Mike Epps On The New ‘Friday’ Movie: That Ish Ain’t Happenin’

July 31, 2012  |  

Source: Zimbio.com

Sadness. “Friday” fans have been holding out for the next part of this ongoing series since the “Friday After Next” 10 years ago. Earlier this year, Ice Cube said the fourth flick would definitely be happening and he would even get Chris Tucker on board, but when a poster for the supposed new movie, “Last Friday,” hit the web over the weekend, Mike Epps had to step in and set the record straight. He wrote on Twitter:

THAT last friday s**t THEY PUT up IS fake WE not doin s**t until New Line SAY SO! THAT last friday TWITTER account IS fake WE dont Know HIS A** unfollow HIS A**! GROUPIE

OK ‘den. Mike’s tweet doesn’t totally put another sequel out of the realm of possibility, but the question is what does New Line have to say about all this. They don’t see to be moving too quickly to get production started.

Are you hoping for another “Friday” movie?

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  • I don’t believe everything i read, nor everything i see on Facebook or twitter. I am going to see if they start putting out advertisments for it, around the end of November. it is august so I am going to wait and see

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  • kizzysunshine

    It doesn’t look like they do!

    • kizzysunshine

      They need to add Arnez J into the cast!!!! There is no way possible that it would put anyone to sleep, lol!

  • gmarie

    Maybe HE isn’t doing anything last Friday related, but Cube said it’s going down. He sounds very angry.

  • keep having me to wait & I’ll forget about it. Oh well on to the next movie triology. They’re only hurting money from coming into their pockets.

  • intelligent chik

    Do you guys ever proofread???

  • >_<

  • angelfaceash1234

    Man they had done built up all my excitement then they shot it down. :”(

  • I was looking forward to this. I saw the poster online the other day and got excited.

  • noneya

    Did he have to sound so ignorant in his twitter post??

  • Hello_Kitty81

    I saw it on FB the other day and I had thought that was real and was hoping for it. Oh well…..*sad face*

  • realadulttalk

    I think they could do the film…Friday is still one of the most quoted movies ever. BUT…please leave Mike Epps out of it. I’m biased b/c I think he is one of the WOST stand-up comedians ever (dude literally put me to sleep a few years ago–no seriously I fell asleep at a comedy show!!!) so I really only wanna see the original cast.

    • Melissa

      Wow thought I was the only one. There is a difference between being silly and being funny. I dont think Mike Epps is fuuny at all he’s silly. I will never buy another ticket to his show, or puchase a comedy dvd. If you want to see/hear his material just go and watch one of his moves. None of what he says is original his whole act is saying funny stuff from his movie roles. Truth be told a lot of these comics arent funny. For instance to me Kevein hart isnt funny hes another 1 thats just silly. Funniest comic hands down to me is Lavell Crawford, and of course the late greats Pryor and Mac. Tell the truth everyone yall know when you wen tto the show to see the Kings of Comedy you was falling asleep till Mac came on. They saved the best for last.

  • lalatarea

    I feel like if executed properly then, “last friday” could be pretty good, i mean look at the last one. it would be hilarious to see Tucker, Witherspoon, & Kat Williams on the roster!

  • sabrina

    I have a thing against sequels…but idk.
    Mike Epps’ tweet though?? Did he have to be so rude? lol