Cyber Bullying 2.0: The Stan, The Troll & The Celebrity Antagonist

September 6, 2012  |


Somewhere off in cyber world the celebrity stan and the cyber bully got busy and had a baby. What they gave birth to took on the persistent and stalker-like  characteristics of the die-hard stan and the relentless aggressiveness and cruelness of the cyber bully. Their offspring is known as the celebrity antagonist. The celebrity antagonist is the new and improved cyber bully who strictly targets those with fame. Their weapons of choice are normally social networking platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook; however, in recent news they’ve become a little more crafty and have even begun branching out to platforms such as so that they can also start mean-spirited petitions against celebrities as well. It is through these social networking platforms that these lunatics publicly taunt and harass their celeb of choice.

Now, I’ll admit I have gotten a chuckle or two in the past from seeing smart or comedic remarks directed at certain celebs that have come across my Twitter timeline, but there are some people who are downright cruel. The most recent hateful act was targeted towards actress Tia Mowry – Hardrict and her one-year old son Cree. Going out of your way to publicly verbally abuse a new mother by attacking her innocent child and calling him ugly is absolutely ridiculous. Another similar situation that comes to mind is when a photo surfaced of Dream Hampton’s teen daughter with Beyonce prior to one of her concerts. Twitter and Tumblr users wasted no time taking shots at the young girl’s appearance. “These are early 20 something  Beyonce stans coming for my teenager,” Hampton tweeted in disbelief before disabling her Twitter and Tumblr accounts. What makes this so much worse is that they were attacking a teen girl who is old enough to comprehend what was being said about her. Being a person who knows what it is like to struggle with self-esteem issues, I found this to be absolutely horrible.

The funny thing is that cyber bullying has no loyalty, no one is safe. Well known bullies can catch it as well. Right now the queen bully, Evelyn Lozada seems to be getting a taste of her own antagonistic medicine as a direct result of her recent domestic dispute with soon to be ex-hubby Chad Ochocino. Her Twitter mentions have been overflowing with derogatory tweets ever since the news of her falling out with Chad made headlines. Eric Williams, ex-hubby of Ev’s ex-bff even seems to have joined in on the playground-like taunting by tweeting Evelyn about them having head knots in common now(If you guys recall the season before last Ev frequently joked Eric’s protruding head knot). Many feel that she deserves exactly what she’s getting. I am certainly not an Evelyn fan but I personally feel that bullying is not cool no matter who does it or who it is being done to. I also feel that taunting someone during their time of distress is outright cruel.

Let us not forget about malevolent petition that was put in motion to get Ciara to stop making music. There is nothing that can ever stop an artist from putting out music unless they no longer possess the physical ability to do it anymore. That only goes to show that the petition was created for no other reason than to intentionally disgrace and hurt the feelings of another person. Celebrities are nothing but well known people. They bleed like us. They feel like us. They cry like us. They hurt like us. The behavior exhibited towards them on social networks is disgusting. What can possibly be gained from hiding behind an internet persona and intentionally insulting people that you don’t even know? I understand that it is easy to get caught up in the whole mob mentality thing. I understand that there is a disconnect because we don’t personally know these people, but where is our morality as a culture?

Jazmine Denise is a freelance writer living in New York. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise

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  • sabrina

    Tons of them are on Youtube as well, especially the racist ones. They can’t wait to come across a black video and throw out the N word, monkey this, and any other derogatory term. I seriously wonder how these cyber bullies and trolls act in real life. They’re disgusting.

  • What is a stan?

    • Don’t Worry, Be Happy

      LOL, a combination of a stalker and a fan

      • I’m Just Saying . . . .

        Thanks! I was just about to look up the definition on the urban dictionary website because I hadn’t a clue as to what ‘stan’ meant, either.

        • haha for a while i didn’t know what stan meant either and I DID look it up on urban dictionary lol

    • realadulttalk

      Have you ever heard Eminem’s song Stan? I think that gives a pretty accurate depiction.

