An Open Letter To Women Who “Baby Talk”

August 29, 2012  |  


Dear Baby-Voiced Women,

I just have one simple question for you all, why do you do what you do? Truly, what is the point of speaking in a voice that could not feasibly belong to a woman of your age? Is it to feign innocence, to solicit sympathy and compassion or has it just become a subconscious habit at this point? What is going on? You may think this is endearing but in reality, this baby-voice is one of the most infuriating things in the world, second only to a small child incessantly, kicking the back of your seat on the airplane. And like the bothersome child on the plane, I will give you the death face.

Not too long ago, I was friends with a girl who would sporadically start speaking Infantish. One day, having heard this high pitched, whiny, sickeningly sweet voice more times than I cared to remember, I asked her, “Why do you speak like that?” And you know, she didn’t have an answer. Paying close attention to the times she’d used it, I assumed she employed the baby voice to illicit some type of sympathy or even pity for her and the situation she was trying to convey. But it just didn’t work. In fact, it had the opposite effect. It was so annoying I couldn’t concentrate on anything she had to say. Lucky for me and our friendship, after I questioned her, I never heard the baby voice again.

Have you ever noticed this baby voice phenomenon is a trait employed solely by women? (And Baby Voice Darius from Awkward Black Girl doesn’t count because he just whispers.) I’ve never seen men pretending to be child-like…not intentionally anyway. But with women? It’s all the rage. Think about it. How many times have you seen women dressed in school-girl uniforms, women posing in with their index finger in the corner of their mouths, pretending to be helpless? Remember the child model Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau, who was photographed topless? She was 10 years old at the time, in full makeup on the pages of Vogue and other publications. Everyone from her parents, the photographers, the editorial teams etc. found no fault with a little girl posing in adult clothes or in various stages of undress. Why is this okay? Why is this little girl, though undeniably beautiful, someone we’re putting in the pages of adult magazines…for adults to read? With spreads like this, is it really such a drastic leap to wonder why child pornography is so prevalent on the internet?

You probably didn’t expect me to go to that very sobering, very real place. But it’s the truth. I can’t help but think the baby voice is an attempt at tapping into what society tells us men like, young. Very young, pedophilic young. Thing is if you’re speaking in baby voice, trying to be appealing to men or charming to women, think about the type of man who would be attracted to that mess and the fact that you’re annoying the hell out of everyone else.

Yours in annoyance,



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  • ezreader

    Equally as annoying is the “gravelly voice” that women contrive. Some women employ the gravelly voice all the time, while others choose to employ it at the end of a sentence. I’ve been reading articles about why women engage in this low, grating voice and some believe it is used to make them sound more like men, thus lending them more credibility. All it does is make it sound as if they’re too lazy to enunciate clearly. I understand there are “celebrities” that employ this gravelly voice (Kardashian, Witherspoon comes to mind) and young women are emulating these celebrities. What is frightening, is that a survey of young women who were asked about “gravelly voice” replied that they thought it made the person appear more “urban” or more “educated” which, in my opinion, could not be further from the truth. Combine “gravelly” with “nasal, whiny” in the same sentence and I’m ready to lop off their heads.

  • Nadalee

    I know, I’m so tired of the voice of the weak passive “little girl” voice in a grown woman! I think more and more young women are talking this way these days because they don’t want men to think they are a threat!!!! How pathetic is that? They are also terrified of getting “old” and losing their “appeal” to men since society makes them think that is their only worth! So sad! what happened to the strong women of the 80’s and 90’s…

  • AriesDoll

    Some people can’t help it and have naturally high voices. So don’t be so critical. Maybe you should write an open letter to women who have deep voices and talk like men.

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  • Donald McIntyre

    I hear women with the baby talk everywhere: tv, internet, gym, etc. I think I am going to slap one in the face one of these days!!

  • Annoyed

    Really people? Do you not have anything better to do than sit here And write about how people talk. Get a life Veronica!

  • NiceNasty

    Okay I’m I the only one who is jus killing myself laughing at the lil boy in the pic?

  • mac

    Connecting this to pedophilia is a huge grasp at straws. That child you mentioned had absolutely nothing to do with the article. Talk about digressing.

    Women, in general I think simply do this to sound cute, flirt, charm men, appear submissive/nonthreatening, what have you. Some simply have small voices. I don’t think it goes any further than that.

    Please don’t make this bigger than it is.
    Suggesting this trivial issue has anything to do with a horrible issue like pedophilia is offensive to those who were actual victims of it.

  • Kayo

    I can only assume it is because women are socialized to be nice, alluring, and non-threatening.

  • JH

    God, I hate it when females talk like that for no reason. It’s the Marilyn Monroe thing.

    • Kayo

      Remember, not all females are girls or women, therefore, not all females can talk.

  • No Disrespect

    I can’t get over that picture…so appropriate and FUNNY as hell!

  • quest

    My 19 year old neice does that. She has three older brothers and they still baby her. I don’t know how to tell my sister to tell her to stop. I don’t think it’s intentional, this is how she talks. I can’t stand it. It’s not normal.

  • Treacle234

    I watch Tia and Tamera’s reality tv show and every time they see their cousin they have this baby talk they do….it is super annoying. So I agree, talking baby talk is cool as long as you do not do it in public.

    • quest

      Lol, they do, do that to Jerome. And Im with you on that. It’s annoying. Maybe something they did as children and carried it over into adulthood.

  • Ss

    You’re meme is bad, and you should feel bad!

  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie


  • Hello_Kitty81

    You know what, THANK YOU!!! I see women do that alot almost everyday and it’s annoying! I’m 30, the only way I talk like a baby is when I’m talking to a baby, it ish make you look dumber!

    • rzakia

      But your screen name and pic are both Hello Kitty??? Lol how comical some people are.

      • Hello_Kitty81

        What does my avatar and username (which it’s called!) have to do with anything, is it sounding like a baby? LOL @ how dumb you are!

      • benson davis

        And why are you worrying about her username and pic r e t a r d? Go lay in traffic troll, you make no sense!

      • Trollie

        You’re the comical one making her username and avatar so relevant to her comment! There’s 40 year olds walking around telling themselves that they’re Barbie, wearing pink and green weaves, wearing bags with Justin Bieber face and name on it and wear Mickey Mouse and Tweety Bird shirts. Hello Kitty has been around since the 70’s so yeah at 30, she has every right to be a fan! I’m 35 and a fan too! You’re a dumba$$!

        • rzakia

          Oh you girls are sensitive huh? Btw, Barbie was invented in 1959 so I guess according to your logic anyone born after this date (including those 40 year old women you speak of) have to right to walk around calling themselves Barbies right? Lol, as I said before your girls are comical!!!