if ‘writers’ of this ilk would just climb into a box and stay there. sticky tape over mouth. permanently.

  • Youran Idiot

    I’m going to go aheaad and assume this list was written by a woman….

  • 1. it takes your ads too long to load with a slide show like this.

    2. this is incredibly mean spirited. i hope someone nit picks the heck out of your looks when you get to be old enough.

    3. i didn’t know who about a third of these people were, and didn’t give a damn.

  • Krambone

    Why are there only like two men on here? This article blows.

  • go report something important

    This editor is an idiot. Don’t bother responding, because I have already left this cyber-rag of a website.

  • Just let her live her life… And she is 17 btw but when doesnt work, she is just a normal teenager…and then she is stunning!!!

  • Jon C

    Ridiculous article

  • I love pink more than all of these celebs put together!

  • kendall is gorgeous,, just cause someone looks mor emature, more of a woman, doesnt mean they r old..

  • OMG I thought that was a picture of Sharon Stone. Yep, I guess LL hasn’t aged that well, heh.

  • Wow, Kate Moss’s deviated septum has deviated her whole face–20-miles-of-bumpy-road.

  • Tom Ford

    Where’s Christina Aguilera on this list?

  • Lindsay A.

    you forgot Britney Spears…

  • nancy c

    Ridiculous. I’m ashamed I even opened the site.

  • Holy Crap. Joan Van Ark has the Michael Jackson nose. Just before it fell off!
    I agree with most of these posts though, most of these people look pretty good.

  • Seriously

    I think this is a mean article. Most of the women and girls are beautiful. Hey MN Editor…let’s see how YOU’RE aging. Please post your own image! n

  • Why is a 16-year-old on this list? The whole thing is an EPIC FAIL.

  • Sean

    This is sexist crap.

  • theon greyjoy

    this entire site is BS

  • Any else notice this piece was not attributed to an
    author, and no byline pic was included? It’s almost like the author didn’t want
    to be called out for hypocrisy.

  • lin

    Horrid article – who, in Mme Noire’s opinion, would look their age? Would a baby of six months pass this idiot’s idea of what people should look like?

  • J

    What a horrible shallow article. I thought most them looked fine. …And why are most of them women, even young girls infact? It does seem to be mostly women that get their looks criticised in the media. Typical “dark ages” journalism.

  • aleolite10

    kendall does looks better than kylie but they look like of 17 or 18 not 20! And Miley she looks perfect for her age, we might be used to seeing her like Hanna Montana but she is now really mature and she is looking gorgeous.

  • Reina

    Wouldn’t sign up for your “newsletter” if this is the type of stuff you’re pushing. Give me a break…a few crappy (and most not) pictures and you criticize “aging”??

  • spike

    Bruce Jenner won the gold medal in 1976, almost 40 years ago. He’s older than dirt. Okay, maybe not as old, but he looks damned good for 63.

  • christian

    lindsay really is looking bad. but others should not be included in this list.

  • Beezy

    Your logic is absolutely baffling. I’m pretty sure Miley and the two Kardashians are trying to look older. As a young-looking 20 year old myself, I wouldn’t mind aging that “badly.”

  • Renee

    Ok this is ridiculous. The 15-year-old undoubtably just wants to look older so she can appeal to her audience as not just some kid. Michelle Williams 31 years old looked fine to me. Lindsey Lohan? Yeah she looks a bit rough lately. She’s got some problems in her life. Lay off and give her some time to overcome them for pete’s sake. Articles like this are really not helpful to any woman’s self esteem. I’d give it 50 stars down if I could.

  • Evillyne

    Misogynistic crap. Stupid, ugly reporting.

  • Inneresting

    You know what? To be able to show empathy, compassion and love you first need to be able to provide all those things to yourself. You need to give yourself a break, accept that you are enough exactly as you are right now, and just do your best.

    The person who wrote this has no self-love, empathy or compassion for herself. Instead of trying to build other people, she’s tearing them down. It makes me sad, and I hope she realizes that poison like this needs to stop. Enjoying other people’s pain and misfortunes needs to stop. We are creating a f-cked up world for our kids because we don’t love, forgive and live the lives we wish for for ourselves.

  • AllYourBase

    Wow. I just had to comment here not even to agree with other commenters on how awful of an “article” this is, but to say, WOW this website
    has the worst layout in the history of the Internet! You have to keep scrolling through ads that break up the different parts of the article! What genius thought that was a good idea? This literally is the least user-friendly website I have ever seen in my entire life. My life is now worse for having stumbled across it.

  • Nina

    I think your own nickname should be “Madame Stupid”.

  • ola

    Too hard to scroll through the list page by page, but besides Lohan, I think Angelina Jolie is the most aged, skeletor looking 50-something… she’s only 37! But veins, hunched over, weird protruding jaw and a face that can’t smile normal anymore, thanks to so much surgery and botox… that is really sad… she once was a pretty girl.

