Colorism in the Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter Film and Why It Does Matter

July 11, 2012  |  

Kola Boof, Egyptian-Sudanese author and professional jump starter, has started a campaign against Timur Bekmambetov and Tim Burton, the production team behind Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, for their inaccurate portrayal of historical figure Harriet Tubman.

Releasing a statement through her Facebook page, Boof writes, “HARRIET TUBMAN…. is portrayed as “BIRACIAL” in the new “Abe Lincoln Vampire” movie…. TO ME….you have to really *HATE* Black people to portray Harriet Tubman as a Biracial woman. It reveals everything about White Supremacy and the “erasure” of Black People. Harriet was NOT Dutch speaking or Biracial. And this portrayal is really a “Betrayal”…. it does not honor her image. It OBLITERATES not only Harriet, but all Authentic Black Women.”

She also advised folks to call and write the studio and various production companies to express our displeasure about this misrepresentation. Said Boof, “We can’t change this particular movie….but we can let Hollywood know that we don’t like seeing the constant *Whitening* of Black images in films…that we DO want to see Black people in movies and not be disrespected like this. If we don’t speak up BLACK WOMEN, then nothing will change…”

Listen I know when folks hear Kola Boof’s name they instantly tune out. But while Boof may be many things to people – most of them not so nice – one thing she is, is honest as well as fierce protector of all things related to darker skinned women. And while this might be a hard pill to swallow for some, she has great reason to be.

Jacqueline Fleming, a Copenhagen Denmark born actress of African American (father) and Danish-German (mother) descent. You might have seen her on television in shows like “CSI: Miami” and “Treme” or on the big screen in movies Last Holiday and the sequel to Woman Thou Art Loose.  She has also been casted as Harriet Tubman in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

For those of you who have no idea who Tubman is, shame on you and the wack educational system you derived from. Tubman was born somewhere around 1803 to Ashanti enslaved parents and was bestowed the title as Moses for braving 19 trips into slave holding states and leading some 300 individuals to a new life in slavery-free territories – not an easy feat for a runaway slave, who had over $40,000 reward posted all over the South for her capture or death. Oh another thing about Tubman; she was dark-skinned.  Dark enough not to pass for a light skinned woman of mixed ancestry.  Which is why on one of her trips, she had to convince a light-skinned fugitive slave to pose as a white master transporting a group of slaves to a town further up the road.

Not too many people want to discuss this issue, which was evident by a column from my good friend Yvette Carnell, who recently penned a piece about this misrepresentation of Tubman in the film. For Carnell and I, who discussed this briefly on Facebook, Hollywood’s attempt to use Fleming’s image to whitewash Tubman was a no-brainer.  And in a time when black folks are bombarded with distorted images of ourselves, we felt it our duty to call it out.  However, not that many other folks didn’t see it that way and proceeded to blast her piece as trivial.  They accused Carnell of being bitter, divisive and color-conscious. After all, it’s a stupid movie about Abe Lincoln being a vampire hunter and we all know that he wasn’t in real life. Likewise, we’re all black so it shouldn’t matter, which color of blackness she exhibits.

Well I’m here to tell you it does matter.

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  • mule

    Oh…so it wasn’t a problem when dark skinned Denzel Washington played multiracial/lightskinned Malcolm X…interesting

  • Cober

    Throughout American history, no matter how light your skin is, if you have any recent black ancestors you are considered black. In the US, bi-racial is “not a thing” that applies to combinations of white and black. In Tubman’s day, nobody would have called her biracial. A quick mention of her ancestry is fine, but if they said biracial frequently that isn’t historically accurate and today very few who have recent black ancestors consider themselves biracial.

    People should remember that all humans are descendents of a black woman in Africa, and if you go back far enough, everyone is black. The genetic evidence for this is rock solid.

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  • :)


  • A.J.

    I think you’re getting Harriet Tubman confused with Sojourner Truth. She (Sojourner) was from New York and spoke with a Dutch accent all her life.

  • Ehn

    I think you’re mssing the other picture, when nobody is vying for the part you have to hire who you can hire. if you look at this film there are, aside from one actor that maybe known, NO big names connected to the movie. You have people talking about dark skinned actresses like kimberly elise, but I doubt she or any other well known dark actress would’ve taken that part. Sometimes it’s not about colorism but about who’s willing to take the part.

