Super Husband To The Rescue! Swizz Beatz Attacks Fan For Talking About Alicia Keys!

August 25, 2012  |

I take it celebrities still don’t realize that not everyone will like you. Or your wife.

Earlier this week, Alicia Keys’ husband, Swizz Beatz, posted the above picture of her new album on Instagram with a caption that read:

“My Queen is ready to rock this world! This is her new album cover! G.O.F”

Sounds nice enough, right? Well, of course you can’t please everyone and quite frankly, some fans haven’t been happy with the images they’ve been seeing for Alicia’s album, Girl On Fire.One fan chimed in after the picture was posted”

“They go from Beyonce 2 Sasha Fierce, Eminen 2 Slim Shady and so on and so forth All I’m saying this ain’t the A Keys I remember – The illumaniti is deff at work here!! Smh.”

Ut oh. In case you don’t know, the “Illuminati” is allegedly a very secret society that entertainers, politicians and anyone else with power is part of that supposedly stems from devil worshiping and “selling your soul” in order to obtain more power and unparalleled levels of success.  Most public industry heads laugh this off but apparently Swizz neither in the mood for Illuminati talk nor comments about Alicia because that comment stuck out to him and he immediately stormed back with:

“I see you need to stop sipping out that cup it getting to ya head. Ya Insta pics look like yo A$$ out a horror movie! Lmao shut yo A$$ up mr sizzzurppppp.”

Oh Kaseem, what was the point? Are you going to fight with everyone because they think your wife’s look is too Hot? What will you do if they don’t like her album (the buzz song her label released has not been well received so far)?  There’s no way this man can fight all the social media battles but I guess he’s going to make it part of his duty to do just that.

Is this what a husband should be doing? Or, is Swizz just trying to use his celebrity status to embarrass someone?

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  • EmEsEn

    I am a fan of AK but from the get go i found the single and her album kinda fishy…I did not like the single she released at has yet to catch/grow on me as yet. It does look different and not like the usual AK names/photos that she would use. However, we see that for celebrities to stay where they are they believe they need to go with current trends all techno..adopt a new image etc…they need to stick with their fans ..with what their fans r used too..when they go with other trends then they miss out cuz pretty soon the new audience they appeal too will only like one song and forget them the next day. They loyal fans wont relate to their album and wont get it and this is y they fail. Let us hope this new album of hers is not as “dull” as her new day track…

  • Karen

    Wow, I am so proud of him. I haven’t heard him say anything in all this time when people were coming at him and Alicia with their evilness. I guess sometimes you just can’t keep your mouth shut anymore and the illumaniti crap, I believe is what really got to him. It is such a ridiculous and mean accusation to make about anyone. That album cover is absolutely beautiful and I’m sure the music will be also. As far as the song that was released, “New Day”, I love it. Granted not everyone has to like the album cover or her music but is it really necessary to to make such mean accusations about Alicia or the album? Opinions are one thing, but accusations are a totally different thing. Anyway, you can’t get them all Swizz, but it was actually nice you gave this one a try. I don’t know why some people think it’s alright to say whatever they want about celebrities. Like, do they think their skin is so thick that nothing can hurt them or do they just not care? Alicia looks as great on this album as all her others, maybe even better. More power to her and many blessings.

  • Kayo

    Oh, he is such a big bad wolf!

  • Lovely One

    All that hoopla over an illuminati reference? I would’ve thought that the poster called Alicia out on her “marriage wrecking with a known cheater” status. *shrugs shoulders*

  • shenai

    should be girl who take husbands… #dnt respond swizz

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  • Jolene

    You certainly are a man for your woman, Mr. Toucan Sam…

  • Okay for one the person who commented under his pic, they needed to get their facts (and grammar) straight before trying to shut someone down. And as far as Swizz Beats’ response, it wasn’t called for. It would have been more mature of him to ignore it because that was only one of the many people who are saying negative things about AK and ignoring it would just show that you have way more better things to do than worrying about one particular human being

  • diggy p.

