The Next Sarah Palin? Black Mayor Mia Love Steals The Spotlight at Republican National Convention

August 29, 2012  |  

Saratoga Springs mayor Mia Love speaking at the RNC. (


John McCain has stumped for her. Paul Ryan has held fundraisers on her behalf. She’s been coached on public speaking by a member of Mitt Romney’s team.

When Mia Love addresses the Republican National Convention on Tuesday afternoon, it will be the coming-out party for the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Love, a Mormon, is running for the congressional seat in Utah’s 4th District, and is aiming to defeat Jim Matheson, the popular Democratic incumbent. If she wins, she’ll be the first black woman the GOP has ever sent to Congress.


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  • BlueCornmoon

    Here’s her speech as prepared for delivery.Don’t know if it’s the whole thing or not. Maybe it’s on youtube. Anyhow,I’m not impressed by this. No substance at all. And did anyone hear Clint Eastwood’s speech! OMG! A lot of rambling about nothing & snide remarks.Very bizarre.

  • Native Noir


  • get real

    I remember when I heard of Angela Mcglowan (The pretty black chick that frequents Fox news) and she was talking that dumb racist white guy nonsense I said “let me google her” And what do ya know, her husband is white. So you see where these black women are getting dumbed down at. At home with their white daddy’s..

  • get real

    When I heard this woman talking that dumb black conservative garabage I said “let me google her”. And what do ya know she’s married to white mormon from Utah. I read her bio and she was faced with all kinds of racism up there but just like a dumb black conservative she ignored it and chalked it up to “maybe it’s just something I did wrong”. Black conservatives will act as if racism doesn’t exist. Especially when they have a “white daddy”. Who’s dumb racial ideology they have adopted.

  • tony

    i agree also

  • psylocke_2001

    I agree.

  • thatonegirl

    I don’t have a issue with her choice to affiliate herself with the Republican party after all it is a “free” country and were entitled to our own opinions. However, if your going to fight for the Republican party know who & what your really fighting for.

  • Candacey Doris

    Why all her the next Palin? I’d be happy if she were compared to Condileeza Rice. Palin is…special. I’m hoping Love does not turn out to be like her. As for her religion, i don’t care about it. But I do wish i could ask her some questions.

    • Hello_Kitty81

      I know right, calling her the next Sarah Palin is like calling Obama the next George W. Bush.

    • ashley79

      The writer wants you to think that she’s a fool like Palin. She may be, we haven’t got to really know her like Palin. But I don’t like fact that we’re dogging each other (as a woman and African American) just because we don’t like her religion or her politics.

      • jessevandell


      • get real

        Black people like this will distance themselves from anything black. When you join hands with a party or people that really don’t want you there, makes you fool. When you go out of your way to be acepted by whites makes you a fool. If this were slavery days she would be a “bed wench’. If this were slavery black people like her (along with the men) would tell “massa” about uprisings and escape plans. Anything to be down with massa.

        • ashley79

          I guess than we should never entered the military, schools, job, or certain sports. Should we stay seperate? Would you have us seperate and (un)equal? We fight every day to be accepted into places where people don’t want us, even each other. It is ideas like this, that keep not just us but everyone from understanding other races and cultures. Vaness Williams, Cullen Jones, Gabby Douglas, Robert Johnson, Debbie Thomas, the Williams sisters, Madam C. J. Walker, or Benjamin O. Davis, all went/did something to be apart of something that is thought many people thought of as “white.” They weren’t wanted there.

          • bkabbagej

            Why is it, whenever a black person speaks of non intergration others act as though there is only one way to be successful in this country. I truly believe that if we would have coninued developing the businesses, towns and educational institutions that were developed, when we weren’t allowed in theirs this country would truly be one of inclusion. Unfortunately or fortunately this county was built on captalism and money is the only thing that the leaders of this country understand, and as a minority we don’t have the type of money it takes to truly play the game, We come to the table with GOD given skills and talents they could never imagine and they realize they have to let a few through in order to benefit (steal, manipulate, buy and lie) or make money off of. An example of how we could earn respect on their terms; Ben Carson, a neonatal children’s heart surgeon at a Boston Hospital, is a highly skilled, one-of-kind in his field doctor being paid well to perform heart surgery on infants. Just imagine if this brother was working at a black hospital (why? because just 50 years ago he couldn’t work in that famous white Boston hospital), this hospital would be known around the world for his work and they would be flocking to our institution for his services but not only for his skills and talent but the rich would pay whatever it took for them to get what they wanted. Now, nothing was given but earned, the money, prestige, power but most of all the respect is truly earned!
            This sister is only doing what so many of us feel we have to do in order to be accepted and become successful in their world; sell our souls to the devil, deny herself and ignore the facts and they’ll stop laughing at the poor little black girl from Haiti and see me as one of them…delusional!!!

