Tears for Days: Dominique Dawes Reacts to Gabby Douglas’ Win

August 3, 2012  |  

Back in 1996, we were captivated by Dominique Dawes. The first African American gymnast to win a gold medal with her team, dubbed “The Magnificent 7.” Today, Gabrielle Douglas became the second African American to take home the gold, and the first to win not only the gold team medal but the gold individual all around. Fox Sports sat down with Dominique Dawes to get her thoughts on Gabby’s performance. See her teary reaction below.

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  • Bunni J

    Dominique in 96 i was 5 years old and years later i remember going to my elementary school library and they had a book about you i read the whole book. Your still my favorite athlete Gabby was channeling your courage and strength out there! It should’nt stop here one day Gabby will be siting in the stands or on TV crying happy tears for the next African American Female Olympic Gold Gymnastic winner just like you

  • La-Di-Da

    Awesome! And Dominique was one of the reasons I asked my mom to enroll me in gymnastics back in 96.

  • MLS2698

    We can dooo it!

  • Kisses

    They look like sisters! Such an inspiration, even if your dream doesn’t involve the Olympics I would hope everyone would recognize the importance of having a dream to work towards to begin with! I remember being inspired by Dominique Dawes and the way my parents rooted for her and encouraged me to have a dream as large as hers, so I can only imagine what Gabby has done for the younger generation!

  • CA Pullen

    I am so proud of Gabby. She conducted herself just like a lady should and spoke very well. She did not act ignorant or a fool or have a foul mouth on television. She bring so much positive influence to black women. I hope these young ladies look up to her as an example you can achieve any goals without having to lower yourself, cuss, act ignorant on television, fight or do a sex tape in order to make it. I hope they look to her as having a high self esteem and she has the beauty to show it. I pray that she get endorsement deals, television appearances, book deals, and speaking engagements. These companies can sit there and give some of these reality television stars endorsement deals like Evelyn Lorzada, Tami Roman, the Kardashians. These people has no talent whatsoever. I don’t understand why these people get endorsements. I will definitely support Gabby when she and the olympic team does their tours. I hope I can get the opportunity to get her autograph and meet her face to face.

  • Baddvixentype


  • seek2027


  • JaneDoe

    So proud of them both.. I love Dominique… There are the young women that should be placed on pedalstals… Such talent, self respect, and humility. Very positive role models

  • CA Pullen

    I am still in tears of seeing this beautiful young lady win another Gold. I pray that she continues to surrounds herself with people who has her best interest at heart and her mom and family continues to stay involve to keep her focused.

  • Coco black

    OMG….I’m in tears reading all the beautiful comments!! You ladies have said it all..she’s amazing and absolutely a real and positive role model particularly for young black girls and all little girls.

  • Dominique Dawes was my greatest inspiration growing up, in 1996 I was 6 when she competed at the olympics, and now Gabby Douglas carrying the torch on to history and into the history books!! This is so much more better than reality tv crap that dumbs down and degrades and exploit black women, this is a young woman who had dreams and ambitions to be a role model and a leader for the next generation of gymnists! I can’t describe how proud I am of her, I feel like a proud big sister!

  • Rubi Girl

    Simply, Beautiful.

  • Star

    So heartfelt, genuine, and supportive. Dominique has always been a positive role model. I am equally excited for Gabby. Congrats!

  • Dominique had me in tears. I wanted to be just like her. She was everything in the 90s. I love how she has grown into a settled women of Faith and living her life. I especially like how she is beyond thrilled for Gabby’s win. Both of these ladies have truly bust the doors down for more little girls to want to take up gymnastics as a sport to participate in.

  • awww she made me cry more than before, great view from DD, I was sitting there at 17 watching her in 96! and she was a positive role model!

  • Guest360

    I’m so proud to be a black female right now. Not like I’m not proud of that everyday but it can get rough sometimes lol. I’m so happy for Gabby making history and I’m just in awe of someone who came before her getting teary-eyed to see another black gymnast follow in her footsteps. I know some of us like to think race shouldn’t be factored into her win today but I really don’t see how you can take her skin color out of it. Of course she worked hard. Of course her hard work paid off. But to see a BLACK woman beat out the best competitors in the world and get awarded for that is just amazing to me. You would never see this 50 even 30 years ago. Just amazing how blacks are finally getting the opportunity to show off we have more to contribute to the world than just ratchet nonsense. Crying tears of joy for Team “Flying Squirrel” right now. Just beautiful 🙂

  • Simply Magnificent!

  • Slim Goody

    This interview was beautiful! I loved me some Dominique Dawes, growing up!