Boycotting the Bird? Petition Calls for a Protest of Chick-fil-A

July 21, 2012  |

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. This time, protesters are calling for a boycott of chicken chain Chick-fil-A after the company’s president, Dan Cathy, made a very telling statement against same sex marriages. While speaking to Christian website Baptist Press earlier this week, Cathy was clear on his stance:

“We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that.”

As you may have very well guessed, his comment traveled rather quickly and almost immediately, Facebook posts and tweets were popping up at a rapid pace denouncing his comments.  Long time supporters of Chick-Fil-A, which first opened in 1946 in Atlanta, who are also supporters of gay unions have signed a petition which states, “…we can no longer stomach your intolerance and disrespect for countless LGBT citizens. Until your company’s values reflect the freedoms and dignities that all American citizens are due, we will no longer eat at Chick-fil-A!”   The Mayor of Boston even said that he would seek to block Chick-fil-A from opening there if they continued to take that stance.

By Thursday, it appeared the kitchen had gotten a little hot for the powers-that-be. Chick-fil-A reps finally released a statement via Facebook regarding Cathy’s comments by saying, “…The Chick-fil-A culture and service tradition in our restaurants is to treat every person with honor, dignity and respect – regardless of their belief, race, creed, sexual orientation or gender.  Going forward, our intent is to leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena.”

Now on the one hand, most people who’ve been to Chick-fil-A know how staunchly conservative the company is and has always been. They’re closed on Sundays for worship and family time, for goodness sakes. If that doesn’t automatically tell you what side of the fence they’re on then you’re too blinded by their chicken biscuits and lemonade to see it.  And yes, the rest of the country seems to be moving – at least at face value – towards progression but it doesn’t mean that any company must move with it if those aren’t their beliefs.

On the other hand…grow up, Dan Cathy!  First, not all views need to be expressed, particularly when you run the second largest quick service chicken chain restaurant. I mean, Sir, gay, lesbian and transgendered people have likely eaten from one of the 1,600 restaurants scattered across the country. If nothing else, show some respect for that. Second, remember that just because you do an interview with and for one group of people, it doesn’t mean someone else won’t pick it up.

Where do you stand?  If you support same sex marriages but you also patronize Chick-fil-A, can you see yourself letting it go for the bigger cause? Is it just not that serious to you?  Have you ever boycotted a company because of their views or rules?


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  • Enough Already

    My family will continue to eat there. We enjoy the food & service. Mr. Cathy, simply backed his religious beliefs. The fact that people are shocked by what he said is humorous. He was talking to the Baptist Press. Hello!!!!! Time for all to move on to bigger & better things!!

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  • Sheena

    this is way to long.

  • Lableu11

    I don’t think it’s OK for people to shove the acceptance of homosexuality down people’s throats. Chick Fil A always been very open about their religious and political views. I don’t find it surprising that they have taken an opposing stance on gay marriages. You’re talking about the company who chooses to loose billion dollars in revenue a year by remaining closed on Sundays, which was a decision based on Truett Cathy’s belief in his Christian fundamentals. You’re encouraging protests against a Private company for their religious ideas because it goes against what you support.
    So now in today’s society, it’s not OK for you to be unsupportive of gay marriages even if it contradicts the ideas of your faith. The fact that this Private company is even being boycotted for it’s religious stance is ridiculous. I don’t think it’s right for our country’s laws to be based on the Christian ideas that marriage should be kept between man and woman. So yes, The US should provide legal recognition for same-sex relationships. Change is needed but when ideas are forced upon others, it’s tyranny.

  • AZWhiteGuy

    So who eats at Chick-Fil-A, other than people who are at war with their stomachs and/or are trying to make themselves sick in public?


    It’s funny how most people will continue to go to Chick-Fil-A and rationalize spending money there because the president of the company was just speaking his mind. So if he said something about a minority group would people still eat there?According to some people he is entitled to speak his mind. Lastly the reason the LGBT community is so “sensitive” is because they are being mistreated because of their sexual orientation. Some heterosexual people feel that is their right to harass someone or physical harm someone because they are homosexual. How is that right or fair?

  • Zoe Skkye

    I support people minding their own business you will live longer :@) I could care less what other people want to do w/ thier lives as long as it doesn’t negatively effect me and my loved ones. I love Chick Fil a and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. People need to stop taking everything so personally and always wanting to have something to say about everything and everybody. I won’t take a side because i really don’t care *as I take a bite into my spicy chicken sandwich and dip my waffle fries in the tasty Polynesian sauce* :@) have a great day folks.