  • rmurray1946

    Forget all the ones under 30……how about Kenny Rogers? Susan Lucci? Charlie Sheen? to name just a few . I’m sure there are a lot more that fit this description rather than teenagers.

  • omg

    This is the worst and most demeaning things I have ever accidentally clicked on. How dare you comment on people like this. Really sad.

  • rammee

    I’m sorry ……but the title doesn’t fit the contents

    when i saw the title three actresses came to my mind without hesitation and they were made for that title

    Tori spelling,Kirstie alley and the third one i can’t remember the name but she has the biggest jaw in the industry if not the world

    but to talk about 14 and 16 yo that looks 21 or 25 is not what the title insinuate

  • AngryBecauseYourSiteSucks

    Seriously…WHY are they putting MINORS on this list? How can you even tell how a 14 year old will age? She is wearing MAKEUP maybe that is why she looks 20! This is a seriously lame and awful website and I am never clicking on any article here EVER AGAIN! The website is buggy, slow, it has talking ads and the pictures take forever to load. This is also a very sexist, stupid article. Shame on the person who wrote this GARBAGE! Some of these people are children and others honestly don’t look bad and probably look a lot better than this stupid website or the person who whote this pile of CRAP!!!!!

  • Terri

    This is lame! The Jenner GIRLS & Dakota Fanning? Please! Adele ~ because of her hair do! No wonder we women have complexes!!


    The Kendall Jenner entry is stupid, I’ve been passing for 20 something since I was 12 and, at 33, I still do. And from what I’ve seen, most of these people just need a restyle, not a face lift.

  • I don’t know how people care about what age of the people or gender or the people this author is focusing on. Dude, how can you sleep at night knowing you put this out into the world. I like trashy tv and internet, just like everyone else…but this goes way too far!

  • in a few more years those 14 and 16yo girls will look 30+! Pretty sad! Kids try to grow up to fast as it is. But having a media-whore family just makes it all that much worse!

  • JT

    Jesus, these captions sound like they were written by an eighth grader. That’s really the best this website can do?

  • annie

    Crazy article! You should have called it “Celebs who had bad plastic surgery” for some of the and for others you could have called it “people who don’t look their age.” But Celbs who are not aging well? This had little to do with people “aging” when you include teenage kids and 20 somethings. STUPID article that made no sense!

  • Ashley

    Kendall’s Beautiful. You people just like to be mean.

  • This slide show is so f’n slow that I ‘x-ed’ it out(tried to). Then, It slowly comes back onto my screen on it’s own accord. Just the stupidity of this article alone is hard enough to endure. Add to that the insanely slow performace and not even closing out when Ichose to. Huffington is where I found this link-way to go ‘huffing’ for such crucial news and high-performance website. Is this like news ‘huffing’?

  • poorchoices

    Uhh, when does looking twenty-something mean you aren’t aging well? Sorry, but the Kardashian girls are not looking bad. Infact, aren’t they models? Someone has it out for the Kardashians considering 20% of this list is on keeping up with the kardashians.

  • Acer

    Are you fucked? Way to OBVIOUSLY target the Kardashians. Jealous much? Those girls look fantastic!

  • Coco

    who is michelle williams?

  • drtomconrad

    It’s a shame that the press has to attack two beautiful, young ladies, because they do not appeal to their tastes. If they were not celebs, the public outcry would be much greater, Leave kids alone!!!

  • Denise

    It’s so frustrating seeing this type of article, once again condemning women for their looks


    Dear MN Editor … Get a life … You sad sad sad deluded oxygen thief

  • Bill

    With the author’s grammar she could pass for twelve. An airheaded twelve, at that.

  • I’m sure the jenner girls were encoraged by there mother and father. Look at Bruce He looks like Miss Jenner.

  • Happiewitch

    It’s just ridiculous that, after all this time, women young and old continue to be judged based on their appearance. For example, Adele: she’s a lovely young woman, with a retro style of singing and dressing. Women are the worst about it, constantly baring teeth and claws when someone who might be competition comes into the room, on the scene, around the block or down the chimney. Bottom line, we are the only ones who can change

  • JM

    This is absolute trash. Extremely stupid and tasteless.

  • QT

    Dakota Fanning looks like Goldie Hawn in that picture! Go Goldie!

  • did anyone else this of Ursula the sea witch out of little mermaid as soon as Adele popped up lol

  • DanD

    … so you guys are actually coming to a website for called “madame noire” … for it’s journalistic integrity??? Wow…. okay…..
    AND another thing!… the problem with our society isn’t poor little teeny boppers dealing with societal pressures of identity, it’s YOU pansy asses who can wake up and tell them to grow a thicker skin. We should be teaching them “HOW” to deal with other people bashing on them and telling them they are losers and not feeding them an unrealistic notion that the world is going to treat them with nothing but candy and gumdrops… prepare them for the world out there… give them the tools to deal with it… it’s beautiful and it’s horrible… and we all go through it…. that is all….

