So Serena Williams’ Victory C-Walk Is a Controversy Now?

August 6, 2012  |  


I love how black people are wrong for expressing any kind of emotion at all, ever. You’d think Americans would be thrilled that another American—albeit an African American—brought home a victory when Serena snagged her first singles gold medal, defeating Maria Sharapova in two sets during Sunday’s Olympic tennis match. But somehow her ode to Compton when she busted out an impromptu c-walk in light of her victory put a damper on the mood for some—unsurprisingly someone at Fox—surprisingly someone black: sports columnist Jason Whitlock.

Addressing the criticism Serena received after she did her dance, and seemingly questioning why she didn’t receive more backlash, the columnist wrote in an article today:

“What Serena did was akin to cracking a tasteless, X-rated joke inside a church…

“Serena deserved to be criticized and she should’ve immediately apologized. Wimbledon isn’t the place to break out a dance popularized by California Crip gang members. She knows it. That’s why she got embarrassed when asked by reporters to reveal the name of the dance.

“Crip Walking inside an NBA arena that is routinely filled with the sounds of edited versions of popular gangsta rap songs is different from Crip Walking at Wimbledon. That fact has nothing to do with race. It has to do with tradition and atmosphere. Wimbledon is a sports church, falsely prim, proper and respectful.

“Again, Serena deserved to be called out. What she did was immature and classless. She made a mistake, something we all do.

“It’s my belief it was a premeditated mistake. Serena has never been given her proper respect at Wimbledon….

“I bet in a private moment Friday night or Saturday morning, Serena told her sister Venus, ‘I’m going to kick this b*%& a** and Crip Walk all over this crusty-a** place.'”

Mmmkay Jason. Allow me to pull out a chair for you as a proper lady would so you can immediately have a seat and think about the mistake you made with this article.

I love the assumed ghetto-girl commentary he attributes to Serena simply because she expressed 13 seconds of joy over an amazing athletic defeat. Premeditated or not, I don’t see the problem with what she did. I’d like to see what Jason would do had he trained to be a great writer for four years then been presented with an award recognizing a dominant triumph over someone else in the field. After reading this, I suppose he’d mosey on in through the back door and tank da committee for dey graciousness toward a negro. Cut it out.

Similarly, L.A. Times‘ writer Bill Plaschke took to twitter to express his disgust with the act, accusing Serena of being too removed from the crip culture, tweeting:

“C-walking at Wimbledon only shows how long she’s been away from home, separated from violence and death associated with that dance”

“Isn’t there some kind of dance done by multi-millionaires who live in exclusive South Florida neighborhoods? That’s shud be Serena’s dance”

Bill, please join Jason at his table for two.

Serena has had her moments when she’s let her anger get the best of her, and according to some, displayed inproper sportsmanship during a match, but to say she can’t celebrate with a victory dance that no one at Wimbledon knew had gang affiliation at one point (as proven by their questions of what the dance was called and suggestions of naming it “the Serena” or “the Wimbledon”) is absurd. Serena thinks so too. She told US Weekly:

“I don’t care. That’s the least of my worries . . . I’m so excited I was able to do the dance. I’m glad I did it!

“It just happened. I was so excited that it just came out,” she said, laughing at the amount of attention the move received. “I guess I’m good at it!”


Jason Whitlock seems to think black people’s defense of Serena’s dance is delusional hypocrisy akin to turning a blind eye to intraracial digressions while labeling a white person doing the same thing a bigot. I happen to find a black man policing a black woman’s behavior under the same racial microscope as the rest of society deplorable and disappointing. It’s not the deep homie.

Here’s a look at Serena’s “tasteless” 13-second c-walk. What are your thoughts on it?


Brande Victorian is the news and operations editor for Follow her on twitter @Be_Vic.

