The Game Apologizes For Cancelled Wedding and Admits He Basically Effed Up

July 20, 2012  |  



It was quite odd to find out that The Game’s wedding to Tiffney Cambridge was called off just 10 days before the ceremony and just two after we’d learned they were working on a reality show based around it. When most heard the news they assumed Tiffney finally got a clue and The Game basically admitted that’s exactly what happened on Twitter. Yesterday he sent out these tweets confirming the rumors:

So yes, The Game now joins the extraordinarily large league of men who didn’t realize what they had until it’s gone. With the nuptials being called off so close to the big day part of me wonders whether the reality show they were working on has anything to do with the cancellation. We all know how these shows are a curse to real-life relationships. Even though most couples usually don’t break up until after the shows air, it’s possible something could have come out during the taping. Or like you all said, maybe Tiffney was just like, um, this ain’t gone work.

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  • bluekissess

    Rather Now than later

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  • Really you want to sit and talk about this womans looks? However she looked he was with her and she like any woman short ,tall ,fat ,skinny,whatever deserves respect and loyalty from the man she’s with. SMDH

  • Taunya73

    I don’t ride with that whole thing of “he didn’t realize what he had until it was gone” bull. He knew what he had but didn’t think that she would go any where. Stop taking people for grated and just assuming that they are always going to be around, no matter how s**ty you are to them.

  • CA Pullen

    I hope that she is smart enough to know and see by his actions that he is not ready to get married. I don’t know why these women keep having children by these guys who don’t want to get married. Having children is not going to change the guy’s mind as well as trying to change a man. I don’t care if he tells you he wants you to have his baby. I don’t know what is going to take for some women to understand that. Most men know when they are ready to get married and it does not take them that long to figure it out. You cannot change a person, it is up to them individually if they want to change. I don’t know why but I guess once again with some of these women want the lifestyle, money, designer name clothes, bags and shoes, have a full time job of shopping and spending money like is no tomorrow, and willing to put up with guys who play games, cheat, produce other children by multiple women, acting immature, popping bottles at clubs, making it rain at the club, and so on. From what I seen of the game on television, he seems to me that he is still immature. Another thing, here is another couple want to put their personal lives on television just to get money and for Tiffany to get disrespected, if they did get married, the marriage would not last long, sadly.

    • kymber23

      You pretty much summed it up.

  • realadulttalk

    Marrying someone you don’t really wanna be married to is effed up-to stop it before it happens, not so much. Feelings might be hurt, but it’s better than ruining a life. Now the not so nice–how the heck old is this woman?? She looks really old–and our people tend to look younger than we are…so how old is she??? I know it doesn’t matter but my nosy behind wants to know! Lol

    • I was wondering the same thing. She looks wayyyy older than him!!

  • Alissa

    He’s been with her for 7/8 years and they have two kids. He needs to get it together. That Hood Love stuff is tired.

    • realadulttalk

      I disagree–SHE needs to get it together. Having baby after baby by the same ol’ chump is her fault-not his.

      • Alissa

        True. They’re both equally at fault. Wasn’t my intention to put it all on him, I figured her culpability was obvious. SMH


    Why is he apologizing to the public?? Was he going to marry the public. Famewhores. She looks haggarded…smh

    • nia

      Haggard is a little harsh. She just looks a lot older than him.

      • thank you, I thought she was his mom..

      • TRUTH IS

        The Game is looking rough on a normal day yet she makes him look soft.

  • Better to cancel the wedding now then get a divorce a couple of months later. But i’m sure he knew in his heart he wasn’t ready long before this. If your’e not ready to get married don’t ask a woman to marry you. She’s good enough to have your children but not good enough for you to marry that’s some backwards a$$ thinking Game grow up when she moves on and finds someone who does want to marry her your’e going to remember you let her get away.