  • Julia

    What a stupid post. I’m not a Kardashian fan by ANY means but to criticize two teenage girls for looking like 20-somethings… um ok, that’s not “aging badly” that’s called trying to get into bars.

  • Disgusted Male

    What is wrong with the way Kendall Jenner looks? She is beautiful. This article is crap.

  • Nate

    I’d love to see what the author of this article looks like. Abhorrent that someone would criticize 14 and 16 year old girls as not aging well. Better organizations would have the sense to fire such inept and appalling “journalism.” Count me as someone who will never return to this site

  • Miley Cyrus is hot a eff..

  • VNederlander

    Catty, superficial, uncalled-for nastiness. As if there aren’t enough forces out there conspiring to make people insecure, these writers need to chime in with this egregious tripe. Shameful.

  • brobro

    I call bullshit on Kendall Jenner, she’s aging quite nicely

  • leenahhh

    Leave Adele alone! She knows what looks good on her and that IS bouffant/big hair. Just because “fashion” is dictating this stupid stick straight sleek look DOES NOT mean it works for everyone. Adele is a big girl and because of that she can’t have little hair or she will be completely out of balance with a large body and little bitty head and look like a pinhead! Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Quit trying to tear people down that do not follow your slavish “fashion rules”!

  • Chippi

    It’s horrible to put children on this list!

  • Crystal Chandelier

    It is disgusting that these teeanagers are on here, but these are twins! How can one be 16 and the other 14???

  • stan

    Just wanted to say that I have no idea how I stumbled upon this article. I have never been to this website, and I’ll never return because of this article.

    But before I left, I wanted to say I am so proud of the commentors who have taken to trashing this vain, sexist, materialistic, dated, filthy mind set. The author should be ashamed of themselves for shaming people for simply looking the way they do, and I’m so happy that I’m not the only one that feels this way.

  • sɹǝʍɐɹpɹǝʇsǝɥɔ

    ˙˙˙pIƆ∀ uo ǝɹɐ no⅄ ˙˙˙ʇoH llıʇS

  • pi55off

    Total crap!!!!

  • verisww

    Good God! If I had been a star at age 11, I would have been in this article. I always looked older until I reached my 20’s where my age matched. Then a funny thing happened, I started to look younger. For the young ladies in this list, never mind this horrible and insane article. You look just fine.

  • Sean

    What the F**k happened to Sammy Sosa!

  • Holy cow! Does this magazine understand that hollyweird folk don’t look like the general public? I didn’t agree with any of what they said. Not one! Well, maybe Cyrus and Dakota Fanning.

  • blackhead

    “a twenty something.” Must be taking it real easy at the office.

  • sicka you

    I’m really sorry that I wasted the time in my life that it took to view these pics and the lame comments. Not even an author’s name available to take it straight to the source, or inspect him/her/both/neither with the same cutting edge.

  • hippycat

    This has to be one of the most stupid articles I ever read. So you got 14/16 year olds who look 18 or 20 – good, well done! Then you got someone like Joan van Arc of Knot’s Landing who is 69 (!!!) and looks 20 years younger,,,,,what are you going on about? Most people look their age or younger. There are maybe one or 2 scarecrows there but that isn’t due to age but too much cosmetic surgery as in Latoya Jackson. What is the purpose of this article anyhow? And Kate, you do look gorgeous, enjoy life!

  • Anton

    What, no honey boo boo? I figured since there were a couple of teens on there they would have went even younger, boo boo looks like she is 13, YIKES!

  • bikerchick666

    Geesis, don’t go to number 13. Poor cow looks really ill and a bit blue what’s all that about then?

  • When you will see kim’s sister after 10 years they will still look the same

  • Bryan the dork has spoken! Look out world!

  • Mandy

    Whatever these girls look way beyond their years! And while they might be pretty, they DON’T look like teenagers!

  • squier

    seriously? stop it. i don’t care what age they look. america has GOT to stop obsessing over trivial things like appearance and weight! why do people think women have identity crises, anorexia, et al as it is?! our society likes to spend so much time telling us how to fix what’s wrong with us and not enough telling us we’re beautiful.

    • Weight is much more a factor of health. Obesity kills more than smoking. Its just another bad side effect that being fat is highly unattractive as well.

  • chiotisa

    Lots of young girls look older than their age, that doesn’t mean they are not aging nicely, it means they are dressed up and have make-up on… those girls are gorgeous and you are and idiot!!!

  • Wonderful Wormy


  • DevilMotherKris

    It’s the mother. Mother, mother, mother!!!

  • You guys use the word “celebrity” pretty freely.

  • kaydee

    Disgraceful. No other word for it.