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  • free

    The state of Black America is #TRAGIC. The author of this blog is ignorant. I can’t. Old article or not, it’s sad so many adults condoned this trifling behavior. Really? You win Wimbledon and act like that? No class or decorum.
    -Is she a Crip?
    Her justification for doing the dance is just as bad as doing the dance.

  • kj519

    They would of had a problem with whatever she did they hate to see black people happy point blank period, who cares it’s just a dance she didn’t throw up any gang sign their just trying to make it gang related because she’s black and she’s embracing herself

  • It’s more than showing emotions. She did a dance that originated from gangs.

  • pres

    The fact that folks worldwide are talking about this indicates that Serena’s doing a gang-affiliated dance was not a good idea. And then she declines to comment? Jason, et al. are correct. Truly a classless celebration; I thought it was cute until I found out the connotation. She ought to know better. Shameless.

  • debilicious22

    Let the girl have her moment and celebrate however she sees fit. Jason is a HATER in every sense of the word. She was at a sporting event at a sports arena, she didn’t do anything inappropriate. Just because a venue is old and it’s been around for along time doesn’t make it a holy place. Had she crip walked at the Vatican I could understand why he would feel the need to blast her in an article. Get over yourself Jason!!

  • kieraht

    She could have done any other dance beside c-walking. The dougie, the cabbage patch, the wobble, etc. Why did she have to choose a dance affiliated with a gang? In the moment, mainstream media didn’t know what it was, but Serena had to know that she would be asked about it.
    She knew she was wrong because when asked about the name of the dance, Serena declined to say. She said the name wasn’t “appropriate” for the Olympics.
    On this one, I can’t ride with Serena. Keep the dumb stuff for family cookouts, not international events.

  • Jay

    What is considered “writing” and an “article” nowadays is hilarious to me. The fact that this author called Jason Whitlock an Uncle Tom is at best, stooping down to his level of supposed negativity and at worst, the absolute worst thing an “author” can do. Now I know that this is supposed to be an article based on the author’s opion on the matter, but can you show that you have some type of journalistic integrity and wit and convey your message without stooping to degrading the man for expressing his own opinion on the matter. We get it, you liked the dance, he didn’t, but he expressed his discontent in a much more articulate way than denouncing someone with a racial slur. C’mon people, let’s do better. Let’s disagree without assuming that a black person who disagrees with what another Black person does, is not secretly working for the “man” and trying to bring down all Black people. And in any case, he is right. If she did the “dougie” or any other hip hop dance, no one would’ve cared. But the fact that you did a dance created by gang members as a way of communciating their crimes to each other to illustrate your Compton roots does not exactly spin a positive light on your roots. I am also from a rough city and like Serena, I have also lost a loved one to gun violence, so illustrating a dance started by people who participate in the same gun violence that killed your relative is not exactly showing your city in a positive light. Every city has the good and the bad, and like Serena, I am not afraid to talk about both in my hometown, but that doesn’t mean I glorify it. We can say rap music took the crip walk and made it popular in the mainstream but that does not make it right. People are asleep nowadays, especially Black people, and the people in control know that. We throw up gang signs and do crip walks because we see Snoop do it or hear Rick Ross talk about it, but guess what, those guys do not live the hood anymore. Their kids go to private school. So they sell a violent fantasy to a culture that craves violence and they use that money to raise up out the hood because they know that ish is dangerous!! They probably would smack the mess out of their child if they ever saw them do it lol. All I can say is people wake up…you accept anything, you will fall for everything.

  • SonOfAThorpe

    Well, they’ve got me. I didn’t even know that that particular
    dance had a name. I doubt very seriously that doing it “means”
    anything. It isn’t flashing a gang sign. It was a dance step, like
    “moon walking” or “cabbage patching”, to indicate that “I won and I am happy
    about it.” Anyone who is making it more than that is trying to use
    Serena’s celebrity to raise their own profile.