  • Damn straight it matters! Why didn’t you make Lincoln black if color doesn’t matter?! We all know he was white right? This is a stupid vampire movie and is fiction so why not? Same freaking logic applies! Same reason they keep painting saints and angels white when they damn well know that’s not how the paintings looked originally! Look it up! And even the bible describes Jesus anything but what we see in the pictures but you still see a blonde blue eyed Jesus when we know that’s not true! Some apparently yes, it matters!
    The fact that they went out of their way to cast a mixed woman on a historical BLACK figure like Tubman proves that it matters!…

    • lee

      The bible also teaches that we are not to make images of Christ. There should be no pics, statues of him, whether they are black or white

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  • marvamarva

    If we are all Black and it doesn’t matter what color (shade), then why don’t you cast someone who actually looks like Harriet Tubman? Isn’t that how casting works? I’ll wait

  • yeaaaaa

    Harriet tubman could of very well of spoke dutch a little known fact is many slaves also spoke dutch and they would get dutch, english and their african dialects confused thats why they say things like ” yousa talkin bout ma chillin” I went to this slave exhibit years back at the new york historical society about new york slaves when I learned that and Hariet was from New York…so it makes sense

  • For_The_Masses

    Do Madamenoire, check for plagiarism before posting articles. This is a clear rip off word for word off another site, are you guys getting desperate or less creative? You own the original author credit or you may hear from others who don’t talk to kindly from jacking folks work.

  • Carolyn

    Seriously, have we gotten so sensitive that we are boycotting a fictious movie called “Abraham Lincoln The Vampire Hunter”. I’m sorry but if we as blacks have gotten this petty I see why no one takes us seriously and say we are always whining. This is a damn movie, a movie about vampires, it’s all fake. Like seriously get real!! Waste of time!!

    • First of SMDH. Girl that is what they want. To make you think that it is so petty and you shouldn’t be complaining and it’s working wonders I see smh
      Someone answered this better so I will let them take the stage:

      I would also add: the day they cast Lincoln or any other white historical figure with a black actor THEN we might consider this being just coincidence or a lazy casting director BUT that doesn’t happen.. To me this is deliberate and needs to stop ASAP! But with attitudes like that we will never have the enough collective power to do so….

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      Msmykimoto2u • 10 hours ago • parentThe movie is fiction but Harriet Tubman was not. Every black person knows what she looks like and for them to think we are that ignorant that it wouldnt matter how they portrayed her is intolerable and dumb on their part and no, we dont have to take it.

  • LolaStriker

    And what if the Kimberly Elise’s and the other beautiful brown skinned actresses out there didn’t want to be a part of this, based on the fact that it was a pretty crappy movie. What if there were darker skinned women who auditioned, but their acting was terrible. We always take so quickly to the “light skin vs. dark skin” thing, when that might not even be the case. Beautiful and talented black women, like Kerry Washington who has been in the industry for a long time, now has a solid place in Hollywood with a primetime television drama on her hands!
    Lets take some time to celebrate the fact that there are some new, beautiful and talented black actresses getting out there – REGARDLESS of skin tone. Turn back a century ago, and blacks, regardless of skin tone, did not even opportunities like this.
    There are seriously better things that we can be fighting for.

    • I am sorry nobody seems to be the one to say it so I am going to volunteer…. BULLSHIT!

    • Cmeez

      Ma’am I live in Los Angeles. TRUST they could have found someone.

  • Bravo I couldn’t have said it better!

  • Kola Boof is fiery and controversial but she is also brilliant. She’s an award winning author.

    The fact that some Black people tune out when her name is mentioned says everything about why black folks are on the bottom and steadily dropping. Many folks hating her for loving Black skin. They hate her for not compromising her identity and pressuring African Americans to embrace blackness. They distort her image because she’s in the spirit of Harriet Tubman (and a few adult film stars, hehe) and she makes more sense than just about everyone in the academic world. I wish Cornel West could be as easy to understand and as epic as Queen Kola.

    • Mrsadkiah

      We tune her out because she is downright rude and disrespectful. For example: I follow HarrietThugman on twitter (a very militant, afrocentric, feminist) and on the day that this issue was really exposed on twitter she expressed that she was out having fun and was too worn out at the moment to go off about this movie. Boof proceeded to go off on her and other people on twitter like her by calling them every explicative in the book and how Black people like them are the reason why we can’t get any where because they think it’s ok to “get tired” and “stop fighting”. She is childish and very irrational and all of that overrides anything else to me. I don’t respect her at all.

  • Angel

    This is ridiculous.They could have easily gotten a BLACK actress (Kimberely Elise preferably) to play Harriet. Like someone else said hollywood loves to get biracial actors/actresses to play black ppl.They do it all the time with Halle Berry.

