Low Blow? Usher’s Legal Team Says Tameka Suffers From Mental Disorder

August 17, 2012  |  

Source: kimoracochran.com

At some point or another, a lot of people have thought Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond was a little crazy, but not necessarily in the medical sense of the word — I don’t think. Well, the same can’t be said of Usher’s legal team who brought in an expert psychologist to lend his opinion of Tameka’s mental state. In a lot of ways, Usher’s lawyers got Tameka to drive the nail in her own coffin, questioning her about less-than affluent times when she wrote bad checks to survive and stole for her and her baby. According to Rhymes with Snitch Tameka testified:

“Yes, I stole things. Please, I stole diapers before. I’ve gone in 7-Eleven and stolen diapers out of the store. I admit it, I was 19 years old, I’m not proud of it. I wouldn’t do it now.

“When I lost my jobs and didn’t have work, it was me and my crying baby at home. Just the two of us.”

At 41-years-old and a two-time industry man divorcee, Tameka certainly has no need for stealing diapers now, but that doesn’t mean her mind isn’t still in the wrong place, let Usher’s people tell it. In their closing arguments, they brought up testimony from a licensed psychologist who determined that Tameka suffers from:

“moderately severe mental disorder.”

I certainly hope those remarks came from a true expert and weren’t just a last-ditch effort to place the odds of obtaining full custody of his kids in Usher’s complete favor. Either way, these two have been in court long enough that a judge should be able to see-through the legal trick if that’s the case. If Tameka really is dealing with a mental disorder of some kind, that no doubt would have shown up in one of their numerous court proceedings. Despite Tameka seemingly putting Usher through the ringer during this custody battle, and him doing the same, it seems really insensitive to throw out this allegation, particularly after she lost her son just last month.

What do you think about this mental disorder allegation?

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  • cheekee baby

    Typical move to get her declared crazy. This isn’t Usher pushing for full custody this is coming from his mom. Ever had kids with a certifiable momma’s boy? This is a common move, the grandma wants control of those kids like she has control of her son. Ain’t no young man THAT concerned with his children that he wants them all the time. Especially not a mutli millionaire superstar. I’m sorry that’s just the truth of the matter.

    Is she off? Probably. Is she some stark raving mad loony that shouldn’t be around her kids, not a chance. The bar is set high to declare someone who has been the primary care giver for YEARS unfit mentally. He has deep pockets though maybe he’ll drag this out until she caves.

  • klynn

    I think that it is crazy for a man to think that he can just one day decide to take a woman’s children away from her just because he has decided to be with other women. Does Usher really think he can wipe the memory of their mother from these childrens mind. Tamela did not start this custody battle, Usher did. This is not a fairy tail, this is real life. Tameka will never go away, children grow up, they will never forget what Usher has done to their mother, Usher is selfish and he is behaving very much like a child. Usher is the one who is crazy and he is driving everyone else crazy. Someone should stop this madness. What the children will remember is how hard their mother faught to keep them all together as a family no mather what others have to say about her.

    • redfingerpaint

      And what about when women want sole custody of their kids and never let them see their fathers? There are mothers that tell their daughters that all men are dogs and no good. Look how many kids grow up without fathers!

  • CayaK

    Tameka should get an expert to analyse how crazy Usher is to call her crazy, afterworking with her (she was his stylist for1 year), dating her (for about a year), marrying her and nutting up in her enough to conceive two kids and then calling her crazy. If she is crazay, Usher is certified Kanye West-craycray for thinking that putting his babies’ Mommy through all of this won’t bite him in the a** like Mike bit an ear off back in the day…. He better hope for something to kill Google ’cause his kids will find this out. And a month after the death of Kyle?? Jesus take the wheel!

  • Yeah she`s has a disorder alright. She suffers from “Goldiggitis”.gtfoh.

  • Hell we already knew that! And when has postpartum depression lasted for 3 or 4 years?

    • redfingerpaint

      When it’s left untreated…

      • Good point. Any word on a CURE as opposed to temporary treatment?

