Surprise Ending: Tameka Loses Custody, Usher Becomes Primary Guardian

August 24, 2012  |  

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What seemed like a never-ending custody battle between Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond has finally come to a close with what is a somewhat surprising ending, in my opinion. According to TMZ, Usher has been awarded primary custody of their two sons.

It’s a shocking development — considering both sides were trying to strip each other of custody. Tameka felt the singer was an absentee father who was too absorbed in his career to be a good dad. She also accused him of using drugs in front of the kids.

Usher argued Tameka was inattentive and irresponsible.

The ruling marks the end of an emotional custody trial — involving wild accusations and name-calling … Usher even broke down at one point on the witness stand.

But today, we’re told a judge sided with the singer — awarding Usher primary custody of the ex-couple’s two sons, which means the children will be spending the majority of the time with their father.

Tameka still retains some custodial rights — but the extent to which Tameka will be able to see her kids is unclear.

Though Tameka has come to be shown as somewhat unstable throughout the custody proceedings, I can’t imagine how the mother must be feeling having just lost her son Kile and to now be losing primary custody of two other sons. Hopefully she and Usher will be able to handle this new arrangement better than they have their custody battle. As for Tameka’s reaction, she said this on Twitter less than an hour ago:

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  • CarlaKah


  • sunshine

    It is not like Usher will be home raising these kids. I love Usher’s music, but let’s face it he is not about to become a stay at home dad even thought he has enough money to do that. Those children will be raised by other people, nannies, relatives, etc. Unless, she is addicted to drugs and refuses treatment or abusing them there is no way a judge should put the them in the custody of a parent that is not really going to be there raising them anyway. Judges even give crackheads custody as long as they follow treatment plan. They had joint custody and it should have stayed that way with their mom having physical custody.
    As for her appearing emotionally unstable, who would appear really stable after losing their 11 year old child while in the middle of a divorce. Her being materialistic is not a reason to take her children. This really sounds like his money was an influence on the judge!!!!

  • Yah


  • El

    BTW, just to clarify, the judge is not a “him,” but a her. Judge Lane happens to be a black female here in the ATL.

  • JennyGirl

    She was hospitalized for trying to kill herself! She is not stable

  • FromUR2UB

    This is sad for her, but I don’t believe her priorities have been in the right place. Somehow, after losing a child, she was able to resume all this madness within a week of his burial. I don’t feel that projected a good image of her. Her dedication to being so vengeful certainly made me think that she might be a little “off”, or just cold.

  • Tara

    Its hard for a father to win custody over a mother so it had to be something we did not see coming and this is coming from a state Social Worker

  • Britt

    This is just my observation, but I find it alarming how society can bash dead-beat fathers to no end, but let a man get custody of his children, and instantly, there is remorse for the mother, but when a woman gets custody of her children, no sympathy is given to the father.

    Yes, I do have sympathy for Tameka after losing her son in a tragic accident.

    Her custody battle with Usher has been dragging on for months, and so many accusations were thrown out on both sides. If the judge sees it fit for Usher to have custody then so be it. That doesn’t make Usher vindictive. Maybe we should applaud Usher for wanting to be active in his children’s lives and make him an example of fatherhood. But that’s just my opinion.

  • BossipReader

    It’s entertaining that people are saying that a child belongs with the mother, and its tragic that she has “lost” her kids (as if she will never see them again). Kids belong with BOTH parents. But life doesn’t work out the way we hope and parents split up. When that happens kids need to be with the parent who will take care of them in a proper manner. For reasons unbeknownst to anyone except all parties involved, the judge felt that Usher could do better. For the kids sake I hope she is right, and also for the kids sake I hope that Usher honors her role as their mother and will allow her to be as involved in their lives as he says he is.

  • Tracy

    The judge saw right through her…materialistic with a side of crazy!

