So, Jen and Maxwell Might Really Be a Thing

July 26, 2012  |  

Pictures might be able to tell a thousand words but most times they’re only giving you about 100 and people start filling in the other 900 with their own assumptions. That’s what seemed to be going on when a pic popped up of Jennifer Williams and Maxwell of all people hugged up last week. Jen tweeted the pic along with these words, “Me and @_MAXWELL_ last night! Thank u for the bubbly! Fun times..” Immediately people wondered just how fun those times were but as is the case with most celeb speculation it was all pretty circumstancial.

Now there seems to be more social media evidence that the reality TV star and R&B sex symbol could be more than just friends. Yestderday, Jen sent out this generic tweet.

“I hope my boo feels better soon.”

I know, pretty vague, but if it weren’t for the fact that Maxwell is sick, we wouldn’t think twice about it. On his timeline, he posted a pic of two bottles of Theraflu along with this message:

“Summercolds #waytoocold”

Busted! Of course Jen might be being sarcastic or she could just be trying to get some headlines, and then there’s always the possibility Maxwell is just be her friend-boo, but it’s always fun to speculate about odd matches like this. Jen definitely needs a come-up after Eric and I don’t recall Maxwell having a lady friend any time in recent history. Maybe these two are really making it do what it do.

What do you think about this potential pair?

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  • Darasy

    Im Jealous…lol

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  • Hold it with the gay comments. I remember when people would accuse Prince of being gay– how did that work out for them. Now Maxwell is a sensitive dude- but you have to be careful about assumptions.

  • trulysnooty

    maxwell i adore u so much that i sat thru your atlanta chastain park concert w/ j-prats protruding from both sides of my body. now thatz some luv! but let’s be mofo clear jennafuh iz not ur type & neva will be!

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  • sportstalk23

    If true good for Jen and for people hatin on her as if she wouldnt be good enough for Max well look what Kanye West has been hauling around lately. Long as Jen is happy and away from them BBW snakes alright with me.

  • Kanu


  • Odd Couple! I don’t think this could ever work… sorry, I’d b shocked if it lasted 4 months. *shrugged shoulders*

  • SO whats wrong if they are dating.

  • Nat

    Maxwell is gay. Most people who have been consistently social in New York at any stretch in the last 12 years. I hate hearing the word boo as a noun. Can that end?

    • Nat

      Meant to say anybody partying in New York knows Maxwell is gay. No offense intended. I’m a Maxwell fan. Please stop the boo as noun phenomenon in its tracks

  • Lala

    Maxwell is gay I use to see this guy everyday and would hit on my male co-workers and I’m like who the hell is this and someone pointed out oh that’s Maxwell.

  • Sher

    Gosh he’s sooooo handsome : )…..go for him Jen….upgrade!!

  • Mrs. Santi<3

    For those who keep sayin Maxwell is gay, HAVE U HEARD ALL OF MUSIC!!!!!!! HECK NO HE AINT GAY!!! I got pregnant just looking at the CD covers… That man could sing the thong rite off of me…LAWD!!!! And as for Jenn might be dating him, i hope so… They both need great love in their lives…i like Jenn too, you go girl!!!!!!

  • AAnonymous

    Ummm, he’s not interested in her type. #wrongplumbing

  • Maxwell is married! WTF

  • He’s not into her…or any other woman for that matter.

  • DoinMe

    Whatever it is, I’m super jealous! Maxwell is all of that and a bag of chips!

  • stillJUICYbaby!

    Good for her…

    Anybody would be better than that bobble head, big teeth, ugly mofo!

    Glad she woke up and realized she deserves than what she had…

    Boop! (In my nene voice)

  • bluekissess

    Good For Them!!!
    I can’t judge what I don’t know.

  • Lovely One

    Jennifer is such a pretty lady. If they are dating, let them be happy 🙂

  • mz.cherryhead

    maxwell can do better, i would hate to see jen ruin his rep w/ her ugliness (in inner ugly, that is)

  • Ann

    Run, Maxwell, RUN!!!! his has got to be one of the most fake a** women on the planet!!! Don’t be fooled.. She isn’t what she seems. By the way, tell her to change her contact color. The ones she wears are Not complimentary. You deserve so much better!!!!

  • citadelgrrl05

    i love me some MAxwell..boy I hiope not lol

  • ummm Am I supposed to know who Jennifer Williams is???? Who is she? Maxwell’s name should have went frst but i”m just being picky….but seriously who is this girl? does she model or something?


    I THOUGHT HE WAS GAY…………………..

  • gmarie

    height differences aside I think they’d make a good looking couple. hope it works out for them

  • Jazmine Rogers

    I love it

  • rosemary davis

    Brande Victorian where do you get all of these sleesy articles from no one is interested in who Jennifer Williams is dating why don’t you write articles that has some substancea something that may be of interest to Women we don’t care about who’s dating who.Most of the time you can look at that the title without ever reading the article and know that its from you.

    • bluekissess

      What I’ve learned is to not read and comment on an article I don’t like. Jenn might have fans that care about her. I.didn’t know this website was is to cater to your needs as a reader. My point is that everyone has a taste. What might be boring to you might be entertaining to 100 people.

  • Damn! Maxwell look swexy!

  • wowatthat

    So non-*(&(*&*)( factor reality stars are snatching up gems like Maxwell?? The game is rigged!!!!!

    • bluekissess

      Ikr?.and the only men I hook up with is Ben & Jerry smh. It has to be something in the water

  • sabrina

    if that is her boo, i ain’t mad at her! get it girl.

  • Anon

    I’ve always thought Maxwell was gay, especially after seeing him peform. :/ no shade. There’s nothing wrong with it but I just never believed he was into women.

  • cleojonesin

    I loooove me some Maxwell. I think it’s weird seeing him be ‘semi’ public he’s usually so private. I think Jenn is sweet, but I would hope he doesn’t go the reality tv star route, he is way out of her league imo. (but i am biased b/c i would like to have his babies!)

  • awet

    I wouldn’t be too mad, they look cute together!!

  • sammi_lu

    I call everyone boo.., my waiter, my guy friends, the bum on the corner.. I need more incriminating evidence than that. Cute pic of them tho would be an interesting hook-up to follow.

    • NaturalJem

      lol sammi_lu……but the bum on the corner though?

      • sammi_lu

        lmbo… I’m serious, hand him some change and without any thought it just rolls off my tongue “u welcome boo” or “take care boo”. I’m just sayin’ =)

  • NaturalJem

    I think they look really nice together…..much better than Chad & Ev (sorry had to say it)

  • LoveLi

    Wasn’t it less than 2 weeks ago that there was speculation of Maxwell and Rihanna? Jen and Max would make a cute couple though.