Caught on “Candy Camera”? Alleged Thief Returns Joseline’s “Credict Card” and Passport

July 12, 2012  |  


Looks like Joseline got her “credict card” and passport back.

The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” castmember took to Twitter early this morning to announce IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS that someone had stolen her wallet containing $1,500 cash as well as her credit card and passport. She offered a $500 reward for any information. Then she offered $500 “on top of the $1500 that was already in it” to the thief if he returned it to where it was stolen the day before. So, yeah return the wallet and get $2,000 instead of the $1,500 stolen? That’s not a bad deal. Except, that’s probably not what she meant.

Joseline must believe the thief is following her on Twitter because she told him (or her) via Twitter, that the act was caught on Candy Camera. Now, unless it was snagged at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, let’s just assume she meant “Candid Camera” or, more accurately, a surveillance camera considering “Candid Camera” was cancelled in 2004.


Of course no grammatical error goes uncorrected on Twitter and followers began to encourage Joseline to learn how to spell. In response, with her Caps button on lock, she encouraged them to learn how to live in the streets and followed up with “Time to read a book…yes I do read”.

Maybe her alleged thief read those tweets because it looks she got her wallet back this afternoon:

Hope her cash and “credict card” were inside!

Do you follow Joseline on Twitter? What kind of tape would be inside a candy camera? Fruit Roll-Ups?


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  • Blah

    How about, no one stole the wallet. It was just a publicity ploy. The end.

  • monica

    ===BlackWhitePlanet.C/0/M ===




    His real name is Steebie, look it up.

  • Kitsy

    I don’t know, y’all…I actually like Joseline. Besides, she seems to have had a really hard life. On the show she mentioned her mom was a drug addict, she has been on the streets since she was 12 years old, and that she was “luck” to have ended up in the strip club, ’cause otherwise she’d probably be dead. I really felt for her. She’s doing the best she can. Have a heart.

    • Kitsy


    • Kay

      Yes her past is sad but that doesn’t excuse her recent hoeish activities. Everybody has issues.

    • Yes I feel bad for her upbringing as well but when you’re 34 you can’t keep blaming things on your past

  • Kay

    I wonder if the money was in all ones….

    • MLS2698

      LOl, the person who did a thumbs down must be a stripper.

  • Cha Cha

    I don’t even know who Joseline is… but she definitely needs to hit that spell check button.

  • She probably had nothing on it and they figured she need her $500

    • they didn’t steal the cards because they stole the CASH. she had 1500 in CASH in the card

  • Shay

    It’s really sad that there are people who spell just as bad as (or worse) Joseline and English is their first language.

  • Shay

    Maybe her & Beyonce can take some Hooked on Phonics classes together SMDH…

    • J’nel

      It’s funny when @Shay adds Beyonce’s speech there’s the dislike button. Lol atleast joseline first language isn’t English. And yes she’s a grown woman but look at her ethnic and where she comes from

  • FattyKimye

    Candy camera?!
    Chanel 7?!
    Please someone give this woman some Rosetta Stone lessons!


    Chanel 7? That thief is going to be smelling lovely when he/she gets caught!!! lol

  • UmOk

    “Candy Camera”??? Ok I have never watched the show, so tell me is this a term or something they use on the show or what? If not, bless her lil slow heart.

  • ROFLMAO….this article was too much.

  • She should’ve taken some ESL classes before she tried to get on TV and act a damn fool!! Po lil tink tink!!

    • Maldrie

      I’m still sure that’s a dude, I don’t care what she claimed to be (pregnant) did anyone actually see the test?

      • I swear, I was just saying the same thing! You didn’t see the test or her go to the appointment that “Stebie” took her too, meanwhile, I’ve never even seen that fool drive! he always riding with Benzino!

    • Anonymous

      LMBO@ ESL Classes. Even her spanish is hard to understand.

    • BibiSandy

      I just assume that whoever stole her wallet wanted to this what gender is on her ID and passport. lol

  • Kay

    Lol she probably needed that money or Stebie J was gwan tew sin her bak to de strib cub *joseline voice*

    • MLS2698

      Maybe it is a particular dialect ( Puerto Rican). She sounds as if she is hearing impaired when she speaks.

      • Kay

        Lmfaoooo @ hearing impaired

      • NiceNasty

        LMAFO!!! You are so wrong, smh. But that is how she sounds!!