The Mourning’s Over: Donna Summer’s Daughters Reportedly Fighting Over Fortune

July 6, 2012  |  


When people with money die it usually doesn’t take long for tears over their passing to turn into fights over their money. That is reportedly the case with disco diva Donna Summer’s family. Drawing on news from the National Enquirer, according to Eurweb, two of the ’70s singer’s three daughters, Mimi, 39, and Brooklyn, 31, are battling it out to see who will get most of their deceased mother’s $75 million fortune.

According to the site, the fact that the sisters have different fathers is likely the source of contention.Donna and her husband Bruce Sudano, who the money has supposedly been left to, are the parents of Brooklyn and Amanda, 28, while German actor Helmut Sommer, Donna’s ex-husband, is the father of Mimi.

A source told the Enquirer:

“Donna was barely gone before Mimi and Brooklyn began battling over how much money they should get. Mimi thinks she should get the most because she is first born, but Brooklyn made it clear that she and her sister Amanda should get more.

“Poor Bruce is still very upset over Donna’s passing, and the last thing he needs to deal with is the daughters fighting over the money – especially since Donna left it all to him, and he is being generous by agreeing to share it. Amanda is sweet and is sympathetic to Bruce. She keeps telling her sisters to stop being so greedy and give him space to grieve before making him go through all the finances.”

The source added that people close to Bruce say he should keep the money for himself, and it is interesting that Donna didn’t make any provisions for her daughters. It would seem splitting the fortune equally four ways would make the most sense or three ways even, with Bruce getting the larger sum, but considering the singer just passed away May 17, it would be nice if the girls could put aside their fighting and allow everyone to grieve first without the money bickering.

What do you think about this situation?

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  • There isn’t an ounce of truth to this article. It is a huge lie. The children of Donna Summer are NOT fighting over money and are NOT fighting with each other.

  • Tom from NYC

    IF this story is true – which if one reads “drawing on news from The National Enquirer, according to Eurweb …” we have to assume that at least most of it is “according to sources” — then it is very sad.

  • Giove

    This whole story is ridiculous. Nothing about this is true, and how can you print or read these lies? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Mick Denis

      Good for you…. I was thinking the same thing..but people always want to believe the worst. They are a great family… I don’t believe for one minute there is any kind of fighting or worry about money !!

  • mdeborah827

    Yet another talented, gorgeous but dimwitted star. This entire thing could have been avoided by simply laying out an equal share to each of the daughters and give the husband a larger share. I blame this on Donna for being so stupid. Money is always a problem.
    I don’t talk to most of my family over it. My family is used to fighting over money/property. Once I got a chance to take a look at an old map and see they were fighting or over a century for property on an island that the waters could overtake in an instant I left them alone and that my aunt had been preaching as a born again out loud but inwardly scheming and teacher her kids to do the same my whole life in preparation for the grand moment when she could do this, I never spoke to any of them ever again.
    It’s strange to have people so close to you scheme against ou your entire life butt I have NO patience to not only deal with it, but I’ve also developed a distinct hate for born again christians. I love the Lord, but I REALLY despise born agains because I’ve met so many terrible people who profess to be born again. After a few incidents that were intense with them, all I ever see is bible thumping satanic being and i won’t no part of them or their bad behavior.
    Glad I didn’t grow up attached to the idea that I was supposed to inherit property because I was born here and know I could make a way somehow and buy my own house. the hussy came up here to see about my intentions. I walked in the house and there she was unexpectedly. I told her dead to her face that I’ll buy my own property and earn my own money. What she didn’t understand is that i don’t associate with thieves and lying bible thumpers. What she also got a kick out of was trying to call and be friendly again. There are some people in this world who are mentally messed up and want to revel in their bad treatment of you. I cut off all communications regarding this. She made the mistake of trying to call one holiday. She’ll never do that again.
    Dealing with other ‘believers’ also taught me a lot so when the situation came I was prepared. It was harder on my Mother than me but I was able to turn my back and never look back.
    Donna was like an aunt of mine that planned for confusion after her death. My advice to the girls is to go find your own fortune and leave well enough alone. Develop their own talents and move on from there. When idiotic relalives leave a mess behind they are trying to manipulate from the grave.
    Was sad to see her with cancer but now horrified to know that she had the money to move away from the downtown NY area and chose to live in that stricken area. I had a cousin (yes black people used to be in that area back in the early 70’s/80’s – on Greenwich street and if you go back further our bones are still buried in that area as the African Burial Ground is in that vacinity) who was worried about her deceased sister’s kid living on Greenwich street once 9/11 occurred. Anyone who realized that the dust was debris from pulvarized remains of everything and everyone that collapsed in each instance would know to get out of there.
    This is story is pitiful.