  • I dont see anything wrong or racial over her dance. She was in ‘her moment’ of triumph. Do u know how hard she puts in to maintain position?? Instead of criticizing her, i wld rather we enjoy her move, like the famous MJ moon walk. ‘Wama’ Serena (lik me & her are really tight…lol) u rock at tennis. Big up girl!!

  • kim from the CPT

    Jason you’re just mad cause you don’t know HOW to crip walk!…Go head girl!

  • Aunt C

    Let’s not give the media too much credit. Being an old schooler myself, I’ve observed that few people born past 1960 has a clue about ‘our history.’ If the answer aint: ‘MLK or Rosa Parks’, most of y’all new schooler are plain stumped ’cause yall don’t believe in ‘Black History.’ Which brings me to the Crips’ Walk. I dare say nobody (including me…who was living near LA at the height of the Crips/Blood gang wars) would have pegged Serena’s ‘happy dance’ for the infamous Crips Walk had she not called it that. I doubt that anybody has done it since Snoop was a pup….(apologies to Snoop Lion if I’ve affiliated him with the wrong crew). I dare say the folks trying to call her out about it…would not have known the difference. To whomever is stirring this pot – don’t get your panties in a wad…if you don’t start nothin’…it won’t be nothin.’

  • KJ23

    They’re making it seem like she pulled out some cardboard and started breaking dancing on it. Premeditated… do something with yourself, dude.

  • SSmith

    I don’t think its fair to compare Serena and Gabby comments. Gabby is 16.. I just don’t think its ok to discuss a teenager’s appearance on a social network. Serena.. I think its strange this is a controversy when she has had tantrums on the court.. THAT was something that deserved criticism… A dance? I was grateful she could have and has done much worse…

  • Machelle Kwan

    A black woman can’t even get her victory dance on without somebody talking negative. She was getting down to me. I hadn’t seen anyone c-walk since high school. The west coast rap scene was huge back then. So I instantly knew what it was and thought she was pretty good at it. The naysayers are just mad that black folks are kicking rumps and taking names in this Olympics.

  • Pamela

    I did not know that dance was called the Crip walk; in fact, we called it the crazy legs. I guess that it depends on what part of the country you are from. Jason is just mad because he can’t hold a beat if it was stapled to him!! LOL!!

  • Keyzer Soze

    HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA Chitty chitty bang bang nuttin butta crip thang! ADORABLE!! <3 She can do whateva she wants..

  • B


  • Mystique

    I’ll bet if she was a white woman and did a “square dance” for victory Mr. Whitlock wouldn’t have said a word.

  • I enjoyed watching her win that match and doing that li’l VICTORY DANCE.
    I posted about it in Black Planet and titled it: “The fox and the howler”.
    I’m a Serena/Venus fan because of their KILLER tennis game. OK, I’m a guy so I see
    Yeah, this Whitlock dude is a Tom looking for attention.
    As an aside, I can’t stand that howling that Sharapova does when she hits the ball.

  • Mystique


  • Mystique

    I didn’t see anything wrong with what she did. People like Jason, are just jealous of Miss Williams. He is probably married to a Becky.

  • c

    Why can’t we just be happy for her without talking about her looks, money, or celebration. I don’t hear anyone complaining about Locke urinating in the pool or Phelps spitting in the pool.
    Be happy for her, she won a gold metal and she is the first woman in history to win the Golden Grand Slam.

    • Ms_Mara

      Right! Or Lochte’s platinum grill custom-made by Paul Wall. Serena damn near died last year. This was the ultimate comeback for her. Let her have her moment.

  • Justsayin’

    At first I thought Ray Lewis had won.

  • LeeLee

    Stop makin nothing into something she was happy!

  • kickash

    the only controversy in this is that no one has done that dance since 2001.

