Your Man’s Cheating Produced a Child – Can You Work It Out?

July 15, 2012 ‐ By Brooke Dean

If you’ve been following Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, you know that one of the main storylines involves infideltiy. While finding out that your significant other has cheated on you is bad enough, discovering that a pregnancy has resulted from that affair can be even more devastating. If the relationship is fairly new, you may decide that the ONLY way to handle such a blow is to simply bounce. After all, if he’s running around town cheating, and NOT using protection, you’d be better off leaving him…and saving yourself and your health in the process. But what if he’s your husband? What if you have children of your own together? Do you still leave, or do you work it out?
There is no right or wrong answer; only you know what you can and cannot handle. However, if you choose to stay in a relationship where a child is the product of an affair (confirmed by a paternity test of course), there are a few things you need to consider in order to reconcile the relationship and move past the pain.

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  • Doreen

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  • alison

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  • Crazyjamgurl

    I say no way. I would never trust him again and if trust is absent in our marriage then there isn’t any marriage and I would have to bounce….. DEUCES.

  • Gfocker

    Wow ms bubbles. What I want to know is why does your husband go and visit the child. The child should be dropped off with you and him. Is it because you two have decided to keep this hush hush? I think if you truly want to move on from this then you and your husband will have to bring this child into the family. You need to be part of this. Write back and let us know how you are doing since your post.

  • Ms beautiful

    I don’t know where to begin I’m in a situation where my man of 7 years cheated on me had a baby on me at twice with the same girl but the first time she got an abortion the second time she lost the baby I never seen this girl pregnant but the both clam it to be true they left the affair behind and we are trying to keep our family together we have a three year old boy together my son is not the only reason I stayed but now here it is a year later and I still just can’t get that old thing back so for you ladies that wants to try and make it work save yourself the heartache don’t do it because it WILL happen again the trust is gone and you can never get it back it does something to you as a woman keep your dignity ladies I’m beautiful inside and out but that never matters now I just have to figure out how to repair my heart for me and my son

  • Kristina Tramel

    Wow, let me think about that..NO!!

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  • sammi_lu

    Maybe when I was a bit younger and a lot more naive..but now..HEEEEELLLL NAW!! That child would be a constant reminder of that betrayal..and I know I wouldn’t be able to fully forgive so no point in trying to fix something that is broken beyond “like new” repair.

  • Zettai

    Can I read an article that WASN’T inspired by an episode of Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, or whatever stereotype-perpetuating reality show is on VH1 these days? Kthanx

  • NaomiH

    No wouldn’t stay its bad enough he cheated but he made a baby too. I couldn’t stay even though children are innocent that’s a lot to swallow. I could never trust him again so there would be no point in staying.

  • xyzebra

    I would not break up my marriage over some side piece and her kid. Especially if I have children with this man. Why should my children go without a father, they are the legitimate ones. I would forever use his “mistake” as leverage to get what I want out of him.

    • bits

      and i’m sure you would not treat the other child fairly. this is a childish and spiteful reaction to a very serious situation. I’m sure you throwing his “mistake” in his face every chance you get will keep super faithful.

    • FAMURattler

      You speak as though it is the solely the side piece’s fault. YOUR man is the one who stepped out with total disregard for you AND your kids to be with the side piece and produce THEIR kid. It takes two to tango; so it is just as much your man’s fault as it is the side piece’s for cheating and procreating…that is, if she even knew about you in the first place. ALSO, staying with a man for the children is not such a good idea. Kids know when something isn’t right. Think of the example you are setting for your kids when you stay with a man who obviously didn’t care enough about you and your kids together to resist temptation. Give them the credit they deserve for their mental capacities. In addition, if you leave your man, your kids don’t necessarily have to be without a father. He can still be a part of their lives without you two being together.