  • puddintane

    When I saw the preview of the movie my first reaction was I will not support a movie that depicts Lincoln as a vampire because to me it was disrespectful to him as a past president who happens to be on the brown penny and we all know why…but to find out they portrayed mother moses as light skinned!? Wow! I am glad I didnt waste my money.

    • sweettea

      I believe he’s a vampire hunter not a vampire but either way the movie looks stupid

  • Honestly its complete BS. They tried to make that guy look at close to Abe Lincoln as they could so why not Harriet? If you gonna do a movie and portray FACTUAL REAL people, then u need to do it right, bottom line. There are plenty black dark skin females who couldve played this part, Ive never even heard of this woman so its not like they were trying to find someone well known. I think we need more black actors period on the big screen because Im so tired of seeing the same ones repeated (gabbie union, morris chestnut, meagan good, shamar moore); it gets redundant and tiring after a while. But they shouldve done a better job at casting.

  • sad

    the current Miss Universe a dark skinned beauty from Angola appeared on the cover of a magazine in Portugal looking biracial!

    • the fact is that Harriet Tubman was not biracial and was a dark skin woman; would u want a white looking woman who is biracial to play alicia keys in a lifetime movie?? No, because we as the audience knows what she looks like and would not be able to invision her, therefore ruining the connection

      • Msmykimoto2u

        Irrelevant i know, but I would love to see a biopic on lifetime about Mrs. Keys. I LOVE her!

        • Alicia IS biracial ! She says regularly tans to get and maintain a deeper tone..or she would look more white

      • ijs

        Ummm… Alicia Keys IS biracial.

      • Wrong example but I see what you mean.. You should have said Gabrielle Union or something like that lol

        • Msmykimoto2u

          I think what she meant was would you cast a dark skinned girl like keke palmer to portray Alicia Keys? No, because she looks nothing like her. So why cast a light skinned woman to play a clearly dark skinned famous woman of history?

      • Angel

        I think her point was if they casted someone who looked white to play Alicia it would look ridiculous.We all know the girls is mixed.The point went straight over everybodys head. Anyways, I cant see a movie about her being made.There isnt eough “meat’ to her life-story to make an interesting movie imo.

      • sad

        Clearly you missed my point …..i was trying to show another example of how the world/media is obsessed with lightening skins of obviously very beautiful dark skinned women its a shame i mean this girl won miss Universe but the magazine still felt the need to lighten her skin…

      • NikkitaMichelle

        I don’t know why Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra, but now they’re doing a remake of the movie and again they’ve casted another white woman in Angelina Jolie. I don’t care for it and I won’t support the film either. It makes no sense to me for a white woman to play the queen of an African nation, but that’s what they’re doing. If you want to be pissed be pissed about that.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a saying, “To know where you are going, you have to know where you come from”. However, we’ve done more things to DWELL in the past than do things to move forward. There are other ethnic groups who went through similar history but they have moved forward and they still know where they come from

  • Hollywood does that mess with every ethnic group! I might be too young, but there is this cartoon called the Avatar: the last Airbender, right? So watching from the starting credits to the end, everything is clearly Asian such as; their beliefs with nature (fire, air, water and rock) down to what the characters looked like, their facial features and skin tones….movie comes out…guess what? Caucasian characters with the Indian guy as the bad guy. With all of the diverse movie stars and Hollywood could not find Asian stars? I could not watch the movie after that.

    • Msmykimoto2u

      Yep and just like the the Dragonball movie which is “clearly” asian and then the lead character Goku (asian name) is a goofy loooking white kid with a asian gandfather….

  • This is so ridiculous. Next thing you know people will be mad they didn’t find a real vampire to play Abe Lincoln. “What?! How dare you not find a real vampire to play Abe Lincoln! I’m gonna write an angry article about it!”

    • Kaay

      Keep being ignorant! I hear it’s bliss until reality slaps u in the mouth.

    • Megan Common

      I feel so sorry for you if this is truly how you feel …

  • Total blank stare here.

  • la

    it’s fiction. I’m a black women with two black parents and I’m light skin not mix and I would love to play a role as Harriet Tubman but the way it’s out here I could never do so cause I’m not dark enough or black looking enough.