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  • she was paying homage to where she from……….which some people seem to forget and think it’s ok!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Victoria

    and furthermore Id like to add I think that at some point Mr.Whitlock either tried to ask Ms Serena out on a date , wanted an interview and tried to ask her out on a date, something to this nature and she rejected his advances and he got butt hurt and figured he would do this to get back at her,. or maybe he felt know one knew who he was and he needed to add an extra 15min to his fame so that he could get a lil more recognition, cuz look a here everyone who hears about this and reads it is gone b like who is jason whitlock and google him .Ive already seen that question on her a few times now and I looked him up myself, and if she did turn him down I definately see y.

    • Pharaoh_Reigns

      I see why too lol!

  • Victoria

    we r so sad as a race of blacks,but I guess we got it honest its in our genes.started in Africa and it just keeps right on growing .we will never get nowhere as ar ace of people and this is y others try to treat us bad. we have no unity and no devotion. instead of this man being happy or supportive of her u try to destroy or embarrass her over a damn dance…. u should know better and u should apologize for ur actions,and u should b fired for even coming up with such a stupid thing all because u r trying to hate on a beautiful black woman. ur parents should b ashamed……. GO head Serena hold ur high and never apologize for something u meant to do.
    and u don’t have no reason to b ashamed. On ur next victory I say do it again….

  • La-Di-Da

    Lol well I laughed when she did it. I didn’t think it was that serious either. Go ‘Rena!

  • They just hate to see black people accomplish anything good they always have to tear you down and bring up some negative bulls**t. It sucks that we have an uncle Tom a** reporter (Jason Whitlock) trying to make a name for himself by being a white mans a** licker by trying to steal SERENA glory moment.

  • FromUR2UB

    Even with the name, “Crip Dance”, I still didn’t make the gang connection. I guess you have to get up pretty early in the morning to make as big a deal about things as some people do. This is as world-shattering as the whole BK chicken wrap hoopla. I guess next time she should do the dance while eating one.

  • Jessica Arrington

    I am afraid the Crips cannot take credit for that little dance.
    I have seen it done in church for decades!

  • It was Awesome!! People reading way too much into this. Congratulations Serena!!

  • Obviously my opinion matters enough for you to comment and if you’re going to state your thoughts on something at least know what you’re talking about. I can ignore the disrespect but don’t lie just to get your rocks off. Never did I say anything about Gabby’s hair. Make lies up somewhere else.

    • Big Mike

      On August 2nd, you led one of your “articles” off with the line “Sweaty Hair, Don’t Care”. Why even mention this girl’s hair? This little quip might have been missed by most, but not by me – confirming what I have long suspected: you are a hater.

      • Big Mike

        You know what, it was wrong for me to attack you and Jason – I’m doing the same thing I’m accusing you of doing.

        Forget this dialogue ever happened.

      • That “little quip” was made in reference to the ridiculous discussions surrounding the criticisms of her hair which we’d reported on the day before, meaning she didn’t have time to care about something as superficial as her hair, she was making history. The remark was in fact missed by you because you turned it into something it was not to prove your preconceived notions about me.

        • c

          Why was there need to even mention her hair? When Dominique Dawes won her gold (yes I know it was a team gold), I didn’t think “she’s sweating out that perm.” I said, “that can be me”. By you talking about hair in your title, it puts the focus on her hair and not her accomplishment. I don’t recall any other headline talking about hair when she won the all around.

  • Lrocka

    I thought the dance was BRILLIANT. It clearly wasn’t planned…it just came flowing out of her, the fact that someone felt the need to write an ENTIRE piece about how it was wrong (Jason Whitlock) that’s the sad part. ALL she had to do was say, It was doing an old skool praise and worship shout/stomp then this would be over with. If she wasn’t from Compton people wouldn’t have even associated this with the Crip Walk(although that’s what it was and I LOVED it) Would they rather her drop it like it’s hot? Is that more acceptable? Please stop, Serena has a Daddy and his name isn’t Jason Whitlock! Please Stop the madness! Well written piece tho(Brande) somebody needed to say it.

