Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh At War With Child’s Mother!

July 1, 2012  |

Chris Bosh may be a member of a championship basketball team but his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child is dead set on exposing him as somewhat of a deadbeat dad.

The initial battle began earlier in the year when Chris took his ex, Allison Mathis, to court in an attempt to have the courts allow their daughter Trinity to attend the All-Star Weekend festivities with him.  Mathis responded by saying that at just three years old, there was no need to be around that environment; a judge agreed with her. Most recently, they were in court again because Bosh wanted to be allowed to take Trinity with him to London during the Summer Olympics to see him play, as he is a member of the U.S. team.  Alexis felt that because of the heightened security alert and threats of terrorism, it would not be smart for Trinity to be there.  After hearing both sides of the argument, a judge ruled in favor of Allison, citing that there would not be anyone there to really watch her (Bosh actually just pulled out of the Olympics due to a rehab injury).

Now, Allison has taken to digital media.  She recently spoke on camera to Rhymes With Snitch about all the trouble she’s been having with Bosh as it pertains to their daughter. She states that since losing her job due to layoffs, she is about to lose her home and has also applied for government assistance. Mathis says she cannot understand why she only receives $2.700 per month in child support when Chris makes $18 million per year as a member of the Miami Heat.

For his part, Bosh’s attorneys have responded to this video in a letter to Mathis’ attorney stating that what she failed to also mention was that Bosh pays for all of Trinity’s medical and dental bills, all preschool expenses as well as developmental and extracurricular activities and finally, he’s set up a college trust fund for their daughter.  None of these things were mandated by the court when he was ordered to pay $2,7oo month. Additionally, his lawyers said she failed to mention that he gave her $250,000 in 2010.  They go on to say that Bosh will not be intimidated by her campaign to extort him and that his efforts are to provide for his child, not her mother.  They requested that she have any videos taken down immediately and are also threatening to sue her for invasion of privacy because in the video she added a personal moment between she and Chris when he learned she was pregnant.

This is messy.  On one hand, you can see why Allison feels she should have better in this situation since Chris makes so much money. Oh, I failed to mention that Allison said Chris asked her to have a baby when they were together and the proposal would soon follow.  However, on Chris’ side of things, the courts have spoken and he’s paying the amount they ordered him to pay.  But when you add in everything else he’s paying for, that racks up to way more than $2,700 a month.

What do you think? Should Chris, as the father, help Allison find proper housing and give more money so that they won’t have to be on public assistance?  Should Allison just find a job and be content with what she’s already being given?

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  • givemebreak

    PPl are on her because of support? HE wanted her to have his child so she was seeing a fertility specialist, they were together for YEARS before he abandoned her in Texas when he went to Miami. She used the funds from the proceeds when they sold THEIR home in Texas (it was in both their names so they split the proceeds) and used the funds to help with the purchase a home in Miami (which is MORE expensive that TX) but still have a mortgage. Chris denied this child until his actions became public now all of a sudden he wants to be daddy dearest.

    Allison agreed to move to Miami to make the visits easier once he FINALLY acknowledged this child and Allison was working after she had her child so yes she needed financial support by taking his butt to court. Neither of them live in the state of Texas so why is he using the TX court system when the judges here can screw over a Texan women not Floridian. For him to fight so VIGOROUSLY against supporting his child based on his income is laughable.

    I receive more a month in support than she does & my sons father also pays his additional expenses (other than medical expenses) but Chris is using Texas to thumb his nose at Trinity’s mother.

    Everyone seems to be missing the point she had to sue him just to get him to acknowledge she was having his child, then had his child because she needed his support after he left her high & dry while pregnant. She works(ed) paid her own bills, used the $250,000 as a DOWN PAYMENT on the house for her and Trinity (try buying a decent house in Miami on $250,000 in a good area) but now she is being punished for doing so?

  • Realist

    It kills me that some of you would even set your mouths to say he should help this broad! Whoever his lawyer is…he is a genius & he should contact all of the other players & help them get the same deal! The problem is, women meet these players, get pregnant, & try to live on easy street! That is very lazy of her to not look for a job and let alone get on public assistance! It is about the CHILD not HER! Sounds like she is using her daughter as a meal ticket which is not right. Stand up and be a mother!! Millions of women do it everyday with MUCH LESS! If everyone have me 250,000 there is no way I wouldn’t have ANYTHING to show for it in 2 years!! She was showing off & couldnt keep it up! No sympathy here!

