When Keeping It Real Goes Right & Wrong: Celebs Who We Like More And Less After Doing Reality TV

July 9, 2012 ‐ By Stephanie Guerilus

Celebrities airing out their personal business on reality TV shows have become the new normal instead of the standard back in the day when celebs used to ask, if not beg for privacy. Some make guest appearances while others devote an entire show to putting their lives under a microscope. The exposure has either helped or hurt the following celebs.



Tia and Tamera
Tia and Tamera are just like any other sisters and that’s a good thing. They can mix like oil and water but there’s nothing thicker than blood. They might get on each other’s nerves on the show, like when Tamera thought Tia wasn’t doing her part to help with her wedding in the first season of their show, “Tia & Tamera.” Tia was pregnant and was limited in what she could do but still wanted to be her maid of honor. However, the famous twins definitely have each other’s backs. The second season is already showcasing the unique dynamic between the twins, but at the end of each episode, we know that they’re going to be solid. “Tia & Tamera” the second time around is still must see TV and after showing a more personal side of themselves, we like them a lot more (though some say Tamera works their last nerve sometimes…).

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  • lulubird

    I cannot stand that andrea. She acts toooo possessive of tamera. I can see that tia is annoyed of her. Andrea needs to get a husband – or just get a life of her own. She thinks she is still in the Pepperdine days….

  • NSimonefan

    Other celebrity reality TV shows not mentioned in this article.
    Positive: Sinbad’s family show. I liked him before, really like him now. Him and his family really seem down to earth. Was surprised how his daughter grew up to be a beautiful, and might I add, tall woman, LOL. Also, she’s a good singer. I hopes she gets a recording contract. She certainly sounds a lot better than a lot of these chickenhead recording artist out now.
    Negative: Dionne Warwick’s appearance on Celebrity Apprentice. Her age is no excuse for her behavior. She was lazy, had a nasty attitude, unfair, and intimidated the other women because she’s a senior citizen and she knew that. She’s an example of someone who shouldn’t do reality TV because they may show the world their true personality; something that they in hindsight may not want the world to know about.

  • Sara

    I absolutely love Tia & Tamera. They are always glowing and fashion foward. I’d kill to be able to be them for a day. Love baby Cree Cree such a beautiful boy. Can not wait to see Tamera’s!!! It will be so cute to see baby Cree to have a cousin. Love the show, keep making me laugh ladies your happiness is contagious.

  • Mystique

    They are so beautiful.

  • #TeamTamera

    Ok, well when I 1st tuned in, I was anticipating rooting for Tia, since growing up watching the twins Tamera was so dopey & silly acting with the stupid looking faces, but after the 1st season I hated Tia so much it made me even hate her character on the Game ugh!

    Tia is definitely arrogant & jealous of Tamera’s success, which is why she wanted Tamera to be so freaking jealous of her. She hates the fact that she “HAS” to work & provide for her family, esp since Corey is a D-list actor himself who hardly gets gigs. Who knows when their next check will come, whereas Tamera can act for the pleasure of it now since she’s married into a family that holds their own. Its a slap in Tia’s face that she’s always gotten all the attention & her life seems to have been so well put together, but now Tamera has something she could only dream of…financial stability, even more so since Tia’s got fired from the Game; the only real stable job she had since Sister Sister! Just like Tamera said, Tia wants her to own into being jealous of her as if what she has isn’t good enough when in reality she has a wonderful life, even if the acting gigs are slow for a minute, but thats for any actress or actor.

    I’m now rooting for Tamera. After seeing the show, I’m glad she’s coming into her own moreso & becoming less passive. I’ve seen this over & over again with twins…one always takes the back seat to the other & when the one in the backseat shines a little it catches the more extroverted twin off. I hope Tamera continues to shine, I hope the public sees her sweet humility & I hope she excels with her family as a Housely! I love how she calls her hubby Housely at times lol!

