Oh Baby!: Tia Mowry Is Already Thinking About Baby Number Two

July 27, 2012  |  

Source: twitter.com/TiaMowry

Her son will be thirteen months tomorrow, but Tia Mowry-Hardrict is already thinking about her next bundle of joy.

She told Access Hollywood:

“I would love to go through that again. I didn’t have such an amazing pregnancy experience as my sister… but it’s an amazing feeling being pregnant. I would love to have another baby very soon, sooner than later.”

34-year-old Tamera Mowry-Hously is seven months pregnant and says she is having an easier pregnancy than her twin had.

“Overall, I’ve had a pretty well pregnancy. Now, it’s getting a little bit more difficult. I lost my voice because of acid reflux. And my knees sometimes hurt because of the weight I’m carrying.”

Tamera says she walks for thirty minutes nearly every day and does Pilates. The exercise makes her feel better.

In the past, Tia has had some sisterly advice for her pregnant twin:

“When the baby comes, your natural instincts are going to kick in. Follow your instincts and as soon as that baby comes out, you’re automatically going to know what to do. I spent hundreds of dollars on these classes that teach you how to feed a baby, burp a baby, swaddle them. . . you really don’t have to take classes for that.”

The two have both been pregnant on their reality show, although not at the same time (but wouldn’t that have been cute?!) Neither have a desire to pull a Kourtney Kardashian and allowing reality show cameras in the delivery room. Well, Tia didn’t and Tamera says she won’t either.

As most people know, the sisters are both wives. Tia has been married to Cory Hardrict since April of 2008 and Tamera married Adam Housley in May of last year. They both say their marriages are off-limits on their reality show.

According to Sister2Sister:

After witnessing several reality show marriages fall apart, the sisters are also careful about how much of their married life is depicted on the show.

“We’re both married, and our husbands, they come in and out, but my sister and I, we’re very private about our relationships with our husbands, and we want to stay married,” Tia said.

“There’s just something that seems to happen with people when they expose too much of their marriage,“ they said.

Sounds like these two agree on everything.

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  • Baddvixentype

    i think its the ora of the baby’s presences gives you that glow. Nothings more brighter then a blessing!
    love them both! so happy for her!!!!

  • RoRo

    Love, Love, Love Tamera! Congrats on the baby! She is cettainly doing it right as far as healthy food and exercise because she is putting her sister to shame how Tia blew up and was on bed rest, breached and sickly. They both carry boys and Tia said she didn’t exercise AT ALL and just ate everything. Bet she does the 2nd preg differently. Its also interesting Tamera went to the Bahamas while pregnant and shooting which traveling is exhausting w/o a belly. She has a pic on her twitter running on a treadmill all preggie! Kudos Tamera!! I love it!

  • Hello_Kitty81

    I didn’t know Tamera is already 7 months pregnant, can’t wait til her baby is born. Plus she’s glowing too.

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  • Cocoa

    Tamera looks beautiful pregnant! I want to glow, and wear a tight dress and heels, and whip my flowing hair when I’m 7mos pregnant too!

  • Ki

    They are so beautiful ! Did tamera announce what’s she having because he is glowing like its a girl! Boys make you fat an miserable lol

    • Treacle234

      Yea she did announce what she is having. It is a boy.

      • Ki

        Aw it would be cool if both of them have girls next

        • chaka

          I have a feeling they will 🙂 that would be so cute!

  • CocoaBabe

    I truly love Tamera’s healthy lifestyle that obviously affects how she proceeds through her pregnancy. She is beautiful, almost freakishly so. It’s not just that she is all belly but her skin and hair looks crazy good! Baby is def getting its veggies! Good look, Tammie! Much respect.

  • Guest360

    I LOVE their show. The drama is real but it’s based on nothing but love. They aren’t vulgar or negative people and I don’t believe you’ll ever see them throwing bottles at each other or cursing one another out. They have the most positive reality show I’ve ever seen. Well besides Mary, Mary lol. They deserve all the success in the world.

  • sabrina

    YESSSSS girls!! i’m so happy to see that there are some non-ratchet folks with reality shows that have their heads screwed on right! i shall continue to support you guys 🙂

  • gracie

    Their show is way better and positive than any reality show on TV , maybe because they went to college.

    • keia

      I dont know if it because the went to college but i love the positivity

    • chaka

      no -__- its just that they are such classy positive woman 🙂 they are not about drama 🙂

    • chaka


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