The 15 Highest Paying Jobs of 2012

September 4, 2012 ‐ By Ashley Page

When choosing a job, we all want one that pays well, especially after years of college and hard work. According to statistics and information compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are 15 of the highest paying jobs in the US in 2012.

Male doctor "highest paying jobs"

Surgeons & Doctors

Doctors and surgeons are needed on an hourly basis and their average yearly salaries show it. In 2012, doctors and surgeons made an average of $168,650-$234,950.

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  • James B

    Median incomes make more sense when your universe of discourse encompasses a very disparate population. In the context of salaries, for what are fairly narrowly defined positions, I wouldn’t expect much difference between the mean an median. The distribution of incomes for petroleum engineers is fairly normal. But the distribution for something like US taxpayers is asymmetric, left skewed, and has a very long right tail. In that case, median makes a little more sense, but it still doesn’t really tell the full story.

  • steven paul

    The model posing as an MD above actually sold me some used hubcaps last week, in Kansas City !

  • dd121

    My God, they’re all negroes! I had no idea blacks were so brilliant and prosperous.

  • Da Gangsta Anderson


  • Gary

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    • Bob

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  • GeekMommaRants

    Today a college education is the only way! Gone are the days of strong backs and fast hands. These are NOT careers one can figure out. Please, please, get an education.

    • James B

      I agree about college, but not all degrees are created equal. Science, technology, engineering, or mathematics are among the hardest, but stand the best chance of rewarding the degree holder with a lifelong increase in earnings.

  • forrealtho

    i’m not flipping through pages. some one please go through it and post all 15. muchas gracias!

    • Kyle