Eve Speaks on Relationship With Stevie J: “Thankfully I Am In A Different Place”

July 31, 2012  |  

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A new generation of people were recently introduced to record producer, Stevie J, via VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and the Mimi-“Steebie”-Joseline love triangle.

However, before he was shocking reality television show viewers with his blatant, unapologetic philandering, he had the heart of Ruff Ryders’ First Lady, Eve.

The rapper talked candidly with Philadelphia high school girls during what she called “Intimate Hour”. Eve talked about her career, journey to self-discovery and, of course, relationships. According to NecoleBitchie, Eve says that Stevie J wouldn’t even be able to see the woman that she is now:

On if Stevie J was her first love:
Yes, Stevie J was my first love.

On how she defines the ‘love’ between her and Stevie back then
You know what…that was a learning experience. You meet people all the time. We just happen to fall in love. Umm, but thankfully I knew better, I know better, I am happily in love now. And the girl now (referring to herself) he couldn’t even see this. I would be like, “I’m sorry, we don’t speak the same language!” But you know, it is what it is….that’s life. Sometimes you meet people who aren’t great for you but thankfully I am in a different place.

On things she would not put up with now that she is older and knows better
When I was younger I didn’t question things but now I am annoying! Like if something doesn’t feel right speak up! If you feel like you are being lied to speak up! If you feel like Sexually he is trying to push you to fast speak up. And let me tell you something. Anybody that knows your worth it will stick around. They might not talk to you about it, they may talk to you about it but if they argue with you or if they call you a name or if they roll out they are not meant to be in your life anyways….

How gratifying for Eve to witness an old boyfriend embarrassing himself on national television. Their engagement ended on a scandalous note and it looks like even though Stevie J says he “still has love” for Eve, those good feelings aren’t mutual.

What do you think of Eve’s comments?

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  • yessssssssssssss well said ..

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  • gracie

    I can not imagine her with that jerk.

  • WhoMe

    Congrats eve! Sleazy J is gross and not cute at all. Im happy for her and waiting for music! Lets hear real hip hop/rap from a talented female rapper.

  • Yvette

    I love the woman that Eve has matured into. She realizes something that unfortunately a lot of woman just don’t understand yet and that is when you know your worth you will not fall for any foolishness from a man.

  • Chanda

    You live and you learn. If she made anymore bad choices she could’ve easily been on that show. That’s what I call dodging the bullet.

  • Good for you Eve, you learned something and used it to your advantage. Growing up is hard when the world is watching your every move. As Tupac stated in his song “Gotta keep your head up”. You go girl. Girl Power is a b***h when you learn from your mistakes.

  • Shay

    Now if only Eve could have this same conversation with Mimi. Maybe she would have a little more self-respect.

  • bluekissess

    She’s a woman now embracing her womanhood. Kudos to her. I would love to be in that place.

  • I love it. You go Eve! She didnt diss him she just stated that he was no good for her and she was too young to understand that a women needs to ask questions, and not allow herself to be pressured into anything!

  • QV

    Very well said! Not one dagger thrown!

  • shelshel

    Awe, I’m happy for her. Not a fan of hiphop of love but I read the reports of stevie j and I just wonder why do females put up with males like him. Anyways back to Eve, plus she has a beautiful baby with her man. I bet she don’t miss him at all.

  • sammi_lu

    I’m thankful that she is in a different place..Stevie J reminds me of an icky slimy slug u just wanna throw a handful of salt on and watch shrivel.

    • shelshels

      Hahahahaaha…..how hilarious!

  • lalatarea

    I can definitely relate i look back at my “first love” and realize how foolish i was. But now when i look at the type/quality of men i date i realize how much I’ve matured and that just comes with age and experience (well for most women lol) i wouldn’t give that guy a second of my time if i were to see him today.

  • Hello_Kitty81

    Eve is jumping for joy that she’s not with this disgusting, ugly, filthy, manhoe anymore.