    • Msmykimoto2u

      The movie is fiction but Harriet Tubman was not. Every black person knows what she looks like and for them to think we are that ignorant that it wouldnt matter how they portrayed her is intolerable and dumb on their part and no, we dont have to take it. And P.S. its pretty good chance that you can play the role of Harriet Tubman according to Hollywood. Exhibit A above ^

    • That’s like if they cast you to play Laura Bush in a movie… We all know Laura Bush is not biracial… Same applies here… We all know she wasn’t biracial so why cast a biracial LIGHT SKINNED woman to the role? Is like casting Oprah to play Mrs. Bush Makes no sense right? Same applies…

  • Mulan

    Not surprise at
    all by this inaccurate portrayal of HARRIET TUBMAN. Ninety Five percent of the
    time biracial or light skinned actress and actors get cast for TV, Movies,
    Music Videos, and Commercials to represent black people, everybody is guilty of
    this. Only a few dark-skinned actors are portrayed in any type of art. The ironic
    thing is that they do represent us, at least for me I always look for that 1
    person of color in movies. I don’t even care if they’re light skinned, because I
    know very well that the role could have easily gone to a white person.

    • Msmykimoto2u

      Very true. Ive notcied that the majority of the commercials that come on BET, Hamurger Helper, car commercials, Special K, Dating sites, Pampers, they are always light skinned with perfectly curly brown natural hair. The only black commercial that I see that has dark skinned people is Mcdonalds

    • Yeah and they have made you complacent to their plans… See? They make you feel grateful that you at least have one black person to look at and that’s not how it should be… In real life that’s not how it is so why should we feel “lucky” to see someone like us when they should be lucky we spend our money in their crappy movie? They are selling a product we choose to buy so THEY should be kissing OUR asses not the other way around! smh And by our I mean everybody! Everybody should be represented on tv cus aint we all watching? Often times together so why should it always be the same ppl on tv? smh

  • This article sounds just like when the white fans of the Hunger Games were criticised for using black a girl for Rue and another guy. Like seriously, it’s a fictitious movie, it’s not a documentary. Get over it please!!!!!

    • Guest1234

      Rue was a fictitious character. Harriet Tubman was real. That’s a big difference. You can take creative license with fiction – but changing the race of a real human being to suit white palettes is pretty low.

      We can call it even when they cast Viola Davis (natural hair and all) as the Queen of England. Until then, let’s just call it what it is….an attempt to write black people out of our own history…. mmmmkay?

    • The way Rue was described in the book would lead any sane person to realize that she was black or atleast not white. That is why people were upset by the racist comments made about Rue being played by a black actress.

    • Msmykimoto2u

      I dont even know why white people were like that when the book described Rue as a young girl with dark skin, eyes and curly hair. Even though her race was never actually mentioned, one can assume she was black or maybe even mexican. Others took it as her being white with a tan

    • Yea like they say get over slavery too right? SMH

  • Mystique

    Ignorance is Bliss! Isn’t it?

  • MzCali

    I don’t want anyone to say “oh well the color doesn’t matter,” because if that was the case and the movie wasn’t really about accurately portraying historical fact then why does Abe have to be white. Why not make him biracial or even black. So obviously color does matter. Just like when they try to whiten the ancient Egyptians because people just refuse to believe that we are smart enough to build a civilization that they still can’t figure out and we created every person on this planet, but that when parents come in to play. Remind your child every day how amazing it is to be black because even my 4 year old niece knows that its more of an advantage to be white or lighter. That just breaks my heart because we come from so much greatness, and it’s weird because growing up I always wanted to be dark skin. I’m brown tone but whenever I would look at my cousin’s chocolate complexion I was always so jealous. I’m still jealous but I’m also proud of how I look as well. BLACK GIRLS ROCK!!!

    • monitorette

      As long as you will keep on claiming that the Ancient Egyptians were Black, the notion that some Blacks feel discomfort with their place in History will keep going on. The Ancient Egyptians were not Black, not of European descent either: the ancient Egyptians were a people of North Africa, and you can see their features in nowadays Egyptians. Africa is a very diverse continent.

      • That is the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard! DO YOUR RESEARCH! They were black! Dark skinned! It’s even in the bible! Please please please research this because right now I dont have time to send you links and resources… It’s funny how hollywood portrays this white or light skinned Cleopatras and now got the world believing she really was white smh See how color does matter? smh

        • monitorette

          I strongly recommend you to do your research on your side = Cleopatra was a queen of Egypt, but she was not Egyptian as she was the descendant of the Ptolomean kings, Greek -Macedonian monarchs who ruled over Egypt before the Romans defeated them. So yes, Cleopatra was White, was a queen of Egypt, but was not an Egyptian queen. Cleopatra is not important in the history of Ancient Egypt, not because she was the sign of foreign rule over Egypt (even though she adopted the local Egyptian costumes, dresses, etc…), but again she is not a landmark in the Egyptian history.
          At the Ancient times, there may be a few Egyptians with Black origins, as the empire stretched onto north of Soudan sometimes , but the vast majority of the Ancient Egyptians were of Berber /Middle Eastern origin. Being brown skin does not equal being Black.
          And finally, the Bible is not a History book.
          Please claim what is yours

        • lee

          Well actually she was more white then black. By the time Cleopatra came around the Greeks had invaded Egypt heavily. There are many more great kings and queens who were really black before Cleopatra came around.