  • Guest 22

    In my early-mid 20s my guy of 6 years got someone else pregnant. Something inside told me to check his voice mail, something I had never done ever. Some girl had left a message so I called her back pretending to be his cousin;inviting her to our family Xmas party. I found out they’d been together for a year, she was 3mos pregnant & that his dad knew about her. He walked in while I was still talking to her. I walked up to him smiling & calmly told him she was on the phone. He tried to play dumb, so I repeated myself and just snapped. I even cussed his dad out. His mom had to hold me back from whopping both of them. It especially hurt me b/c we had just gotten engaged and I had a miscarriage a year prior. I did think about trying to work things out but it became mentally, physically & emotionally exhausting. After side piece #1 had the baby I discovered there had been two other side pieces and the first one was pregnant again w/twins. They hate the mess out of each other. She still does late nite drive byes w/kids, who are now 9 &7, in tow.

    • bits

      the dude and the dad both deserved to get cussed out and asses beat! I hope you are doing well.

    • sammi_lu

      Daaaang!!! I was ready to grab my popcorn and blankie..DRAAAMA!! The worse is when you discover the family members know and are accepting of the made my blood boil when I found out that my ex’s mother not only knew about the other girl but was low down enough to lie and cover for him when he was m.i.a. So relieved u subtracted yourself from that equation.

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  • Pivyque

    I think it depends on the woman. Personally….at this point in my life…no. I just wouldn’t have the heart to forgive him and stay with him…. BUT if we were 40+ years into the marriage and he had a one night stand that resulted in a kid …I’d consider staying. At that point it would be more about the life that we built together than my own feelings towards him.

  • ladytwerksomething

    I was a side piece and I got pregnant.My child suffers everyday because her father wants nothing to do with her.I met him at a party we had sex and I got pregnant.I knew he already had a pregnant girlfriend but now our kids are 3months apart.It kills me that I go on his fb page and see all these pics of him and his first daughter living it up doing all the things farthers are supposed to do with they kids but all my child gets is $85 a week in child support which doesn’t help me because I have another 2year old that I have no help with.The other woman always gets a bad rap but you main chicks need to step it up at home so that ya man won’t go looking for happiness elsewhere.Kids are innocent they shouldn’t have to go without there father because he was a liar and he’s tryin to hold on to his other family/wife

    • guest2222

      girl please you put yourself out there . and sounds like not once but twice. kill the noise !

    • LemonsandLimes

      As a grown adult having unprotected relations with a man who already had a woman (which you apparently knew about and didn’t care about), YOU are also to blame for this. You could’ve used protection as we women have WAY more birth control options, and you already have a child that you get no help for?! Puhlease, no sympathy here for YOU. For that poor child, yes. And Yes, deservably so the other woman DOES get a bad rap, you blaming the “main chicks” right there shows what kind of sense you have. Place some blame on the GIRL looking back at you in the mirror. Sure dude shouldn’t have been out creeping, and yes there is a lot of disgust for him too. Next time pick a man who is 100% free and available to procreate with so you dont set yourself up to be a single parent.

      • ladytwerksomething

        Idc any wife or girlfriend that sticks by a man who cheated on her and had a baby with the next chick is dumb.Let him raise his child and build a family with his child’s mother regardless if the mom is a side piece or not.

        • LemonsandLimes

          His wife is also his child’s mother–and he happens to live with and be with her. This is the dynamic that you asked for when you decided to go through with having unprotected relations with a random dude. Yes, I agree that there should be a relationship between father and child, but there are many reasons why that doesn’t happen, some I agree with and some I don’t. And I’m sorry, he has ZERO obligation to have anything to do with you other than the business side of coparenting. If you are looking for anytype of family feel, you most likely won’t get it. It’s the price you pay when you decide to go out and sleep around with a man you are not committed to, even if he was single. Is it unfortunate? It is. The children are the ones who suffer the most.

      • ladytwerksomething

        Idc any wife or girlfriend that sticks by a man who cheated on her and had a baby with the next chick is dumb.Let him raise his child and build a family with his child’s mother regardless if the mom is a side piece or not.

    • Pivyque

      I’m sorry to hear that you get no help with your first child. However, you should know that sometimes the “main” is doing her part and the “man” just wants to go out and have his fun. KNOWINGLY being a “side piece” should not be an option for you. Kids should not have to suffer, but the reality is that, in these situations, THEY DO. YOU are to blame as well, because YOU chose to lay down with him and produce a child. Maybe you should make better decisions and you won’t end up with more kids and no one to help you with them.