  • Mystique

    I am not going to stop eating at Chil-Fil-A just because a few people got their feelings hurt. This man has rights just as well as gay to voice their sexual preferences. If gay people are upset then they should get over it. Everybody don’t have to agree with your lifestyle. Just go somewhere else and eat.

  • NikkitaMichelle

    The only reason he would be interviewed by the Baptist Press would be for their stance as a Christian family owned business. They asked him a question and he answered it. The LGBT is confused in more ways than one. They want tolerance, but they have no tolerance for Christians who accept the Bible as a whole. They believe in freedom of speech and expression but that’s only if you’re a supporter of gay rights. You’ll never earn tolerance if you can’t give it yourself.

    • Yikes

      I guess you didn’t get the memo. If you are not in full support of all planks of the progressive platform, then you are full of hate. People can’t just disagree with or dislike anything anymore. If so, they are hate-filled bigots. smh

  • Briex

    I personally love his statement people have a right to voice their opinions just like the gay community has a right to flaunt their sexuality and try to shove it in everyone else’s face.

  • Guest

    We’ve reached a point in our society where we attack those we disagree with and want to run them out of business. You can’t have it both ways, declare we are a society with freedom of speech and then declare war on someone when they don’t agree with popular opinion. Everyone, not just gay people are entitled to express their views as they see fit and live their life accordingly. Mr. Cathy is a Christian and his views express that of his Christian beliefs, so is anyone really surprised he is not for gay marriage. Many of his restaurants are located in the Bible Belt of this country and like it or not that’s how most of the residents there feel. I’m sure that he could care less if the offended stopped coming to his restaurants since most of his customers believes what he believes. As a matter of fact they might prefer it since they really don’t want to be around that lifestyle anyway!!!!!

  • I think the main thing everyone is missing is that it’s not so much that he is against gay marriage it’s more so that he donates money to anti-gay groups or organizations. I mean it’s no different then alot of blacks boycotting Planned Parenthood due to the whole eugenics things…

    • Pfft

      So you think eugenis is a good thing?

      • where in my comment did I say eugenics was a good thing?

  • Ash

    I was taught that God love everyone, and everyone is a half. You get married to find your other half and become one. Once you’ve become one, you should have a child and raise them to God’s expectations. And in the unfortunate event of marital split, the child deserves both a mother and father figure in their lives at all times. Therefore, I think it’s unfair to any child to grow up without a supportive mother and father figure. (I’m talking deadbeat parents, too!)

    I feel that that there are bigger things in the world that we could/should be boycotting. (like crappy reality shows)

  • FromUR2UB

    How did this even come up in the conversation? Probably should have stuck to talking about Chik-Fil-A and their product. Everyone knows no one is free to have an opposing viewpoint on that topic, so why look for trouble?

  • A.J.

    I remember that they tried to stop a Chick-Fil-A from opening at my college for the same reason, but they opened anyway. The man never said that he hated LGBT people, or that he would refuse them service. He just said that he believes in the Biblical definition of marriage. People seem to forget that freedom of speech (as well as respect), goes both ways. Just because someone does not agree with a particular position, does not mean that they are entitled to their own beliefs and opinions.

  • kim

    I’m going to say this and not apologize for it.I’m sooo sick of this LG sensitivity.Look im a black person in America,someone always finds a reason to say something mean to me or about us everyday.GET OVER IT !This is the world we live in.Everyone is not going to have the same beliefs.Some people will agree with your lifestyle and some won’t.He really did’nt denounce anyone he just spoke about what his company supports.

    • dontdoit

      I don’t get it. Where is the emotion in boycotting an establishments? It is an economic tool. Italians have used it, Jews are notorious for using it. In fact, if blacks used it more it would set blacks up more as actively in control of economic and political things going on instead of always being the victims of it.

  • Nehemiah53

    I am just going to patronize Chick-fil-A even more now.

  • Candacey Doris

    I quit going to chick fil a some time ago. Not only do they have this view, they also wish to get rid of Planned Parenthood and outlaw abortion.

  • Ashley

    What happened to freedom of speech? The man stated his views on marriage. He didnt say anything about HATING LGBT people at all. He may disagree with their lifestyle, but he did not say that he refuse to serve the person that believes in same sex marriage. So I guess Dan Cathy is supposed to go along with the crowd? PLEASE! Let the man run his business. If you don’t like it don’t go eat some where else. Plain and simple. KFC has plenty of chicken sandwiches and lemonade (or do you have to ask the colonel what is his stance on gay marriage?)

