Ebony & Ivory: 8 Celebrities In Interracial Relationships You Might Not Have Known About

September 4, 2012  |  
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Love is blind. And, even if it wasn’t, it would welcome the differences that set people apart. Love acts independently of orientation, religious affiliation, gender, deformity, handicaps, weight, height, nationality and ethnicity. This sentiment is even shared in Hollywood. Some famous interracial couples are more popular than others, take for instance, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton, Iman and David Bowie, etc. So how about we direct some attention towards couples who are working in the background to keep their relationship working well? If you’re down, keep a-clickin’!


Essence Atkins & Jamie Mendez

Best known for her roles as Yvette Henderson on “Smart Guy,” Dee Dee Thorne on “Half & Half” and Suzanne Kingston-Persons on “Are We There Yet?,” Essence Atkins married Jamie Mendez in 2009 after meeting him online through Match.com. Hey, who said online dating couldn’t yield great results? The two welcomed a son, Varro Blair Mendez, into their lives on December 25, 2011.

Chris Noth & Tara Wilson


Chris Noth of “Sex and The City,” “The Good Wife” and “Law and Order” met his wife, Tara Lynn Wilson, in 2004 at a music venue he owned called The Cutting Room. Noth and Wilson had their son, Orion Christopher in January 2008, and they just recently wed on April 6, 2012. Wilson is an actress, as well.

Chris Ivery & Ellen Pompeo


Best known for her leading role on the mega-popular medical drama, “Grey’s Anatomy,” as Meredith Grey, Ellen Pompeo met her husband of five years, Chris Ivery, at a grocery store in Los Angeles, of all places. Since, the two have been fairly inseparable, often spotted sitting courtside at Boston Celtic games (The two grew up just outside of Boston, 10 miles away from one another!), hitting the streets together and on the red carpet. The couple has a three year-old daughter by the name of Stella Luna.

Donna Summer & Bruce Sudano


The queen of disco, Donna Summer, met her lifelong partner, Bruce Sudano because they were both successful artists in the industry. The two even collaborated on several successful songs before marrying three years after their first meeting on July 16, 1980. Together, the two had two children, Brooklyn and Amanda Grace, who are both models and actresses. Unfortunately, the talented songstress lost her life to lung cancer on May 17, 2012 at her home in Englewood, Florida. The two were married for more than 30 years.

George Lucas & Mellody Hobson


Sci-Fi god George Lucas, known for producing gems such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones, met his longtime partner, Mellody Hobson, the president of Ariel Investments, LLC (a multi-billion dollar organization) in 2006. The independently successful couple is photographed all around Hollywood, and can even be seen vacaying it up in St. Barths from time to time. In an interview with George Lucas on “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” Hobson revealed said she think the couple work so well because they’re open-minded people, open to whatever the universe has to offer them, especially love. Deep…

Rick Fox & Eliza Dushku


Rick Fox, retired basketball player and actor, has been dating the television star, Eliza Dushku (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Dollhouse,” “Angel” and “Tru Calling”) since 2010. The two were recently spotted in Mexico, celebrating their three-year anniversary, where they couldn’t keep their eyes off of one another. The two are as thick as thieves, and are often spotted around Hollywood and watching Lakers games. Also, The two collaborate on philanthropic endeavors, including assisting the fellows at The Carroll Center, an organization geared toward the visually impaired.

Roderick Spencer & Alfre Woodard


Alfre Woodard, the Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award-winning actress, married screenwriter, producer and comedian, Roderick Spencer on October 13, 1983. The low-key couple has two children, Mavis and Duncan, who are adopted. And, the couple started and work avidly for an anti-apartheid organization, Artists for a Free Africa.

Keisha and Justin Chambers

Source: tvfanatic.com

Ellen Pompeo isn’t the only Grey’s Anatomy cast member getting her swirl on for life. Chambers, who plays Dr. Alex Karev, has been married to his wife, Keisha, since 1993. And since the two have been together, they’ve managed to pop out five beautiful children: Isabella, twins Maya and Kaila (on a sidenote, Chambers has an identical twin, so you see how Maya and Kaila came about), Eva and Jackson.

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  • shelby

    Who gives a rats’ behind ?? Shelby

  • Jello

    Alfre and George Lucas were surprises for me, but I knew about the rest.

  • drew

    All I have to say is Donna Summer’s Daughters are g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!