    • Miss D

      I’m confused. You’re a side piece and are being treated as such. What made you think a man who cheated on his girlfriend would treat you like a queen? Additionally, you have another child with someone who doesn’t even pay child support. I think this tells more about your choice in men, rather than what girlfriends/wives don’t do at home. It’s difficult for me to feel sorry for someone who knowingly had unprotected sex when they weren’t able to afford a child. Unless you start carrying yourself with some dignity, you will find yourself in this position again. The only person to blame is you. May God have mercy on your children.

      • ladytwerksomething

        My choice in men has nothing to do with the fact that these men know they have women and they still sleep with me My daughters are 3 and 2 they should have there fathers around.And my point is that they shouldn’t have to suffer because there dads want to try and keep there other families happy by ignoring my kids.If there women was keeping them happy in the first place they wouldn’t cheat

        • reese

          Most men cheat because of other reasons than satisfaction. He must not have been satisfied with you because he ran back home. And they probably laugh at you constantly. I would. Thats why they are face book friends so they can show you that one monkey h o e don’t stop no show. Cheating is usually about sheer selfishness and ego. You were just a place for him to relieve himself, thus the second ninja that bounced. You didn’t learn the first time.

          • MLS2698

            OH LAWD, my blood pressure. What year is this, 2012? Women can’t still be doing this…………..3yr old, 2yr old. Back to back idiot!

        • LemonsandLimes

          EVEN if the father was in their lives, at best it would be part-time every other weekend, the standard visitation schedule. Kids still don’t win. Now if you had waited until you had a full-time man, a man who was 100% dedicated to you and to raising a child with you, your child(ren) would have a full-time dad and they wouldn’t have to suffer. And TRUST ME, cheating is not the fault of the wife. She didn’t make him go out and stick his stuff into someone willing to have it. Cheating has virtually nothing to do with their women not keeping the man happy. Cheating is a reflection of self-hatred, depression, and low self-esteem. So at best, you got knocked up by a man who hated himself and needed an ego boost because he didn’t see himself as adequate. NEXT TIME, get knocked up by your OWN HUSBAND who actually WANTS kids with you, and you will have someone there for your kids as it should be.

        • Kay

          Your choice of men? So you. Sleeping with married men is a recurrent thing?

        • LaLaLaMeansILoveYou

          You sound very young and misguided (well, I HOPE that you aren’t older and that clueless)…I feel so sorry for your daughters with an example/mother like you. Will you be teaching them that it’s ok to sleep with another woman’s man, have unprotected sex, and put themselves at risk for an STD/unwanted child if she isn’t “keeping him happy”? I’ll be shocked if you’re not a grandmother by 30.

        • guest

          I’ve read all your comments and you continuously prove yourself to be one pathetic individual. I wanna feel bad for you but you don’t deserve anyone’s sympathy. I feel sorry for your kids who has a mother like you who refuses to take responsibility for her actions and mistakes. You will probably teach your lack of morals to your children and they might be in the same situation as you are when they reach adulthood. I hope they manage to surround themselves with more positive women role models cause they won’t be getting it from mom. Your logic is twisted, maybe you didn’t come from a good home environment yourself so you think a “sidepiece” is an ok thing to do.Please speak to a counselor so you can resolve whatever emotional issues you have, so you don’t make the same mistake again with other men and put your current children in an even worse position by giving them more illegitimate siblings that there mom can’t afford.

        • MLS2698

          There you go with that damn ” happy” word again. Happy is as happy does! and right now, YOU AIN’T HAPPY!

        • Eliza Beth

          What part of it is YOUR fault do you not get? Don’t ruin someone’s life and then expect to get sympathy. The man cheated on his wife, and you helped him do it. YOU punished your children, and so did he. If you wanted your kids to have a responsible father don’t sleep with irresponsible men.

          • Summer

            Stop judging people! Show me someone who is perfect! The fact is it took two to produce a child and regardless, the male who helped, if he is a man, should be a father to this child and help pay. If the girl chose to stay, then she should be prepared for the rest, if he so loves her, than she has nothing to be worried about as that means she is secure within herself.