    • Kenedy

      I agree! Am i anti-gay? No….will i continue to eat @ Chik Fil-A? Yes….those chicken sandwiches have nothing to do with anything…..unless they’re putting stuff in it…im still eating

    • John E.

      That’s what a boycott is: people don’t like it, so THEY ARE GOING TO EAT SOMEWHERE ELSE. Although, I agree with you that a person should have the right to voice their opinions, even in regards to religion and subsequently, marriage, When he made the statement, he was stating that the company has this stance. As in, everyone for the company, which is not possible, nor ethical. He is not simply stating his own opinion, but saying that every employee does (or should/must) support HIS opinion to work for the company.

      • NiceNasty

        That is not true, because here in LA there are tons of openly gays that work for him. And I’m pretty sure that they don’t believe in his statement

        • dontdoit

          If you look at the statement above he states “We are supportive of the family …” “We are a family owned business”. He made no distinctions between himself and his business.

    • LiiSH

      Right. I might not agree with Dan Cathy but he has a right to express his views.

    • dontdoit

      Freedom of speech means he cannot be sensored from saying what he wants to. It does NOT mean that he is free from the consequences of those statements.

  • Guess

    It’s hypocritical for the LGBT community to want to attack people who don’t agree with their views on Gay marriage and their lifestyle. They pleaded for acceptance and the chance to live their lives as they saw fit. They don’t want to extend that courtesy to anyone else. If you speak out against their lifestyle the first thing they want to do is destroy your life by running you out of business and challenging your right to express yourself. Mr. Cathy is a well known Christian who practices his faith daily. He doesn’t allow his restaurants to open on Sunday because of his beliefs, so it isn’t unreasonable to expect that he doesn’t support Gay marriage, because God doesn’t support Gay marriage. God speaks against the lifestyle in the Bible which Mr. Cathy follows. If people have an issue with this, they don’t have to eat at his restaurant. I’m sure it doesn’t matter one bit to him. He operates most of his restaurants in the Bible belt and whether a person likes it or not, most of the people there agree with him. As a matter of fact they would prefer if you didn’t eat there because most of them don’t want to be bothered with that lifestyle anyway. I will continue to support Mr. Cathy’s right to his views as I support the right of Gay people to live their lives!!!!

    • dontdoit

      The thing I don’t understand is that is EXACTLY what a boycott is, the decision not to support a business for WHATEVER reason. Just like he has a right to his opinion. In this case the voicing of his opinion had a business cost. I am sure there are several companies whose CEO is not particularly fond of black folks or think that all blacks are thugs, but unless the person opens his or her mouth you won’t know and continue to support that business.

    • Illuminator

      While contributing to organizations that align with your beliefs is indeed the right of any person or corporation, it is also the right of citizens to research the work of the organizations you contribute to and make their shopping choices accordingly.

      Let’s take a look at how you are supporting anit-gay bigotry around the globe when you buy some waffle fries (or anything else at Chick-fil-A):

      Marriage & Family Legacy Fund: Founded by Exodus North America’s Alan Chambers who has admitted to anti-gay housing discrimination: “As a property owner of Orlando, I wouldn’t rent to someone who is gay…” He has also implied a connection between gay people and pedophiles with no evidence whatsoever: “I believe the gay community is a good group of people but with groups like NAMBLA [a pedophile group] riding on their coattails.”

      Exodus International: Exodus International Board Member John Schmierer began his trips to Uganda in 2009, preaching alongside Nazi revisionist Scott Lively, spreading hatred of gay people to the people and leaders of the country. This directly led to their legislation requiring the execution of some gay people.

      In Schmierer’s future trips to Uganda, he would whip up anti-gay furor with lies linking homosexuality to child abuse, calling for mandatory “conversion therapy” for homosexuals and any other number of falsehoods he could come up with.

      Fellowship of Christian Athletes: The FCA is decidedly anti-gay and discriminates against gay people from participating. Their website even goes on about “saving” people from being gay. Danny Burns, the National College Conference of the FCA spoke of people being “freed from homosexuality” at the 2011 annual conference.

      Focus on the Family: Founded by James Dobson, FotF has been at the front of most anti-gay movements the US has seen since it’s founding. They have supported and funded “Ex-Gay” organizations for years and one of their co-founders (George Alan Rekers) was actually found bringing a gay sex worker on vacation with him. These same organizations have been one of the primary causes of suicide among young gay people forced to go through this “therapy.” Dobson believes gay people will destroy the earth:

      “Homosexuals are not monogamous. They want to destroy the institution of marriage. It will destroy marriage. It will destroy the Earth.”

      Dobson additionally equates homosexuality and sex with animals quite clearly in the video here.

