Round 2: Selita Ebanks Sued Over Breaking Model’s Nose In Fight

July 24, 2012  |  



Don’t we keep saying you can’t just walk around smacking/punching/slapping people without consequence? Selita Ebanks is just now learning that delayed lesson after Telemundo model Liza Irizarry, 34, filed a lawsuit against the Victoria’s Secret model for breaking her nose during a Miami fight last year.

If you remember in November, Selita reportedly flipped out on Liza for speaking to Terrence J when they were out at Dream nightclub. Liza supposedly just said “hello” to Terrence and gave him a kiss on the cheek but that kiss earned her a broken nose when Selita, who was standing behind Terrence, supposedly yelled out “Don’t be kissing on my man!” and instantly swung her fist at Liza’s face. The blow broke Liza’s nose and the following Monday she told the Daily News:

“I was in so much pain. My pillow was covered in blood.”

Now Liza wants some compensation for that pain and suffering. NY Daily News is reporting that a suit will be filed for assault and battery in Hudson County Superior Court, near Selita’s New Jersey home, seeking cash for pain, suffering, and medical bills. Liza filed a police report immediately following the incident last fall but Selita was never arrested or charged with anything, now she and her lawyer, Edward Steinberg, want to make her pay. He told the Daily News:

“We hope that with an action like this, Miss Ebanks will no longer attack or assault anyone. We think this is a very simple case of assault and battery by a woman, who maybe used her status and stature to feel like she could get away with something.”

I wonder if she can smile her way out of this. What do you think?

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  • Tacky!

  • Cha Cha

    Hollywood = High School… why are all these grown women fighting all the time?

  • Raven_Bell

    Yes, assaulting others is a crime but I’m having a hard time believing that every last one of the people commenting and saying what she should have done would practice what you preach if you were in that situation. It’s just some things that make you react out of character, and this definitely sounds like one of those instances lol. I mean come on this bish KISSED her man ON THE CHEEK right in front of her face! Very innapropriate/disrespectful and I’m sorry but she was asking for that. Just my 2 cents.

    • DeepThinker

      Actually I have. There was a woman that would act overly flitatous toward a guy I was dating at the time and ignore me even after he made an effort to introduce her. Me and BF the talked about it on our way home. The next time she was a little bolder, she extended her arms out for a hug and say hey cutie. He took two steps back and grabbed my hand and introduced her to me. Her face fell so long. I saw her alone a few times after that and she still would not speak to me, but she NEVER approached him like that again. A man can practice a way of shutting a hoochie down without making a scene. It can be done so smoothly she will check herself. If a man is not willing to do this after you RESPECTFULLY expressed how you feel about her behavior, then he is not worth dealing with.

  • realadulttalk

    Really Selita?? Because she said hello and kissed him on the cheek??? I consider that a pretty standard greeting.

  • Sindee21

    These models are just moody because they can’t eat anything. Imagine having to be on a diet every day of your life, always having to stay UNDER your ideal weight (because 110lbs. is not ideal for someone who is 5’11”) just to get paid? These women aren’t crazy. They’re just HUNGRY! XD

  • DB

    She’s a bird.

  • sabrina

    the prettiest people do the ugliest things.

  • LoveLi

    What’s with all these models and their anger management issues? Smh

    • jael

      They are hungry, not eating makes people do crazy things.

  • DeepThinker

    I can understand Seltia feeling disrepected, sometimes girls do that just to get under the girlfirend’s skin and to also see how far they can go with a guy in front of his girl. Her “so” response to Selita was very rude. If she had no ill intent, she could have said “my bad” I’m a friend nothing more. However, Selita should have kept her dignity and pulled Terrance to the side in private to COMMUNICATE how she felt unacknowledged, but being the bird Selita is she chose to focus on controling the other women instead of speaking to her man about it. Letting him know what’s up is a good way of giving him the chance to demonstrate just how much this guy cares about her especially when/if the next incident occurs. Now Terrance has probably lost respect for her and will write off any future episodes as her being crazy and insecure. This aggressive and possesiveness is a big turn-off to guys. Ladies there are more sophisticated ways to get your man to demand that other women respect your relationship.

    • Yvette

      Agreed! Women in general need to learn that if there is an issue with another woman in your relationship ALWAYS deal with your man NOT the woman. You are not in a relationship with her and she is only going off of what signals YOUR MAN is giving her.

  • Kay

    Over Terrance j? 106 and park, sideways baseball cap wearing Terrance J? Smh

    • Kells

      Lmao… She is way too fine for that.. If its true

  • Yvette

    I wonder if adults who get violent when upset realize that it is a crime!?

  • dee

    Because assaulting someone is against the law, if you hit someone you put yourself in a position to be sued and or arrested. She should have checked her emotions before thinking she could punch a chick and not get it back….only this time it’s in the pocketbook…which I am sure she has some very nice ones. Maybe next time she will use her words to express herself before getting physical.

  • Baddvixentype

    she rubs me the wronge way (she real tacky). I just cant, i dont like her. She tryna hold on to Terrence J (incase he blow up) to make sure she dont miss out like she did with Nick Cannon. I mean look at him now. He’s super paid and married to the mega star Mariah Carey (BIg Upgrade) with children now. If she puched her then she has to deal with the consequences. Her Badd.

    • sammi_lu

      Miss out like she did w/ Nick Cannon?? Umm last I heard Nick cheated on her while they were together which lead to them splitting up and breaking off their engagement, and Nick Cannon ‘super paid’ thanks to Mariah’s net worth but before .. Nick and Selita were prob raking in about the same $$, I mean chick not hurting for money like that. LOL

  • Alexa

    Who fights over a man? Especially if it’s so unnecessary like this situation seemed to be. A good old fashioned island cuss out would’ve been good enough.

    • TRUTH IS

      Stay classy beeches