    I was never a fan of Alicia Keys or Swizz Beats, so I could care less about the new cover coming out. In terms of his comments on Instagram, how did this fool get rich?! See the type of people we support?! It’s a little sad. Was he ever “schooled”…meaning, did he attend one? And name calling? Really? I’m sure the fan could have said plenty of things about Swizz because he isn’t a looker either..oh yeah, but he has money. “side eye”

    • Trisha_B

      “How did this fool get rich?” Swizz is one of the biggest producers out there.
      “Was he ever schooled…” I’m pretty sure you have some type of education to be a professor at NYU. You may not like Swizz, but don’t try to belittle the man lol

      • diggy p.

        Be a professor no, but I did used to work there as a grant coordinator for Steinhardt for their school of music. Heard of it before..? My major was Finance. He is a big producer but it’s crazy how you consider Swizz to be extremely big but have the nerve to belittle a college professor. Someone who helps hundreds of students per year. What does Swizz do besides flaunt Gucci Shoes and Lambo’s?

        • Trisha_B

          You missed my point, relax lol…Swizz was actually teaching at NYU for some time. I didn’t know you worked there also. I didn’t belittle you. I’m just saying Swizz must have been schooled if they allowed him to teach music to a group of students. He brings entertainment & has worked w/ big names in the industry. He always doing charity & doing good deeds for the younger generation. So for you to sit behind your computer screen & say what he is known for since you don’t like him, is you trying to make him look worthless imo

  • Well, of course this isn’t the Alicia Keys this fan, or anyone remembers. This is the first time we’re hearing from her since after her marriage, and her child birthing, she’s at a different point in her life by now, naturally her image and songs will change.

    As for Swizz, a comeback like that wasn’t classy at all. I think a simple “please shut up” or “no one cares about your opinion” or something along those lines would have done it.

  • disqus_WfmNqv9gsC

    but i agree with the fan, Alicia is conforming to mainstream and I do not like it.

  • CocoaBabe

    Go head, boo. Speak ur peace if you feel someone is coming for yours. And that illuminati talk probably pi$$e$ him off because they are the last ones for that mess and they don’t even let it slightly slide. I always liked the 2 of them.

  • curlyk

    Immature. Never liked him. He’s so lame to me. And she lost major points from me after getting with him and the way they went about it. [notice I said THEY before you jump on me with the “it takes two” speech]

  • Yokessm

    I may be in the minority but I think if the public wants to go around “dragging” celebs , than they have the right to defend themselves, constructive criticism is one thing, straight ignorance is another.

    • Annette

      I completely agree. Some people expect celebs to be these super human people that always handle every situation with composure and grace. These are people just like you and me. Of course every now and then they are going to react when people come at them or the people they love with ignorance.

  • With all of the things that’s been said about her, homewrecker, etc, I’m sure he wasn’t offended by this….

  • Hello_Kitty81

    You can’t please everybody, but Swizz shouldn’t respond to the fan’s comment at all if he was THAT offended, just ignore it and go on about your day.

  • colliz

    Swizz’s comment was unnecessary and immature. The poster was actually respectful in his/her comment. Just stating an observation, what’s so wrong with that? I’ve seen much worse on twitter and instagram. My grandmother always said “a hit dog will holler.” So the poster might have been on to something.

  • MLS2698

    Who’s going to rescue her from HIS cheating?

    • NONEYA

      What thats cheating have to do with this? Stick to topic!

  • Trisha_B

    So is the fan mad she changed her look? I mean Alicia did grow up. She’s a wife & mother now. What they expect from her? To still be rocking the braids? What alter ego is Alicia doing? lol People get real out of pocket on instagram. Saying some crazy, hurtful things to celebs. But think it’s a ok b/c the celebs are suppose to take it. That guy is allowed to voice his opinion but Swizz can’t, on his own account? lmao smh. Why couldn’t that person just ignore the picture? Accusing someone of working w/ the devil is pushing it. We don’t know what kind of faith Alicia & Swizz have were they could take serious offense to a claim like that.

    • keesha

      That’s what so many people seem to not understand. They think that they can talk however they want to these celebrities and they think that the celebs won’t say anything back. I mean, I personally would just block the idiot, but Swizz Beatz has the right to respond.