  • Mary Joseph

    I met my husband on <3 <3 MixedSpark. Com <3 <3 We've been together for over 3 years and have a cute child… I love this man with all my heart and cant believe how we can keep running into racism… He is a good man father.. He provides us with what we need and he truly loves us…If you are looking for serious interracial relationship join here.I strongly
    Recommend you to join here.

  • Sorahime

    Twins are determined by mother’s eggs/background, nothing to do with the father. I feel like this should be basic knowledge especially for a journalist, who probably gets paid more than the average person.

  • Heavenly


  • ZiggyZoh

    Never gotten into Grey’s Anatomy ,but when I watched Alex Karev I always new something swirly about him. Couldn’t put my finger on it. lol

  • Thank you MN for showing the beauty of Intercultural Love 🙂 Articles like this provides the courage and a reminder for people on being and feeling fully open about love no matter what or how it presents to you.

  • Mary L. Moore

    Great Couples. great families.

  • Natalie

    Eliza, yes!!!!! So agreed haha

  • yaegerj

    I think the sad thing about Donna Summers, is she died from lung cancer, and she was not even a smoker.

  • rosey

    It would be great if the site did not jump automatically to the comments when I’m trying to read an article.

  • Joaness45

    “Hobson revealed said she think.” Can someone please proofread???

  • Mimi

    I’m sorry, this is my last comment. As a white woman let me tell you there is no “White Knight.” I have dated my share of white jerks/creeps/malcontents. Two of them were notorious to make the news.

  • Mimi

    I just need to ask this. Why is it OK for African American sites to publish stuff like this? If a white person wrote an article about white folks dating out of their race, then everyone would protest. These are all adults and they have the right to be with who ever they please (as long as it’s adult, consensual and all of that).

  • Mimi

    You want to know something? Good for all of these couples. If they’re happy, then God bless them.

  • Mimi

    Rick Fox is biracial. He is not black. His mom is Italian.

  • Deigh

    Bob Dylan used to dated one of the Staples sisters. He asked her father for her hand in marriage when they were teenagers. Mavis Staples

  • eden2014

    The only time people refer to interacial couples and get upset about it, is when is white & black. Asians race mix more than any group 10,000+ times (especially with whites) more than blacks or any other group, so what’s the difference. Why is it such a big deal when blacks do. Interacial unions are interacial whether you’re white, brown, yellow, black or a
    combination of what ever is out there. That’s the reason people have different features,
    hair and shades of various colors look the way they do. In the beginning only one man &
    woman existed, from them came all men/women.
    Acts 17:26
    English Standard Version
    26 And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place,

    Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.
    John 7:24

    Song of Solomon 1:5-6
    I am very dark, but lovely, O daughters of Jerusalem, like the tents of Kedar, like the curtains of Solomon. Do not gaze at me because I am dark, because the sun has looked upon me. My mother’s sons were angry with me; they made me keeper of the vineyards, but my own vineyard I have not kept!

    Numbers 12:1 – And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman.

  • Venus

    Who cares? Black white or blue…why is this newsworthy ? People love who they love. Your opinions have no bearing on these folks lives. So again who cares?

  • Faux Mcfakerson

    American black people are the most racist culture I have EVER encountered… STOP LETTING RACE DEFINE YOU!

    • Brittany

      really..you’re starting race crap right now, cause this is about happy couples who happen to be of two different races..and I’m a 19 year old black girl, who actually dealt with racist people..and it’s funny how people like you live in a bubble and try to convince the world that racism is a myth…Get it together

  • Cupid

    I love hearing, reading or seeing people with different nationalities come together in friendships or relationships. To me, in this world, there’s no greater example of love.

  • Alisha21

    I love George and his wife

  • IrisBurgos

    People argue everything. Let’s just enjoy the love going on here. Peace and Be Blessed

  • Dirtybubblez

    I knew about a couple of these, but I’m the most surprised at Alfre Woodard and Essence Atkins. That’s what’s up, although I have to admit that the meeting for Essence was kinda lol, I think she’s cute enough to pull a dude in real life, but whatever works for her is all cool. Plus he’s hot, too.

  • well

    Chambers OH Keisha looks mixed race and Chris North’s girl is mixed race as well…………

    • Christan-Joy Demeritt

      Ok? Aren’t the relationships still interracial?

  • Maile00

    Karev was the only one I didn’t know a bout. Wow! They are cute. Mr. Big just got hotter too!