            • BlueCornmoon

              You got that right.If our folks had concentrated on developing our own businesses & neighborhood schools like they did in the south back when we weren’t allowed into white establishments & then hadn’t dropped the ball after civil rights laws were passed & gotten hooked up in the crack epidemic & LOST A LOT OF THE CULTURE THAT KEPT OUR FAMILIES INTACT & OUR KIDS PROPERLY RAISED TO VALUE EDUCATION, we would be way ahead of where we are now.Chicago & other big cities wouldn’t be covered with dead black bodies almost every day & we wouldn’t be running to KOREANS, who’ve never combed a napp, to get products for OUR HAIR!! Almost every white critique of blacks mentions our lack of business skills & the high crime rate.
              When I was a kid I used to hear that immigrant blacks from the West Indies often didn’t want to associate too much with us American blacks for a couple of reasons: some thought they were better than we are,which is nonsense, & the other reason,which many agreed with is that they come from countries run largely by blacks because they were freed from slavery before we were,were able to develop their own country wide culture, were not subjected to the psychological affects of the awful Jim Crow laws we had to deal with, & and are often more confident & ready to do things that many American blacks don’t feel comfortable going into because they’d be the only one in it or consider “trying to be white”. Because of our sturggles here, the great civiI rights leaders came from AMERICAN BLACKS. Now I can’t argue with the cultural difference issue because as a music ed college student I found many American blacks were too often into exclusionary cliques, skin color & hair issues, & coming from the right city in order to be accepted, & other nonsense.I was criticized by them for “studying the white man’s music”. I ignored all that & had my own mixed ( black,white,Asian) group of friends. Some were Jamaicans with the same major I had. They studied hard & didn’t get into those messes I mentioned. They were there to learn & had no issues about “white man’s music”. I met African students who were the same way.
              Now I don’t know a thing about Mayor Love & hope to hear her speak, but she just might be one of those people you describe in your last paragraph. I hope not, but it’s happened before.

            • get real

              Thank you.

            • ashley79

              Because its easier to give examples about someone everyone knows. I could talk about how some of my cousins where bus into schools during the desegregation period but would you relate? Probably not.

              Why must we dog her because we don’t like her politics? If you look at some of the postings, they talk about her hair, her husband, religion, and call her just about all names in the book. What makes it right for us to BULLY (yes that’s what is happening here) because we don’t like her politics or religion?
              Do I agree with her politics, no but I respect her as a woman and a human being not to call her all names out of the book. We have to agree to disagree.

              I personally rather see articles about how some states passed voter ID laws and that many people are NOT VOTING because they don’t like the President or Romney.

      • Candacey Doris

        That’s how i feel. I’m not going to automatically jump on her because i don’t care for her politics. She’s in a party with a platform that even most members don’t hold to. Ok, fine, but that doesn’t mean that i should insult her, her family, and her life. Let’s wait until she shows that she is a fool like the woman people are comparing her to first.

    • Gimmeabreak78

      I think the Palin comparisons come in because she’s extremely socially conservative, and got her political start as a mayor of a town no one has ever heard of who is ultimately more style than substance. The Condi Rice comparisons aren’t appropriate because love her or hate her, Condi Rice comes with an academic and foreign policy pedigree that Mia Love just doesn’t have. In fact the only thing those two have in common is that they are both black women.

      • Candacey Doris

        I’m hoping the extreme conservatism is something she did to get elected and she’ll show what she truly believes as the election year closes. I just haven’t seen enough of her to call her Palin yet though. Palin is more than conservative, she’s a fool with unreal expectations and views. So we can’t just go comparing people to her without any basis.

        • Gimmeabreak78

          There’s plenty of basis for the Palin comparisons. Getting their start as mayors of small towns aside, they have the following VERY conservative viewpoints in common:

          A: Both are anti gay marriage.
          B: Both are pro-life.
          C: Both support Arizona’s immigration laws.
          D: Both are (obviously) very anti-Obama.
          E: Both believe the economy will be stimulated by cutting the taxes of the top 1% earners.

