A Sad Day In Parenting: Mother Forces Toddlers To Fight On Camera, Posts Clip On Facebook

July 5, 2012  |  

Source: Sodahead.com

There are so many things wrong with the picture I’m about to paint for you. One, a mother thought it was cute to have little girls under the age of 2 fight for entertainment. Two, she recorded it with a cell phone so she could relive the moment I assume; and three, she posted it on Facebook presumably so others could enjoy the show as well. That’s the story that’s being reported from Fox News in St. Louis after an acquaintance of the mother alerted them to the video clip.

Thankfully, Missouri’s Department of Social Services may now be investigating this situation after viewers came across the clip of two toddlers fighting barely clothed to the taunts of the mother telling them, “Y’all better ball up some fists!” and exclaiming “We got some action” when the babies followed her orders.

The associate who reported the video told Fox:

“It’s just sickening and I feel like there should be some kind of criminal action taken. I couldn’t even watch the whole video.  I had to stop it and look again. It was sad.”

Speaking on the encouragement to ball up their fists, she added:

“It’s like she’s training her before she starts school or something.  It’s sad because today’s society in the black community its really sickening that these kids are learning how to fight, get guns and stuff, and it shouldn’t be going on.”

Fox isn’t naming names since the mother in question hasn’t been charged with anything, but they have asked  social services to look into the situation. St. Louis child psychologist Russell Hyken agrees that someone other than curious YouTubers should watch the footage.

“That’s pretty overwhelming.  Those are small children that really don’t even understand what is going on. I mean one child is screaming and the other child continues to go after her.  I mean what is going on here?

“I think it is something that they at least need to be looking at.  I don’ t know the law in that area, but as a therapist, and a family therapist at that, I’m pretty concerned the parents are encouraging violence and putting their kids in a physically abusive situation.”

Hopefully Social Services will feel the same. Take a look at the clip here. What do you think?

Brande Victorian is the news and operations editor for madamenoire.com. Follow her on twitter @Be_Vic.

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  • ChocolateDallasDiva

    This is truly the saddest, sickest, most disturbing video I’ve watched in a long time. Child Protective Services SHOULD be investigating this woman if she had these babies to this for her amusement. What else are they or have they been exposed to? What else do they have to do to entertain mama? WE, AS A PEOPLE, HAVE TO PROTECT OUR FUTURE and the babies are our future. She should be brought up on child endangerment charges. What if it went too far and, God forbid, one of the little girls hit their head on the floor (or anywhere else) too hard? Wouldn’t be so entertaining then, would it?

  • artistlg

    Plain and Simple. Hitting a child in a similar manner is CHILD ABUSE, soooo An adult ALLOWING a child to get hit like this is WRONG its ABUSE!! No I am not GOD, but yes I am judging. She should have her kids taken because she is OBVIOUSLY not a fit mother. AND if anyone thinks this behavior is OK then you too should be no where near children. I cant believe how much our soldiers go through for our country and to hear such ignorance and stupid idiotic behavior that goes on in our country! These trashy people are the ones we should drop off in IRAQ!

  • CarlaKah

    Noo I couldn’t watch ANYMORE. Take these kids to responsible loving adults and lock up the mom

  • Zoe Skkye

    But these are the videos we are so entertained by on sites like Youtube and WorldStar where girls and guys are beating each other up…we give these sites millions of views…it’s a shame that it would take someone posting a video w/ 2 babies fighting the same way for us, as in society, to be concerned…double standards I say. When you have Bad Girls Club, Basketball Wives, Real World, and such shows who encourage violence in order to increase the ratings and we tune in to watch folks like Tami bully anyone who says anything she doesn’t like…we, as a society, encourage this behavior..we have encouraged this parent or guardian to promote such behavior..she is most likely a child herself, a product of her environment, a statistic..so who could blame her…not offering her any excuse for her actions or lack there of..but could you blame her really…I thought the video was comical at first but then I realized how desensitized I was and that these are little babies who don’t know right from wrong but count on the adults in their lives to teach them..not grown women who should know how to act…I was sad for these babies’ future and what it could possibly turn out to be. But then again the way society is turning they are likely to end up on one of these shows America watches “religiously”. While the jails and pockets of network executives overflow…