      Family Research Council: Not sure where to start. Let’s start with a Tony Perkins quote:

      “While activists like to claim that pedophilia is a completely distinct orientation from homosexuality, evidence shows a disproportionate overlap between the two. … It is a homosexual problem.”
      — Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, FRC website, 2010

      There are literally dozens of other moments where FRC and Focus on the Family link homosexuality and pedophilia with zero reputable evidence.

    • Illuminator

      All of those groups received donations from chick fil a.

      • MLS2698

        If that’s so, it shows that every gift isn’t a good one. I never take anything from a person who will turn around and use the ” gift giving” as a crutch to beat me over the head with.

  • SunnyChild

    Lol I find it funny how everyone knows what God said but wasn’t there when he said it. The only source you have is a man made book, and I don’t care how honest a person is, it’s extremely hard to rely a message without any bias. It’s rather comical how people that sin on a daily basis condemn others, but I guess it’s easier to fixate on others flaws than to correct our own.

    • bits

      amen! get to the source of the problem. i’m gonna keep it all the way real. Not only is it a man made book thats thousands of years old but it is known to have missing chapters. why would anyone continue to believe fully in a book with missing information. its crazy.

  • Trisha_B

    I’m so tired of these petitions! If you don’t like something then don’t partake in it!! Simple as that. He has a right to believe in what he wants. Me & my friends have different views in a lot of things, but does that mean we can’t be best friends, almost sisters? NO! It means we are individuals that have our own opinions. Everybody doesn’t have to believe in the samethings

  • FabienneDesrameaux

    Everyone hs the right to an opinion as long s he isnt refusing food to homos whats the problem smh

  • Ok people starting to cross the line… its one thing for the LGBT community to be denied rights but you can not make Christian, Muslim and any other religion change what they believe….. that’s doing the same thing you claim they was doing to you forcing your lifestyle on people who do not agree. I believe in pre martial sex but I’m not gonna force any body to agree with me that’s the line I think the LGBT community cross to often…… I think they should get married but you can’t make Christian or any other religion agree with it and they should not be forced to allow it in their church this is why Church and State should be separate because people often forget that Christianity is a Belief not the LAW. The Government should be under attack for not allowing Same Sex Union not Religion that way you can choose to ignore if you don’t like the belief system.

  • Prissy

    I do NOT patron at Denny’s . They were notoriously RACIST to Blacks and it saddens me that Blacks still eat there. I choose NOT to but if you want to eat at a place that hates you, that is your choice. Everyone has different beliefs and we all shouldn’t feel the need to demonize those who think otherwise.

    • Tagirl

      I just don’t patronize Denny’s because I don’t like their food. But you’re right, they were hit with several discrimination lawsuits in the 90’s and beyond.

  • Miss Anonymous

    I mean I would expect that from a place that has christian views and closes on Sundays so that their workers can go to church. Whats next can I boycott a place that serves authentic Indian food for not serving cow or a islamic restaurant that doesnt serve pork products?

  • Miss Anonymous

    I mean I would expect that from a place that has christian views and closes on Sundays so that their workers can go to church. Whats next can I boycott a place that serves authentic Indian food for not serving cow or a islamic restaurant that doesnt serve pork products?

  • Papillon

    “We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. ”

    Kinda indicates how they feel about gender equality issues as well.

  • wveronica7

    “Grow up, Dan Cathy” looks like the someone else needs to grow up! If you don’t like his stance then don’t eat there. Simple. How can you criticize a conservative company’s conservative beliefs. Everyone doesn’t have to jump on the same-sex marriage wagon. That is what makes America interesting, diversity. I am starting to get tired of everyone trying to force their beliefs on everyone else and persecuting those who do not agree with their agenda. Im all for equal rights but damn! Everyone isn’t secular.

    • DrennaB

      But…the paragraph before says, “On one hand” and states why he shouldn’t be made to change his opinions or beliefs and the words before what you quoted say, “On the other hand,” which shows that all I’m really doing is showing both sides. My personal opinion wasn’t even stated, lol.

      • wveronica7

        True it does say “On one hand” but your choice of words “Grow up, Dan Cathy” makes it personal. It insinuates that someone is immature for voicing their opinion against same-sex marriage. It may not have been your intention but that is how it comes across. Although you show two perspectives, one that states the obvious as to why they are against and another that admonishes his actions, neither is objective.

  • FattyFatKimye

    We don’t care about his views, just keep serving us those chicken sandwiches! If he want to keep his business alive and keep our money rolling in his joint, then keep his views to himself. I’m against gay marriage too, but if I’m gonna run a fast food chain, I’ll take my views to the grave!