    • Sammi

      Tamara was on that Lifetime show “Strong Medicine” where she played a doctor. She had that role for yrs and it was a good show. Wonder what Tia’s gonna do now for money cause u r so right, her man is a d-list actor with a few bit roles under his belt. Tia stole that role from Tamara and it looks like it got snatched from her. God dont like ugly. Team Tamara.

    • Sammi

      She and her husband dont seem to have much chemistry if u ask me. It seems like Tamera is trying to make a difficult thing work. I remember a few yrs back, maybe 2 yrs ago, she and Adam were broken up and she was looking to meet new guys. He seems weird to me, like he doesnt seem as into her as she is into him. I dont see this lasting. I hope im wrong but they dont seem to have the same bond/chemistry that Tia and Cory have.

  • shouldanevagaveyallmoney

    Most of these shows put black women in a negative light. I am tired of people defending Shaunie “I executive produce the show but don’t take responsibility for what I air” O’Neal. Most of these shows SUCK

  • CriticXtreme

    If you believe any of this fake/scripted crap, you are a straight up tard. This type of fakery TV is for media slores, vaginas and female acting guys. And if you let your male kids watch long enough, they will become big time Poofs!

  • CriticXtreme

    If you believe any of this fake/scripted crap, you are a straight up tard. This type of fakery TV is for media slores, vaginas and female acting guys. And if you let your male kids watch long enough, they will become big time Poofs!

  • If you believe any of this fake/scripted ish, you are a straight up tard. This type of fake TV is for fame w***es, vag!nas and female acting guys. And if watched long enough, your male kids will definitely turn into big time poofs.

  • myrtice

    I love Tia&Tamera” I would love to see some of Tia friends I am tired od seeing all of Tamera friends exspecially Andrea.

  • Spking my mind

    As you said rumored… the reality show had nothing to do with Lamar…and neither did KholeK.. it is sad that there is so many haters out here-about one family..People just can’t admit that The head of the Kardashian Clan “Kris” is a very smart business woman..and people seem to forget..there father Robert-which I am sure left them a nice amount of money..A lot of the filming was done on the off season… duh….his trade was all about the “Benjamin’s” on all ends…believe that…..

    • Ay

      It’s sad that you’re here stanning for the Kardashians.

    • Gimmeabreak78

      Why are you so sensitive about the Kardashians–calling folks “haters” and what not? Child you sound completely bamboozled, Of all the comments on this article so far, yours is the only one mentioning anything about the Kardashians. Believe it or not, boo, those folks aren’t the center of anyone’s universe, and they shouldn’t be the center of yours, either.

  • CA Pullen

    The best reality shows are Mary,Mary, Braxton Family Values. The rest of the other foolishness need to go off the air.

    • NSimonefan

      I like Mary, Mary, but after seeing them on their reality show and Sunday Best, it’s obvious that one of them has an attitude. I don’t know what her name is. She may be the one whose name is Erykah.

      • #TeamTamera

        No…its Tina….the one with the super, gigantic, erroneous shaped head, to match that ugly, nasty attitude. Erica is the sweet one, married to Warryn Campbell

  • Anonymous

    Tia & Tamera is boring, I watched the first season and that was it, we really didnt get to know them. Their parents werent shown and neither was their brother.
    Mary & Mary is my favorite reality show, I knew nothing about them and just love them and their extended family. Shaunie was great on Access Hollywood but have BBWifes she totally lowered herself!

  • Jacquiline Perkins

    Tia & Tamera Chilli The Braxton and Baskball wives are just ”BAD” but then here come a reality show that makes you smile Ti & Tiny the family hustle ”I LOVE TO WATCH THEM inter-act with there kids it brings you to say that how it was back in the day…when family was family

    • Anonymous

      Family Hustle was bad, only 30 mins long and just boring!!

    • Smiff-N-Wesson

      The Family Hustle…Hood! Anytime you have to put English captions under native English speakers, it’s a problem #tisall

      • Sammi

        Lmao! True

    • NSimonefan

      I agree. I just loved that show. I liked watching TI and Tiny them interact with their kids and each other. They seem real and genuine.