  • YouShouldBeAshamed12

    This is truly sad. I have a 5 year old daughter and I would NEVER! People are making ignorant comments agreeing with this abominable act. Saying things such as “I agree that you cannot sit there and just let someone hit you without hitting them back.” First of all, these are BABIES!! This is NOT a situation where one person walked up and hit another so that person was left to defend themselves. They were MADE to fight. She is a very sad excuse for a mother. Someone should definitely be looking into this further. As a black woman and a woman in general it is our responsibility to raise our children to become something in life and to have some code of conduct and ethics to live by. Who care is “white families to the same thing” as someone stated. Does that make it right?! Once person kills themselves, we all kill ourselves? One person jumps off a bridge, we all jump off a bridge?! Exactly. This is not about everyone else’s family. The issue at hand right now is THIS woman and THIS video. This is wrong on so many levels. Bottom line. The more I write the more pissed off I become. So, let me end this by saying…she needs someone to beat her a** and videotape it for the world to see. Smdh

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  • lb

    I’m like crying right now. Sad so sad=(

  • this is no different then if they were in a daycare and the teacher was too busy with the other kids to stop the fight in time the other child needs to know in some way or fashion to not let other kids hit them how ever one teaches their child this we grew up on if some one hits you hit them back or they will keep hitting you …. I feel nothing should be done to the mother it looks as if they one child was already hitting the other and in stead of stoping it the mother let it go on so they would learn look the other way sorta of speak because all kids on the play ground dnt play nice

    • Sarah Marie

      Have you ever been to jail? You sound like a straight up hood rat. And most hood rats know 2 things well: the prison system, and the food stamps line.

      • FromUR2UB

        And you sound like someone who needs to tear people down to elevate herself. She didn’t say anything that should warrant a personal attack. Verbal meanness doesn’t demonstrate the civility that an intolerance for violence should.

      • anonymous


    • Juctice

      I notice that you keep commenting that the mother is trying to teach the chidren self defense… I guess that could be logical except for the fact that she recorded it then put it online… So was it for her amusement? All signs point to yes. Yes kids have to learn to pick themselves up but not like this… This is immature and extremely tacky not only for herself herself but for her community as well… Smh

  • Kandiekaine

    That is disturbing and it makes you wonder what she actually does to the children and how she disciplines. I hope that someone does take a close look at this I have four children and yes they bicker and argue but I would never condone it furthermore edge them on or teach them to attack each other! It’s ridiculous!!

    • the question is what if it was a stanger another kid on the play ground your child would sit there and let the other child hit on them its not ok to fight but there is a such thing call self defence you ever heard of it… what do you tell your child to do if another child hits them….. some will run and tell some will hit back I know which one your child is

      • Wow

        Do you realize that toddlers will fight and it’s totally natural behavior because whining, crying, hitting, and biting are ways they express emotions because they can’t verbalized how they feel. What’s not natural is for a toddler to go into mike Tyson beat down mode as a reaction to another child basically behaving like a child. Ghetto a$$ adults are teaching these children to react like savage a$$ adults would react. If we stop acting like and thinking like barbarians and teaching our kids to respond in like fashion maybe some of this violence that is perpetuated in “da hood” would be curtailed.

      • Kandiekaine

        It’s a right way and a wrong way to teach your kids to speak up and defend themselves and this was not the way and I doubt that was her intentions.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    No! Lock her a$$ up because if she’s doing this to toddlers, imagine was she’s gonna do when they get older. . .

  • Angee

    Disgusting! Awful! I hate I even clicked the play button!!