  • Kelly

    He should pay more!

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    so let me get this straight: you got 250,000 to buy a house, cover expenses and with that you could have paid the HOUSE off. he pays all of her medical, education, and recreational expenses not including the gifts that he on his own lavishes his child with. you get 2700 a month for childcare expenses and the nanny which you rarely mention, but then again why do you need a nanny when you’re taking care of your child? let’s not forget he offered to pay for you to go to college full time and as an incentive increase your child support if you did but you turned that down too. you had a job as a secretary that you lost and applied for food stamps immediately afterwards and claimed you home was being foreclosed on at the same time but you publicly blast him for stopping you from becoming a “housewife” on a show know for throwing drinks, fighting, lash vacations, and pretty much doing nothing else. oh and you block him from seeing his child earlier this year and stopped her from going to 2 playoff games and the olympics because “she’s too young to understand” though it’s not about understanding so much as it is, a father wanting his child presence when he does something few people ever in their life will get to get experience much less witness and you still need more money???? *blank stare* I’m just gonna let that marinate. . .

  • Candacey Doris

    So he’s paying all the actual expenses. All she has to do is feed her and house her. But 2700 isn’t enough. This woman needs to get a job and stop trying to paint him as some in of monster. Where the heck did the money he gave her in 2010 go? That’s a quarter million! She should have paid off the house, car and whatever else. Did she drink it? Smoke it?

  • CA Pullen

    If he is paying for all of his daughter’s expenses according to his attorney, why is she complaining about $2700. 00 a month? Now I do understand that the child’s expenses do increase year to year, but child support is for the child not for the mother to parade her butt around all day long and shop like some of the trifling women do when they get pregnant or in some cases “set some of these guys up just to make a living off drawing child support so they don’t have to work.” That $250,000.00 that Bosh given her, she should have bought a house that was in that price range that she could afford and paid it in full without having a house payment. I don’t understand why some of these women are bitter when things does not work out between them and the father. They have to find a way to get along without badmouthing the man. They have a child together and they need to be able to get along for the child’s sake.

  • kristen

    Maybe if Allison wasn’t giving this man so many problems then she wouldn’t be in this situation!

  • Lisa

    So Typical. Baby Momma forgot that child support is CHILD support, spent all the $ and now wants to tarnish this poor man’s name. I hope this public circus is a painful reminder to rookies to keep it in their pants. Thirsty gold diggers are looking for an 18 year endorsement deal so don’t give it to them!

  • flowergirl72

    Um all i have to say is she need to remember what happen with 50 cent baby mama.

  • KIR12

    Even if you think she should receive more than 2,700. What woman would publicly bash and demonize a man that gave her 250k 2 years ago? This woman is a gutter sewer hoodrat. The courts set the monthly support not Bosch. If she has a problem, take it up with the courts. She fills entitled and thought having that child was going to make her set financially for life. Something wasn’t right between them. He married his current wife in less than a year. Not marrying this woman was probably the best decision he ever made in his life.

  • D

    I am saddened to see some of these women comments, on here. If she is down and need help he should help her out. Maybe u all do not see your worth as a woman and mother of his child but she does. 250.000 is nothing in this economy.

    • Anonymous

      A woman’s worth is not defined by being a baby mama. She should see the worth in herself and invest in herself via education, working, etc so she can take care of her child. What if Chris Bosh got injured and couldn’t play anymore or lost all his money, then what? On the contrary 250k in this economy will buy you a house in any state completely paid off, and she just received it 2 years ago. Do you make 125k a year, or are you surviving and living well off of a lot less?

      • WellShoot

        Exactly. The housing market in Florida is cheap as hell. You can get a two bedroom condo for less than a 100k. If the baby mama had budgeted properly she should still have a nice chunk of change in the bank, but it sounds like she blew it all and now wants to cry fould.

      • Ms_Sunshine9898

        let’s not forget he offered to send her to college all expenses paid and volunteered to increase child support if she did so and she said no. . .