    • Mystique

      Amen! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Whitlock is a jealous man.

  • Tiffany

    the c-walk hasn’t been associated with gang activity in years, I believe Ellen Degeneres has got her walk on so to speak. Is Ellen trashy and ghetto? get over yourself

  • maggie

    How do you police dancing after the clock has stopped during a match? It all boils down to black people are too black for western culture.

  • Shame

    They didn’t trip over our flag hitting the ground though? They know it was sabotaged…wasn’t even hooked on. OH.

    • yup

      Like people in Wimbledon even knew what it was ANYWAYS…they obviously didn’t…because they asked…only SOME Americans knew, ya’ll kill me making a big deal out of everything.

    • Pharaoh_Reigns

      Our flag hitting the ground is nothing serious in another country. Only in the U.S. Just as if Queen Elizabeth were to visit the U.S. she would not be bowed to. But in her country we would have to do it.

  • Maine

    She should C-walk all over their ignorant faces! I loved it damn when white ppl do some weird expression or dance no one says anything or when football players dance or pose when they get in the end zone then that’s cool but Serena can’t dance come on! Obviously she’s proud of where she is from she made it and I would’ve did it for my city too! I guess she’s a black gurl with too much swagg for main stream America #GROWUP ~ Go Venus and Serena

  • They lucky I didn’t win, because I would’ve C-Walked, Electric Slid, hit the running man, butterflied, and stuck a strong B-Boy pose AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!! Chile, I would’ve had to been politely escorted off that court! NO LOL!!

    Haha.. Congrats on your win Serena! Forget what anybody has to say, you got your GOLD! Black folks are doing it big out in London right now!!

    • thatonegirl

      This should be on the reader comments for the week. You ain’t said nothing but the truth, lol.

    • okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! times ten?

  • Big Mike

    Jason Whitlock and Brande Victorian – two fat pigs who think they’re opinions really matter.

    Fatboy Jason has a LONG resume of Uncle Tomf*uckey, too many to name here. And his counterpart, Miss Piggy Brande – just read her man-hating articles here to know what she’s all about. As a matter of fact, she was one of the FIRST people to take shots at Gabby Douglass because of her hair.

    These two haters deserve each other

  • Shay

    Serena doing the C-Walk was not that serious. Should she have done it at the Olympics? Maybe, maybe not. The fact is she was in the moment of winning her first singles gold medal and it was HER moment to celebrate it. It’s always one- usually one of our own who always gotta s**t on somebody’s parade and ruin what was supposed to be a proud moment for her.

  • Lola

    Who is Jason Whitlock and how many gold medals has he won at the Olympics? None? Not even a Silver or Bronze? Ok then he’s a non-starter.

    Serena should do the Dougie next time; I’m looking forward to that.

    • Shay

      Gabby Douglas already did the Dougie 🙂 but she catching heat for different reasons that are just as ridiculous as Serena catching heat for celebrating her win the way she wanted to.

  • Guest1234

    These fools are just mad b/c she’s awesome and they ain’t. Go ‘head Serena! They can’t take your gold medal and aaaaallllll those major championships, including multiple wins at Wimbledon away from you not matter how loud they cry!

    I love it! They are so damn mad. It’s funny.

  • Toya

    Live a little!! Let the lady bask in her glory. Loosen up that tie, & get the stick out of your a**, tight wadd!!!

  • Get a life, people!!!! IT IS JUST A DANCE!!!!!!

  • Malika

    I’m not “down” with gang activities, what so ever. I rather she “soulja boy crank em” than “C-walk” but I don’t care. If she likes it , I love it.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, it might have been a lil out of line but people also need to chill out. It’s not that serious. They just want to find something to pick on after her gold medal. She can simply apologize in the name of professionalism, and her image.

  • Ebony

    LOL. They wanted her to do the Wop. Remember that?

    • MsPooh

      She would’ve been criticized for that, too.