  • Kitty

    I’m sick of these hood rats…

  • Ashley

    How to you enjoy watching two kids fight?!?! it doesnt break your heart to hear these children sobbing?!?! Smh, I dont understand

  • RedButterfly81

    This b—h ain’t no mother to begin with. This is why we need license to be parents, I mean mental evaluation, parenting classes and drug tests. This makes me vomit as a mother myself!

    • Guest

      I have been saying this for years. Teachers have to be certified to teach, doctors have to be certified to practice medicine, lawyers have to pass the bar to practice. Yet people can have and “raise” children left and right. Maybe if classes and counseling were given we can start to break the cycle and build up our community.

      • this just sound like one way to control the pop.or take way someone rights or freedom that makes no since one does not get paid to parent but ones gets a pay check to be a teacher doctor lawyer so you can not compare the only god can judge and he decides who can and who cant have children

        • SMHgurl24

          God and social services decides who cant have children. I would gladly give a portion of my paycheck 2 them if i could if they could insure me these disgusting, embarassing, wastes of air will NEVER get their children back! Makes me sick to my stomach that trash like this train their children to become sorry a$$ losers like themselves. making your kids fight for entertainment are you kidding me?! leave the parenting to someone who has more sense then that..

    • are you a mother?

      • RedButterfly81

        Why yes I am a mom and by looking at your comments defending this woman, you’re just as worse as that ignorant trash!

  • What’sgoingON

    Please tell me the authorities have gone to this home. I could not continue to watch this video. My heart is hurting and I just want to take those babies out of that environment and show them love. Abuse is taken so lightly now and the things that are going on in homes are just ridiculous. I am praying for those babies and the mothers. Where are the grandmothers? Where are the elders and the women and men of wisdom to help this generation?

  • Cha Cha

    Basketball wives in the making… *sigh*

  • FromUR2UB

    I know this won’t go over well, but in the words of Bernie Mac, “That’s for outside kids”. Siblings or other blood relatives should never be encouraged to beat each other up. I don’t know what this woman’s reasoning was for having these kids fight, but if she lives in a rough area, then she may have only thought she was teaching them to defend themselves so they wouldn’t walk in fear. I’m not condoning this, but trying to give the adult the benefit of the doubt, and not believe that this was merely sport for her. But, this isn’t the way to do it, because this will only make these kids turn mean. There are a few people who manage to float through life without ever having been relentlessly harrassed or bullied, without ever having to raise a hand to anyone just to get them off your back. So, I expect that those people can’t conceive of any reason for a parent to teach a kid how to fight.

    • wow

      They are two (at most), who are they going to have to fight off to the point that you have to practice by pummeling another toddler? Are they going to be stuck in a dark alley by themselves, are they going to be in the club where they’ll have to fend out some other hating a$$ two year olds, are they going to be walking home from day care by themselves and worry about getting jumped? They are babies for goodness sake. Are we so desensitized to humanity that we could even rationalize why two grown women would think that it’s ok to force two babies to beat the crap out of each other? Black people come on!! There is NO justification for this.

      • FromUR2UB

        Dear, I wasn’t offering a justification for the children beating each other! I was trying to understand the mindset of the woman, and the circumstances that may have lead her there. People are products of their environments, and are molded by their experiences, good and bad. If you’ve never had to deal with meddlesome people, then great for you. (clap, clap!) But, that’s not everyone’s reality. When kids get bullied, it occurs in the places they frequent: at school / daycare, on a bus / van, at the park, at Chucky Cheese’s, whereever. More bus drivers and teachers look the other way rather than stop what’s going on? So, in the meantime, what’s supposed to happen? There’s not an age when bullying begins. And generally, when teaching anything, you don’t wait until the instruction is needed to begin teaching. That’s kind of the whole theory behind school. Wow, is right.

