More Proof Women Need To Leave Stevie J Alone: Reality Star’s Wages Supposedly Garnished For Child Support

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It’s hard to find anything good to say about Stevie J other than his ability to make good music because beyond that, everything about him just screams deadbeat, including this new news on his first child’s mother.

According to Diary of a Hollywood Street King, the producer won’t see any of his checks from looking a total fool on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta because they have been garnished by the government and handed straight over to the mother of his first two children. A source told the site:

“Stevie J. got like four kids, and he don’t pay s***. His first baby momma knew he was going to star on Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta‘, so she reported it to the authorities.

Now, all of Steve’s money is going to child support. A lot of entertainers have child support and tax problems. If Erica was smart, she would have done the same with Lil Scrappy.”

Now the only issue here is this said source is supposedly baby mama number three, Joseline Hernandez, who we all know too well as the problem child of the LHHATL crew. Given how Stevie appears to be playing her regarding her own pregnancy, it wouldn’t be surprising if she tried to throw dirt on his name out of spite. But on the other hand, with all of the quality time these two have been spending together, it wouldn’t be surprising that she knows all his business either. And given his reaction to her pregnancy, I definitely wouldn’t be shocked to learn this man isn’t taking care of his kids.

The positive news in this whole story is that the mother of Stevie J’s children appears to be handling her business the right way. If this news is true, I’m loving the fact that rather than go to the tabloids to throw shade she went to the court to get paid—but frankly she should have done that a long time ago because this man clearly isn’t hurting when it comes to money and her children deserve the support they’re entitled to.

Do you think Joseline is telling the truth about Stevie’s wages being garnished?

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  • Mystique

    I don’t see what the hoopla is all about over him. He’s really not all that good looking. Must be the money.

  • CA Pullen

    This bum needs to sit down and stop producing children. It is just as much as the woman’s fault as much as the guy’s fault. I don’t have any emphathy for him. He also needs to stop being disrespectful.

  • queenietoo

    Stevie J makes more babies than he do hits, all his talent is packing babies lol lol how you gone make a hit when you pumping you talent full of babies lol

  • queenietoo

    so unprofessional and tacky as hell, there is no loyalty just studio time for baby makin

  • Lisa Heyward


  • brownbunny03

    I fault the women for being such dumb asses. However, he’s showing his level of intelect too by f**king what he thinks is a dime piece and falling for the age old trick of getting a chick with a “groupie” mentality pregnant. Some chicks see that sh*t as a hustle and means of a come up. Think about it…despite that fact that he’s a dog in heat a man with his kind of paycheck means long term $$$$. I mean come on now…how ofter have we heard this same story line?

  • Ladybug94

    I’m beginning to be more concerned with lack of proper grammar. “Stevie J. got like four kids.” How about “Stevie J. “has” four kids.” geesh. Sorry, that was just bothering me.

  • Mrs.j.cole

    he has NO respect for women he looks like a charmer but in this show his true colors are showing he looks like the physical and verbal abuser

  • beenana

    to be honest i don’t think josaline, jose, is even pregnant. I don’t even think she can. case in point. who the h3ll goes to a restaurant, goes into a stall, with a camera, and take a darn pregnancy test. NO WOMAN DOES THAT. not even the most ratchet BBW. You mean to tell me that she drove to a store, got the test, went to a restaurant, got out the car, did her thing in the bathroom, only to come out, and go home. Who does that. not to mention her strong features as well as those suspect pictures. Now, i don’t just go and look at women’s coo coo pictures all willy neely but i had to see for myself. and to my suspension , i still think that is a man made coo coo and a man at birth. P.S notice she didn’t show the cameras the test, but she would even put the other just as ratchet stuff on tv.

    • Mrs.j.cole

      she had an abortion

    • kennedifat

      Not only that she got dropped off in a Limo!!

    • NiceNasty

      Girl get out of my head,LOL!!!! I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I was watching. Who does that? And you know full and well the camera would have gotten a shot of it. Even when she went to Stevie they did show it and he was jus looking at it like “Okay”.

  • IllyPhilly

    Why do some women let themselves get treated this way. This is waaaaaaay past having Daddy issues on this show.

  • RedButterfly81

    This POS of a human being ain’t nothing but a dirty a__ dog! I wouldn’t want my worse enemy to date this guy!

  • Amija James

    Good. He’s super gross. I guess Mimi will support him with her house cleaning gigs.

  • Candy

    They may not be able to take everything but they can take the majority of your check. If I’m remembering correctly, here in GA if you are behind on child support they can garnish everything but $700 a month.

  • Cha Cha

    Why do people refuse to use birth control… have all the sex you friggin want, but stop bringing kids into this world.. I just don’t get it! After the first baby mama — the next should be your wife or something… when you get to four, you have not learned a damn thing… that is all!

    • whocaresiknowidont

      Hmph. Whatever happened to condoms? Does anyone remember what those are? Not only did he cheat but he raw dogged! That within itself is a disgrace. He doesn’t care what he may catch or who he may give it to. He is beyond gross and MiMi’s an idiot if she comtinues to trust him with her life.

  • ebonyhud

    Its starting to get to the point where I dislike seeing his face, and I have never even watched the show.

  • Pooh

    When your wages are garnished, they can’t take the whole thing. They can take a certain amount. If it was tax refund season and your were due a refund they could take all of that, but n your wages. Doesn’t work like that.

  • NaomiH

    Stevie J just looks trifling so I believe he’s probably not supporting his children. If you don’t pay for the ones you have already why be careless and make another with Joseline. She already knows he’s a hoe and dogs out women so why would you get caught up. Just remember whats new will one day become old and you will be in Mimi shoes karma is a b!tch.

    • Kaay

      Thing is, Joseline is a flaming stripper/hooker/porn star herself, so to expect any kind of decency out of these people is kicking rocks.

    • Ladybug94

      You just answered your own question. He’s not taking care of the ones he has so naturally, he’s not going to care about making more.

  • anonymous

    Here’s the thing, unfortunately, you can’t take someone’s whole paycheck. He may have it garnished each time he gets paid, but it is highly unlikely he has to give the whole thing to the mother of his children…even if he is behind in child support. Now tax refunds are another story. I wouldn’t expect that woman to know all of that though. IJS.

    • realistic

      nah…if he owes her back child support…they might have put a warrant out for him so he has to pay regardless of how much he makes. i have friends that had to do that to their own fathers recently. that back child support will get you too.

  • Trisha_B

    It is ASSUMED that the person who went to the media was Joseline. People make up stories all the time so i don’t believe anything. don’t like Stevie J, he’s disgusting. & if Mimi is still w/ him, she deserves a slap. & any woman that deal w/ him after this show is ugh. I wonder if Artist are keeping a distance from him now b/c of his ways on the show

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