  • ShortNSassy34

    People are only on Tameka’s side because she just recently, and unfortunately, lost one of her children. No one seems to pay attention to the fact that Tameka has been bitter, vindictive, egotistical, and inhumane throughout this entire ordeal. Tameka raised eyebrows when her Saks Fifth card and being reimbursed for nanny fees became her primary focus, when the well-being of her two sons with Usher should have been her ONLY concern. If she would have made her case solely on wanting what was best for the children that she shares with Usher, she would have come off as a woman who truly loved her babies and who only wanted them safe. However, she has took to Twitter and the rest of the internet to bash Usher and the people around him, making herself look immature and classless. What woman sits in court and laughs at a man who sincerely breaks down when talking about his love for his kids? Tameka Foster, that’s who. The eyes are the windows to the soul and Tameka’s eyes display that she is evil and her soul is disturbed. Usher is not perfect by any means but he wanted what was best for the children in the end.

    • Trisha_B

      Agree! Tameka didn’t even have custody of her 2nd & 3rd son (her 1st son is like 22). So that must show something. She’s not getting her kids taken away, she will still see her babies. They are just gonna be living w/ Usher.

  • ” having just lost her son Kile and to now be losing primary custody of two other sons.”

    And that’s the reason she should have known when to let it go! After assessing the possible outcomes, she would have asked herself if she was ready for that possible outcome after her other son has just died — why didn’t they both let it go after her son’s death and reach a private settlement with equal custody?

    • ijs

      Actually, he tried to reach an agreement and a pos tponement SHE wanted to continue!

      • Wow — so it’s even worse. And another comment above stated that this is the second time she’s lost custody. Maybe something is going on with her spiritually and psychologically, imo.

  • gmarie

    God help this woman.

  • Yvette

    When my parents got divorced my father won primary custody of me and my brothers. My mother was a very good mother but she did have some personal issues that she needed to work out. At first, I thought my father was very cruel, vindictive, and heartless for even wanting to take full custody from her but he was doing was he needed to do fo us. Luckily for me and my brothers, when the judge asked to speak with me (I am the oldest) in chambers to see where we wanted to live primarily, I did what I had to do so I told him I didn’t want to have to choose because whatever choice I make it will hurt one of my parents so I asked my paternal grandmother if we could live with her and she said yes and my brothers and I rotated weekends with my mom and dad. I said all that to say this……I really hope and pray that Tameka and Usher can work out something because this is far from over and things will just get uglier and uglier and unfortunately their boys are too young to have their say. Grow up and work it out. Life is too short!!!

    • ShortNSassy34

      Love this! What a great learning experience!

  • NicPal

    I am sorry for Tameka she’s really going through it. I can’t image ill keep her and her family in my prayers:)

  • DAN

    should be in the custody of those whom are financially able to support
    them unless they are otherwise incapable of taking care of their kids.
    Funny thing is the court systems gives custody of kids without even
    truly thinking about it to women. And a man generally has to trash the
    mother of his child to get the option. There are no studies that show
    that the welfare of a child is best when they are raised with their

    we need to advocate that the system be fair and equal when it comes to
    rendering judgement as to who or whom will care of the kids.

    • kimki

      What about being emotionally stable just because a person is financially stable doesn’t make them the better parent.

    • Really Dan?? There’s no evidence that shows the value of being raised by a mother? You sound like a damn idiot! Usher is dead wrong!! God don’t like ugly!!

    • DoinMe

      Not true!! Money does not and can not take the place of RAISING a child properly. Money buys “things.” That’s it. Money can not instill morals, values, emotional stability, and other traits needed to become a healthy, productive person. Nurturing and spending quality time with kids is far more important than how much money a parent has in their pockets.

  • As those boys should primarily be raised by their father. Hope she adheres to it and doesn’t do anything crazy.

  • NubiaDiva

    She should have taken the delay.

  • Pam

    WOW!!! The way things were going, I DID NOT see this coming!!

  • TeahMonae

    So the judge awards her the Sak’s card but takes the kids? WTH?

    • Jaeda

      Right thats crazy

    • DoinMe

      Sorry, but something ain’t too kosher in all of this. She gets the Saks Card, but loses her kids and her house (the judge ordered her to move out of the house too so that Usher can sell it). I would REALLY like to see why this judge ruled against her and deemed her unfit. In most cases, the mother has to be god awful in order for her to lose her kids. Buzz around the A is that Usher paid off the judge.