    • bella

      WHAT??? .. she gets close to 3 THOUSAND Dollars a MONTH and He pays EVERYTHING ELSE DEALING WITH HIS KID ..and he should pay MORE!!! …wow ..lazy as broads

    • Merriegirl

      $250,000 is a whole lot if you’re broke with no job. He is only responsible for helping child, he has his own wife. & Being a baby mama is not supposed to be a meal ticket.

  • guest

    He should help take care of her, she was working, lost her job and now is on government assistance even when they are not together she should still be entitled to his life style he exposed her to it, she is not just any woman she is the mother of his child. This will keep these pro playes from just thinking they can just go around screwing any woman they want, having babies when they want to knowing they are not going to commit with these women, and then just throw them to the side like they do not matter when they are done wit them. Also his wife spends thousands, and thounsads of dollars everyday on fashion while the mother of his child is on assistance because she lost her job, at least she was working and not living off of her daughters child support money.

    • blackchild

      why does he owe her a lifestyle. She had a certain lifestyle when she was performing certain duties.

    • Pivyque

      He doesn’t owe her a lifestyle. What his WIFE spends is of no consequence to her because she is not his wife. She is his child’s mother and he only needs to take care of his child…which he is doing. $2,700 a month…. I could live well within that if I ever lost my job WHILE STILL taking care of the kids. She obviously needs to learn how to budget. These women get knocked up by these rich men expecting to become kept women. IT IS JUST AS MUCH HER FAULT AS IT IS HIS. If he said he wanted a baby and then he would propose, she should have told him once they were married they could discuss kids.

    • OhNoYouDidn’t

      The mother of his child is on assistance because she’s a foolish broad. If he gave her a quarter of a mil two years ago, plus 2700 a month in support she should have no problems. What his wife does is of no consequence to Allison. If she had played her cards better and didn’t try to block every attempt he’s made to see his daughter then he might have been willing to help her out a little more.

  • george

    Grow up Allison. Your getting $2700 a month and your not paying medical/dentals, school stuff, etc. Sit your a** all the way down.

  • rosemary davis

    It is not his responsibility to support his ex-girl friend if he is taking financial responsibility for his child and providing the things she needs than he is doing his part however the child needs some where to live so I think he should at least pay half of the morgage or rent since she has sole custody if he was here in California he would be paying much more than $2,700.00 per month this amount sounds like the rent or morgage portion so if this is the case then I feel he is doing his part some of these women are so use to a certain life style that can’t live otherwise but this the way that some of us live from pillar to post so welcome to the real world.

  • Alexis

    I appreciate the ladies’ comments on the issues…. You guys help me see that some women are more greedy than others. And that Chris Bosh child mother clearly is more than a greedy woman. She is bitter, still jealous and has a Chris Bosh envy that she will never pass….

  • No he should only pay child support. She needs to get her butt out there and work to live the life style she wants. Women like this make me sick.

  • Real Real

    Oh oh,case of “selected memory” never mentioned the 1/4 million he gave her for her pockets,didn’t spend it on the child’s school etc.Better watch it, getting Food Stamps,welfare by means of fraud{claiming to be broke} is a criminal offense,next the IRS might come a-calling if she didn’t pay taxes {maybe he gave it to her tax-free by paying the taxes} all in all she needs to stop her greedy, vindictive jealous ways.Now we know why he dumped her,it was all about HIS money and status!Now,with everything coming out she might have a custody battle on her hands because of the can of worms she opened up!!

  • Lady Lone Wolf

    …can she even GET public assitance with all those other expenses he pays on top of the $2700??

  • FoundLove

    Its called CHILD support, not babymomma support. Chris is doing everything financially to take care of his daughter and that’s what matter. She just mad that he’s not supporting her smh. Chris should file for full custody. A child is a not a meal ticket!

  • I thought orders get modified periodically due to income fluctuations..

    • DrennaB

      They do and as far as I can tell, that $2700/mo was mandated when he was either making $15.6 million his last yr in Toronto or $14.5 when he went to Miami. He’s always made A LOT of money and the court still saw that $2700 is what she needed. I found it interesting too but again, he’s doing everything else in terms of their daughter.

      I wonder why she didn’t pay that house off or move into a more economically efficient home as soon as he gave her that money.

