Lord Help Us: Instead Of Spreading The Word, GA Pastor Accused Of Spreading HIV To Congregation

August 29, 2012  |  

Source: ditcradio.com

When a few women at the Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta decided to take off their chastity belts and lay down with their pastor, I wish they would have at least put on a condom. They might have still been committing a sinful act but at least they wouldn’t have contracted HIV from the married pastor, as numerous black sites are reporting.

In a post on Black Blue Dog, Dr. Boyce Watkins lays out the story in detail:

The pastor was arrested for reckless conduct after police found that he was sleeping with several women with whom he was not married.  A woman by the name of Ronita McAfee says that she met the pastor on Facebook and began sleeping with him.

Ronita says that she became concerned when one of the pastor’s ex-girlfriends called to say that she had HIV.  She claims that the pastor then counseled her (presumably leaning on the word of the good “lawud”) and told her to get tested. McAfee then says that she believed that, based on her observations, the pastor himself was not interested in getting treatment or changing his sexual behavior, in spite of his status. This is what prompted her to seek out a warrant for his arrest.

Ronita is, by our best guess, the first person to file for the arrest of someone who was found to be having unprotected sex in Clayton County, GA while knowing that he is HIV-positive. McAfee says that when the investigation began, another woman in the church leadership stepped forward with her confession about interacting with Davis.  The woman even claimed that she’d been celibate for 15 years before meeting him.  She too is HIV positive.

Dr. Watkins goes on to lay out all the troubling issues in this case — and there are a lot of them — noting the pastor’s denial of his own condition, the fact that he was cheating on his wife, women in the church choosing to fornicate and aid a minister in committing adultery. The bottom line is there is a lot going on, not the least of which is the spread of HIV. But, as we know, God-fearing women can sometimes get caught up in the pulpit and do foolish things when they listen to a man’s word instead of God’s.

ObnoxiousTV blog has a much more detailed account of the pastor’s sexcapades which you can delve into at your leisure, but what’s possibly even more disturbing are these facts they report:

Craig was arrested on the July 22 and bonded out on a $1,500 bond after posting $150 and then was extradited to Clayton County where he stayed until sometime in August. At first he was denied bond but after second hearing he was granted a $30,000 [bond] and his wife Jan posted the $3,200 to bail him out.

Davis shared that it is true that he is HIV positive, but it is not right what this demonic woman is doing to innocent people to hurt him. According to Craig this is an attack of the enemy to cause people from actually going to church, but at the same time a good thing and a platform that he will use to start his own ministry.

Pastor Davis might be starting that ministry from behind bars because the case is expected to go to trial in Fulton County Superior Court fairly soon. Lord help us.

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