  • Hello_Kitty81

    She’s happy that she won gold, she should celebrate it! If I won the gold I’ll be dancing too.

  • Latanya

    She didn’t throw any gang signs she just did the little leg git…….it’s not that serious! Please let me win a gold medal I’d probably cabbage patch all over the court.

    • Ms_Mara


  • Ms_Mara

    Isn’t he the same “writer” who raked Serena over the coals a few years ago for being too heavy? Go look at his pic. Yeah… the nerve! I’m starting to think he just has something against her. I would ask him to tell us how one is supposed to act immediately after winning a gold medal on the grandest of stages, but… HE WOULDN’T KNOW!!! While I agree it probably wasn’t the best thing to do, it’s pretty obvious to me that she just got caught up in the moment. That’s the reason for her hesitance and reluctance to discuss it shown in interviews. She knows it probably wasn’t a good look. But what can/should she do about it now?

    • c

      I was thinking the same thing! Not just a couple of hours before Serena won the gold, he was talking about how he needs to stop dogging Black women when they interviewed him and Dominique Dawes about the Gabby hair controversy. It didn’t take him long to go back to his old self.
      Did she do the dance at the Wimbledon tournament, no. She knows that is not something that you do at the tournament. She did that at the Olympics, the crowds are not the same the atmosphere is different even Serena commented on it. It’s more relaxed. Wilcox was probably one of the people mad that she laugh when the flag flew away at the playing of the national anthem.

  • Stacy L

    It really seems like black people are ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t. We can’t win, and it’s sadly, often our own people who are the first ones to point a finger. I personally don’t see a problem with what she did. It was an impromptu act of excitement, is that so wrong?? She just won a major accomplishment, I feel like she can react to it however she wants. It’s not like she was being disrespectful in any way directly to Maria, London or the Olympic committee.

  • That was priceless!!! It was a victory dance…I guess some would have preferred a “Carlton Dance”….SMH…>She deserves to dance period…it was her Victory…She does not have to conform to an unknown society….Let her grab her roots…GEESH!

  • gracie

    Child please!


    Lighten up folks….she was ecstatic

  • JT

    I too believe that Serena’s earned the right to do whatever she wants after she wins, but why call Jason Whitlock an Uncle Tom? How is he one just because he believes that the “culture” of Wimbledon requires a certain level of decorum? It may be misguided in your opinion, but to say that he is an Uncle Tom IS a throwback to the tired old idea that black people are required to not criticize other black people, even if they disagree with their behavior.

    • He’s an uncle tom because for YEARS he has been going out of his way to chastise black people for stuff that’s a non-issue. Check his reputation; he is like a ambulance chaser when it comes to black people and their actions.

      • E-GO

        Jason speaks the truth, it’s just like JT said, Black people think they are beyond being criticized….that’s repayment for slavery….GTFOHWTBS.

        • Beeterfly

          “Black people think they are beyond being criticized…” WTF!?!?! Are you serious! Not only do we not have any such delusion, but the most cogent detractors so far have pointed out that Serena should probably have expected some backlash [from even such a small thing] considering the venue.Sheesh!

          • Mystique

            You are just jealous of Miss Williams.

            • Beeterfly

              Obviously, you didn’t even read the comments. I SUPPORTED Serena!

          • E-GO

            That is a lie! A Non-black person or, hell, even a Black perspon can not comment on another Black person without there being an issue! Blacks are overly sensitive. Serena should have practiced more decorum, not because she’s Black and we need to worry about what WHite people think of us, but because it’s the right thing to do. That dance is affiliated with a gang.

