Say What?! Nutcases At The RNC Threw Peanuts At Black CNN Camerawoman

August 29, 2012  |  


Last night, during the Republican National Convention, two attendees were thrown out of the convention after insulting and throwing peanuts at a black CNN camerawoman.

Take Action Journalist David Shuster tweeted:

That tweet has been retweeted 7,900 times and CNN posted a story online confirming the incident saying:

Multiple witnesses observed the exchange and RNC security and police immediately removed the two people from the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

The convention released a statement saying, “Two attendees tonight exhibited deplorable behavior. Their conduct was inexcusable and unacceptable. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated.”

CNN also acknowledged the incident, saying, “CNN can confirm there was an incident directed at an employee inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum earlier this afternoon. CNN worked with convention officials to address this matter and will have no further comment.”

It’s unclear why the woman was the target of the peanuts. Some were saying it was because of her affiliation with CNN and the fact that many members of the GOP believe that CNN leans liberal. However, considering the GOP’s current anti-black reputation (underscored by the fact that a poll showed Mitt Romney has zero percent of the black vote), most believe this attack was racially motivated.

No one is saying whether or not the culprits were delegates or attending the convention in some other capacity — nor why they brought peanuts to the RNC in the first place. Oddly, neither the peanut throwers nor the camerawoman have been identified as of yet. It’s not as though nobody knows who was involved. Both the RNC and CNN know exactly who was involved and are mysteriously choosing not to publish that information. In fact, CNN probably told the camerawoman not to come forward despite the incident being a hot topic today. Maybe the network has its reasons that reason knows nothing about.

I guess it doesn’t matter who was involved anyway. We know where we’re at as a country and unfortunately a black woman being harassed at the GOP convention is not surprising at all.

What do you think about this story? Do you think the public should know who was involved? Do you think the peanut throwing was racially motivated?

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  • UNTRUE… I know plenty of black people voting for Mitt!!!!

  • get real

    Don’t fall for the “Obama has such and such”percent of that black vote. Clinton, Gore, Kerry etc all had 85-90 percent of the black vote. Stop letting these conservative kooks back you guys into these corners about the percent of the black vote that Obama gets. Because the white democratic presidental hopefuls get the same percentage of te black vote.

  • dkbnyc

    Anyone have the names of these gutless animals? We’d like to show them how animals are fed.

  • Creed

    I have to agree with a couple of other posters comments here, that it’s very strange the media hasn’t taken this on in a big way than all the other stories they’ve latched on too. I’m sure it would be a huge coo to identify the two individuals but it seems the press has already forgotten about it as if they dont want the story to have legs?
    Just in case your thinking another Rep drone I voted for Obama in 08 and registered Democrat all my life. You see it’s not about the party of choice it’s more about the truth and something isnt right here.

  • Creed

    I don’t understand the mindset of people to this but
    something’s very wrong with this story.

    1. Security would have
    identified the two people as the escorted them out.

    2. Every person at the
    convention has a pass, someone knows who they are.

    3. She’s a camera woman,
    where was her camera and where was it shooting at the time. I would have
    thought the natural instinct would to catch it on tape

    4. There are hundreds of
    cameras everywhere on the floor. To have none catch the incident is amazing
    to me.

    5. From her response to
    police and media I see no call for her to give a description of the two
    individuals. Why not as I’m sure she got a good look at them along with all
    the eye witnesses at the time.

    Something’s wrong with this
    story and I don’t know what it is but I hope the truth comes out and the
    individuals are identified and taken to task. If they are delegates I would
    hope their careers are over as I would never want this type of person in a position
    of any power.

  • wallyworld

    no names? no pictures? sounds like a plant much like the tea party plants.

  • Fred Magruder

    Alissa, why is nobody exploring the possibility that the “racist peanut thrower” was some kind of plant? The story has completely overshadowed the day’s convention (likely the rest of it, too) and may significantly effect the black vote. It would have been and exceptionally simple ploy, yet I’ve seen nothing about this possibility.