  • KJ23

    Great article! I don’t watch a lot of reality television, but this made me want to watch some though, and continue to ignore others.

  • FAMURattler85

    I love “Tia & Tamera” and watch it every week. However, it’s Andrea, Tamera’s best friend that I get tired of seeing every single episode. I don’t know why It bothers me but it does. I feel like it should be called the “Tia, Tamera, & Andrea” show if she’s going to be there.

    • Shak75

      That Andrea rubs me the wrong way. I feel like she was kinda shady during the wedding stuff, but oh well, she aint my friend so it’s all good, lol!

    • Yvette

      I love “Tia & Tamera” as well, but the last few episodes of the new season Tamera has gotten on my nerves being so whiney about her life and coming across as jealous of Tia landing more jobs than her. Tamera needs to understand that Tia MUST work to support herself, the baby and her husband because he is an actor as well and not at the level they would like for him to be. I would love to see Tamera just sit back enjoy and just take it all in. I wish the only problems I had was decorating my new home in Napa Valley and then flying back to L.A. for auditions!

      • Yamini

        I have to take on the opposite of what you wrote…lol. Tia has gotten on my nerves acting like she’s the first woman to have a baby and throwing her career in Tamera’s face.

        • RandomTandem

          Amen! Tia gets on my last nerve sometimes. She is very self centered sometimes. I think Tamera is the sweeter more humble sister and I hope she gets more work and gets her career back on track because she deserves it

          • I don’t think that Tia is self centered, I just think that she is just a lot more driven and stubborn than her sister is.

        • imjustsaying….

          I totally agree….Tia is a pain….eith stay at home with your baby or work…Women do it every day….shut-up and do what ever you do!

        • Mara

          Exactly !!!!!

      • I agree, Tamera sometimes works my last nerve sometimes because I think that she does come off a little jealous of Tia ( though I don’t think she realizes it) and sometimes a little too whiny and needy . I do think that she is still such a sweetheart though.

      • Sammi

        Tia comes off to me as someone who rubs her successes in her sisters face. Little do ppl know, she went on the wendy williams show and admited that Tamara auditioned for the game, damn near got it, and Tia went behind her back and auditioned too and they offered the job to tia. Tia admitted that and I watched her say it, not a rumor. Tamara may secretly harbor feelings about that possibly. In the one ep where she asked Tamara was she jealous and she said no, it was like Tia wanted her to say that she was. Tamara said that she was happy gettin a role on tv without her sister and using the twin gimick, saying how she did a movie yrs ago on her own and it felt good, Tia being the mean spirited wet blanket she is thought it was her duty to point out that it was 1999 when Tamara had her last single role alone. Like wtf was the point in adding in the fact that the role was over 10 yrs ago. I dont like Tia at all.

        • Mara

          I agree so muuuuuch !!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Christianna

          I agree with you Sammi. I think Tia is intensely jealous of Tamera. Tamera is so sweet and classy and Tia is kind of the opposite.

    • Trisha_B

      Yall remember that episode of Sister Sister where there friend wanted to be like them, so she get tanned, did her hair like them, wore clothes like them, & was everywhere they went? That’s who Andrea reminds me of lol

      • Sammi

        Lmao yea, their friend Denise. I miss sister sister, that was one of my fav shows growing up, that and smart guy. I reallyyyyy miss smart guy.

    • Sammi

      Reality shows always have that one person that they make a part of the cast. My issue was that on season one I never seen any of Tia and Tamara’s black friends or family. I saw like one black cousin and all her bridesmaids and girlfriends were white or half white. Tia’s husband is the only black person who is a constant on the show.

    • prettyprpro

      Hey FAMURattler85! I am a FAMU Rattler grad born in 1985!! I totally agree with you about Andrea, she is a little suspect to me! I don’t think Tia likes her that much!