  • Maile00

    Karev was the only one I didn’t know a bout. Wow! They are cute. Mr. Big just got hotter too!

  • Jackie Rayne

    I knew Chris Noth like the sisters!!

  • BNV

    I think it is rude and in appropriate to single out Alfre and Rodrick’s children announcing them as adopted. Those are their children. PERIOD. They don’t need to be re-orphaned when they’re mentioned in the media.

  • Sin-derella

    Chambers looks like an African American to me. If I saw them on the street I would not think they were an interracial couple. Good tan!

  • Sin-derella

    Essence Atkins’ husband reminds me of Rick Fox.

  • Child_Puhleez

    Cute couples. Alfre Woodard’s black does not crack. Love her!

  • 13jerimybyrd13

    The real issue is not about dating another race but are you giving back to your race once you obtain a certain level of success. We should only question race when we seek other races out of vain ego centered reason.

  • Primal fear

    I thought the articles was great and informing, it’s nice to know there are people who are out there that are obviously color blind. We need more people like this and the world would be better off for it. The people who are complaining about probably have a few issues they need to work out.

  • All this article did was show a list of couples you might not have known were in an interracial relationship. It didn’t seek to:

    a) make a big deal about interracial relationships
    b) make some statement about interracial relationships
    c) make it seem like relationships of a homogenous “racial” nature are less noteworthy
    d) highlight interracial relationships as more special than any other relationship.

    While interracial relationships are more common today than ever before in the West, it’s still not the most common thing. Simply because this article is showing interracial relationship doesn’t mean we’re surprised about the nature of such relationships–it simply shows some relationships that might surprise some well-known here (like George Lucas, though I already knew that one). While it is more common nowadays, it’s still rather peculiar among are still largely homogenous societies, so >i>naturally, it’s interesting when we see it.

    I see some people complaining about this article, and yet, for some reason, they’re here anyways… Why? Simple curiosity. We were all curious learning something surprising about some people well-known people, and that’s brought us all here. Stop trying to make so much of a “moral” issue about it.

  • Lexie

    Not sure if this was mentioned but twins are determined by the woman. Sometimes she releases multiple eggs, resulting in maternal twins, sometimes an egg splits, resulting in identical twins. So Chambers being an identical twin has nothing to do with the fact that wifie had a set of twins.

    and yeah, we gotta get past the interracial bit. We have a whole host of other issues we need to bring awareness to.

  • Daina

    they keep promoting interracial couples why not show black couples or white couples It’s .

  • Milton 754


  • Most of America is color blind and care nothing about his. The only reason racism(a misnomer since we are all of the human race) is prevalent in our culture is because the media points it out.

    • You forget the simple fact that there’s a lack of respect towards different cultures that contributes to persisting racism. Also, I would identify excessive pride of ethnicity as also being a contributing factor.

  • Robin

    The fact that Justin Chambers is a twin has absolutely nothing to do with his wife having twins. Twins happen one of two ways: Either she ovulates twice and both eggs are fertilized ( dizygotic twins) or her egg splits resulting in monozygotic (identical) twins. All he does is fire the shot. Now, his daughters may have a tendency to twin, but still he has nothing to do with it this time. Simple science.

  • Jake Kiloe

    why is this so important? inter racial relationships??? really??? so what, why is there a need to put an emphasis on the race of people who are in love??? do you really not have anything more important to write about???

  • realblackwoman

    I am sorry but why is this blog obsessed with the swirl? white websites aren’t concerned with you.So why are black magazines/ blogs so damn thirsty! If you like white peen go and get some but dont got to be singin about it from the rooftops

  • I am so tired of “swirl” articles . Get over it the world is getting smaller let it go already its 2012 almost 2013. Move on smh. People are people

  • goo

    essence atkins marrying a hispanic man is not interracial more like intercultural…hispanic is not a race its a culture mixed with man different races…explaining her husbands mix of facial racial features.

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  • SighRN

    Not one of these couples is new..they have been well publicized; so I am not sure the reason for the re-play…nothing against them but I would like to see happy, thriving BLACK couples…the how, why , when they decided to get and STAY together.