      • lee

        No, the original Egyptians were black. And they were great kings, queens, builders. Europeans and Asians did invade and there was constant battle between the groups over Egypt. Yes they are of mix race now but did not start out that way. You should read destruction of black civilazation: great issues of race from 4500 b.c to 2000 ad by William chancellor. Great read! He breaks it down better than I can 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Ancient Egyptians were Africans, they varied in skin color, facial features and hair texture. When you look at the original drawings, art work, you will see many with full lips, broad nose, etc. Now, we are forced to look at broken noses, broken lips, man made sculptures, fake Hollywood movies and documentaries to prove the European descent in them. It’s like saying Ethiopians are not Africans, they can deny it all they want or people deny it for them, they are. The Bible is not a history book, but it’s been used to connect a lot of accurate historical facts, events that took place during that time. The description of Ethiopians as Africans in the Bible is very close to what we see now.

        Most of North Africans, were mainly Arabs who invaded Africa, took over the land, spread their religion, culture, and intermingled. Arabs migrated, colonized certain places in Africa before Europeans came. There are not dark skin Egyptians or African Egyptians as much not because it never existed but because everything has been mixed up. History, language, features has been changed. Cleopatra might not have been an African, but there were many queens in Egypt of African descent. Some of the Ancient Egyptians were mixed like how many biracial/multiracial people are now. You can’t say, they are not black/African just because they don’t fit into the category of the stereotypical way that people have of Africans. So, being brown skin can equal Black because history is repeating itself. If Africans wrote down their history, there won’t be this much confusion and manufactured lies, distorted truth going on.

        • monitorette

          I am a Fench citizen of Algerian decent (Algeria is in North Africa, my parents are Algerians who came to work in France in the 60s), and I can tell you that I do not have a single Arab blood in me as I am ethnically Berber, but my ancestors WILLINGLY accepted the Muslim religion when A FEW Arabs came. In my particular case, I still have a Berber family surname.Then, as decades and then centuries gone by, the Berber language disappeared in my region as my ancestors BY THEIR OWN DECISION decided to speak more and more Arabic instead of the native Berber language and sadly I mist say this Berber language disappeared from my region in Algeria. Yes, some Arab soldiers conquer North Africa, but the extreme majority of the Berber inhabitants accepted this conquest and finally participated in the Arab world, and called themselves Arabs when MOST OF THEM are not. The Berbers , the Ancient Egyptians and the Arabs belong to the same Human Group : they are Caucasoid peoples, not from Caucase of course, but Caucasians. The Caucasians are not Black.
          Have you ever wondered why Black people are Backs? Well, that’s the environmental conditions that, thousand years ago, made people Black, others CHinese, etc…
          In North Africa, the environmental conditions “created” Berber peoples, peoples that are very diverse from Morocco to Egypt, and those people were not Black, neither are their descendants. Egypt was also particular as not only there was a desert in the South (like the rest of North Africa), but at the West , a desert separated Egypt from Lybia. THe Ancient Egyptians are the result of Berber and Middle East people that were isolated in this area
          Some of the ancient Egyptians may be mixed, but that was very few, they were Caucasian people from North Africa, not from Europe, from North Africa.

          • Anonymous

            So, the Berber people are not Africans? Some also claim Ethiopians are not Africans. Some also say, Yorubas in the Western part of Nigeria migrated from Egypt, to form a Yorubaland. Ancient Egyptians were not Africans according to inaccurate sources, they were Berbers, and the Berber people are not African but caucasian people from North Africa. Really? Just bunch of Gibberish. How can all these places be on the map of Africa, yet historians want to claim they are not Africans. It’s ludicrous. The Berber people varied in features, just like the fulanis you see today in mostly West Africa. Africa is the most diverse continent, yet people don’t want to claim and own up to the truth. Africa, is where civilization began, where early people were found. Just like how Columbus found the new America, kicked the Natives to the curb. Rewrite history to fit into your distorted truth. Are you telling me, there were no native Africans, in all of North Africa, East Africa and maybe some parts in the West, since everybody wants to claim somewhere else. Talk about a f**cked up continent, who allowed anybody to come, take their land, history, culture and didn’t protect their people and territory. Africa is the most colonized continent, everybody came in there, took what they needed and left it in lies and confusion. Most of the history books exposed to Africans starts from when Europeans came and saved a group of Barbarians and Africans take this BS in. Sad case.