          There are several other similarities between the two women (all of which make them both politically unpalatable for me, lol).

  • in my Bernie Mac voice: Oh LAWD!

  • kickash

    her weave looks bad. thats all i have to say.

    • Candacey Doris

      Braids, not weave.

  • A Black, female, second-generation immigrant from Utah, who is a Mormon, and a member of the GOP. Let me just take this in for a second….

  • dee

    I was browsing through TV a few weeks ago and caught her on fox news and I was creeped out and astounded at the same time from hearing her speak. There is just something about her I can’t quite figure out but I do not trust her at all.

    • Maybe she sold her soul or something?

  • c

    OK, each person is entitled to his or hers own beliefs. So I don’t understand all the hate about her religion, I may not agree with some parts of it but this is America.

    Why does she have to be the next Sarah Palin? She seems (somewhat) sane. I would call her more a Bobbie Jindal.

    I give her props for rocking the braids.

    *madam enoire please fix your link, What does a low birth rate article on the Huffington Post have to do with Mia Love?

    • Calikush

      @ c, your comment is the most logical and sensible comment on this thread! I totally agree!

    • get real

      Uh Mormons hate the guts of black people. They are so dumb that they believe the Garden Of Eden is in Missouri for crying out loud. White people that are Mormons are crazy as cat feces. And a black person to be a Mormon is beyond belief.

  • lalatarea

    THIS IS NOT MY COMMENT, but this is a great place to share it.

    ” It was a short but interesting speech last night by Mayor Love. Her family story of immigrating to the USA is truly moving.I just have a few questions for her:1. When your family arrived from Haiti with $10 in their pocket, did they receive any kind of humanitarian help? Did any help come from the government? As a first generation American who came to this country as a child, what is your opinion on deporting children and young people?2. Your budget plans calls for the elimination of all student loan programs, federal financial aid, and pell grants. These programs help our students afford college. Considering you benefited from them, do you feel a bit uncomfortable throwing under the bus two thirds of Utah students who need these programs to get through school?3. Another area where some would say you can talk the talk but have a little trouble with the stroll is on budgets. Isn’t it true that as Mayor of Saratoga Springs you went on a taxing binge, raising taxes 116% in one year and that you raised your own salary 30%?4. Why do you want to rip Medicare away from hundreds of thousands of Utah’s seniors by ‘reinventing’ (ie, slashing to elimination) a program that works well for seniors? While you’ve made it quite clear that you want to eliminate the program, have you given any thought to what specific program you would replace it with?5. While you are piling up cut after cut in your proposed budget, Mia, do you really want to start all the slashing with ending financial help for students, obliterating the WIC program for Utah’s low income infants, and eliminating the school lunch programs for 216,416 Utah school children? Really Mia, can you find somewhere else, maybe, to start? Must you begin with hurting, hungry Utah school kids?6. Speaking of ideas to help balance the budget, an idea Utah Democrats are REALLY in favor of, why have you been unable to come up with even a few dollars to cut from the military budget? With a baseline of $707 billion* and a full budget of $1.03 trillion, can’t you find a few million in DOD waste? And while so many elderly, infants and Utah students suffer under your budget proposals, is it true you want an additional 25% ADDED to the military budget?Perhaps if Utah’s poor, students, infants, senor citizens and working class families only had an anonymous PAC, maybe they’d be safe from the budget cuts too.”

  • Gimmeabreak78

    This woman is awful. I don’t know where to begin with her. How can a black child of Hatian immigrants embrace a political party that is notorious for it’s sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant anti-black and anti-immigrant sentiments? While she’s up on stage touting the GOP agenda, her fellow Republicans are throwing peanuts at a black camerawoman saying that this is how they feel animals. It’s beyond me how some of “us” in our quest for success and fame can turn a blind eye to the racism, xenophobia, and sexism the rest of us do see. SMH.

  • Anonymous

    This is a joke. She’s part of a scary religion who claim that black race is of the devil, the only way to get clean is by marrying and having a child with a white person. I just don’t know any black person in their mind who will think that that’s okay.

  • jasmine

    I wonder how she feels about the person who threw peanuts at the black camera women? Something tells me this chick doesn’t even care.

  • A black mormon republican…this should be interesting.