  • Trisha_B

    “Bosh pays for all of Trinity’s medical and dental bills, all preschool expenses as well as developmental and extracurricular activities and finally, he’s set up a college trust fund for their daughter. None of these things were mandated by the court when he was ordered to pay $2,700 month. Additionally, his lawyers said she failed to mention that he gave her $250,000 in 2010….” That explains it all. Chris is paying for EVERYTHING concerning his daughter. She doesn’t have to pay a dime w/ it comes to her daughter b/c Chris has it covered. So she can’t take care of herself? If you & Chris never had a baby, how would you have been able to survive? $250,000? she could have bought a house, paid off. Its not his fault she’s only $2,700. That’s court appointed. the court Sees that a 3 yr old doesn’t need that much money while living in FL. Why she mad? He agreed to propose after they had a baby? Who does that? or agrees to that? smh. She continues to talk to the media, posting videos & what not, the baby is gonna end up living w/ her daddy.

    • Trisha_B

      $250,000? she could have bought a house, paid off. So how is her house in foreclosure now?

      • yannii

        because more than likely she’s driving a benz crying foul cause she can no longer pay for it.

        • Ms_Sunshine9898

          actually she has a green beemer. . .

      • guess

        Maybe she cannot pay for the taxes on the house every year

        • blackchild

          one or two of those months of child support easily covers property taxes

        • Candacey Doris

          Taxes in Fl for a house are from 200-600 a month.

      • NIceNasty

        Because she is probarly spending on clothes, shoes, and everything else thinking he was jus going to throw money at her cause they have a child together.

      • givemebreak

        because housing in Miami is expensive, she used the money for the down payment as she could not afford to purchase outright

  • Monica

    I know she is not complaining about only getting $2700 a month in child support. She needs to sit down. Most fathers want even do what he is doing. He is paying for all of his daughters expenses. That’s what a good dad suppose to do. She needs to quit being THIRSTY and let well enough alone. She is forgetting who this will hurt in the long run their daughter.

  • Jus’ Sayin’

    you are entitled to chris Bosh’s lifestyle as long as you are with him, when its over – so is the lifestyle

  • Herm Cain

    This greedy weak broad failed to mention he goes over and above for her funky a** what happen to the 250 she really thinks he’s responsible for her bills and well being where are the babymommas saying he’s dirty this h** needs to get a job

  • I think that he should file for full custody of the child and that will settle it all.

    • D

      How can u as a woman say that, do u have any children, would u want ur husbands wife taking care of ur child. He is barely home only on off season, that means that is wife would take care of her.

      • Pivyque

        And? If his wife can take better care of the child than she can, it’s a good idea. Apparently she isn’t able to make ends meet. Therefore, the child needs to live with the parent that can take care of her until the mother gets back on her feet. Maybe he should file for temporary custody until the mother gets a job and can keep a roof over their heads. Oh and I AM a woman…with kids. If my husband and I divorce, he remarries and I lose my job and can’t afford to keep our kids, I would swallow my pride and let him take custody until I get my life together. It’s the logical decision. You can’t be selfish when it comes to taking care of a child.

      • Merriegirl

        His gender has nothing to do with his ability to take care of the child.

  • SMH

    WTH is a “rehab injury”???!

  • Liberty

    This is crazy. I could do a whole lot with the child support she is getting on top of working. Trust and believe she is not as broke as she is saying. It seems like this issue didn’t surface until Bosh got married and his wife had another baby. I could be wrong…..

  • Blackchild

    He is paying child support. All of the child’s expenses plus 2600 for the mother’s pocket and she is complaining over lifestyle issues. Let her become one of the top 100 in something and then maybe someone will want to pay her 18 mil

  • Nichole

    Allison is a bitter woman and needs to grow up. I can’t stand when woman use a child as a paycheck. Why do you think she didn’t mention all the things he do for the child. It is because she is trying to manipulate the situation and she want people to feel sorry for her. Baby girl get a job and stop running to the media. Maybe if you play right he wouldn’t have a problem helping you. I am a woman and I wouldn’t help you.

  • Ashley

    I think she should find a job and live within her means. I think if she wasn’t trying to bash him every chance she got he might help. If she is really down on her luck like she says Chris should take the child until she gets herself together! Oh yeah where did the $250,000 go? If the $2600 isn’t enough for her than IDK what is.