  • Thank God for the stereotypes about us Black women because we get more privacy! Yes, save the stories from the white magazines, they are none of your damn business anyway. We are priceless darling! Oh and we will get very physical if you step over the boundaries. Who would have “thunk” it?! YES!:)

    • Black women, you can love WHOEVER you so choose to ladies. Your love should not have a price tag attached to it because it is priceless. The world is who applies the price but you don’t have to be a victim of capitalism. People aim to make you feel bad for being assertive but don’t buy into their crap. I LOOVVE being an assertive women and I will not give up my power, that is why I am happy, it’s God-given Baby; and my husband LOOOVES IT! *fingers snapping*:)

  • I am loving this #Chonilla love momevement… YEAH!

  • Thats for others. I dont want that for myself. Im not into race mixing. I love my black women

  • KamJos

    Wow! George Lucas’s wife is stunning. How old is she?
    I didn’t know about Alfre Woodard. She is definitely low key.

  • Z

    Why do so many people criticize these types of articles? People need to relax. What’s wrong with interracial relationships? People are people and they can love who they want to. I love these articles. I think they’re great.

    • mrsgotrocks

      Do you feel the same about articles that feature Black couples? Just asking.

    • imadime

      i think you completely miss the point. i don’t believe the complaints are about interracial relationships, but why does there need to be “this week’s list of interracial relationships”??? what is so special about them? why can’t we all just be focused on love instead of whether or not someone’s partner is of the same race as them? it’s played out.

    • Nivek

      The true fact to any article is this, if you react to what is said, you give it power. If someone is called a niggar and reacts to it as to reply, you have given that person what they have been seeking( a reaction).If you simply ignored the word, the article, or whatever the case might be, there is no power to react to. Wake up people, you are human beings. Not just colors to be approved or disapproved of. Humans can never move ahead until they stop taking on the past. Remember it and learn from it, but never let it define who you are. The world needs more love, a place where a person can achieve his or her goals, a place where we better the future, not dwell in the past, a place where we can come together to stop hunger, put people back to work, and stop the hate that holds us bound to reaction. The world is not perfect and it,s up to us all to make it a better place to grow as one race( Human Beings).

  • shame on you

    so, what else is new some black women like black men are sale outs…the saying go’s ” you can’t help who or what you fall in love with” the heart wan’ts whats what it wan’ts” B U L L” if you can find who you wan’t to get married to you can run from who you don’t want….

  • only to us is something like this of any importance.

    • deb

      no it’s only of importance to the author. These couples aren’t walking around flaunting their marraiges, they are just living their lives. So do most others…people might do a double take when they see IR couples and i think any hoopla around black women dating out is because it’s becoming something NEW for alot more black women….almost like how more black women are going natural.

      All the obsession will die down when the novelty wears off.

  • black women and men already marry other races and its no big deal. how
    about an article about successful marriages seeing as that’s what is
    lacking these days!I am beautiful woman and I love good
    man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so I joined —blackwhitеPlanet.С0M—–it’s where to- connect with beautiful and excellent
    people!They already know that black females are on the ropes from their
    negative imaging , propaganda, and destruction of many of their male
    counterparts , so this is one of the few last bastions that is under

  • jackieOsassin

    i thought rick fox and eliza dushku were a rumor, real talk lmao

    beautiful couples. : )

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  • Wow

    These particular posts makes bw look desperate for the attention and validation of wm.

    I get the lists that display Pics of all races of fine men. But the seemingly weekly post about wm who date bw looks like an attempt to affirm to those bw who obviously care that wm do “dig us”. Kinda thirsty IMHO.

    • Candi

      Or it could be that since this is a BLACK WOMANS SITE and this is something that’s become an issue with BLACK WOMEN MN discusses it…my question is why is it that whenever this subject comes up there are those of us that try so hard to silence it or criticize BW for discussing it? Wether people like it or not BW are and will continue to br in IR relationships and all the attempts to silence ..hide and embarass us just doesn’t work anymore..

      • Wow

        Honestly BW don’t need help embarrassing themselves the thirstiness that is displayed while trying to peruse WM is really proof positive that chasing after any man who for the most part is not interested in us (of any race) is embarrassing. Pics of hollywood couples as proof to those who need reassurance that their is hope comes off as desperate. Noone is saying not to love who you love but it comes off as BW looking for a color to love instead of a person. Kind of the opposite of all of these “be color blind to love posts”. If you want WM just say that instead I’d pretending that it’s something less insincere or for more noble reasons than when BM do the same.

