Maybe She Shouldn’t Have Told ‘Em Why She Was Mad: Black Woman Arrested After Public Anti-White Rant

August 22, 2012  |  

I doubt the black woman who flipped out on a London bus last week is the only woman of color to ever want to randomly go off on white people and “tell ’em why you mad son”, but perhaps she should have kept this rant to herself, as it has landed her in a bit of legal trouble. In a YouTube video posted August 17, a black woman some think is drunk and others think may be a little mentally off, takes the opportunity to get everything she feels about white people off her chest while riding public transportation, and she didn’t hold her tongue at all. Here’s a bit of her rant transcribed:

“I’m so glad I’m born black and I’ll die black. I was born African and I’ll f***ing die African.”

“The only reason I was born in this country is because you f***ing people brought my people here.”

“My parents are f***ing African, born in Jamaica. And I’m f***ing African, born in England and I can’t stand you white people, I tell you.”

“I don’t care what none of you lot got to say because at the end of the day if you lot would have had a choice you will f***ing go with your people and I’ll go with mine.”

“The whole lot of you are programmed, f***ing puppets. Not this one, I’m black and proud.”

Somewhere in here she decides to spit on the floor, announce that she’s black and proud once again, then go off about white people wanting to be black and the Queen’s Jubilee.

“They all want to be f***ing black, they all put fat in their lips and their bottoms and sit down on the sun bed to be black.”

“Am I lying, am I lying? “No I aint f***ing lying.”

“The same f***ing diamond she has in her head, my people suffered for that.”

“Free speech. I hate white people. I can’t stand none of you.”

The anonymous woman’s speech wasn’t quite so free, though. According to The Huffington Post UK, the ranter has been arrested.

The Metropolitan Police said a 34-year-old woman was arrested on Tuesday afternoon at an address in Hackney on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence and is being questioned at an east London police station….

A spokesman for the Met police said investigations were ongoing.

“Officers continue to assess the footage that was brought to our attention, and we are now trying to establish when and where the footage was taken.”

Just this past December, a white woman, Emma West, was arrested for doing the same thing on a train in Britain, except she was going off about black people. Authorities said she was being locked up “for her own protection” because they thought she would be injured in a revenge attack by the public, but this black woman’s arrest seems to be taken a little more seriously.

Check out the video rant below. Thoughts?



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  • jemba

    She is a deranged racist.

  • CocoBrown

    i believe she was drunk. a normal person would not do that if no has bothered her. Yeah sometimes i feel like that. white people do bring race slurs all the time when there is no reason for it. the white people can be EVIL.

    • punkynco

      Ive gotten “your so pretty for a black girl.” finally, after hearing from so many whites, i replied to a white girl “and your pretty for a white girl” she looked shocked. “it swings both ways doesnt it?” racism/bigot/stereotyping can sometimes be so subtle people almost dont catch when its caught and you call em out, they tell you “i didnt mean it like that” or “stop pulling that card” only a racist person says your pulling the black card, cuz if they werent, theyd understand where your coming from. and the whole “i didnt mean it like that” think before you speak. your an adult. which means i shouldnt even have to tell you to think before you speak.

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  • Our people were DAWGED, and to top it off we still have to walk around and proudly carry the last name of our oppressor. Our last name do not even belong to us!! smdh, well we are supposed to be proud to be an american… smmfdh

  • Now allot of people dont fully understand why some black folks go as hard as they do… 1st off read the william lynch letter… It clearly says that if you dnt want black folks to know certain things then simply put it in a book… We as a people don’t read, unless it pertains to the newest episode of Love and hiphop atlanta

    • Iris

      I come from reading parents, I read and I’m raising 3 reading children. Please don’t spread that untruth, instead of toys give books and teach them how to care for them. Reading encourages imagination.

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  • ohhwe

    ooh lawd

  • Cha Cha

    And this is why I don’t take public transportation…

    • shooottt you tellin me!lol i was on the bus and train yesterday and it was a disaster. nothing but escaped mental patients,ratchet folks,inconsiderate asswipes,and homeless people. on one side of the train this dude had some doctor’s gloves on and a broom stick trying to hit the windows and do some damn karate. then this lady comes on the bus with a pizza box and shes talking to herself talking about “im good enough for him to have sex with me! i wanted a babydoll when i was little and yall got me a damn truck” ugh! i can’t stand it!

      • Hey


      • dontdoit

        STOP!!!! You two are KILLING me!!!! Lol!!!

      • Cha Cha

        I just now read this… LMAOOOO at doctors gloves and a broom stick to do some karate…. OMG, I’m dying laughing over here… and “I wanted a babydoll…but you got me a damn truck”… stop, I cant… too funny!

        • girll once she started talking about “im good enough for him to have sex with ” it was a muthasuckin WRAP honey! i stood up and i was like “okayy!” and left to the other damn train car. SMH she was goin IN on those voices in her head

          • RAYA

            Was this NYC transit? That sounds like the 2 train going to the Bronx!!

  • Yay!

    Too many blogs will make you paranoid!

  • NicPal

    Well alrighty then…..

  • awet

    Is her rant really anti-white or just pro-black?

    • Jane Doe

      Same difference. I hate white women but I won’t rant about it. I show it in subtle ways.

      • Candacey Doris

        It’s not the same. You can be pro black without putting other people down. She was not going about it the right way.

        • NicPal

          I agree with both….And I don’t hate European American women they just get on my nerves. However, there all really not bad some of them have been my closest friends:)

          • there all really not bad some of them have been my closest friends:)”

            The other side of the same lie, “Some of my best friends are Black”.

            • NicPal

              Um Just Ron “blank stare & whatever that’s suppose to mean” your comment!!!

      • grelda

        So it’s ok for white women to hate you back,right?

  • Chanda

    Sounds like she’s read one too many blogs. I didn’t know they did all that in England and yes I know racism can occur anywhere but Egland? I didn’t watch the clip but what’s her issue, white people at work getting on her nerves? A white dude turn her down? This has to come from somewhere. And then arresting the white woman last December for doing the same thing, “for her protection”. Grow up, people and pull yourselves together.

    • gladys

      why are you shocked that this happened in England?

    • NicPal

      Its really racist in England you just do not hear about it here much. I have family over there in High Wycombe so when they come to America because we do not get to talk much on the phone they tell me about it. And don’t forget they were rioting either last year or the year before. And that was about a young Black British man who was shot by the Police. That took place not far from where my family lives as well! Its racism every where unfortunately it’s none escapable.

    • Trust n believe it is very racist over here! The other day I heard a dark n lovely relaxer advert on the radio n I nearly keeled over I couldn’t believe it! U have no idea…

    • realadulttalk

      There is a very large black population in England…and therefore like anywhere else…racism. I’m a Big Brother UK fan–pretty much every time a black person is up for eviction–they go home (the country votes on who they desire to keep–they ain’t desiring too many black faces). But once they mentioned the white woman–this becomes an incident of speaking while black–which apparently is not allowed there.

  • sammi_lu

    I think all black people should get to sound off like this if they NEED to..not necessarily in this setting but hey she let it out. People have said way worse.

    • Chanda

      Don’t they already do on the Internet? And white people, too. Bad day, huh?

      • realadulttalk

        She could have youtubed her rant and shown the world with no repercussions. This is just silly!

    • Kenedy

      Lol…im not even mad at her….she’s got some balls…wish i could have witnessed this, lol