    • kaydee

      Oh and in case you’re in any doubt, Madame Noire, it’s the article that’s disgraceful, not the women (obviously) .

  • TheLion

    The responses to this article are more interesting than the article itself. They show that most people are intelligent, thinking human beings. And the author is a moron.

  • MarylinManson

    This article is a perfect example of a vicious cycle. The article abuses both people that haven’t in the writers opinion tried hard enough to look young, or have tried too hard. Surely this kind of “journalism” is what makes people try too hard. Some people just naturally age differently than your twisted and beauty-product fuelled ideals. What a shallow and callous judgement you are making, and skin-deep evaluation of people you are influencing others to make.

  • GetALife

    This article is some hateful crap.

  • I notice there’s no picture of you anywhere here Madame honey. What’s up? Looking too old before your time? ……

  • sorry but i got to Kendall Jenner, who ever did this needs a life. really. shes 16, when i was 16 i got asked all the time if i were in my 20s. and took it as a compliment. it meant to me that i looked more mature than what i really was. shes lovely looking.

  • Jane20

    This article is absolutely revolting. The fact that you included girls as young as 14 makes me sick. Is it really any wonder girls (and boys) are growing up believing they aren’t ‘pretty’ or ‘perfect’ enough and end up with eating disorders and confidence issues. I have a young daughter and I seriously dread the world she is going to grow up in, I’ll have to educate her far more than my parents ever had to because this is what she is going to be constantly faced with! You should be ashamed of yourself you really should!

  • For Kendall and Kylie Jenner…I think that’s the point. I think they want to dress maturely and look like young women and not teenagers. Actually, I think that’s what a lot of girls their age want to do. This article is pointless.

  • I’m just here cause there’s nothing good on cable.

  • mdavis223

    Stupid, pathetic, self-absorbed twits who have nothing better to do than write an article like this? If this is the future of journalism, we are all doomed.

  • Laura Badger

    You’re a mean one, Mrs. Grinch! Most of these people look fine, except for make up on a few of them. No wonder Hollywood goes under the knife! Oh, I digress! Even ones who do go under the knife are slammed! You can’t win either way! Madame Noire, you are a stupid, pigheaded broad!

  • Someone

    “not aging well” and 24-year-old Adele looks like “fifteen” (15)?

  • vasiliki

    Where is your picture so we can see what you look like at your age? Some of these people are so young and are just dressing up with the point of look older. Plus, your sideshow, oops I meant slideshow was slow and painful.

  • Angie Huletta

    congrats on your jealous pathetic life whoever wrote this crap. these are human beings and you hardly are.

  • zoey

    adele circly she looks really young and so do the others that just cruel ok


    Honey! “YOUR ALL OVER THE MAP” here! What is your point?!

  • garbo_talks

    Hey person who complied this list, why don’t you post a pic of your ugly mug so we can all nitpick you?

  • The Jenner sisters are beautiful. What’s wrong with this article! So dumb.

  • Helen

    What a stupid article, making fun of teenagers and mostly pretty women because they don’t look perfect. The authors must be very insecure about their own looks if they feel the need to put down other people in this way. They make fun of cosmetic surgery but its trash like this that make women feel they need it.

    • Helen

      Actually this article is so ridiculous I just hope this isn’t some kind of fake website made to put a virus on my computer.

  • Rick

    This is a disgusting, truly unpleasant article. Some of the people look good in the pics you have chosen, others are kids who are probably TRYING to look older. There’s a couple of bad pictures, then maybe 3 or 4 people who look do look a bit older than they would probably like. If you’d included just those pics it would have been fair enough, but this went too far.

    I will not return to this site for any reason, ever.

  • Shannon

    What intellectual giant wrote this masterpiece? I suppose MN gets their “talent” from the popular girls’ table at their local junior high school. What a bunch of vapid drivel.

  • Joe Belogi

    Regarding Joan Van Ark. Sha has been battling MS for more than 20 years. You must be morons to place her in this array of losers…

  • Well you’d think firstly the MN Editor would learn how to spell “Ageing” correctly before berating anyone.

  • MAC

    Agree with Boniva, kids are off limits

  • I stopped after just a few pics. This is lame. So people don’t always look their Photoshopped best. Big deal.

  • Rob P

    terrible piece of ‘journalism’

  • nomonkeydreams

    “Knifed up bimbo”, Who is the gueer puke who wrote this piece?

  • Chloe35

    Almost every one of these tragic outcomes started with plastic surgeries.

  • ToddAZ2012

    I seriously loathe these type of mean-spirited pieces tearing apart celebrities like this. No doubt, a group of less than attractive, over-weight, bitter tools sat around the Madame Noire office coming up with this pathetic mess. Shame on you all.

  • Article was a waste of time. Esp, with how slow it loads….but Sammy Sosa face is [said to be] back to normal.

