Let’s Get Married! 5 Reasons Why Marriage May Be Worth It

July 8, 2012 ‐ By Brooke Dean


Let’s face it, marriage isn’t for everyone. As a matter of fact, Nia Long made headlines recently for declaring that marriage wasn’t a “priority” for her, despite having a baby with her long time boyfriend – her second child out-of-wedlock. While we know that you can be in a loving relationship without having a piece of paper to legitimize your commitment, that piece of paper can reap greater benefits to couples who make it “official” as opposed to those who are simply shacking up. Society, communities, congregations and even the IRS tend to make things a little easier for those who decide to say “I do” – so while marriage may not be YOUR cup of tea, for those who ARE considering it, here are a few reasons why uttering a few vows in front of friends, family or the courthouse officer may be worth your while.

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  • cutily

    I’m pretty sure at least 4 of these 5 reasons could have been proven wrong if they had picked non American studies.

    I want to get married but simply because I’m catholic I take pride into knowing that marriage is certainly not as magical as some people make it out to be.

    • Nehemiah53

      Knowing what you know you have a good chance of having
      a successful marriage!

  • http://twitter.com/bagaybon Bagay Bon

    What’s the difference between my parents who have been living together for 28 years and your parents who have been living together for X years.
    A piece of paper! My mom is a feminist and my dad (all of us) is a strong supporter of what she believes in. We don’t believe in religion. So what is the problem with raising your children without the paper like my parents did?

    • Nehemiah53

      It’s your parents right not to get papers, the only problem your parents
      might have is legal problem if a break up come or one become deceased.

  • happy

    I am married to my best friend and most days I love it . I am happy. I just don’t want any kids. Marriage is a good thing.

    • Nehemiah53

      Happy if you don’t want children please by all means do not have children, and have a happy marriage.

  • Mara

    When people stop saying that marriage is a piece of paper and realizing it’s a covenant relationship between yourself, husband and God, maybe people will take it seriously. Marriage definitely isn’t for everyone, but it’s more than just raising kids on “on demand” sex. When you’re mature enough to understand and value marriage, you will want it along with finding someone who wants it too.

    • Nehemiah53

      You are right there is nothing like it, I love married life, if something would happen to my wife I will find me another wife!


      “When people stop saying that marriage is a piece of paper and realizing it’s a covenant relationship between yourself, husband and God, maybe people will take it seriously.”


    • Nehemiah53

      right on point!

  • Nope

    Everyone claims they know what marriage is all about, but few people can really articulate what it’s really about. The relative lucky few that will ever exchange vows pretty much get on the job training. Men are afraid of it and avoid it, women are “supposed” to want it and think they do but neither truly knows what it’s all about.

    • Nehemiah53

      Getting married was the best thing that every happen to me, after watching my parents marriage of fifties six years I pretty much knew what to expect once you become married it’s a wonderful thing to grow in love and caring for each other, however it takes work, patient, and understand to become married as Martin Luther King Jr. said “people think when you stand and say I do that you are married, but you are not, that’s a legal procedural, he said the definition of marriage is two people coming together to become one, and it take time to do that it takes year of work to become one”.

  • Rhonda Chambers

    Good mates only come to people who look a certain way, have certain lifestyles jobs. Regular people who are struggling in life just arent gonna find that kind of happiness.

    • Tess

      This isn’t true at all.

  • Hrdblkman

    I’m starting to think marriage is better for men…… All the ” on demand s3x” and not having to pay alimony, if you have a prenup. Seriously brothas, get a blk chick to sign a prenup, and hump away…… Look at Dwayne wade, Deion sanders, Kenny Anderson and any other baller married to a blk chick.

    • Hrdblkman

      And if you don’t want to pay cs, you can always get custody of your children as an ex husband. It’s much more difficult as a baby daddy

  • gracie

    Hmmmm makes sense :-)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WUGLV57QFFE6LIKX56IOOC7FNI T

    If you want to get married non black men are a better choice.

    And don’t listen to bitter bums who might tell you that other men don’t want you
    all you need is ONE man.

    Nope, BM not the only men that will want you!

    • Destiny

      Non black men are better? Seriously? You must not date much. I have dated many men of many colors Black, White, Hispanic and an Asian man. The truth is men are men. There are bad ones and there are good ones. I have had great relationships with black men. I am currently dating a great mixed (black/white) guy. Ladies its all about finding the right one. The sooner we all realize that color really isn’t that important the better off we will be.

      • Nehemiah53

        You are the devil trolling black web sites trying to deceive weak black women, you mean us black people no good!

        • GLAMOUR

          …and YOU are CRAZY!

    • Nehemiah53

      You too mean black women no good, because if you are saying non black men are better you are also say non black women are better and I know that’a a lie!!!!!!!!! T you are a devil also trying to deceive weak black women! I got you down pat and I going to pull the cover from over your face!

      • Hawaiian Breeze

        “You too mean black women no good, because if you are saying non black men are better you are also say non black women are better…

        That isn’t what she/he is saying, it’s what YOU personally think.

  • Tess

    Outside of the kids part, I don’t know about the other reasons. Interesting article.

    • Ron Libra

      It is always interesting to hear young people reason over marriage. I assure you that as you mature and grow older the idea of spending the autumn and winter of your lives without a substantiated bond will be daunting and down right frightening

      • Hawaiian Breeze

        How can YOU decide for someone else on what they may want later in life?

      • Nehemiah53

        you are mature and have great foresight and have not been sucking on that
        liberal gas pipe!

    • Nehemiah53

      The five reason are true, very good and fact fill article.

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