  • Dee

    Could it be that the reason why the RNC and CNN are trying not to make this a big deal is because they are not trying to shove yet another race story down our throat so that we can try to focus on the convention? I believe it happened and I believe that we have already seen so many stories about racism lately that they are not adding yet another one. We all know racism is alive and well, if at this point the GOP and supporters don’t believe it, nothing will change their minds on it.

  • All of this mess in the Republican Party only makes it look worse for them in the long run. They have been showing their true, hateful colors for a long time now, and it needs to stop.

  • colliz

    Public Service Announcement: There is an invasion of white republicans and conservatives on our site. Someone please stop the madness. Some of these comments are the same type of trash i read on yahoo, TMZ and the Huffington post. All of you please go away, the usual readers and supporters of this site would greatly appreaciate it.

    • dee

      lo key thinking the same think when reading the comments…get out!

  • Cynt

    Yes. It is racially motivated. It isn’t no need for the idiots to come forward, claiming ” they didn’t mean for it to happened, I didn’t realize what I was doing,, blah, blah, blah”. This is a bunch of junk. These people knew what they were doing. It is amazing how whites treat blacks, if the shoe was on the other foot, they would not want anyone to treat them like that.

  • Susan

    Stupid question. Of course it was racially motivated. Yes, it should be better covered by the news. It’s not being covered because the mainstream media has swung to the right along with the republican party. We are heading backwards if the GOP gain the White House.

  • gemini40

    So David Shuster tweet was made up as well, Why is so hard to beileve that this type of behavior still exist… she should have went full urban on there tails.. but then she would have been the bad person responding…

  • Don’t they feed peanuts to elephants? Isn’t the symbol of the Republican Party an elephant? Was there a racist word uttered? The story sounds out of context, with racism.

    • colliz

      @Jefferey Low there is no justification, you don’t throw peanuts at someone and refer to them as an animal. End of story. There’s this thing called common decency, are you familiar with that? Probably not.

  • i bet they were from TEXAS!

  • Change is a comin’!!

    I’ll withhold judgement till ALL the facts come out… this is just too convenient given the MSM recent narrative about racism and the GOP

  • kenadee

    if she is a camerawomen this attack was caught on camera right?????

  • Jed

    To Scotty who seems to think this story is a plant by CNN I have this to say: you have to be demented to think that CNN would risk their networks’ credibility by resorting to such ta
    ctic. It would cost millions in lawsuits. There were witnesses to what transpired.
    Its ironic that this happened a day on the same date that Martin Luther King gave his “I have a dream” speech way back in 1963. Almost 50 years later and nothing has changed. Blatant racism has gone underground, the educated ones are too smart to betray there true feelings, but its there. Its the idiots that continue to give it voice. The RNC is a club of bigots

    • keithsmustache

      Credibility?? LOL! You mean like how CNN broke with stupid girl song intro when they were doing a story Sarah Palin was playing. You forget you liberals know no bounds to your own stupidity.

  • If Romney has no black votes it’s because the blacks are racist.

  • callie1984

    If this story is true, the taunting was inexcusable and the folks were ejected, rightly so.
    One question, how come this incident is getting more press than the Black Panthers, threatening to ‘kill white babies,’ a few weeks ago?

    • jn

      Because it’s only racist if hatred is coming from whites, or a republican. If it’s coming from a minority or a democrat it’s quickly ignored or forgotten.

      • keithsmustache

        Yes, Samuel Jacksons comment about the storm wiping out the RNC is not racist.

        • Candacey Doris

          It wasn’t racist. It was damn stupid. He didn’t say “i want the hurricane to get rid of all those white people” he said he wanted it to take out the republican convention. Which has people of all races attending, if only to watch (in tampa here).