  • shame on you

    ”its just money” a means to an end…

  • gracie

    Oh well , the rich also cry:-(

  • FromUR2UB

    I’d heard, don’t exactly remember where, that this was only a rumor. I hope so. But a death in the family does have a way of exposing the wicked side of people.

  • Chanda

    How do they know all this is true? Enquiring minds want to know.

  • Russn3

    So, if The Enquirer says this, it’s true? This is all just gossip. Summer and her family were/are extremely private. It’s all just BS. And believe me, Donna Summer was no dummy. Her fortune is estimate north of 75 million. She didn’t just work hard for the money, she knew how to protect it. And of course she had will or trust.

  • RedButterfly81

    I think she did right by leaving it to her husband, her daughters sound like golddigging hussies!

  • choppin it up

    Many interesting comments,,, So sad that this that this all too common issue evolves after a love one passes. Life is a precious gift to us yet we overlook its clues in the process of living it. Oh! I got it covered and it don’t get done.Ultimately, its your responsibility to make as a parent to adequately prepare for that inevitable day for yourself n surviving benefactors. It’s biblical to leave an inheritance but oh how often it looses it meaning in and moral value. We are taxed more than enough throughout life, and in death when proper asset protection strategies are not in place. I’m just saying..

  • Shay

    I wonder, too, why Donna didn’t leave any provisions in her will for her children – especially, when one of them is not biologically her husband’s. However, she left the money to her husband for a reason. Either she wanted him to have it all, or they discussed how the money would be divided.

  • Ladybug94

    She left her money to who she wanted to have it. If she wanted the daughters to have it she would have made that provision.

    • Ladybug94

      Plus if she didn’t have a will, her estate would still go to her husband eventually. Probate issues are not overnight.

  • He should give each daughter a buck and tell them to buy a clue! That just dumb, that why old rich white folks usually give it all away to charity or their damn cat! They really need to sit down and shut up. Doesn’t matter who was first born, if he give them anything it should be very little, they young go to work and earn your own!

  • jmc225

    Yall are all retarded if yall really believe a story that comes from the Enquirer. That is the last source you need to trust for accurate information.

    • HollyDee

      OMG! Now that you mention this, you are so right. And to :: THINK ::, most of reading this fell for it. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amazed

    they shouldn’t get s**t!!!

  • The importance of a Will is amazing. This should of been discussed when she was alive.

  • Yvette

    I know first hand what happens when a loved one dies and leaves money. My father passed away six months ago. I don’t speak to one of my brothers right now today because he thought my father had more money than he actually did and when we divided it up between us he thought there was more. When I explained and even proved to him that I was being truthful, he still called me a liar behind my back to other family members causing much drama amongst the family and now it has broken our relationship. I want to be the bigger person and try to make amends with him but I know my efforts will be in vain because he and I have always had terrible sibling rivalry and he cares so much about money that he can’t see how his behavior is affecting everyone else. I love my brother and it hurts my heart that we don’t speak but it is what it is. It is even more heartbreaking because my mother passed away in 2010. My parents would not be happy that we don’t talk but again it is what it is. I have moved on with my life and pray that one day my brother and I will make things right between us.



  • rose

    Maybe there’s a reason why she left it all to her husband and did not divided it between her daughters.I think he should keep the money and make the decision if and how much he wants to give them. I think it’s terrible that they are fighting over money and so soon too.

  • Jessica Williams

    that is very interesting that the provisions for her daughters wasn’t spelled out. Bruce is indeed being very generous. i would guess Ms. Summers wants them to earn their own keep, and not depend solely on her fortune. i hope they can come to a peaceful settlement without causing a break in the family.

  • Rdc

    It’s common for spouses to leave their money to the other one, so them fighting over money that doesn’t belong to them is ridiculous.

    • Agreed! That’s probably why she left it all to him and not them.

  • NeonGumbo

    This is another “Michael Jackson” story of Black wealth created by Black genuis going back into the hands of whites.

    • frank_0888

      Your an idiot!

      • The Mouse

        Actually, it is “you’re” but you are correct about the idiot part, LOOOOL

    • REENO

      Actually, Donna did not create those records by herself. She had Giorgio Moroder & Pete Bellotte doing most of the work.