      • you realize that this is not the first time she lost custody of kids, right? I’m sure that was a part of the decision making.

    • ShortNSassy34

      You don’t have to be emotionally stable to own a credit card lol They returned the Saks Fifth card because it allowed her to continue to receive the perks for the purchases made for her clients.

  • Mztisa

    I feel for her but I can’t ignore the fact that this is the second time she has lost custody of her children. I hope she can sit down and evaluate why she doesn’t have primary custody of any of her kids.

  • Andrea Miles

    We can all speculate but nobody lives these people lives…..if either of them have done this for spite and not for unconditional love and safety of their kids…GOD will see fit how to handle this situation…

  • My sympathy goes out to Tameka, the loss of her oldest son and now this. I really wish they could have handled this a little better.

    • jessie

      Kile wasn’t her older son but I agree this could have been handled a lot better.

  • AngelC

    Nobody knows the full story of why the judge choose to give custody to Usher, but just in my opinion, the judge probably did it at this moment to give her some time to grieve after just loosing her other son and allowing her some time to be alone and allow healing then trying to get back in the swing of things of taking care of those two other young ones. Most likely they will revisit the case in a few months to see how she is.

  • This is a no win situation. They should’ve had joint custody instead of going to war like this. She came off very vindictive and I think the judge saw that. Tameka tried throwing Usher under the bus instead of coming off as a devoted mother. That’s where she went wrong.

    • Anonns

      Exactly, Tameka gave the judge every reason and confirmed that she’s an unfit mother. Instead of focusing on the well being of the kids and separating her personal issue with Usher, she decided to bring her drama to the courtroom. This is her second lost, and it’s time to reevaluate herself. Tameka, stop being in a state of denial, go to counseling, therapy to fix yourself. I know, people like to say there’s nothing like a mother’s love, please some mothers don’t deserve to have their children with them, they are hurting them than giving them love, so it’s better to be with the other parent. And, if this is what it takes for black fathers to be in their children’s lives more, let it be.

  • Misskitaknows

    We don’t know what happens behind closed doors, so no telling what she was doing the judge must have good reasons for his decision besides the fact that Usher has money many people with money lose custody so that doesn’t really matter, it’s sad that she lost her son but at the same time Usher has to do what’s best for his two sons, I really hope they can work a stable arrangement out.

    • Na Na

      This would be true assuming that judges were unbiased angels who only acted out the Most high’s will…however they are people and its not necessarily true that it must be for the best because that’s what the judge chose.

      • Misskitaknows

        I’m sure the judge based his decison on the facts but we will never know because we weren’t in the court room,or atleast I wasn’t!


    Why won’t he?! He’s the one who’s financially stable. Moral of the story: Money talks, BS walks!

  • Kellzzzz

    Ouch.. This is not gonna sit well with her.. No words..

  • Cat88L3

    I just hope that they children will get the loving stable environment that they need.

  • Nisa

    This is sad. Not sure why he does not think she is fit to raise their children but I am pretty sure this is the 2nd worse day of her life. Very sad!!! Not sure if I like Usher after this – seems pretty heartless but he is a dad hopefully looking out for the well being of his children. Hopefully!

    • Willie Miller

      Nisa, what evidence do you have to make such a statement ” seems pretty heartless”??

    • Tisha

      Why is it heartless of him, maybe he knew something we dont, and maybe the judge knew or saw something we didnt, he is a parent that has just as much right to want full custody of his children. However, I hope they do work on their parenting relationship for the sake of the children

  • Na Na

    OMG, as a mother I would be devastated. But as a grieving mother I would be mortified. Ooh I pray for strength and peace for this lady. I can’t even form the words to say right now, my heart is so torn for her and if the things Usher and his attorneys said about this lady are not true he must know that karma is more than a bitch……unless my child was being abused I would see no reason I would not want to share custody. u get to be a full time parent with a free contracted baby sitter every other weekend.

    • Kellzzzz

      Right, I truely think Tameka loves those kids with all her heart. I culdn’t imagine loosing my child and to have the others ripped from me.. No matter what people say baout her I feel really sympathedic towards her