  • Prada_locks

    Swizz need too stop!! Very childish he didn’t go that hard for his first wife who feelings he hurt, nobody feeling here like that there for what she did our you mad because she is the bread winner right.. And now I’m not supporting the album, I’m telling all my family friends don’t support it

  • Janes Way

    Wow did you folks honestly take the time to leaf through another tweeter pag?. Y’all are acting like the whites who can’t wait to find something about a black person they dislike to post no matter how small as long as they can make the black person look bad. On topic though, Swizz needs to sit down! LOL

  • Just another example of celebs feeling themselves too much & believing their own hype!! #fail

  • I’m so tried of hearing that artist make it by selling there soul to the devil. What happen to just being Bless. Keys has help a lot of our people with the money she’s made. God Be with her family.

    • Jonelle

      Girl you need to wake up, & see the signs. No disrespect, Look it up! If you know what to look for the artists say it openly. I was wondering how long it would tasker AK to be infiltrated. The Illuminati & OTO are real orgs, do your research girl!

      • MLS2698

        She should watch ” Rosemary’s Baby.”

      • keesha

        “Who said a black man in the Illuminati? Last time I checked, that was the biggest racist party”
        -Kendrick Lamar
        In this case, it would be black woman. People believe everything these days.

        • diggy p.

          This has nothing to do with anything. Jay Electronica is EXTREMELY friendly with a recently widowed Rothschild heiress. Maybe not listen to everything celebrities say..?

    • chanela

      omg no, what happened to using past tense? it’s BLESSED. not “being bless”.

  • Kloe Crystal

    Nobody cares about Swizz….by now he needs to know not everyone is going to agree with him, so why even respond? Childish on his part. However, the fan as a point. Why do people need alter-ego’s to sale records? & they wonder why many of us purchase their music from the bootleg man….lol not worth the full percent. Just saying.

    • keesha

      How is “Girl on Fire” an alter ego? I thought that it was just the album name. Anyway, I don’t think that Swizz should have responded, but it’s his twitter page.

    • Kenedy

      Im not even sure why…but that “fan’s” statement is sooo funny to me…people are still pushing this illuminati agenda i see…..I don’t know why such a clandestine orgnization would be even concerned with celebrities…i just don’t

      • Sabrina

        I think it makes perfect sense. People view these celebs as idols and role models and will follow everything they do. Easy propaganda.

      • Nisa

        OMG! You have said the one thing that I have always wondered. To the point, I actually looked up info on the illuminati. Why on earth would a celebrity be of interest to this group. It originally consisted of scholars and others highly intelligent people in different areas. Totally ridiculous! But try to tell folks it is crap and its like you told them Jesus was never here! They believe so strongly that it exists. I think it just helps to justify the have and have nots and if you are a have not like myself, you may want to put it on something other than you as to why you dont have! Gotta be the illuminati – LMAO, I cracked myself up with that one! Swizz should have responded, talk crazy you get talked to crazier – its only right!

  • kisha rose

    I dont blame Swizz. My mom always said (if u got nothing nice to say then dont say nothing at all). Plus he truly loves his wife. Can u really blame him for his action. HELL NO!!!. Carry on.

    • Sunf1ower_Jones

      He can love his wife all he wants. Cool. A man should love his wife, but everyone else isn’t obligated to love his wife. If he feels the need to blast someone because they don’t see what he sees, then he’s going to be spending a long time shooting off at the mouth like a 12 year old. What kind of example is he going to be to his kids? Kids don’t hear what you say, but see what you do.

  • It’s men job to protect their family, so yes he should have said something!

    • Sunf1ower_Jones

      He’s not protecting his family. He’s making a fool of himself by some stranger’s comment who didn’t like what he/she saw. It’s that simple.

  • He had every right to voice his opinion at such nonsense, especially because she’s his wife, yall comng down on the wrong person, um excuse me a fan is someone who admires your work, your talent, you, clearly this was not a fan.

    • Sunf1ower_Jones

      Yes, he did have the right, but poster had the right to express his or her views. When one gets older and more mature, they figure out that people are going to be people. People can be mean. All the cursing, going of, and anger in the world isn’t going to change that.

      He responded to a comment from a stranger. More strangers are going to make comments expressing their opinions. Now, if he’s childish enough to go off on every last one who does see his wife the way he does, then he’s going to spend much of it angry.


    i dont like the cover it looks like a 1980’s album cover….very dated! He came hard at the fan maybe too hard….but he can say what he want on HIS instagram acct!

    • He needs to correct his grammar and spelling before he disses someone