            • monitorette

              Hello Anonymous, you really have to make a difference between Africans and Blacks. The Berbers, native inhabitants of North Africa , are not Blacks. Yes, they are very diverse from Morroco to Egypt, nevertheless, they are not Blacks. The Berbers are Africans, but they are not Blacks.
              Again, like I have stated on a previous post, Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, is northern than the latest Italian island in the Mediterranean sea. Environmental conditions made that the people of North Africa were made “white” (not white in the European way), but we belong to the same branch.

              As for history,we in the Arab world have our own sources, for instance the historian Ibn Batouta, the sociologist Ibn Khaldoun.

              Bt I agree with you, Africa, from North to South, East to West, is a fucked up continent, and the Africans have their share of responsibility.
              Foreign influence is less harmful without inner complicity.

              • Anonymous

                I see, people just don’t want to be called or referred to as Blacks, maybe it’s an inferiority complex going on. There are no major differences between Black and African. Culturally, Africans are different but Blacks around the world are still descendants of Africa. There’s influence of African culture when you travel to places like Brazil, Cuba, Central America, the Caribbean and even among Black Americans here . Through colonization, slavery, environmental change, it’s created new culture, new lifestyle, new language but still African/Black racial/ethnic wise. It makes no sense for the word, “Caucasian”to be used in the same sentence to describe Africans, only for the fact that it means “White”. So, the Berbers are White Africans because some of them were not dark skin like the beautiful Sudanese or Ugandan people we see now or the Bantu people in South Africa. And, they can’t be African because Egyptians or Moroccans don’t look “African”. People need to expand their horizon about the diversity/complexities of Africa. Also, accept the fact that Africans are just as intelligent to build the pyramids in Egypt, to have been part of where civilization began. Do not put Africa in a box based on modern Africa, simply by what you see on TV, where HIV/AIDS, poverty, unstable governments, war is solely the face of Africa. Ibn Battuta, was a great traveler but didn’t give much detailed history and information about the different group of people he met.

                • monitorette

                  Have you ever traveled to Africa? I have, and I will, because as I have mentioned earlier , I am Algerian and Algeria is located in the north of the African continent, and I travel there every 2 years. So I guess that my feet landed on African soils more than you did (if you ever did), and that I am also concerned of the African topics. For instance, I am not only concerned about what is happening to my fellow Arabs in the MIddle East, but I am also concerned about what is happening right now in Mali with thugs destroying the country.
                  Then, do you know where the term ‘Africa’ comes from? It comes from the Afris, a Berber tribe from Tunisia, who also gave their name to their region. The Romans, at their encounter, later gave the name Africa to the continent, a continent which depth was still unknown at the time.
                  Again, claim what is yours, but do not claim what is not. Egypt is located in North Africa, the ones who have built the Pyramids were Africans, but not Black Africans. THe Ancient Egyptians were a branch of the Berbers of North Africa, who during the Neolitic times also intermingled with people from the Near East. We can also say that although part of the African continent , Egypt is as linked to the Near East as to North Africa.

                  • Anonymous

                    Okay, Egypt is located in North Africa, and North Africa is part of Africa, right. You are killing me with emphasizing on the word, “Black”, I don’t understand what difference it makes. How can you not call the Ancient Egyptians Black Africans. Ancient Egyptians, didn’t have pale white skin, so their skin will be referred to as Black. It’s like, not calling President Obama black because he has brown skin. People call the darker skin Indians from South of Asia, Black indians and nothing wrong with that. You said, claim what is yours, but do not claim what is not, the statement applies to Arabs, Europeans, who claimed things from Africa that are not theirs.

                    P.S I’m African, born and grew up there before moving to the U.S but travel back a lot. So, my feet has definitely landed on more African soils than anything else and I am very much connected to the current events. Infact, I was in Johannesburg two months ago and preparing for a trip to Abuja, in Nigeria next month.