        • colliz

          You’re trying to make a point for racism based on Samuel Jacksons comment ? You’re a damn idiot. There’s a big difference between saying that you want the rain to cause a cancellation of the RNC meeting and throwing peanuts at someone saying this is how we feed animals. Please stop with the idiocy, every comment you make on this thread reveals that you have the intellect of a sock of rocks.

          • keithsmustache

            He didn’t mean cancel–he meant get rid of the party and republicans. This is the same guy who said I’m only voting for Obama because he is black. 95% of the black race voted for Obama. But he still needed the white vote to become elected. So, who again are the racists? You’re so numb from hatred you can’t see any other viewpoint. Your mind is muddied from blind hatred.

      • colliz

        @jn it’s because that garbage never happened. Stop with the deflectng. Now everybody wants to play the victim. That’s just silly.

        • jn

          are you serious so you honestly believe that democrats are not racist at all.Lolo…wow, you are more brainwashed and delusional than most.

    • colliz

      You’re a liar, there is no such story. You’re not fooling anyone. Ever black panther member would be hung if that were the case before they even got a chance to come close to any white kids. You’re just trying to take attention away from the issue a hand. Epic fail.

  • keithsmustache

    No release of names, no photos, no film. Gee, I called this before it started. The left is desperate. We have Hermain Cain, Allen West, Arthur Davis and Mia Long….and it is driving them “nuts.”

  • JJ

    “Oddly, neither the peanut throwers or the camerawoman have been identified as of yet”. This story is just out there to enrage and divide people even more. Why not get all of the facts first? This story is one of those that they want to spread like wildfire and after the facts come out whether it be true or not ,damage is already done.

    • jn

      agreed. but people will believe what they want to believe because it fits into what they already believe to be true.

  • Cat

    I would bet my paycheck it was a plant to make the Republicans look bad. I want the culprits identified. I had heard that this sort of thing was being planned to try to shine a bad light on the RNC. I guess there is no way to screen for infiltrators who mean to do harm.

    • Cat

      Oh, and the part about Romney getting zero percent support… guess they didn’t count all the blacks know who are voting for him. Who did they poll for that…Kenya?

      • guest

        well, the story could be made up, but I doubt romney has much of the black vote. Blacks routinely vote democrat no matter who the nominees are.

    • keesha

      He probably does have a percentage of the black vote, but I guarantee you it’s so much less than 1% that it might as well be 0%.

  • GOP Defender

    Ok I call B.S. on this story. CNN will make up anything to make the RNC look bad. I saw no peanuts or booes during Herman Caine’s speech or Mia Love’s speech lastnight. You know the African American woman Mayor from Utah! Also read the article. Romney has 0% of the African American vote and we are the racist? Really? The Democratic Party was so outraged with African Americans speeking lastnight. That they planted the story and CNN said yes Masters.

    • get real

      And that black woman has a white daddy (husband) so that’s where her bs rhetoric is coming from. Black people know this idiot and his party dsnt care about us. Obama has 63% of the Hispanic vote. Minorities aren’t fools. Dummy. You and your conservative buddies keep talking about they planted this story yet the RNC CONFIRMED IT. You guys keep overlooking that part. But I take it as an oversight on you guy’s part.

  • Matt

    If this really happened, where is the footage? Every news network known to man is there to cover the RNC and they can’t produce any evidence. Sounds like it was made up to me.

  • Kimster

    This is deplorable. The GOP party has moved past racial and gender rhetoric right into physical assault. The same party that has many voters contesting even the possibility that racism still exists. Sadly, it’s still alive and well. People don’t even try to hide their true, hateful feelings for people of color or the Presidential family. Also, peanuts in close proximity can be very dangerous to someone with a severe allergy. I can attest to that.

    • keithsmustache

      Allergy LOL! This story is as much of a fraud as your president.

      • Achilles

        Keithsmustache, your comment is a “case in point” and you didn’t even realize it. Republicans just can’t help themselves, I guess.

        • keithsmustache

          Yes, because I forgot fraud is one of those code words.

      • jay

        U are a racist sounds to me.