      • ladytwerksomething

        My choice in men has nothing to do with the fact that these men know they have women and they still sleep with me My daughters are 3 and 2 they should have there fathers around.And my point is that they shouldn’t have to suffer because there dads want to try and keep there other families happy by ignoring my kids.If there women was keeping them happy in the first place they wouldn’t cheat

    • Ki

      Im sorry your kid has to suffer because of you and your baby’s father dumb decision. But you my dear get no sympathy. You knew he had someone and was being dishonest with him and you expected your cat to lock him up and become a husband and great father to your kid ? You are insane and pathetic . You should take that 85 dollars and buy you some esteem and a good slap in the face. And so should the father. I hope everyday you see your child’s suffering face that you will never ever do something so selfish ever again.

    • Treacle234

      You knew he had a pregnant girlfriend, yet you still had sex with unprotected him? Oh dear, you could have taken the morning after pill to prevent this pregnancy. I feel sorry for your children, please focus on your children and raise them without bitterness.

    • MLS2698

      If the ninja was looking for “happiness” as you say, then why are you ALONE with HIS child, doesn’t he want to be happy with you? Those childish BOYS are looking for puthy from a simple minded side piece. You clearly are not happy based on your own post. Did you get the first baby that way? Please! $85 and a struggle is what you deserve until you get smart. * cuss under my breath*

  • Ms_Noel

    Nope, been in this situation before. It one thing to cheat but to get someone else pregnant is a deal breaker for me. The same way you found that man you will find another. Do not settle and move on because if the show was on the other foot the man would most likely be out of the door.

  • FromUR2UB

    I feel pretty sure I couldn’t do it, even if I tried. For me, the child would just be a constant reminder of the cheating. I wouldn’t want the child to sense my resentment, but I think eventually, he/she would. I’d have to get out of the relationship because I couldn’t deal with all of that gracefully.

  • rosemary davis

    Why would anyone sane want too stay with a man Husband or not who has brought another Woman and child into the relationship or Marriage?? My answer would be hell no too the 10th power this woman and child would be wooven into your life for the rest of your life taking the things that should be given to you and give them to this stank and her bastard baby and going ahead and marrying someone after finding this information out is ludicris!!!!!

  • Think


  • Think

    Its always very easy to say I would leave but you never know what yoyr gonna do until your in the situation…some of you women have men that you know are cheating and your still with them…so lets be honest people.

    • MLS2698

      Not me. I divorced with no hesitation after finding out about his infidelity. Life/health above all else.

  • amansview

    Followed to its logical conclusion, cheating is a form of self-hatred, which means the person cheated on will never receive the love that should be expected in a relationship, because if a person hates him/herself, they cannot give authentic love. Cheaters are losers!

  • Kay

    Hell No that can’t be worked out he would be out on his a s s within seconds of me finding out

  • Thank You!

    Noo no no no hell no!..why is this even a question….ugg..

  • Anon Ymous

    As the child of a former side piece I can say a resounding NO!!! It hurts on every single angle. No one wins. To this day I am still dealing with the repercussions of my parents’ actions and am in therapy. I would wish it on no one.

    • Barbara Codner

      You’re not alone. The only thing you can do is be better to your own children and try to be the parent that you never had.

    • MLS2698

      This is what we need to hear more of: the view from “side piece” children. I have always said, that if a woman chooses to stay with her husband/man after he creates a baby outside of the relationship, they should allow that child to sit at the dinner table, etc, and be a part of the family 100%. If you accept the man, accept the child. Personally, the relationship would be over, because my health and well being is more important.

  • Maldrie

    I don’t see how women can be with a man that has done them that way, you are basically saying you do not have any respect for yourself by allowing a man to treat you second rate and you are basically saying you will put up with anything because of love and men will take advantage of that to the max.

  • Maldrie

    NO! Not only did he break the bond we established but he created a bond with the other woman that will be forever, I don’t care what any says having a child with someone bonds them for life even if it was for one night. Why would I want someone that cheated on me, got the other woman pregnant and after all that things will never be the same. So hell no I wouldn’t even try to work things out although I’ll forgive him because you’re supposed to forgive but I couldn’t be with him knowing he betrayed me and may do it again.

