Congratulations Are In Order: Erica Dixon and Lil’ Scrappy Are No Longer Together

July 10, 2012  |  


Can we get Wackla Flocka to drop that “Round of Applause” beat just one good time for Erica Dixon? I have to say I was a little worried about her and her last ditch effort to keep Lil’ Scrappy from moving out when she got her Destiny’s Child Cater 2 U on during last week’s episode of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta”, and though she probably should have never taken the Atlanta rapper back after he left her for someone else, all that matters is their relationship is now over.

During a segment of The Breakfast Club this morning, Erica called in to give the details of the scrapping we saw between her, Joseline, Stevie J, and Lil’ Scrappy last night, but then the hosts got to the most important part, which is whether she and Scrap are still together and she said that’s a negative.

“We are not together,” she told the radio hosts. “We are co-parenting. We are friends.”

There you have it. Erica and Scrappy are nowhere near the worst of the dangerously in “Love & Hip-Hop” bunch but it was so clear she was trying to make something happen that he’d already decided wasn’t. And I’ve never seen a pair of friends interact the way he and Shay did on last night’s show so I’m sure Erica is much better off now— although the “Flavor of Love”/”Charm School” graduate might have considered that her audition to get back on VH1’s roster. Either way, after seeing Erica seemingly still thinking she and Scrappy could work things out when he moved out of her place, I thought all hope was lost but somewhere between the final take and this morning she appears to have come to her senses which is a great thing. Hopefully she can inspire her other cast mates to do the same.

Check out her interview here and her hilarious imitation of Joseline. Do you think breaking it off with Scrappy is a good move?

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  • JOSELYN…MAN or WOMAN?….can some1 verify?…men getting pregnant nowadays?…technology has evolved

  • lawwwdddddd

    Well thats NOT what I got from the post…..SO I GUESS NOW YOU GOING TO TELL ME WHAT I TOOK FROM MAGGIES POST???? God gave us all common sense…use that and no one will need to use God as a stick to beat you down…and if they do WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

    • sheane

      Usually? Disagreeing with them. I didn’t tell you what you took from Maggie’s post. I was telling you what I got from it. Which I think was closer to the truth to what she was saying. And why do some religious folks always assume that when someone else is getting beat over the head with their beliefs the person being terrorized is in the wrong?

  • Good for Erica! As long as scrappy remains supporting and involved in their daughters life, that’s what’s important.

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  • TOYA


    • lawwwdddddd


  • missyJ

    Good for Erica she deserves a man who recognizes her worth!!

  • missyJ

    I actually liked Scrappy until I saw this show. Saying one thing to the one you love then doing the opposite, not cool, kid stuff. Erica seems like a real one, that is not easy to find. If Scrappy wants to leave a chick that stuck by him through it all, for Bucky’s busted opportunist behind, then let him reap the repercussions of his scandalous ways!!!

  • Miss_Understood

    Good for her…she was a fool to take him back after he left her for “Diamond”…he is a fool for thinking anyone besides Erica loves him for him and not just tryna get a little buzz but he may never learn.

    SIDE NOTE: I was truly disgusted that Erica’s mama said she didn’t understand how they could ever get married without living together UMMM “shackin up” does not work! Also, Scrappy’s mama (who kinda scares me) is wrong for saying she’d prefer him to sleep around than work on things with Erica–this is 50% of the reason why Black BOYS seldom become Black MEN!

    • awet

      I agree 100% with everything you said!!

  • Eraka

    I agree 100%.

  • mindypatterson

    out of ALL of the women on this show,erica seems to be the ONLY ONE with enough brains,to let that sorry excuse of a man go.mimi needs to follow this SMART woman’s lead.trash is trash,and using the excuse that we have a child or history together isn’t going to change that.

  • I’m still LOLOLOLOLOLO laughing @ Meena’s comment…she deserves someone who can speak clear english.

  • DoinMe

    When will Mimi have this same revelation? Stevie J has made a complete fool out of her.

  • SayWhat!

    Best thing that could of happen! Live your Life he still want to play!

  • Trisha_B

    I like Erica. Mimi should not have allowed her baby daddy to disrespect her friend like that. I would have checked my man if he talked to one of my friends like that. & Joseline should have kept his mouth shut while Scrappy & Steebe J was talking, the fight wouldn’t have happened b/c he had apologized to Erica. But Scrappy seems to be stuck on his mother’s tit that he doesn’t know how to settle down. I mean the women rubbed your crusty feet! Erica you deserve better

  • RedButterfly81

    After rubbing up on Buckey with her beaver teeth looking butt, I don’t blame her for ending it with CRAPPY. Plus he’s a mama’s boy and don’t speak clear English, yeah she can do MUCH better

    • Miss_Understood

      Buckey Ducky look like an old woman in the face and her hair look like a big bundle of copper wire.

  • Klovinmask

    All I can say, is why Scrappy pick crappy “Buckteeth Bucky” damn I know he not blind or is he!

  • mskris

    We as single females must realize that when God allows someone to leave or when he tells us to let someone go, it’s for our protection.

    • ambitious J


    • maggie

      It is just as easy for someone to use the excuse of ‘god’ to destroy others. We as females need to use our intellect more often instead of the excuse called ‘god’ to make wiser decisions.

      • lawwwdddddd

        Is God is an excuse……or is he your Lord and Savior???? Because he is the later for me. God gave me the intellect I am using, So I look to him for guidance and faith with whatever comes my way hun….ignorance must be bliss..

        • sheane

          How is it ignorance? Some people DO use God as a crutch or a stick to beat others to the ground. For you not to see that IS the true ignorance. All maggie was saying is that sometimes you shouldn’t say “I’ll wait for God to show me the light” and use YOUR OWN HEAD. If he’s been treating her like crap for years, what makes it okay now for her to leave? Why not before? Because God told her “now is the right time to leave?” If it wasn’t God supposedly telling her and her friend let’s say. Wouldn’t you think it’s stupid to take advice from her friend instead of using her own head? That’s all I get from maggie’s post.

    • Eraka

      So true!

  • Meena

    I think she can do way better than him. She deserves a man who can speak clearly. LOL

    • Ambitious J


    • Hello910

      I agree, ya feel me.. lol

    • Eraka


  • Chasity26

    Im glad she wised up. She is in love with someone who doesn’t love her. Maybe he will see in the long run. He keep going after these industry girls who are sucking & freakin ever body for 5 minutes of fame. AIDS are out here & they act like they don’t even care. Smh…. Shay is going to use him up like Diamond did & “baby mama” is going to be too busy doing her

  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy

    Scrappy doesn’t deserve to be with anyone but his looney mama.

    • Miss_Understood

      AMEN! Mothers like her contribute to their sons growing up to be losers. How can you excuse your son for doing to his own woman what you’d leave a man for?

  • JustMyPerception

    YEEEEEEEEES! Scrap degraded her by treating her the way he did! He was telling others that they were through while at the same time telling her they were “working on them” but her mama tried to give her the game but she wouldn’t listen!

    If your man moves out to get “closer” to you…you ARE NOT any closer
    to getting a ring…but you ARE however closer to being DUMPED! A man is
    NOT going to walk away from a woman he is trying to get CLOSER
    to…They are just not built that way #WisenUp&LearnTheGame