      • how about at an over crowded low budget daycare where the ratio is out number and the teacher cant keep her eyes on all the kids it happens on the play ground and at day care… it has happen to my kid and one does not want their kid letting another kid hit on them its possible it has happen to mind my child was bitten really bad no one took the other kid off my kid this was my oldest child my 2nd child they are like night and day but my youngest is not letting no body bit or hit him and this is not my doing differen dna i guess i have to watch him close cause i never know what he gonna do next he is a mess but I dnt worry about him thats for sure

        • Zoe Skkye

          You don’t worry yet…until he is older and still fighting and kicked out of schools. Then he lands in jail…I’m starting to think this is YOU who recorded this video to teach your daughter “how to defend herself” and she is the one in the white T-shirt still getting beat up…so what lesson did fighting or “defending yourself” have you taught by forcing your lil baby to go at each other like animals…I don’t care what you say 2 years old is still young but it’s old enough to teach them to keep their hands to themselves, no biting, spitting, kicking, punching, etc…I guess you weren’t taught that at that age…

    • I somewhat agree and understand were you coming from I think they live in ruff area did your older love one or parent teach you how to defend your self to each is own how were you tought…. I have seen some young parents put there kids in boxing lessing I will most liking not be doing that but not everone can aford ty kon do

    • JEM

      This is why I firmly believe that black children should be enrolled in martial arts as young as possible. I know some people can’t afford classes like that, but they need to seek out financial help or free lessons for their children because martial arts is not just self-defense, it’s a skill, and at times a way of life. Therefore, the kids come away with so much more than just being able to defend themselves. They come away with high self esteem and discipline (something they may not be getting at home). I think that would stop the “cycle” someone else referred to of children terrorizing others because they think aggression is acceptable. Martial arts doesn’t condone that kind of behavior, but it does give one a quiet confidence that they can handle themselves if necessary.

      • FromUR2UB

        Yes, I studied Kenpo Karate for five years during my youth, and one of the main tenets of any martial art is that it’s not to be used to bully people, but only to defend oneself against physical bullying. Discipline and self-control are definitely necessary elements to self-defense. The problem I have with zero-tolerance policies, is that they don’t work. They’ve created a society of victims, because bullies continue to do what they do, at the expense of others who’ve learned that it’s wrong to defend oneself. Additionally, it has emboldened people to become verbally abusive toward others without fear of consequence. I’m not so sure the world is a better place, now that people feel they can say or do any ol’ thing to people, and nothing should result from it.

      • Zoe Skkye

        Ummm why, so they could make a more interesting video…the issue isn’t self defense…the issue is this “parent or guardian” who encouraged these toddlers to fight each other. There isn’t any sort of lesson she is teaching them but to act w/ violence. She should’ve stopped them but she didn’t…Martial arts isn’t the answer for this situation at all but a lesson on using your words and keeping your hands to yourself…a lesson on compassion for your sister/cousin/friend…a lesson on respect for yourself…I would’ve told em, “Sit down..put some clothes on..keep your hands to yourself..and STOP screaming..watch this Barney tape about Sharing is Caring..apologize and say you are sorry..than sit in timeout for 2 minutes!!” A 2 year old, I really can’t see taking martial arts for defense..but at an older age when they understand when to use martial arts and why they should use it is more appropriate…

        • JEM

          My comment wasn’t regarding the children in the video specifically, but rather the original poster’s comment about children living in tough neighborhoods. My point was that martial arts instills confidence and the ability to defend oneself in a reasonable manner without turning into a menace or a bully like others who “learn” how to fight in an uncontrolled environment (i.e. using your siblings/relatives/friends as punching bags).

  • wow

    This is appalling and tears came to my eyes watching this. I have no words, other than anger. These innocent babies being molded by these monsters to continue a cycle of violence and ignorance that continues to plague our community. Now these two babies are going to grow up to terrorize my kids and your kids and the cycle just continues. I try so hard to understand and empathize with this one aspect of our diaspora because we all didn’t have the same upbringing or grow up in the same environment. But (I’m saying this out of anger) it’s sh1t like this that makes want to banish these dysfunctional a$$ mofos to their own island b/c watching this tells me that some folks are beyond help or redemption.