  • sassybuttclassy

    No offense to MN but I noticed that this site also dabbles in bullying at times even if its lowkey and or meant in a joking manner… A perfect example is the post about Ashanti getting a new gig that isn’t singing. The blogger even went as far as making it known there WAS shade intended in the title of the blog itself. Now in my opinion that’s a form of bullying. What if Ashanti happen to stumble across this site and seen that. Would her feelings not be affected by the ‘shade’ thrown her way? The blog would have been just fine MINUS the shade.
    Excuse my rant but I just find it interesting MN would write such an awesome blog about bullying meanwhile they do it on the sly. With all that being said… I’ll still be tuning in though :o) toodles!!!

    • I think there’s a difference between making a joke and intentionally trying to hurt someone’s feelings..

  • I always found it interesting, how in this day and age, how and why people let cyber bullying affect them. It just really shows just how much we as a society are spending too much time on the internet. It’s not like bullying at school or work, you HAVE to go to those places. That’s why I hear why alot of celebrities don’t own a social media and don’t go on blogs. For us normal people, the more time you spend online,and the more time you spend posting things about your life, the more likely you will be bullied. It’s as simple as turning off computer, and reading a darn book. Not even that, there are a million other things people can do with their time.

    • anon

      for celebs, it’s about likeability which is relative to market value. It’s also about publicity. Dumb cyber bullying attempts is a ripe opportunity for them to get their name out there, to get people talking, to launch a new project, etc…

      If you really don’t like these people, truly, you’d be smart not to utter a word about them. Instead, lift up and speak well of the celebs you like or would rather take their place.

    • Pivyque

      I agree with you. Find something better to do. To try and commit suicide for something someone on the internet said?…Really? Stop the madness!

      • Kayo

        Someone attempts suicide and you tell them to ‘find something better to do’. Wow. Just wow.

        I encourage the readers of this site to learn what psychological invalidation is.

        • Pivyque

          For this reason…YES. If you are being cyber bullied, stay off of the internet and find something better to occupy your time with. If you are feeling like committing suicide because of how you are being treated by the people around you (at home, work or school) then I would be much more sympathetic.

    • Kayo

      “I always found it interesting, how in this day and age, how and why people let cyber bullying affect them.”

      Maybe it is because people aren’t robots and actually have feelings.

      • realadulttalk

        Seriously? I have feelings but not a single one of you could ever get to me like that. I’d be laughing hysterically that someone put this much time into me.

        • Kayo

          Okay, good for you, but everyone isn’t like you.

          • realadulttalk

            If you don’t have a thick skin–fame is not for you. Strangers should never impact anyone’s life in that manner.

            • Kayo

              Look, everyone doesn’t function the same emotionally or psychologically. Throwing out a bunch of cliche invalidation techniques won’t change that.

              • realadulttalk

                Thrilled you learned a new phrase…how many times will you use it in this post? Sweetie it’s not a technique–it’s really a fact of life. If you can’t handle public discrimination…stay out of the spotlight. Heck, if you are that soft–you may also want to become a recluse b/c if you can’t handle people you’ll never meet saying discouraging things-what in the world will you do when someone is in your face saying them?

                • Kayo

                  Your condescending response is cute, but thoroughly misses the mark, SWEETIE.

            • Kayo

              Look, everyone doesn’t function the same emotionally or psychologically. Throwing out a bunch of cliche invalidation techniques won’t change that.

      • No one is denying they have feelings.. But if a person is willing to jump off a bridge because of what someone said about them on facebook, then there is a problem. It could easily be gone by a click of the mouse. Younger generations are becoming more and more enveloped in technology, so much so that they lose basic social skills, and that’s a problem.

        • Kayo

          You are right, no one said they didn’t have feelings. I know I didn’t. But look, you have already decided how someone should feel based on your own feelings, and that is a problem.

    • realadulttalk

      I totally get where you are coming from. “Stars” go on twitter and whatnot for more attention–it’s merely common sense to know that not everyone is going to like you and the more you put out there the more ammunition you have provided for your attackers.

  • ashley79

    You forgot to mention that the Australia’s Next Top Model judge Charlotte Dawson, tried to commit suicide because the bullying that she received AFTER speaking out against bullying this past weekend. Somebody set up a twitter campaign to bully her.


    The bully goes as hard as the stan….both delusional…and maybe if, only if, yawl stop reporting on the mindless you won’t have this problem!!!