                    • monitorette

                      Now, my next point is this one: it is not because NIgeria and Egypt are on the same continent that the Nigerians can claim a part of the Ancient Egypt history. These are not their ancestors., there is no link, apart than sharing the same continent.
                      From, let’s say the 10th century, the Arab world started from Morocco to the South of the Arabic peninsula, including Egypt. The Egyptians know that they have little Arabic blood in them, but they proudly claim to be Arabs.Their ancestors created the thriving Ancient Egyptian civilization, the ancestors of the Irakis created the thriving Mesopotamian history, the ancestors of the Palestinians created the thriving Syro-Cannanean civilization, the ancestors of the Arabs created the thriving Bedouin -merchant civilizations of the South Arabic peninsula. YET, all their descendants claim to be Arabs. So yes, the ethnical Arabs have not created the Ancient Egyptian civilizations, but it happened that their descendants now claim to be Arabs. I’m sorry if that don’t suit you.When the Europeans licentiously understate that Africans have not the intelligence to do this or that, they refer to Black Africans. So my initial point was: by claiming what is not yours (the Ancient Egyptian civilization), you are showing your discomfort on your place of History, instead of showing that there were civilizations in Zambia, Nigeria, etc…I don’t care about the Obamas. Barack Obama has not made 1/10 of what Nelson Mandela made at his age.

                    • Anonymous

                      I’m not in anyway trying to claim any part in Ancient Egypt, you certainly have no point. We are talking about the continent that I’m from, don’t have to be from a specific country to say something. If the topic was about West Africa civilization, I will also say something. People read and learn about different history, I don’t have to be Jewish to talk about holocaust or Japanese to talk about Hiroshima. There’s link everywhere because people have been mixed up one way or the other. For example, the fulanis/Hausas in the Northern part of Nigeria have been linked to North Africa to Ethiopia and Eritrea. And Arabs settled in the Northern part years ago, which is the reason Islam is their main religion and share similar culture. I just show discomfort when the truth is distorted. You say, you know the history but claiming Ancient Egyptians were Berbers, true but claiming all Berbers are “Caucasian”, is a bogus lie. History, confirmed many were “Black Africans” with darker features and some were “darkened caucasian” with Eurasian and Asiatic ancestry. Egyptians claiming Arab or African is a complicated one and up to individual. My aunt is married to an Egyptian man. When we visited Egypt with him, I learned a lot. His grandparents migrated from Palestine to Egypt(the story of many who reside in Egypt), so he’s technically Arab but sometimes refers to himself as African, I guess geographically. And he said, the Berbers are a small population and then you also have the Nubian people. I used President Obama as a reference not a comparison of accomplishment to Nelson Mandela. Both are great in their own right, and Barack Obama has named Nelson mandela as one his inspiration.

                    • monitorette

                      Anonymous, I will stop discussing with you on this specific topic, because it was a dead end at the start, even though it was interesting and controlled, no hurtful words on either sides.
                      The Ancient Egyptians were close to the Berbers from North Africa, but the desert that separated them from Libya made, that, in the neolithic times, and like you can witness in some animal species, they develop particular features. Moreover, there were mixing with some Middle East peoples that came into Egypt.
                      Then, what can I say on your point that History proved the Berbers were Black Africans… you really need to get over it. The Berbers, as the Arabs, are Caucasians, but not Europeans. The Europeans are not the only representants of the Caucasian line on this planet. You have to accept that there were people indigenous to the North African continent that were not Blacks, because the geographical context ‘enabled’ it. There was already a Phoenician influence in Northern Africa before the rise of Islam, that’s the reason why the Berbers had no difficulties to communicate with the Arabs, even though the Phoenician language was a different language from the Arabic language. They share the same religion because that was a decision from my ancestors to convert to Islam, and to participate to the Arab culture.
                      Have you ever heard of the Kingdoms of Numidia, Berber Kingdoms of Algeria that fought against the Phoenician rule and the Roman Empire long before the Arabs came? Have you seen the sculptured busts of the rulers like Jugurtha? : they were not Blacks, they were Caucasians, Caucasians of North Africa, not Europeans.

                    • LaLa

                      of the Amarna Dynasty (King Tut, Nefertiti) proved that they were Black African

                    • Anonymous

                      And, Berbers are and Nubian people are small population because everyone has been mixed up one way or the other.

      • Razzydaz

        Have you even been to Egypt? The darker Egyptians were pushed to the south and are disenfranchised because of the Arab Egyptians. They are even discriminated against in their own country! Arabs invaded North Africa and pushed the darker people to the south. Africa was always a dark person’s continent. Get out research and travel.

    • Exactly…. That’s what I said up there before I read this LMAO this is funny is like you read my mind lmao

  • Shay

    You know what, this actress is so light skinned compared to Harriet Tubman that I didn’t know she was playing her until now! (I saw the movie in theatres)I thought the actress was just playing an unnamed slave woman. Hollyweird definitely missed the mark on this one. At least choose believable representations for historical characters.

  • A.J.