    • Laquisha Monae

      Or just lock them up in jail. Why waste perfectly good island space.

      • Numero Uno

        Why waste perfectly good tax dollars having them sit in jail?

    • JEM

      It’s sad because generations before us were people with class, grace, and dignity, even if they only had a dime to their name, their words, wisdom, and values made them rich. Once upon a time we were encouraged to carry ourselves with dignity, no matter how little we had materialistically/economically/academically. Clearly, something was lost somewhere down the line.

  • LawGirl713

    It’s funny, in the world of corporate America, as a black woman, I have to wear the color of all things black on my shoulders. I have to watch how I pronounce my words; making sure that my southern dialect is not shown. Not because I am ashamed of my color or where I came from – no – but because I know that my words are not being listened to for their content; but are being listened to for the way I speak them. I have to prove that I am not a “nigr” or ANGRY BLACK WOMAN first in order to get respect. Then after all I have done, I go home and look at a video that has basically set me back to the starting line yet again. This video represents a small % of black folks, but somehow becomes representative of 100% all of black people. So tomorrow, I will get up and stand proudly with my beautiful dark skin and prove them wrong one more time.

    • Me

      She doesn’t represent black folks at all. She represents stupid a**holes!

    • I bet trashy white families do the same.

  • Love_Your_Smile

    I can’t even bring myself to hit the play button… Just reading this article sickens me to my stomach.

    • Lola

      It’s good that you didn’t. The video is more sickening than words could express.



  • wveronica7

    This literally broke my heart. Watching these two babies be coerced into fighting is sickening. It is because of parents like these why violence is an issue in our communities and why juveniles are being detained. This is ABSURD!! I am still in shock over what I just watched. I’m not a mother but my instincts wanted to comfort those babies in their pain and neither one of the mother’s got up off their behind to see about the their child!! SMDH, I can’t, I am at a lost for words. I cannot rationalize why this is happening.

    • every time my child falls or hurts them self do wrong doing and i have told them to stop I do not comfort them or see about their bruse ego I tell my son to sake it off this is not good to baby a child everytime they hurt them self has one ever notice how a child will run and fall as many times but that one time when everybody see’s them fall they start crying the kids didnt seem hurt to me …. I might would of broke it up but then again what if I was in the other room I would not want my child to sit there and let someone hit on them I stick with when someone hits you hit them back

      • Grammar Police

        When writing on message boards it is strongly suggested that you learn how to use proper grammar and syntax. Run-on sentences and poor spelling only prove your extreme lack of education. If it were up to me, you would not get a parenting license based on the statement you just made @facebook-1077713683:disqus

        • wtf difference does it make?! does her run on sentence have anything to do with the children fighting and how it’s wrong?

        • Lola

          Are you serious? Sigh.

      • awet

        As if you argument held any merit, why on earth would the mother be recording that mess? For them to study and improve their jabs for the next round? No, she thought that watching her babies act violently was cute and comical and posted it fb to in order to gain the same reaction from her friends! Thankfully her friends weren’t as ignorant as she thought.

      • Bitchitzme!

        U seem to be just as ignorant as the rat azz RATS that lay theses babies fight. This is who racist azz people say we blacks are!
        The only thing being taught to these babies is how to end up in jail! And how yo Syay in the hood cuz that dont work in teal world!
        F***ing RATS!

      • wveronica7

        So you would encourage the behavior?Its a difference from learning from your mistakes and engaging in bad behavior for the hell of it. This behavior will be the norm for them when it should not be.

      • Lola

        Well, how about some one comes to your house with another woman and instigates the two of you into a fight and then video tapes and posts online for the whole world to see?? Or better yet, next you’re out minding your buisness and someone comes and jumps on you, beating your a** how about everyone just stops and watches and records the action instead of coming to your aid? That would be fair, right? You got fists, you should be able to defend yourself, right?
        SMDH. Grow up.

  • Jzchris