        • keithsmustache

          The words blackboard and black eyed pea sounds racist to you.

      • Delmo

        So that’s why the RNC confirmed it?

        • keithsmustache

          They confirmed that it happened, not who did it. The story is not in the mainstream news, that should tell you something.

          • Ann

            It doesn’t have to be on mainstream news. Mainstream news do not always report everything nor they check sources out before they run some stories.

  • Kashbmaryd

    And that sums up the GOP this year. It might as well be 1964 with them. Ann Romney and Chris Christie couldn’t even get their speeches in sync, so how in the hell are they going to run the country?

  • Chanda

    Damn shame a black woman can’t even do her job without being harrassed. This is why many black people don’t like dealing with whites in the first place and it shouldn’t have to be that way. What is this the 1950s? Ignorant! So much for that melting pot.

    • Scotty

      Chanda, the story is a fake planted by the Dem party with CNN fully on board. Did you hear any boos during Hermain Caines speech or Mia Loves, both prominant leaders in the Republican Party? No way. The Democratic Party is so outraged at the public acceptance of the GOP by more and more blacks that this is what they drummed up.

      • IAJS

        Stop please! There is a good number of GOP who are flat out racist, racism is alive and well in that party and the public (at least the minority public) don’t accept their racist party. Democrats do not need to plant fake stories to make them look bad, they do that on their own.

        • guest

          and democrats aren’t racist at all? if you believe this you are naive.

        • ChowYunPhat

          I’d put it like this – Not all Republicans are racists, but I’d be willing to bet that all racists are Republicans.

          • keithsmustache

            Well you’re flat out wrong.

          • jasmine

            Love it I never thought of it like that.

            • James

              Good, because it’s wrong.

          • guest

            so there are no racist democrats???? you’re joking right?

        • keithsmustache

          There is a good number of GOP who are flat out racist.
          Irony is that statement has some racial overtones. The democratic party is much more racist because they are prolonging your victimization status in life, and think you’re incapable and incompetent, therefore need their help/handouts from cradle to grave–and their votes along with it. Us conservatives believe you are our equal, and require no advantages whatsoever, the same start as everyone else. It might seem a bit more painful but in the end, you will be better for it. So, tell me, who is the racist again?

          • IAJS

            There was no racial overtone at all, there was a irritated overtone. I am sick of people masking up their racism and there are plenty of GOP’s who do this. Racism, in case you have forgotten is not liking someone simply because of their skin color and if a GOP makes a racist comment about the president “going back to Kenya” or being a “watermelon president” it is racist, not a political opinion. I also never said that a democrat could not be racist.

          • colliz


      • Delmo

        The RNC confirmed it. Are they in cahoots with CNN???

      • Are you implying that there are no racists in that entire arena? If you believe so, you’re at a new level of delusional my friend.

      • get real

        A party that knows they have a diversity prblem is going to boo the 3 or 4 black people tha spoke and are going to boo them on national tv? Are you really this dumb?

    • James

      Where exactly does it says the “peanut gallery” folks were white? How do two people getting tossed make the entire party racist? The only reason the republican party has an anti-black reputation is because the Democrats say so. Review history and learn the truth about where parties stood instead of believing what our so-called leaders tell us.

      • guest

        Exactly!!!!! but trust me they wont do this, people want to believe what they want to believe.

      • get real

        You not slick dude. You know about the Dixiecrats and that’s when the party’s flipped. Today’s Republicans would be Democrats back then. And today’s Democrats would be Republicans back then. You know this so don’t try to play this game little slick game. You know this party doesn’t give a flip about black or non rich people. So I don’t understand how you non rich people support them. Dummies.

  • Smacks_hoes

    This election is become less about the issuses and more about racial divide…. Im so over the republic party. I just don’t see it happening for mitt. I sincerely believe Obama will be re elected.

    • Chanda

      He doesn’t stand a chance and it’s not really his fault. He just wanted to be a president like anybody else.