        • Candi

          They take pics of any other couple so why not the ir ones?
          Beside there are pics of WW and BM but for some reason you seem to have zeroed in on the WM-BW couples which makes me think you’re either a hypocritical BM or one of these sista soulja types that try to tell other BW the evils of ir relationships to try to earn points with the bitter BM that stay posted here—whatever your deal is you should just mind your own business and let adults be adults.

          • wow

            SMH. I didn’t intend to step on anyone’s toes specifically but I guess yours just got in the way.
            I don’t have a reason to be bitter I can only legally have one husband so I don’t need to earn points from BM. It’s simply embarrassing that there are BW who are at the point of begging, scheming, and strategizing in order to find this mythical white knight who will make everything right. The same thing I tell BM who disparage BW is the same thing i’d tell a BW who wants to disparage all BM is, the common demoninator in your failed relationships is you, changing the color of your mate isn’t going to solve all of your issues because You are still in the equation. Every BM isn’t trifling and worthless and every BW isn’t fat, loud, and hateful. Check your baggage before you start begging any man of any race to fix you and your issues. BW in genuine relationships (black, white, etc.,) don’t need a peanut gallery or darn near campaign strategy to convince everybody that you are love able. And this is the message that these posts really seem to be trying to convey, it’s not the pics of these beautiful couples it’s about the underlying message that BW or BM are officially validated as beautiful or desirable if other races think we are enough to marry us. Thats what problematicabout these articles, b/c the pictures are pretty wrapping that hides some ugly insecurities and inferiority complexes that is so pervasive amongst BW and BM. No hate just pity and irritation that in 2012 we still need that type of validation before we will believe that we are beautiful and worthy. So pardon my frustration but too many young girls are watching and taking their cues from us.

            • Candi

              Yadda …Yadda …Yadda…you can write a novel on here for all i care but the fact still remains you specifically targeted BW/WM relationships in your first comment even though there were BM/WW couples shown too…there’s no emotional baggage hon… just a sharp eye that can weed out opinionated hypocrites like yourself…like i said yesterday mind your own business and let adults be adults..your double standards and so called theories about Black Women are tired and only shows you have issues with your own personal life.

              • Wow

                Mind your toes dear.

                • Candi

                  I will…and you be sure to mind your hypocritical, narrowminded, irrelevant, dumb,outdated, stupid opinions…dear….deal?

      • SuzyQ

        Nailed it Candi! You just absolutely NAILED IT! I guess we are the only posters that can translate a little French.

    • Trista

      OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH MISS CANDI…do you really wanna talk thirst??? Do you really???? Shall I name a TRUCKLOAD OF (WM) WHITE WOMEN who are very THIRSTY FOR BLACK MEN????? Just so that you are well informed…please be aware that you don’t have to be thirsty to get a (WM) WHITE MAN….Im a chic from the SOUTH, yes the SOUTH…and I’ve dating a WHITE GUY AND A MIDDLE EASTERN GUY, and guess what????they both pursued me!!!! Maybe you’re not really sure what “thirstiness” means or you just broke out your little Urban dictionary, found the word and decided to try to use it in a sentence….and more currently, I am being pursued by another white guy. Honey a man is a man, and he’s gonna pursue whoever he wants….You wanna talk thirstiness.. You better check out some of these white girls trying to get these black men attention.

  • disqus_WfmNqv9gsC

    omg, thank you so much for this article. These women are not only black, they are mostly of a darker skin tone which is so nice to see. My self esteem has raised a tad bit today.

    • Soldier

      Really; you could have left-out your last sentence.

    • JustSaying_IMFO

      You self esteem is raised by what exactly? Because white men find “these” dark skinned women are attractive? What’s that got to do with you?

      • Jessica2248

        her self esteem was “raised” because to her, noone likes dark skin (which is a lie, but you can’t tell that to some folks); so if a white dude likes a black woman, and a dark skinned one at that, there is hope for her. so she starts to find herself “more acceptable”, because someone else, loves someone who looks like her. character and personality never play into it, it’s all about skin color. some of us haven’t learned to love ourselves yet, but expect everyone else to.

  • George Lucas surprised me a little.

  • chessica450

    Essence Atkins is actually Half Italian… damn their son is gonna be like quarter italian, quarter black and the rest is spanish lolz what a mix

    • Faux Mcfakerson


  • Wow!! Star wars dude has a black woman! Lol…I bet there are going to be A LOT of changes if more come out!

  • Red

    I really like Elizabeth Duscku or however you spell it but come on Rick Focks!!! How you go from Vanessa Williams to THAT!!! #downgrade!!