  • KJ23

    I once boycotted Rally’s/Checker’s for nine years for their stupid slogan “You Gotta Eat!” Of course I know I have to eat, that’s a primal urge, why are you stating the obvious to me? The crazy things people choose their battles over, huh? Oh well.

    • ????

      You read way too much into that slogan. Over thinkers ??? ‘what do you mean I gotta eat?’ LOL!

  • ray

    He should be able to say whatever he wants. He didn’t disrespect anyone. Everyone is not going to agree with gay simply because the media tries to overly support it. Stop being so emotional.

    • dontdoit

      I agree. I also believe black people should stop being so sensitive about race, and stop playing the race card.

  • Lola

    I will continue to support and eat at Chick-Fil-A. They have always stood up for biblical priniciples, and I hope they continue to do so despite the attempted strong arming and bad press. God’s way isn’t always popular, but it’s right. Don’t bow to the pressure Dan.

    • Tagirl


    • Tagirl


    • Smacks_hoes

      Speak on it!!

    • Ash

      That yummy chicken sandwich on Friday’s!

    • MLS2698

      Exactly! They even close their doors on Sunday, which means, not even money is important enough to shake their faith. I don’t eat there, but maybe I’ll swing pass now.

  • Angel

    Seriously?…who cares?! why do ppl think that they have to see eye to eye with company owners in order to buy their products/use thier services? like really come on! if the owner of popeyes made a comment about black ppl that i didnt like i am not going to stop eating that chicken…idc what anybody says

    • FattyFatKimye

      Finally, someone I agree with, thank you!

      • Angel

        if i decided to start boycotting places/products because i didnt like the owner im sure i would never able to buy anything ever again…and thats a fact

        • Miss Anonymous

          Yes considering that ALOT of places started their businesses back before the 1960’s when racism and jim crow laws where in effect (especially the south) we shouldnt be eating anywhere period unless it is from home or another black person.

        • A.J.

          If everyone stopped going to a store/restaurant because the owners of the company said or did something that they didn’t believe in, a lot of places would be out of business.

          • dontdoit

            EXACTLY the point! Hit them where it hurts and the only place they care about MONEY!!

    • Papillon

      I wish this guy had said something about Black people or even women, just to see how many comments would still say people should respect his beliefs. I doubt there would be many. Sometimes we can be so hypocritical.

    • Papillon

      I wish this guy had said something about Black people or even women, just to see how many comments would still say people should respect his beliefs. I doubt there would be many. Sometimes we can be so hypocritical.

      • Miss Anonymous

        I would say respect his beliefs. I would like to know that a person doesnt like me cause Im black and a woman, I rather know a person’s true colors instead of them hiding it to just get my little dollars. Now I wouldnt let any of my money go into his business after hearing her beliefs.

      • Miss Anonymous

        I would say respect his beliefs. I would like to know that a person doesnt like me cause Im black and a woman, I rather know a person’s true colors instead of them hiding it to just get my little dollars. Now I wouldnt let any of my money go into his business after hearing her beliefs.

    • chuck

      the owners of all company dont hav to say anything, black folks dont own anything(99%)most owners of companys hate most people and there beliefs just dont speak it to keep getting that money

  • La-Di-Da

    The word tolerance has completely changed in definition. It used to mean people respect others’ right to hold whatever opinion they desire, regardless of if they agree or not. Somehow that changed to people respecting others’ opinions only in the event that they are all inclusive. The minute somebody’s views exclude anybody, those same tolerant police become (dare I say) intolerant of them! I will still patronize this company.

  • Tagirl

    It’s a problem that people can’t respect other people’s beliefs. If he believes the way God believes about same sex marriage then why does he have to grow up? There are plenty of people who believe that way. Just because society is changing doesn’t mean you have to change with it. Do you just like this guy is doing him.

    • DLB

      You are right & just because society is changing doesn’t mean it is changing for the better. If LGBT don’t like it than don’t eat at the restaurant. Would the LGBT want a boycott of the places where they work, support, people, etc.?

    • Spaghetti4eva

      No, you’re right, it is better to not change or become a more accepting a progressive society. That’s why we still have people who think one color of skin makes them more important than another. And that women shouldn’t hold the same rights as men. If the guy came out and said “We are a company that feels women should be at home making their man dinner if she knows what’s good for her” would you still feel that way? That just because society has changed he shouldn’t change with it? God believes that women are inferior to men… so I guess we should trust whichever God you think is real because his/her/it’s judgement seems to really be sound.