  • Age undisclosed

    Read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page, it states “MadameNoire is a sophisticated lifestyle publication that gives African-American women the latest in fashion trends, black entertainment news, parenting tips and beauty secrets that are specifically for black women.”

    So where is the sophistication here? If you’re claiming to offer beauty secrets specifically for black women but just posting some unflattering (and some flattering) pictures of white celebrities, then bluntly saying how bad they look then I’d advise you to re-evaluate what you claim to offer.

  • A man

    What a hateful article. Your credibility and value as a media news source dissipated with this god forsaken article.

  • Ok, out of the 15, only Lohan and Fannying can be remotely described as celebs. Who the hell are the remaining 13??? Want some news, MadameNoire? Your site takes a minute to load. Get a new host or close down! #fail

  • Don’t let them get you down Lindsay, you are still beautiful…!!!

  • Guest

    Don’t let them get you down Lindsay!!! Your still beautiful!

  • Lindsay Lohan looks abused, and beat up; as if they are bruises on her face, and arm… and she is holding her hand as if it were injured… UUUUUUmmmmmmmm suspicious!

  • just saying

    Kate Moss looks old because she smokes too much.

  • Jo Niles

    Bruce Jenner looks fine for his age – though he’s the only one who does.

  • Dodgy

    Hope to god you didn’t actually get paid for this piece. Tacky and mediocre. A 25 year old looks rough after 7plus years on the piss and an attack on two Kardashian teens for looking mature for their age. Wow, edgy stuff.
    I’m sure this is Pullitzer material. Mummy must be proud.

  • ian

    wow. this website is vile. bye.

  • Wow. You know, there’s a difference between again badly and just … aging. Many of these people look great for their age, though admittedly they don’t look 20 or 30 anymore. Not that they should.

  • The Editor needs to reassess her/his own values before abusing 14 and 16 year old girls…

  • Ohgosh

    This has got to be the dumbest article ever…

  • awesome your blog

  • Nancy

    This slideshow was interesting but I could not finish it due to the formatting. Waiting for the whole page to load just for a line or two of text just wasn’t worth it.

    Even a small change such as having the “Next” button on top of the picture would have helped, although the text would laregly go unread.

  • Booboo

    Hmmm… The only one i agree with is Lindsey Lohan, the rest are either kids, or surgical freaks. And Kate Moss??? Come on, she looks great for her age!!!!!

  • midgitt

    this was b@#l S$%t who do u think u r degrading anybody let alone a 16 y/o and as for u bullying the 14 y/o u need yr F*&^king head seen to. Ppl like u make me sick.

  • lol….

  • juliatbwa

    Am I the only one who sees a problem with the fact that “aging badly” is almost exclusively a female trait? 15 people on this list, 13 of them are female. What does that say to the girls of today – that we’re only worth something if we’re pretty and look young?

  • Amy

    When I was 15/16 I looked at least 20 years old and now that I am 37 people mistake me for being in my late 20’s/early 30’s. So it is not fair to include teenagers in this list.

  • Renee

    So many unhappy UGLY people in this world,and I’m not talking about physical unattractiveness but UGLY PUTRID MEAN SOULS. So when you put others down in such a shallow way how long does the temporary boost of your ego last? There are better ways to deal with low self esteem then picking on others behind their backs..Coward

  • Trace Smith

    Celebs get what they ask for, you people really take this seriously??? Get a life.

  • B

    its not that they are aging badly the pics im seeing is that of girls dressing and putting on make up to make them look older….

  • Independent_Texan

    What a hateful story. This passes for journalism? Jeez.

  • lillybum

    kate moss looks dreadful and the picture of joan van ark looks like she got a beard or shaving rash from shaving it off she might want to invest in a nono hahaha, All the older women have had more surgery than a little, amazing people will pay so much to look like the way the do,they better of ageing with out all the stupid surgery as for the the youngester on here ….come on…designer make up could make anyone look older
    stop hating on them, i bet who wrote this article aint got half as much money as the younger one on here

  • Annie

    What are you kidding? Joan Van Ark is 70. If you look that good at 70, you’re good. Seriously, picking on teenagers and seniors? C’mon. Now Bruce is fair game. You’re right – he messed with perfection early on and really screwed that up. But then again, his whole life pretty much reflects that.

  • bmar3

    The guy that did the operations on the Jackson family must have had one mold for the whole lot.

  • bmar3

    The only one worse than this is Kenny Rogers.

  • Luke

    Miley Cyrus looks like she’s pushing 30? are you serious? let’s see a pic of the person who wrote this terrible article!

  • KJ23

    THIS ISN’T A MADAME NOIRE ARTICLE! IT’S A STYLEBLAZER ONE! On the last slide they say that it’s Styleblazer. I don’t know how, but the article must have got on this site some way. You can see at the bottom of the page that Styleblazer is a sister site. The MN people probably only meant to put a link there, but made a mistake and posted the entire article. Because I was like: “No! This article can’t be possible on MN!!”

