Whatever It Takes To Stay Relevant: Kim Burrell Has A New Reality Show

August 1, 2012  |  

Source: Bonnerfiedradio.com

Kim Burrell is a pastor, gospel singer, friend of the late Whitney Houston…and now an aspiring reality television star. In the promo for her new show she says: “I’ll do whatever it takes to sustain the momentum of my success.”

Indeed, “Whatever It Takes” is the name of her reality show and it features the head Church Of God In Christ minister of music for the youth along with her “dream team”.

Black Christian News reports:

Her team consists of flamboyant brand manager, Krishnar Lewis, Karen Smith, Kenneth Jackson & the team members of the Manhattan-based PR & Management firm, Lewis Agency.

“They create my trap door to the world’s stage,” explains Burrell in her extended promo clip.

Though cameras have been reportedly rolling for more than a year, there is no definitive word yet of any network’s interest in distributing the show, which heavily features Krishnar Lewis.

While much is not known about his personal career, Lewis’s diagnosis with stage 4 Colon Cancer, which, according to highlighted scenes, left him with an estimated six months to live, is a focal point.

From what appears to be an official document shown in the extended promo, Lewis was first diagnosed by Thomas Fisher MD on March 22, 2011. It would seem, then, that the executive has lived well past his life expectancy.

Initially, upon receiving the sad health news about her friend, understandably, Burrell said she “felt very lost,” though her team kept his illness a secret for some time.

What isn’t a secret, however, is how Lewis and Burrell’s friendship has blossomed.

She started out as a client of Lewis’s firm but the two quickly became great friends and business partners, collaborating on several ventures.

Friends and all, Kim Burrell, the Pastor of Love & Liberty Fellowship Church in Houston, makes it known that she’s the boss. “Let’s get something straight,” says Burrell. “I bring in the money. I want what I want when I want it. It is not KrishnarLewisMinistries.com.”

Should her show be picked up, it will undoubtedly be controversial. Kim pastors a COGIC church. COGIC is a pre-dominantly black Pentecostal Holiness Christian denomination that recently re-affirmed it’s stance against homosexuality. The ten-minute promo doesn’t give any indication that Kim is a gospel artist (though it spend a lot of time on Whitney Houston). Besides that, her co-star on this show is openly gay. That’s certainly an unlikely friendship that will have tongues wagging.

Kim has a large fan base though of both Christians and non-Christians. She even tapped into Beyonce’s star power to promote her show! So, if it does get picked up, people will certainly be watching.

Will you?

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  • i

    i will watch but this poorly made and edited youtube vid is not even going to entice anybody to watch. what network? when will it come out? i also been hearing about this show ever since she lost her weight. i wish her all the success in the world as long as she continues to keep christ first.

  • Ray

    I see nothing wrong with a Gospel Artist doing a reality show however, what message is she trying to deliver. The show also has no point, Kim is known for her voice and should spend time working on good music. Kim is trying to do big things on a family dollar budget and it comes out looking a mess.

  • Ray

    I see nothing wrong with a Gospel Artist doing a reality show however, what message is she trying to deliver. The show also has no point, Kim is known for her voice and should spend time working on good music. Kim is trying to do big things on a family dollar budget and it comes out looking a mess.

  • Common Cent$

    Who are we to question her ministry or anyone’s for that matter? If you actually watched Mary Mary you would’ve actually seen two women who love the lord but and still trying to manage their family like everyday women do. It’s crazy that we can sit back and say what a christian is or isn’t to be perfectly clear though christian doesn’t equal perfection. I actually know people who won’t go to a church for personal reasons but will watch these type of shows with a good message or go to church right in their living rooms so be careful before you judge.

  • BLAH

    Um, what is the point of this show? It seems all over the place. It doesn’t seem interesting at all. And I have to say that I am bothered by the fact that God was not mentioned once. So confused. Naw, Kim, leave the reality t.v. alone.

  • This promotional needs focus! It’s all over the place! I doubt if I’ll be watching. It’s not serving a purpose, plain and simple.

  • JaY

    I will watch this because it will help me guard my heart from junk. it is so hard not to watch all of the other mess

    • Jay

      I just hope that it shows the light of God to the world and doesn’t mirror the mess

  • lacyloo

    Nope, will not watch. This is so lame. Reality shows are a waste and this adds to the foolishness. She is a COGIC pastor to boot. SMH, a hot mess.

  • Rayven

    I love some Kim Burrell and yes I will be watching, Im sure her show wont be about black women making an s$$ of themselves like B-Ball jumpoff’s and Hip Hop trash!

  • CA Pullen

    So, this what it is coming down to for Christians? Copy what the world does and get on the band wagon for a reality show. I know I am not perfect, but most of us are not but, first Mary, MAry, Marvin Sapp is trying to get on the map now Kim Burrell. Who is next? CeCe Winans or Vickie Winans? I know money is important, and Christian should have the same things that the world has, the money, cars, jewelry, biggest house. In looking at the clip, she does not show or mention that she is suppose to be a “Pastor” or mention God like the author mentioned. Since her friend is sick, she should have gotten people together and pray for him and minister to him. This one of the reason why people don’t want to be bother with the church and it is a challenge to get people to come. Christians are suppose to be what the world is suppose to follow. Instead, it is the other way around. Kim is very talented and I like her music, I don’t think I will be watching.

  • faithcomes

    Here we go again…………………..another reality show. I know I am not the perfect Christian, no one is. First Mary, Mary, next Marvin Sapp is trying to get on the map, now Kim Burrell. Boy, it is so amazing that all these “Christian” people now trying to jump on the band wagon of having a reality show. In looking at the promo, like in Mary, Mary, show I don’t see anything that represent God in this. LIke the article say, she does not show any indication that she is suppose to be a “Pastor” of a church. She is following some of the same ways that secular people has done. I know money is important, and I know christians want to have the big house, money, jewelry, cars like the non christian has. But you can have that but at the sametime you suppose to minister to those who are lost. This is one of the reason why people don’t want to bother with the church. You have christians following the world when it suppose the other way around. I don’t think I will be watching.