    Yes, the movie is cheesy so (ostensibly) it shouldn’t make much of a difference. But the fact of the matter is, it does. It’s a shame that one can’t accurately speak out against colorism without being seen as nitpick or holding on to the past. There were other actresses who well could have played Harriet Tubman, which probably would have drawn more Black people to the film, silly as it is. There is a much deeper issue here and we shouldn’t just brush it off.

    • I agree. Like why do they keep saying let’s not hold on to the past but keep doing shady stuff like this that smells white supremacy-ish so who’s staying in the past? When things from the past stop happening or trying to happen then we will move on… That’s how I see it…

  • cocochanel31

    This was the most absurd silly movie on earth. When my friend and I realized that Harriet Tubman was even in the movie- mid screen, we howled with laughter at the ridicolousness of it all. Nothing was historically accurate about this craaazzy crazy movie with the terrible plot.

  • NikkitaMichelle

    Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer or whatever its called is obviously not a movie that is going to have a bunch of historial facts portrayed to the letter. Although she definitely is not what I would look for in casting Harriet Tubman, I’m not about to hate on another sister getting an acting gig. Those jobs are hard to come by these days, unless you’re on reality tv acting like a stereotypical a$$.

    • Guest1234

      You do realize that a more accurate casting choice would have been a sister, as well. Right? It’s not like they’d go “you’re right, next time we’ll cast Jennifer Aniston as Sojourner truth.”

      It’s not her fault, and she might as well take the job. But c’mon, ya’ll…. Why not ask for better. Why so willing to accept whatever BS hollywood throws at you without protest? Why accept it as “part of the game” instead of trying to change the game? Enough with the complacency. Call out BS when you see it. You’ll be amazed at how often it’s enough to institute some much-needed changes.

      Just when I think Hollywood’s the problem, here comes an attitude like this that makes me realize WE’RE the problem. We don’t even expect decency. We’ll take whatever junk they throw at it and gobble it up, and beg for more. Sad, black folks. Sad.

      • Lisa

        …took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you!

      • NikkitaMichelle

        I totally see what you’re saying. But although this young lady is biracial, she’s still a sister and still a black woman let’s not dismiss that fact; just because she’s not accurately the right complexion to play Harriet Tubman.

        • Cmeez

          I think you’re missing the whole point. This is about COLORISM not race. Do a lil research, sis.

          • Guest1234

            Thank you!!!

          • NikkitaMichelle

            I am born and raised in this south and have lived in this skin my entire life. The research is done. I just can’t believe that you guys are getting so upset about a movie that is totally fictional. I could see if this was a biography of Abe Lincoln’s life and all the slaves were hispanic, but this is some crap about some damn vampires. I don’t think being historically correct is what they were going for. And if you read my other statement, I agreed that casting someone so light would not have been my choice if I was the casting director, but no one asked me or anyone else on this message board.

  • Guest1234

    That was supposed to be Harriet Tubman?!!?!??! I saw that movie. She’s so NOT Harriet Tubman that I didn’t even attempt to make a connection. That’s ridiculous. Talk about stupid casting.

    That movie distorted all sorts of historical facts. It’s my understanding that the book did not, which makes the film’s distortions all-the-more ridiculous. But this one takes the cake. Hahahaha!!! pathetic.

    • Kenedy

      I haven’t seen the movie….but the whole premise of the movie is kinda stupid….Abe Lincoln wad NOT a vampire slayer or whatever….so can we honestly expect them to do any acurate casting of anyone?? I mean really? Please don’t lose sleep over this people

      • Tasha

        I think that you’re right when you say peo ple should not loose sleep. The movie is (if I am not mistaken) about Abe Lincoln slaying vampires. So, its already like a entertainment type film. I look at the situation like this: its entertainment…some stuff in the movie may be accurate and stuff may not.
        I don’t think film makers should have to make everything accurate unless they are making a biography type film. I think films for entertainment are meant to make people feel happy/excited/thrilled, not neccessarily informed. But I don’t know the film makers intentions.
        I don’t want to worry about colorism too much in film because I feel like sometimes maybe a light skinned lady is considered more marketable or maybe she really was the better actress. The other way around has happened where a darker skinned lady played a light skinned lady. I don’t know why she was picked over a light lady : talking about Angela Bassett playing Rosa Parks: but I think Hollywood is a business and they gotta make money. Maybe they make films accurately sometimes but maybe sometimes they do things so their movies won’t fail. Try to see things from that point of view.

    • Kenedy


  • I agree with the notion. But are seriously you asking a movie that is about a president who fights vampires to accurately portray black people???

    • Amija James

      I know right? When I saw the preview for the movie I thought it looked stupid as heck!

    • wveronica7

      the movie is about vampires