  • So let’s get this straight, when someone’s face is sagging a bit then they look 10 years too old, but when they’ve had cosmetic surgery they’re a knifed up bimbo!? No wonder women feel under pressure to look a certain way – this is the most offensive article I’ve read in a long time.

    • Savvy Schmidt

      Totally agree with what you’re saying Dave. Only a small percentage of women would be able to “pass” this journalist’s harsh judgement.

    • The Defenestrator

      And Bruce Jenner looks quite reasonable at 63. I’d like to see how the author looks now or at this age for comparison.

  • Timmeh

    You’re all retards.

  • Blah Blah

    Retarded article .. completely retarded

  • Dusty Shepard

    MN Editor must be another mindless zombie!







  • so-flo

    What kind of idiotic website is this?! And how did the link end up on a supposedly serious politics site?!

  • Yes I got sucked in but the whole idea of the story sucks anyway.

  • Holly Boggie

    The titles of these slideshows are so intriguing, but I agree with the other posters. My time is too valuable to try and get through these slideshows. In addition, I also disagree with your evaluations. Most of these folks look very good to me, except when you take close-ups of them without make-up. I don’t have time to waste on this stuff anymore.

  • MadamnoireSUCKS

    This slideshow is a disgrace. Towards the end you had some justifiable claims, but the majority of those young ladies and women are beautiful and aging terrifically well. If only we all have that much luck! When a young girl appears to look a bit older (as in, in her 20’s) that does not mean she’s aging horribly! You are all out of your minds and ought to be ashamed. I won’t be reading another of your “publications” in my lifetime.

    • what kind of crap is this the only one that looks remotely bad is lindsay lohan and thats because shes done some stupid things and made stupid mistakes and its cost her. what a joke and the nerve of putting adele on here.

      • Tater0206

        If I met Joan Van Ark in a dark alley I would RUN THE OTHER WAY. Very scary.

  • johnwillyardvo

    Beyond the bouffant, extra WEIGHT adds years!!!

  • Jeremy

    Well I won’t be coming back to this website ever again.

  • Bruce Jenner looks great for 62, I hope I look half as good.

  • Matt

    This is the worst kind of jounalism (and I use the word journalism is its loosest possible sense). Shameful.

  • JM

    PATHETIC! It’s articles like this that put pressure on celebrities to have surgery which in turn puts pressure on the general public to up there game too, what ever happened to natural beauty? Today’s society needs to stop playing the whole sheep role and start making decisions on what they think is right. It’s idiotic articles like this that makes people think otherwise.



  • This post is UGLY. How can you include the two cute Jenners? They are only 14 and 16 years old. I would say they are beautiful and aging perfectly.

    • Emma Swenson

      youre absuloutly right! they arent aging!!! they are littlw

  • Guest

    I’d like to see someone “judge” a picture of you. This is insane.

  • Denise Dspain

    Adele does not look old other than her style. That does not mean she is not aging well.

  • Denise Dspain

    Rachel Zoe looks like she is anorexic! That is why she looks older! People that are too thin think they look better but it actually ages you to be overly thin. You can see every rib. Look at pics where she doesn’t have long sleeves on and have her shoulders covered, nothing but bones!

  • Adam Attie

    Are you nuts!!! This is the most irresponsible article I have ever seen. Talking about 14 and 16 year olds not aging well. Why don’t you post a pictures of yourself so we could all judge you??

  • JM

    I don’t think they took into consideration that for the younger girls, particularly being photograph for these events, were trying to look older! million dollar stylists did a great job!

  • madamenoire_makes_me_sick

    What a lousy, pathetic article to include a 14, 16 and 18 year old.

  • QueerGuy

    This is the first time I’ve visited this $hitty website and it $ucks ball$. Teenagers who look 20-something, Joan Van Ark and a 2 year old picture of Sammy Sosa? What’s next? A story about how Larry King looks old too?

  • girlwithayellowhat

    The celeb gossip part of me wanted to reach this article, so I clicked on it. And then I was like huh?!?!. Honey, you’re probably amazing and a beautiful person… but these claims make no sense at all. It’s as if you thew a bunch of famous names in a hat and pulled a certain number and had to think up reasons for why they would fit in your article. I’m sorry, but damn this is bad. Think hard about things before you claim them. I wish you the best, and I’m sure you will learn from this experience! I’m sorry for being blunt but I had to.

  • Karl Hansen

    Kendall and Kylie. WTF These are little girls. “Not aging nicely” What a sorry excuse for a story.

    • marina Lund

      Exactly Karl! They have barely reached puberty and they are in an article about “aging”!!!!?

      • annie

        Agree – stupid article NOT about “aging.” Poor makeup choice, bad plastic surgery maybe – NOT “aging”

  • NarpathWarpath

    Looking older does not equal aging badly. This article is fairly idiotic.

