Momma Dee on Bicth, Erica, Shay & Scrappy and Judgmental People

August 23, 2012  |  



If you’ve been watching “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” you know that Momma Dee is…a character. She calls herself the “Queen of Soul.” Now, whether that’s the case or not, Momma Dee still has a lot to say about her relationship with her son, her thoughts on Erica vs. Shay and how people don’t know her well enough from reality show clips to judge her as a person. I will admit, that there’s some truth to that, because I surely didn’t know that Momma Dee was college educated or a nurse. She addressed all of the following issues, in an exclusive interview with Mara The Hip-Hop Socialite. Check out highlights from the interview below.


Her infamous misspelling

“When you go to my website, at, my t-shirts, the word’s order, the letters is backwards. It’s all about my branding. It’s gotta be in my order, not in the world’s order. I’m the Queen of the South – it has to be in my order.”
“But I think Webster’s Dictionary is kinda mad at me because no one wants to spell it right right now.”


On her relationship with Erica
“There’s been some attitude issues. Like when I’m in the same room, you can cut the smoke with a knife. But she’s young, I’m old enough to be her mama, and she stay in her lane, I’ll stay in mine. In a nutshell, even before she had my granddaughter 7 years ago, she was jealous of me and Scrappy’s relationship. She don’t like the closeness; she feels inferior to that. She like to have control. She can have all the control she want ’cause I ain’t fin’ to tongue wrestle or get in the ring with her with gloves on. I don’t have to. I am the Queen of the South, and I will remain on my post, and I will remain on my throne. If she violates, trust me, he’ll see what he got. Me going at him, it ain’t going to do nothing but bring them closer. I got enough matureness in me to know that. Because you know, when you’re a devil, you’re a devil, and sooner or later, he will see your horns.”


About her dancing on the pole
“For my haters, for them to say something about it in a negative way. ‘Cause somebody inboxed Scrappy and said, ‘you need to check your mom’. And his response was, ‘my mom is beautiful, she’s fine,’ and it seems like the pole does the body good. So at the end of the day, there are women around the world that are putting poles in their bedrooms to keep their marriages and sex lives active and imaginative. You got them taking pole lessons, so at the end of the day, I’m a girly girl, and I did that with all my clothes on.”
“I’m not dead yet. My God, don’t put me in a casket yet. When it’s over, let it be over, but for right now, I’m living, and I had on all my clothes.”


On whether or not we can expect a physical altercation on the reunion
“There are a lot, but no one touched. No one got a chance. I have a headache every time I tell people to just tune in, like I get a headache instantly because it’s like oh my God! The world is going to put a straitjacket on everybody but me. For your viewers, I want them to know that I took four Advil during the taping, and two were gel caps. When I tell you that the world needs to buckle up, sit back, ’cause from where I was sitting and what I saw and what I lived through, the reunion is better than all 10 episodes!”
“My headache extended long after the taping. I’m drama, but you know what, put us all in the same room…oh my God.”


You can listen to the full interview with Mama Dee, where she talks about her thoughts on K. Michelle’s situation and a mother’s love in the video below.


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  • trinigyal

    Did she really say Webster’s is mad at her because no one wants to spell b!tch correctly? Is she really ok in her head?

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  • disqus_WfmNqv9gsC

    ughh lol, she entertaining to watch tho. Ignorance.

  • IN THAT ORDER!!!!!! 🙂

  • Jenn

    I just can’t make fun of ‘special needs’ ppl so I’ll remain quiet -_-

  • So…is this whole BICTH thing supposed to be her version of Physychotic??

    #FAIL Momma Dee. Go to your box.

  • toya

    She needs to sit her delusional a** down somewhere ASAP..

  • WhoMe

    Lawd! Can someone translate what she was saying? And what college and nursing school did she go to? An non accredited one?

  • Rita

    What she say about K. Michelle?

  • Mia

    Nipsey Russell with a wig on.

    • Stans4Forreals

      Don’t she look like Paul Mooney in a wig?

      • taz


  • GalaxyEmpress

    *Momma Dee voice*

    “How do playas play?? All day, everyday Ya heard me.”

    I just can’t with this woman, and in that order!