            • Beeterfly

              “That dance is affiliated with a gang.”…. so are blue clothing articles, red clothing articles, black clothing articles, white clothing articles need I go on !?! The point here is, just because something has been affiliated with a gang does not mean a gang is the only thing with which it is affiliated! That dance is also affiliated with the city of Compton, where Serena was raised. That would be Compton, California in the good ol’ USA which Serena was representing in these Olympics. “Serena should have practiced more decorum…. but because it’s the right thing to do”. ‘ Decorum’ as defined by whom? ‘Right thing to do’ as determined by whom? Certainly not you [or I] who have presumably never given the type of dedication, hard work and single-minded determination which Serena [and, to a certain degree, all Olympians] have t the pursuit of excellence in an Olympic sport. Surely after a minimum of 4 years of paying dues you and the world can allow her 13-15 seconds of unrestricted celebration! Finally, “That is a lie! A Non-black person or, hell, even a Black perspon can not comment on another Black person without there being an issue! Blacks are overly sensitive”. Well, E-Go, if that were true… I probably would have reacted to such a personal attack about my comment in an equally personal way. Have a Good Day.

        • JT

          Not even close to what I said. “to say that he is an Uncle Tom IS a throwback to the tired old idea that
          black people are required to not criticize other black people, even if
          they disagree with their behavior.”

        • TF?

          You lucky I can’t even say what I wanna say up here, just be quiet…you must be White huh?

          • JT

            Nope. 100% BLACK, baby.

  • TeahMonae

    I honestly did not know it was “crip walking”, I just thought she was doing a little victory dance. Now knowing that it is considered a gang affiliated dance, I can see where it can be seen as tasteless. I mean, there’s a time and place for everything. Not taking anything away from her amazing win and the fact that she was able to overcome the illness that she suffered the last couple of years to be back on top, but someone of her caliber should have a little more class than to be crip walking at the Olympic games.

  • kells

    I completely agree with Jason Whitlock. There is a time and place for everything and Wimbledon was neither! It made her appear trashy and ghetto. There are better ways to show emotion than this. Does it really matter that no one there knew the dance? No because we live in a digital age and we all know that word was going to spread FAST and if you didn’t know you do now!

    • Hmmm…

      ^^^ Stop. I’m glad she did it and I hope she does it again in
      celebration next time she wins a gold medal or any other match. Let
      people be free to express themselves how they want to. Are there written
      rules somewhere saying what you can and can’t do expressing your
      happiness over winning at Wimbledon? Exactly. So, she celebrated how she
      saw fit and if you, Jason Whitlock and anyone else has a problem with
      it, YOU ALL just be sure not to do the crip walk if you win a gold

      • kells

        Actually, there are written rules of decorum at tennis matches…including celebrations of victory.and no one is saying she shouldn’t express herself or be happy she won but there are classier ways to go about it. Would you do the c walk at a graduation or any other awards ceremony? Actually you probably would so maybe you should ^^ stop.

    • Live_in_LDN

      Sooo many white athletes did victory dances when they won gold. It’s only a problem when Serena does it and it says more about her critics than it does her.

      • E-GO

        Umm,, this is not a victory dance….it’s a gang-affiliated dance!

        • Live_in_LDN

          Yeah it’s rooted in gang culture but it’s been assimilated into pop culture so much that it’s watered down to have very innocent connotations.

          • Big Mike

            This is news to me. The only people I’ve seen doing the Cirp Walk, is Crips and wannabe fake thugs.
            In either case, Serena wins so much, that I think she has earned the right to do a little jig.

      • TeahMonae

        I really don’t think it has anything to do with race. There is
        just a certain level of deference and respect associated with the Olympics as
        well as tradition. Ryan Lochte was asked to remove his “American Flag
        Grill” and he is a white athlete. Again, if it was just a victory dance, it
        would not be an issue. The fact that it is a gang affiliated dance makes it inappropriate
        for the occasion.

    • Hello_Kitty81

      If you won the gold, you’ll be doing a victory dance too, DON’T LIE! What she supposed to be a robot with no emotions and feelings?

    • Wait … are you mad? LOL. YOU MAD??

      • Beeterfly

        Wait…are you foolish?LOL. YOU FOOLISH??