    • I know, I don’t quite get that one, either.

    • So true about Rick Fox

    • i know this may not matter, but….maybe he likes her?

    • deb

      Uh, if he’s been with her for 3 years, it’s because he likes her and very dearly and because they as individuals work together as a couple. Why are we acting like they are in high school?! Just because you think someone looks better with another person doesn’t mean the RELATIONSHIP will actually work out.

      Think of how other people have said similar things about your relationship choices. These are real human beings we are looking at here. Not characters in a dang novel.

  • Stay in School Kids

    Okay Bossip….you partially made up for that bullsh!t you tried to pull this morning when I posted a list of celebrity men in happy relationships with black women (with no cursing or vulgarity) and you “moderated” it….you are still some rac!st ba$tards.

  • pro- family

    i really hate these articles…its 2012 common…..uk black women and men already marry other races and its no big deal. how about an article about successful marriages seeing as that’s what is lacking these days!

    • Paula

      Now don’t be likr that!! As much as its 2012, there are still racist people who hate to see stories like these… it was sweet, I enjoyed it….

  • Vic

    Why is it only black websites that galvanize these “arrangements” ?

    • JN31

      Very true. If this type of story was posted on E! News people would go insane. I’m not sure why we have to constantly fixate on this topic.

      • Jaz

        I think they are bringing a focus to it because a lot of interracial relationships are judged and/or frowned upon in the black community. It’s like if you date who you want, you are somehow a traitor, backstabbing your own people. Just take a look at these comments! This article showed 8 long-term, obviously successful but lesser known relationships that just happen to be interracial. I didn’t know Rick Fox was with Eliza Dushku. Did you?

        Why can’t will all just do what makes us happy and tell everyone else with an opinion to kick rocks. If your partner respects you, it doesn’t matter what race they are. We’re all people. We are all made from the same creator. We are all equal.

        • Faux Mcfakerson

          The thing I found interesting is that maybe we’ve never heard of most of these couples because the media doesn’t think it looks right… I mean the paparazzi has never chased down any of these interracial couples…

          • Xzamilio

            Kim and Kanye much? The reason these couples weren’t chased was because they seem to be good at keeping themselves out of the limelight and not notorious.

    • islandman

      It’s obvious it’s self-hate..If you go on any other ethnic/racial blogs/magazines they do not celebrate/worship interracial aka (white) union like black blogs/magazines. It’s always hispanic representing hispanic,indians representing indians,asians rep asians,etc.

      • Vic

        I would add that a reason the other non white sites don’t blatantly promote the same thing is that they a lot are already more likely to be in bed with a white person. When 40% of so called “east asian”females marry white males , why waste marketing dollars.

        They already know that black females are on the ropes from their negative imaging , propaganda, and destruction of many of their male counterparts , so this is one of the few last bastions that is under attack.

        • Really, it is just none of their damn business anyway. Whatever opinions, stigmas and blah blah blahs there are about black women mean not a damn thing when it comes to God, that is just the world’s view. I have dated other races and am married to a black man and if we don’t make it, I am always open because I am a hell of a person. I think that you are forgetting the stigmas about white men that even white women say unless your wallet looks yummy. People are gonna do and marry whoever they so please and your overall view of others means absolutely nothing pertaining to their happiness. So yes, save your dollars because you wont be given gossip to sell anyway. THANK GOD FOR THE STIGMA! PRIVACY! LOL!

      • Candi

        It’s not self hate…it’s reality. Why so sensitive?

      • Anonymous

        Thank you. I don’t understand the reason some black blogs push interracial all the time. It’s interesting because every other race stand for their own, even if they are dating outside, they don’t make a big deal out of it. They will make sure they push same race as far as they can. I guess, because black people are still the least developed, so it’s something special that whites are paying us mind because I don’t know what else it is with the worship and fascination.

        • SuzyQ

          Black people are the least developed???? Are you freaking kidding me??? Was that a joke or an inability to express yourself about the black race?

      • themedialiestoyou

        YES!!! lets have more articles on long lasting black love. every community needs positive role models and i would be more interested in seeing strong black couples that have stood the test of time.

    • Candi

      So should these types of relationships be hidden?

      • mrsgotrocks

        No. The question is why are the articles about them so prevelent on Black blogs?

