How to Be a Better Husband than Swizz, Tiki, Dwyane Wade & Eric Snow

September 7, 2010  |  

    As an avid outdoorsman, I love robust flower blooms and lush green grass.  Relative to outdoors, nothing can be more aesthetically pleasing than the sight of azaleas and roses brushed against a well-manicured lawn.  Oftentimes, when I am traveling beautiful rural roads, I observe someone’s front yard from a distance and it appears to be emerald green.  Upon a closer look, however, I soon discover that the lawn is actually quite brown.  Now, either my vision has started to rapidly deteriorate or I simply see mirages on a frequent basis.  Like me, many people see mirages on a daily basis, especially men that society has deemed as celebrities. I was heartbroken to hear the relatively recent and alleged news about former basketball point guard Eric Snow leaving his wife DeShawn, one of the former stars of the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA), for a former Michigan State classmate that he reportedly impregnated.  In the few times that I did watch the RHOA, DeShawn was always a breath of fresh air and a light in the midst of arrogance, contention and messiness.  Now, like so many women, she has become a “left behind” who has to deal with emotional and financial distress and the unexpected return to the single life. Unfortunately, Eric Snow is not the only celebrity male that has reportedly left his spouse for another woman.  Swizz Beatz, Tiki Barber, Dwayne Wade and Tiger Woods are some of the prominent names among many who have become sickened with the Greener Grass Syndrome- that is, a disorder in which one breaks his marriage covenant and jumps the fence to seek the greener grass (i.e., the lust interest who appears to be everything that you need).  As with most sicknesses and disorders, viable and concrete cures are good, but preventive measures are great.  With the Greener Grass Syndrome, there are four disciplined ways to avoid its crippling effects.  Read them and give them to your man:

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  • MzJ

    @Lyndon-your post is refreshing to read. I completely agree and wish more people had the respect for their relationships/marriage. I say "people" cause even though the men are being put on blast in this article, women have issues with going astray too. Everyone needs to have more respect for themselves and the person they CHOSE to love/be in a relationship with, then the option of going astray wouldn't be an option at all.

  • TheDAPPERdad

    The author forgot to add: If you want to keep your man, ACT LIKE IT. Make sure you do for him what you don’t want him going to others for. Cover your bases, or you’ll be left crying too.


    The gentelemen above hit the nail right on the head. When couples realize that love is secondary in an established or seasoned relationship, it will be easier to jump over the hurdles.

  • internalbeauty

    i agree with all the points stated above and i would add;

    be committed to the relationship as well.being committed to the individual and being committed to the relationship are two different animals. the latter ensures that even when the rltnship is a at a low point you stay (and don't stray) and work on it.

    realize that you are human and don't take small things for granted.we are sexual beings and while we do have self-control it is hard for most to actually control themselves. be careful with friends of the other sex, separate yourself when you think either you or another person (who is not your SO) is catching feelings. i know that most people think you can't help who you 'fall in love' with but i beg to differ. people see these feelings coming a mile away but they keep pushing to see where things go and how far they can take it instead of nipping it at the bud.

  • Lyndon

    It's time for the institution of marriage to be redesigned. We've waited far too long. Roles within the institution have changed drastically, but the expectations have not. Who cares who takes out the garbage. Money and sexual indentification are distorting the meaning of love and its getting more and more confusing for us to figure out.

    These days grandmothers are in college. Mothers have career ambition. Pre teen girls have better moves than adult strippers. Familial obstacles now demand both partners dig deep to sacrifce self gain to battle societal forces that are destroying our people day after day. I hope we all realize that an endured marriage has little to do with love and more to do with sacrifice for a greater good. It's an almost impossible task when one or the other mate has personal worldly goals.

  • Ryan CBS

    Every Snow wants more blizzard.
    Strange Beatz are made tapping some Keys.
    Didn't know a Barber who didn't like some trim.
    Tigers like to roam What's a Woods without a good swing?
    And like Pres Lincoln, D Wade was aiming for a more perfect Union.

  • dani

    i really like this article! i think the advice is very true. i also enjoyed the positive black photographs

    kudos to the author.


    The best way to be a better husbands then those cheaters, is to respect your Wife and Children, keep your pants zipped and don't CHEAT!