        • redfingerpaint

          Anti-depressents, therapy, and support from family/friends is what is usually prescribed by psychiatrists. There are different levels of depression, and some are deeper than others. Recovery depends on how severe and how long you’ve been depressed.

          Science behind depression: Hippocampus (part of the brain that store memories) is smaller in those that are/have been depressed. The smaller your hippocampus, the fewer serotonin receptors. Serotonin is calming brain chemical that communicates between your brain and body. The anti-depressants are supposed to slowly increase your serotonin levels.

  • KHicks

    There’s always 3 sides to every story. She could be crazy. Dwayne Wade’s wife was and she lost custody. Trust me if she is…the judge will see it (because u can only hide crazy for so long), and he’ll win. If Usher’s defense team is using this as a trick to win custody…they’ll see that too and he’ll lose. Either way, this needs to end quickly. These poor kids are going through hell! Losing a sibling, divorce, parents in court, fighting in the driveway during visitation……this is waaaaay too much!

  • redfingerpaint

    People keep saying that she wasn’t mentally ill when they were making the babies. Has anyone ever heard of postpartum depression/anxiety/psychosis… Or maybe when the divorce was filed for, she slipped into a depression because she was going to lose her husband or the stability that comes with having a wealthy husband.

    • Amija James

      Remember he fell out with his mama when he got with her. You know how mama’s have that 7th sense. I know she’s telling Usher, Baby, I told you so.

  • Nath

    Any mother having to fight for the custody of her children will get crazy especially if the father is asking sole custody separating children from their siblings. Tameka as she mentioned before never refused share custody with the dad and has never been accused been a bad mother. And stealing to feed your children when do don’t have any other means is the SANE reaction of a REAL MOTHER. It is really low from Usher to brings that now. His lawyer are only doing things that he is comfortable with. Now we are starting to see the real color of that man (I use this word lightly)…. She was not mentally ill when they were making those babies and even when they divorced and all of a sudden she is…. I really hope the judge will give a decision ASAP enough is enough for the sake of those children.

  • Candacey Doris

    She might be in need of mental help. But it didn’t matter to him until she started cramping his style. I don’t want to hear anymore about their divorce issues. I wish the judge would just end it.

  • Annie

    This whole case is so typical……he has to say this to deem her unfit. That is the only way she will loose primary custody. I grew up like this it sucks growing up without your mom everyday.

  • keeping it real

    I’m sorry, even though I’m not a fan of Tameka, this is such bad timing. Usher be careful because you are losing fans everyday including me. Why are you doing this to the mother of your children? she wasn’t crazy when you both made them. Leave this women alone, she has been through alot. Grow up & do the right thing for the kids sake, not yours.

    • redfingerpaint

      You’re not an Usher fan anymore because of the divorce?

  • Common Cent$

    Ok this is getting out of hand and I’m sick of reading about these two acting like children. I have no doubts that they both love their children but they need to show it but dropping this custody suit and attending family counseling to come to common ground. He is now being just as spiteful as she is with this which helps no one.

  • Yes saying that the mother of his twosons is crazy is low,Cause if she is crazyim pretty sure she didnt go crazy so Usher what is thatsaying about You, also bad timing this woman just lost her first bornin a horrible accident.Shame on you Usher that you would use such dirty tactics.

  • realadulttalk

    I can’t believe these two can’t come to some arrangement. I don’t know about before–but she lost a child–I think that makes most people a bit mentally unstable. BUT-people don’t just wake up crazy-so if he’s saying she is–that’s what he married-a crazy woman. Let’s not try to use that against her now. IMO marrying someone you think is crazy makes you certifiable.

  • jaimuziq

    Well the way she easy attacking people on Twitter long before this custody battle had me wondering if she was crazy. 🙁

  • This chick is crazy who lets their 11 year old get on a boat unsupervised?!!

  • MLS2698

    Why do the pics of Tameka almost look like ” The Shining/Jack Nicolson ” smile? Oh, they are saying she is crazy…….never mind.