  • dcdiva

    “she has to have things in HER order!” thats funny! sounds to me that shes trynna be Mama Jones — because we all know that she misspelled “Psychotic” and was able to sell a few t-shirts off of that ‘mishap’! but hey, if you can’t spell it, you shouldn’t be saying it anyway!

  • Wow

    She is too old to be this silly.

    • Courtney

      exactly…no “matureness.” She’s making up words now. I guess they didn’t teach the word “maturity” in whatever school she attended. She’s a wreck.

  • I am a mother myself. To momma d, yes I meant to lowercase all letters, you are a liar and you need to stay in your lane. I will never get in my child’s business as half as much as you are. You are lonely and need to get a life of your own. You are messy as hell!!!! I have never seen a woman as old as you are, as messy as you are!!! You have the nerve to make Erica’s personal business public. How dare you? I hope her Mom comes and put them paws on you. Your bark is much worse than your bite.You like to intimidate people, really? And you lied the letters B I C T H is nowhere on your site, I looked and looked. There’s NOTHING!!!! You can’t spell!!! You are an educated fool. And you are NOT the queen of the south, I’m in the south, Mississippi to be exact, and we do not like you. Say you are the Queen of the ATL. You are a disgrace to us Southeren Belles. And in that order!

    • angelfromyournightmare

      Amen from a fellow Southern Belle.

    • Big Mama

      I agree except for one thing. She is the queen of the south only in her head. I am sure the fine mother’s grandmother’s and women from Atlanta thinks she is real silly.

  • TeahMonae

    This is kinda off subject but…. it annoys me how Scrappy always refers to Erica as “Baby Mama”. Call the girl by her name!! What’s up with that?

    • Na Na

      Men like Scrappy like that because it implies ownership. she is HIS baby mama vs being her own woman in his eyes.

      • Big Mama

        I fought erica. She should tell Scrappy to stop calling her that. Just say Erica. He is a momma’s boy which is fine but Erica should see that it is what it is. She should just move on because he don’t want to make the choice to man up untill he is ready to.

    • kay

      It annoys the hell out of me too! It seems like the title gf or my woman doesn’t exist. Ita the baby mama. I hate it.

    • angelfaceash1234

      He say her name it’s eruca not erica lol

  • Guest

    She is too amped up all the time. I think that’s why she spelled it wrong. Now she is trying to brand the incorrect spelling to make up for it.
    Her relationship with Scrappy is unhealthy. She is way too involved. He gotta check with Momma Dee for every move he makes.

    • Big Mama

      He uses his mom to validate the stupid things he does so his conscience won’t bother him

  • miamac

    You cannot add comments when everybody else has already said everything you wanted to say or were thinking. So I applaud the discussion group

  • So dumb she can`t spell G.E.D.

    • GalaxyEmpress

      Come on down dummy….the price is wrong!!!….. Gon’ an get cha GED!!!!

      LOL I’m sorry but I just had to post that…….. *Running off*

  • getoverurself

    We may not know Erica, but we don’t know her well either. She is too involved for my taste. Where is the respect for the grandchild involved who might want her parents together. Grandma on the sidelines telling her daddy to go play on her mother. Momma Dee pretty much raised her son to be a womanizer. Since she was suppose to be a madame, he learned it from her.

  • NKontrolikeJanetdamanit

    I need for Mama Dee to get it together and act like a mother and grandmother. I would also like for her son to act like a man and invest in hooked on phonics……AND IN THAT ORDER!

    • IllyPhilly

      LMAO and don’t forget, pop the tittay out his mouth and let him be grown!

    • melanie


  • gee

    Calling herself “queen of the south” is laughable. Queen of all things stupid and ghetto is more like it.

    • Mia

      What about her saying she is a “Brand”. What exactly is her brand, flakes?

  • realadulttalk

    Is Erica jealous of their relationship or totally weirded out by it. Because their relationship is very strange–a little more over the top than the average momma’s boy relationship with his mother. Does she realize that the mis-spelling and poor grammar go hand in hand with why she seems like a very dull bulb??

    • That is a textbook “Oedipal Complex” if I ever saw one.

    • Carmen Harris

      Yes, Erica is probably jealous and weirded out. I’d be both if I were her.