        • SuzyQ

          Well, white publications in my opinion are absolutely obsessed with white female/black male and DON’T ACT LIKE YOU DON’T NOTICE THAT! So, why can’t we find out equally when one of the black women are dating someone that is not black? There are more of THESE relationships, yet the media ONLY fixates on black men dating white women therefore perpetuating the stereotype that men find both brown skinned women unattractive and women see white men as feminine or corny. I see this article as an informative one, nothing more…..

          • ro gray

            i love to see black men with white women.white women don’t ask black men to buy them a million dollar car and a 5 million dollar home like u black women do..we all know black women are gold diggers.black men and white women look better together anyway..to hell with u racist white women and u black women who cannot stand black male-white female couples,the same black women that are against black male-white female relationships are the ones that are running up every white male they can find,but yet cannot stand black males and white females together..

            • Natalie

              ro gray, no one said that there’s anything wrong with them being together, it’s just the fact that the one combination is so ubiquitous in the media that it’s so bothering to some people….but we all know that love is love…I personally am disgusted by anyone who thinks otherwise, but that’s just my two cents…

          • Natalie


  • cleojones

    I knew all along that Mr. Big was big on chocolate..

  • george lucas NEVER made it a secret that he loved the chocolate.

  • realadulttalk

    I didn’t get why Essence was on here. Go on George Lucas. Lmao


    Alfre Woodward I knew she was different….I will not settle for “partner”

    • Rags2Righteous

      I know your post is a year old, so maybe this site was updated since then, but it says that Alfre Woodard has been married to her husband since 1983. 🙂

  • Brandy

    Ivery is gay. Of course Ellen wouldn’t pick up up on that.

    Kudos to all the Black women who married out!

    • Jaleesa

      Yes, you saved your self from downlow HIV carrying brothers lol!

    • truthteller

      The hypocrisy of the angry black woman

  • mslilbit51

    In reference to the Chambers; Identical twins are not hereditary and twins are only passed down on the female side of the family.

    • realadulttalk

      I don’t think that is true. The twins in my family came from the father’s side.

      • Trapped In Paradise

        Yes, but her having two eggs fertilize at once or one splitting would have nothing to do with her husband being a twin. He could pass it down to his daughters but he has no effect on how many eggs his wife produces at once or whether they split.

    • What?!

      I’m the sorry, but this makes no sense…. are you sure you’re not referring to Jewish lineage?

      • rgrowley

        racist to call out Jewish lineage. As if other cultures do not apply. So you behave racist minded. Get a clue…

    • Dr Lolly

      You and MN are both wrong. Having hereditary identical twins is something that would come from her side but not necessarily from the female side of the family. That gene could come from her father’s family and be passed through her to her kids. This means her daughters would have a higher likelihood of having twins and the daughters of her sons would be. If, however, it was a random occurrence of identical twinning, there will be no higher genetic predisposition toward multiples in the future of their offspring at all. Sometimes it’s just random.

      • Sin-derella

        There are maternal twins, from the mother’s side and are usually but not alway identical. And then there are fraternal twins, the father’s side and usually have different characteristics. I have two sister who are fraternal twins, they look nothing alike, but still have that twin connection. Married brothers, always lived near one another, like the same things, etc.

        • rgrowley

          Dr. Lolly has a good science approach, but the “guest” uh, wrong in your presentation. Yeah, of course Maternal Twins, but that statement that made is hanging without an affirmative or non-affirmative reply to D. Lolly’s post. The “guest” just side stepped the issue. Next time Guest, acknowledge and then share your idiocy.

    • Fn rotton

      That is exactly true! A man can pass the gene onto his daughter, but when it comes to twins, the father of the twins had nothing to do with the twins being born. Fraternal twins come from separate eggs. A woman has to have a gene which causes her to ovulate more than one egg at a time. Men have nothing to do with that. As for identical twins, they come into being when an egg splits and no gene splits an egg.

      • Fn Rotton

        I suppose if I had expanded the comments I could have just kept my face shut. It’s so funny though how I wasn’t the only one who reacted to that statement in the article., lol

      • JustSaying_IMFO

        In short, identical twins are a freak of nature.

        • Jay

          I guess my brothers are freaks

    • Rachal Denise Ngetich

      Thank you! I was just about to comment on that!

    • Samkelis ♡

      If I’d paid attention in biology I might have been able to partake in this conversation lol…

    • ambs

      Says the medical community now, they’re always sure they’re right until they discover they’re wrong smh.