  • lalatarea

    No, heck no! life is too short to bring unto yourself unnecessary heartache, stress, & STDs


    i wouldn’t stay whether or not i had kids with him…..if we had a child or children together then i would make sure the siblings get to know their step-sibling if not for anything to avoid them meeting, dating and getting married in the future only to find out they are blood related

  • Coco Black

    I was with a guy years back and discovered he had got his side-piece pregnant. She contacted me on FB and it explains all my silent calls I was getting. I confronted him..he lied and lied…the girl was crazy, had mental health issues etc etc. I told him we were finished…that he was disgusting and disrespectful. Didn’t even respect me enough to wrap it up!! I’d already decided that he wasn’t for me do the ‘new’ situation was the icing on the cake!! I dumped his ar***….even had to get the police involved as he kept turning up at my house and calling me. He had the nerve to turn into a stalker?!?!?! Lol. These type of situations for me CAN NEVER BE RESOLVED!! I hear he’s not even with her and gives him hell. Ain’t karma a bit**!!! I’ve never looked back or spoke to him dumb ar** since. I

  • Hey

    If he could cheat enough to have a child, think of what else he might get next – STDs. Nope, it’s a wrap for the relationship!

  • LemonsandLimes

    You would be surprised how common this actually is. While I agree with 95% of the article, sometimes no contact is healthiest for all involved. These sidepices will use that innocent child for money, revenge and for their own selfishness. There are many couples out there who pay the support and have no other involvement because of many reasons. this situation is not black or white, its very gray and if you are dealing with a crazy baby mama, you have to make some tough choices.

    • LemonsandLimes

      And yes i know that child suffers, and yes its heartbreaking, but when there are other children and the rest of the family involved, that changes everything.

  • FairMaiden

    I got pregnant at 19 by my boyfriend of 2yrs. I was excited about the baby but when i told him i was pregnant he flipped out on me & demanded that i get an abortion. he told me that he didnt want ANOTHER kid and his girlfriend would leave if she found out. ANOTHER KID?? GIRLFRIEND?? I had no idea this man that i had been with for 2yrs was in a relationship with someone else and already had a baby with her. Well she found out about me & the baby, she left him, and suddenly he wanted to be everything to me. I told him he was more than welcome to be in our child’s life but i didnt want to be with him. I understood that i was & had been somebody he could have sex with &nothing more. Everyone is hurt in situations like this not jst 1person so ask yourself..IS IT WORTH IT?

    • MLS2698

      You get somewhat of a pass because you were really young. But some of these women think being a side piece, or extra benefit to a man is somehow a good thing. They don’t care about asking questions, meeting his family, or seeing where he lives. All they do is satisfy that warm, fussy ( spelled wrong on purpose) feeling.

  • FattyFatKimye

    No, as long as he takes care of his baby, we’re not gonna be together after that. Next thing he’ll be giving you is an incurable STD.

  • mindypatterson

    no.i mean it’s one thing to cheat and make things right again because people do it all the time,BUT it’s an entirely different story,when a child that belongs to your mate and the thing on the side,is born.that’s when you pack your bags and steep.

  • FAMURattler85

    Nawwwww, I couldn’t stay with a man who did this. It can’t get anymore disrespectful than having a child with someone else. If he went out sexing someone else without protection and got her pregnant, he could be out there doing the same with others. I’m not going to stay in the relationship and risk my health and dignity. Goodbye

  • GoodCookie

    That’s the ultimate no-no. Highly disrespectful on so many levels. Why would u continue on with somebody that didn’t love u enough to do right in the first place.

  • Miss D

    I’ve never been in that situation (and hope that I never am) but I don’t think I could stay with the guy. I know it’s easier said than done and I applaud those who work things out in this situation. For me, cheating and having a child outside of the relationship is the ultimate form of disrespect. It’d be easier for me to leave if I were childless as well. Let them have each other and start their own family.

    • Amija James

      I agree. My friend was getting married in August and found out her fiance got someone pregnant in June. She still married him and 3 years later they’re getting a divorce because he was cheating on her. Personally, I feel that if he doesn’t care about getting HIV, I can’t stay with him. I’d hate to test HIV positive because he wanted to play around.

      • pat

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