  • Shameful..

  • CA Pullen

    It is a ashame how money changes people. These people are not even grieving over their mother ‘s death they all about being greedy over money. If she didn’t leave them anything and left it all to the husband, they all need to sit down.

  • Kells

    Its shouldn’t matter they the same mother. Its should be split 4 ways.. Its really ashame. Where did they get the idea from that the oldest should get the most.. I sware this sounds like some ish my sister would do if my mom passes.. Smh.. She battles my mom now for the home she worked hard to buy since she’s bought it. When my mom ask what about Kelli the youngest (me) she says what about her.. Its sad. I am sure the dad will split it appropriately.

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  • I went to church last night and the Minister was speaking about this. His main point was how we came here with nothing and we will leave here with nothing. Do not let materialism rule you. Also, it speaks volumes that their Mother has just passed and they are arguing about her money like she never existed. I mean “dang” I know we all need it so I’m not going to dummy down anything but really is that all our existence is about “money”? I will pray for this family that maybe they will grieve the lose of this beautiful and talented women (their mother, friend, wife etc) and then come to terms with how they are going to handle her estate.

  • rosemary davis

    Ok so if she left it all too him than what are they fighting for it seems to me that the ball is in his court and he can do as he wish.Them fighting over ther mother’s fortune is nothing new this happens everyday when there is no will and it tears families apart some don’t talk to each other for years and some don’t talk ever again and if this is not settle soon it will cause a major riff within their family it’s amazing how the scrpitures prove too be oh so true how the love of money can stab people that result in so much unnecessary pain and heartache

    • correctenglish

      That would be: ‘Their’ fighting over…
      The possessive is used before a gerund.

      • Tyler Cole

        That would be “They’re” fighting over…
        If you’re going to call yourself ‘correctenglish’ then you might want to correct English correctly, otherwise it makes you look like a bit of a tit.

  • Sheenabtn

    I think it speaks VOLUMES that she did NOT make preparations for her daughters. With that kind of money, her lawyer(s) & financial planner(s) & even husband would’ve made sure that her money was secure upon her passing; either long ago or shortly before passing. He seems, according to the article, to know where her heart was in regards to finances. She probably knew that it would be a mess regardless and left the decision to him.

    • Tax Lady10

      You don’t make provisions for your children if your spouse survives you — otherwise that 75 MM fortune gets eaten by the Taxman 50%. Surviving spouses get a marital deduction, meaning it can pass to them for free; once it goes to the next generation (the daughters) then it gets taxed. She probably did make provisions for her daughters but no one will know who gets what until Bruce Sudano dies.

  • Tam

    He should keep it and the daughters need to get over it.

  • wveronica7

    She should of had a will. I only say this because one of the girls have a different father and things can become sticky in those situations. Not all step parents are genuine and some half-siblings feel entitled to more since their parents are the ones that are married. They need to wait and seek a financial consultant to sort through it that way its a third party. The husband should take the larger share.

    • if she “left it to him” then the implication is she had a will and her intent was to “leave it to him”, she must have truly loved him because I would have left my kids something is all I’m saying

    • correctgrammar

      That would be: She should have had a will.

    • Ladybug94

      She did, she left her money to her husband.

  • Vanee6

    I did not know that Brooklyn Sudano (Vanessa from My Wife and Kids) was Donna Summer’s daughter. Learn something new everyday. The fact that they are fighting so soon over money is petty. They mama just died. I’d still a wreck. However I think that definitely could have been avoided if Donna had put in her will who she wanted to have what. Maybe at the time her children were younger though when she left it all to the husband, and she never changed the stipulations. SMH

    • Ladybug94

      Yep. I thought that was cool that she went into acting when I first saw her on the show.

    • Ladybug94

      I agree but regardless if she meant to change it or not; she didn’t. She left everything to hubby and he doesnt have to give them anything.

  • MLS2698

    This is a shame, and it makes my heart sink to know sisters/family will do this. Everyone needs a will whether you have a large amount of money of not. If all you have is a ragged Mustang in the garage, for God’s sake, make provisions to donate it, or dictate who it goes to, because the ” living” are crazy.

    • Your statement the “living” are crazy is so profound and truthful WOW!:)

    • This article is a shame because there isn’t ANY truth to it whatsoever. Donna and Bruce raised amazing young women, and this article is full of nothing but LIES.