  • Ashton

    Maybe the reason some of these people look so bad is because they’ve tried too hard to conform to the expectations of vicious and judgemental media? This site included?

  • Ted Sheckler

    This is mostly white bashing nonsense – what a waste of cyber space

  • What’s really ugly is that you included 14 and 16-year-old young women on this list of people who are “not aging nicely.” Girls that age have a hard enough time with their identity and self-image without you stoking the fires of insecurity. Madame Noire is a vicious old harpie, and I won’t be visiting here again.

    • Dusty Shepard

      Well said!

      • Blah Blah

        I got to number 6 Rachel Zoe and stopped. Idiotic article.

        • i stopped at the 14 year old. “not aging nicely”? this type of journalism is dated and needs to go in the bin

          • bobwalton

            RE: “… this type of journalism is dated and needs to go in the bin.” WRONG!

            Correct/simplify to read: “This writer hasn’t dated and needs to go in the bin.”

            • Sarcasmo

              Well said!

          • Kimberly Sparkle

            I wonder do people who hang with the writer of this article feel he or she is aging gracefully. If you live long enough you are going to age.

    • Always the truth

      Well Dont then because these teenage bimbos play big, they ll get slammed BIG! ok? They make money well before they ought to have and didnt work for it either, So, thank heavens for Madame Noire for teaching them a lesson!

      • nobody’s fool

        Oooh aren’t you the tough one! You sound like some gutter tramp that is seriously jealous. Get over yourself! You gonna whine because they were born physically pleasing and then try to “call them out” about it? You must be really insecure!

      • desiree

        wow no offence but your comment makes you sound like the biggest hateful person.There just looking like their normal selves and you think they should be punished for how they look. That like believing someone should be punish for being black. They look the way they look and age how they age. Why punish them for something they cant control.

    • Renee

      seriously its awful!

    • Me

      Are you serious, i don’t know half these people but they’ve obviously let celebrity life take over their life and ruin their looks……blame the parents! what ever happened to letting 14 yr olds be 14 instead of putting ideas into their heads of how they shoudl look

      • Yutolia

        I’m not sure what things were like when you were 14, but for me and basically all of the other people I grew up with, being 14 was ALL ABOUT how we looked and those of us who ignored/weren’t able to go along with that payed a dear social cost….

    • You’ve got a point there. But also girls of 14 and 16 want to look older. So the young ones on the list actually did a great job. No matter how you put it, they do not belong on the list.

      • kitty

        well said!

    • niceness

      Typically I would agree that including people under the age of 18 is not cool… But you have to realize these kids are under the sole control of their mother who is pushing them to be adults at a early age. I agree the Kardashians in any way shape and form are ugly people… and they have the best PR people in the world.

      • also how you live early can have an effect on later years….so starting young todo the right things for your health pays off exponentially

    • squier

      you rock.

    • desert

      age doesn’t matter, you keep sucking down the drugs…expect to look like shyt in short order!

    • spike

      Exactly, 14 and 16 year-olds have literally decades before the aging the process kicks in. They look older because of make-up abuse, the Jenner girls (it must be genetic). Not a lot of thought or intelligence behind this list. But than whaddaya expect from a gossip site. A discussion on the theory of relativity?

      • leefer


    • Summer

      I have to at least partially agree. How could you possibly include someone who isn’t even finished developing yet?? Development does not indicate how she’ll age. This was seriously poor judgement.

    • Pedro

      I really do not like this family at all, but I have to agree with you! Those 2 girls are beautiful and I cannot believe that they are on this list, it makes me sick.

    • Well said!

      This article is just cruel.

    • oneluckycavegirl

      Agreed!! They are still completely gorgeous, even if they don’t look their age!

  • sick and tired

    rachel zoe looks haggard because she is so bony ,look at her chest ,and for the teens ,wth ,alot of teens look older now

  • marina Lund

    Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Dakota Fanning could pass up for 20 something.Yes, any teen will look a bit older with lots of make up and dressy clothes. Com’on, they’re still kids, the youngest one being only 14 and you talk about them “aging”??!! As far as Lil’Kim and Kate Moss, at 38, they’re both gorgeous women who are aging greatly (the pix of Kate Moss you selected doesn’t do her justice. We all have pictures where we look terrible, don’t we?) La Toya Jackson had cosmetic surgery and unfortunately, the procedure didn’t help her but ruined her good looks. That’s too bad because she looked great before and didn’t need any surgery.

    • oneluckycavegirl

      I think the Jenner girls looking older is completely intentional. They are modeling and their “mom-ager” is pushing their careers, so of course they need to look like they aren’t underage.


    Joan Van Ark is 70 yrs old… she looks great for her age and should not have made this list.

    • marina Lund

      True. And I’d say most of them, if not all, shouldn’t be in this list. For some of these stars, the author just selected less flattering pictures of them (like we all have in our photo boxes and wouldn’t show to anyone) This article is mean-spirited.

    • womblebat

      Joan Van Ark looked bad when she was 40.

      • Frances

        Well, that was a kind of mean comment ! She is up in age now !

  • Smiley

    Beauty comes from within. I am a makeup artist/model at 49 I look 25-30 depending on the day and if I have makeup on. I see alot of them did not have the right makeup on, but as for the young girls they look older but settle in to their ages as they grow. This was pointless and cruel.

    • Ash

      I doubt that.

    • Smiley, If you are a artist/model do you do it for a living? If so I need you let me know

  • keith brown

    He must have watched too many Michael Jackson videos!

  • keith brown

    I have some girlfriends who are over 40, but look younger than Miley, simply because they don’t lie in the sun and they wear sunblock when they go out.

    • marina Lund

      Miley doesn’t look older. She just looks her ageHer self-confidence, though, may make her seem older, which is not a bad thing at all.

  • Melody

    Most of these women looked crepey and old because they are terrifyingly thin.
    But its worse than just looking haggard, some of the older women are also probably riddled with osteoporosis 20 years. Bone density is nothing to mess with , especially to fit into size 0 jeans.

    These women need to eat more, put on more protective weight. Eat more dairy, calcium rich vegetables and greens, and good fats like olive oil, nuts and avocado.

    • Renee

      Dairy? Its sad how misinformed this world is..Dairy actually leaches calcium from the bones,ages people and is the cause of most degenerative disease.You should see some raw vegan women in their 60s and 70s looking and feeling at least 20 years younger than their ages. You should read the China study before spouting off diet advice ignorance as if its factual.

  • Plumbline

    2 Corinthians 4:16
    [ Seeing the Invisible ] Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day.

    • brookehspeller@gmail.com

      I need to ask you PREACHER is that really what it says in the bible? Because that first part ( Therefore we do not lose heart.)Is not in the bible! You may have a differnt bible but i have the new world translation of the holy scripures….. Yes im a Jehovahs wittnes and im not ashamed to be And im younger than you think!

      • Rich

        Judging by your spelling skills I’d guess around 12.

      • Louise

        Try looking at the NIV version before you shoot off your mouth.

    • brookehspeller@gmail.com

      I need to ask you PREACHER is that really what it says in the bible? Because that first part ( Therefore we do not lose heart.)Is not in the bible! You may have a differnt bible but i have the new world translation of the holy scripures….. Yes im a Jehovahs wittnes and im not ashamed to be And im younger than you think!

  • Anonymous

    Really? Go from someone who actually looks like hell to celebrities that dress older than they look?

  • feliica

    haters!!! they dont look old…

  • Huh? Most of these people don’t look that bad for their age (in Dakota’s case, she actually looks about 3 years younger. She could pass for as young as 12 in the right lighting-don’t see how anyone would think she looks older). Sure Lindsey and a couple others look bad, but that’s it. And even in the case of the ones who look older (the Jenners), that doesn’t mean they’re aging badly. They look great, just more “mature” than you would assume. This is stupid.

    • Betty D. Matta

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    • at

      think the author of this article has to let some steam out because she’s unhappy with her own life

  • goeffyerself:)

    really…………………………………………..nobody looks old. you’re a haterrrrrrrrrr lolzzzz

  • W L

    Sponge Bob Squarepants actually looks like he hasn’t aged at all.

  • Bored



    Be prepared to spend 20 minutes getting through this….. Each page has to load, and they have an antique system……. It’s not worth the wait!!!

    • susie

      I agree completely

    • John Galt

      I feel like I aged 10 years just trying to make it through this painfully slow slideshow.

    • spike

      Yeah. I suffered through the entire list. I, either, must be extremely patient or a masochist.

    • karyn

      Too long for too many ads to load. I stopped while waiting for number 2!

      • whyowhy

        exactly! i couldnt look at one more pic because this is the slowest hater site on the internet. gawd.

    • R.E. Sturgill

      why do they do this

      • Rich

        Because of the ads on each page, every time a different page gets viewed, they get more $$$

    • boo

      Are you guys located in some area with archaic internet or something. Mine loads with a blink of an eye. Fiber optic baby.

      • whyowhy

        you must not have any resumes on your computer….maybe?

    • madam-nowhere

      Totally! Not to mention the 5 trilion ads they plaster over every page! Spend much time on this site and you’ll be bipolar at a freaking minimum!

    • newtothis

      It worked so fast for me, your systems must be slow. lmfao

  • disqus_h1D4zxptx5

    Thandie Newton is starting to look bad to me…

  • Yay!

    Jazmine Guy and Lark V. ( Lisa – Saved by the Bell).

  • Forgot Mariah Carey

  • I agree with everyone but Dakota she looks her age to me